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Matteo Cavaliere || Lila & Marco

Tomorrow. Tomorrow was Matteo’s due date and it seemed like it had taken forever to get here. Ever since she had her pre-term labor scare, she had kinda hoped she would go into labor earlier than tomorrow. She wanted to do anything to jump start labor and she had heard the myths about spicy foods, sex, or anything that could pre-start labor, but, it’s not there was anyone around for her to have sex with. She knew Marco was probably waiting by his phone; waiting for a text from her to say her water broke or something. Lila sighed, deciding to hop into the shower and make herself something to eat. It was just now a waiting game. 

After showering and getting dressed in a baggy tshirt  and a pair of yoga pants, Lila headed out to the kitchen to make herself a sandwich. As she started preparing her sandwich, she felt a gush of water between her legs. “Oh God” she whispered to herself, wobbling over to her room to grab her phone to call Marco. Pick up ..pick up. She silently thought to herself before she heard his voice on the other end. “Marco! My water just broke. We need to get moving…our son is on his way.” she winced, hanging up and feeling the contractions start. She hoped that since she had already been a couple centimeters dilated when she went into pre-term labor, that labor with Matteo was going to go by quickly. She paced around the apartment as she waited for Marco, grabbing her hospital bag as she waited.

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