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Hey Nina! Im currently working on my second attempt at voltron paladin armor and I was wondering your opinion on the thickness? I got have way through making the armor for my first attempt but I used that real thick EVA foam people use in work shops and it was super bulky and uncomfortable. I was to do worbla covered foam for my second attempt and if you could give me any advice on foam thickness that would be so helpful! Thank you!

I would stick with a thinner foam, around 3mm-7mm in width! You can order larger sheets of EVA foam in various thicknesses here, or go to your local WalMart-esque store and browse their selection of yoga mats!

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Knights sleep over headcanons?

yup yup of course!!

izumi ~ ☆

→ the one who nags at the others to go to sleep

→ izumi honestly thought he would have support from both his fellow model arashi and yumenosaki’s resident sleepyhead ritsu, but it appears he is the only one who will fight for his beauty sleep.

→ another reason why he’s not popular is because izumi is an early bird, and will wake up default at 5am to do yoga or a similar morning ritual. knowing izumi, he’s not going to be quiet when he wakes up, and makes it a point to stomp extra-loud around leo and ritsu.

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Guys, I know everyone loves reblogging that Spencer gif of him getting punched in the face, but we shouldn’t be spreading the idea that it’s okay to punch Nazis. 

I know whoever punched him had good intentions, but he could have seriously, seriously hurt his own hand. Punching someone in the face is probably the quickest way to break your fingers, so if you’re inclined to remind greasy, cowardly white supremacists that they’re not safe in your city, might I suggest forearm smashes, palms, and elbow strikes instead? They tend to hit just as hard/harder and don’t carry as much of a risk of injury. Maybe take some yoga classes so you can limber up and put your foot in their hate spewing teeth?

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but let’s be smart going forward folks.

little ways to cope with stress ♡

➳ make silly faces in the mirror

➳ take a bubble bath

➳ pet a friendly puppy/kitten

➳ dance to your favorite song

➳ eat a rainbow of fruits (& veggies)

➳ take a long nap

➳ read some story books

➳ build a blankie fort then fill it with stuffies & fairy lights

➳ visit a toy store (or several)

➳ watch your favorite movies back to back
➳ give yourself a makeover
➳ color color color

➳ listen to lullabies or soft music

➳ do some yoga
➳ make snow angels

➳ pack a picnic
➳ cook some macaroni & cheese

➳ go on a long walk or scavenger hunt

➳ paint a picture frame or flower pot

➳ go to an animal/exotic bird sanctuary

➳ cuddle up with a bottle/binkie

➳ cry cry cry

➳ put together a puzzle

➳ eat a lollipop (or several)

➳ make a mobile with ribbon & paper
➳ bang together pots & pans

➳ build a block castle
➳ play dress up
➳ build a snowman

➳ go to an art/science museum

➳ bake cupcakes or cookies

➳ visit a candy shop (buy some sweets)

➳ make homemade hot cocoa

➳ brush your teeth & hair
➳ play cute online games

➳ buy a new toy or coloring book

➳ set goals then celebrate them

➳ watch funny youtube videos

➳ make a collage of cute photos for your wall
➳ set up a bird or chipmunk feeder
➳ stay in your jammies all day
➳ have a tea party with your stuffies
➳ make a new “imaginary” friend
➳ marathon your favorite cartoons

Somebody says something to you that is rude or designed to hurt. Instead of going into unconscious reaction and negativity, such as attack, defense, or withdrawal, you let it pass right through you. Offer no resistance. It is as if there is nobody there to get hurt anymore. That is forgiveness. In this way, you become invulnerable. You can still tell that person that his or her behavior is unacceptable, if that is what you choose to do. But that person no longer has the power to control your inner state. You are then in your power–not in someone else’s, nor are you run by your mind.
—  Eckhart Tolle

Mastering yoga takes time….In the beginning I wanted too much too soon…I ended up hurting myself. You need to let your body tell you when.. Let your body guide you.  Hard work and discipline really pay off. Yoga is also about meditation. Reflecting about your life, your growth.  Its about self forgiveness and loving yourself.

I’m a woman who runs with the wolves..They represent so much of how I feel, Of what I want in life. Duality…Following your heart, gut and female intuition. Soft, wholesome girl and the wild passionate women inside..Play and love. Instinct and challenge. Home and adventure. First, I want to be able to not only live, but thrive, on my own and with someone. Being alone has a way of guiding you to those creaky, cobwebby, eggshelly places in our being. To Be in it, truly without attachment or dependency. Sharing my life with someone..being loved and love in return..also let me evolve and grow into a stronger person.  I am so thankful for the special souls in my world who have been here with me, walked this path, together, with love and respect, with complete allowance and acceptance. I am equally grateful for the lessons learnt through great heart ache and pain. Lessons I learned from immense love and passion.  This is what I know: in this life, a steady love, and a place to call home, are far more precious than any earthly possessions or wealth in this world. I will use what I have for growth, change for others and myself. My grandparents gave me that gift and I will pay it forward! I’ve been loved and left  heartbroken, alone and together…May this next chapter be one of wild love, adventure, and most of all ..home. 

Who Should You Fight: The Bright Sessions Edition

(idk if someones made this already BUT)

Dr. Bright

Chance of winning: 40%

Homegirl’s a doctor, not a fighter, and im pretty sure theres something in the Hippocratic oath about “do no harm”, but is it for therapists? see rating. She could possibly psychoanalyze her way around you and maybe manipulae you for her own goals, and she’s been taking yoga classes so she’s probably really flexible. If youre fit, go for it. 


Chance of winning: ???

She’d probably get so anxious that she’d time travel and where would that leave you? Alone and with no one to fight. In any case, why would you ever??? Let her rest, she’s been through enough. 


Chance of winning: 0%

Listen. She’s a telepath, she knows youre next move before even you do. You can say “oh shes just an art student!!” all you want but consider: she’s a sculptor and can probably take your eye out with a scoring tool. Do not attempt. 


Chance of winning: 10%

Dude’s a football player, so he’s pretty darn ripped, and probably fast too. Can literally sense fear, will use that to his advantage. Only attempt of you want a challenge. 


Chance of winning: 90%, but at what cost?

This child is an emo wreck and will end up crying on the floor if you hit him, which is not fun for anyone. Also, his boyfriend will 100% beat you up for it, so theres that. And I will also beat you up. Leave this boy alone. 


Chance of winning: 0%

listen I know what the rating says, and we all know why its like that but please, p l e a s e fight Damien, everyone will cheer you on. You’ll fail but it will be glorious. Fight Damien. 


Chance of winning: 50%

He seems like a pretty normal guy? that rating goes up or down depending on what atypical he’s near, but in a fair one on one throwdown? average joe. Go for it for a fun time, he’ll probably take you out for ice cream and a beer afterwards. 

 Agent Green 

Chance of winning: 99%

PLEase fight him it will be easy and hilarious. The guy is a bureaucrat and needs to file forms in triplicate to get authorization to throw down, so time is on your side. Fight Agent Green. 


Chance of winning: 0%

Don’t do it. 

I decided to try yoga

Because I am chronically stressed out and tense. I’ve been doing it for a week now, and here’s what I’ve learned:

  • YouTube is a treasure trove and I’ve been missing out.
  • Yoga is way harder than it looks. Apparently the first 2 days I was doing some advanced level stuff. I’m back to beginner stuff now.
  • My shoulders prefer to be tight and up near my ears, okay?
  • I am a sweaty beast. How can breathing and stretching make me drip with sweat? 
  • I need to vacuum.
  • I am much more flexible than I thought.
  • I have absolutely no core muscle strength. 
  • I’m so glad I’m not trying this in public.

  • The YouTube yoga lady is a bit too crunchy for me, but I assume that pretty much all yoga teachers are going to be pretty crunchy.
  • Yoga is not for bedtime. 
  • Apparently me + floor sitting = attack mode for my cat. My arms are covered in scratches and bites. 
  • Srsly, so much sweat. 
  • I already feel more stretchy and relaxed. 
  • I have no idea if I’m doing things correctly, but I’m appropriately sore afterwards.
  • My balance is…unbalanced. 

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I have to admit i am hooked on your Art! I am absolutely addicted to the way you portray Phaah being all romantic and loving with Mercy! (PharMercy is my ship and im going down with it ;p )

Really? lol I am affected by @wisperr ’s imagination of Pharah where she is very girly and a softie. She would do anything to make Mercy happy.

Here is some yoga pants Fareeha for you. Anglea definitely appreciates it :3

Best way for Moon Signs to de-stress

Aries: using a punching bag; seriously

Taurus: Pigging out on their favorite snack

Gemini: talking about their feelings to a trusted friend

Cancer: having a good cry fest and letting that. shit. go.

Leo: venting about it, CONSTRUCTIVELY on social media

Virgo: asking a grounded friend to help you sort out your thoughts

Libra: going to get a massage or having a spa day

Scorpio: writing down all your malefic thoughts and burning the paper

Sagittarius: having a fun night out with close companions

Capricorn: being active, as a running, gym or yoga to sweat it out

Aquarius: reflective time by yourself, listening to good music and deep breathing

Pisces: a long bath or shower, in total darkness, with scented candles or incense

The Yoga Class

She lies when Maggie asks if it was really that bad and she says yes.

She lies, but it’s okay, because Maggie knows she’s lying.

She knows because Alex knows that Maggie saw the way her jaw was on the floor the whole. Entire. Time.

The whole entire time, because the things Maggie can do with her body?

How she can hold herself up with only her hands, how she can go from stiff body slams on the job to graceful, steady, peaceful movements on that adorable pink mat of hers? (She’d laughed when Alex had insisted on getting a blue one for herself – to match – and she’d kissed her and she’d looked like she was in love.)

True, there were parts Alex hated.

Like the parts where she wasn’t the best one in the class.

Like the parts where the instructor had welcomed her as a newcomer, and the only okay part about that was the way Maggie had reached over and touched her arm and beamed because she was hers, hers, hers.

“Why do you do this stuff anyway, Mags? Isn’t it too… calm for you? Don’t you love your heavy bag?”

“I do, Danvers, but if I only got my release through my heavy bag, I’d just kind of stay angry all the time.”

“And this… breathy stuff… helps you not be angry all the time?”

“Some days,” Maggie had explained, and Alex could kind of see why.

Because, though she’ll never admit it, she found that it was kind of comforting – and kind of hot, okay, very hot – to watch Maggie move so peacefully, to watch the way her eyes fluttered closed.

Even if it earned her a gentle, smiling reprimand from the instructor, who softly reminded her to focus on her own practice for now.

Alex refrained from retorting that Maggie was her practice.

Because part of her? Part of her wanted that. Wanted to be like that. Like Maggie.

Because she admires the crap out of her, and damn, it would be kind of nice to be just as flexible as her girlfriend.

It would be… helpful.

In sting ops and such.

And in bed.

Her practice. Right. Focus on her practice.

And when she tried – when she took inspiration from Maggie’s soft breathing, from the way she wasn’t embarrassed to keep her eyes closed in this room, wasn’t scared, wasn’t guarded, like she was everywhere else in public spaces, and even alone together sometimes – Alex could see where this stuff was… relaxing.

Not to mention a little physically challenging.

Okay, a lot physically challenging.

Alex was used to motion. She wasn’t used to stillness.

And stillness? Stillness can be so much harder.

Stillness can require so much more strength.

The kind of strength she sees in Maggie. The kind of strength that makes her love her even more.

The kind of strength she wasn’t to develop in herself.

So she lies when Maggie asks if it was really that bad, because it’s funny and because they love teasing each other and because she’s still Alex Danvers, and she has a reputation to uphold, after all.

But really? She can’t find the words to tell her. Not yet.

How much she’s inspired by her.

How in awe of her she is.

She’ll find the words, one day.

But today? Laughing and nudging each other and flirting and teasing in the rain, neither of them caring enough to take their umbrellas out of Maggie’s gym bag, because god does everything, including the mist on their skin, feel perfect right now?

Today, this minute?

She’s got Maggie’s smile, and Maggie’s got hers, and that’s enough for now.

my advice for young incoming college students: it is way more important to do what you love and be ok than to be rich and do something you hate. as someone who used to be obsessed with being financially successful, i majored in a field i really did not like, and it took me 2.5 years to realize i should’ve just been studying what i wanted to study this whole time and now i have to start over. my aunt majored in finance, worked on wall street for five years, and then dropped everything to go to culinary school. my friend’s mom went back to school recently to become a yoga instructor. most people end up doing what they want to do anyway and it’s better to start down that path from the beginning than to sort it out during a mid-life crisis. either way, there is always potential to be wealthy in any field if you have the right drive, and that drives comes from passion 👊🏻

Here’s the thing about yoga

Originally posted by kundalini427

I’ve been doing yoga for a little under a month now, and my general fitness and flexibility has improved so much already

At the start I could barely hold downward dog for twenty seconds, now I’m practically begging to get into it as release after a thirty second plank

I’m still (BMI speaking) obese, yet yoga at home is helping me improve my fitness and tone my body in ways that going to the gym just can’t

I honestly recommend yoga to anyone

You don’t have to be into the spiritual side of it, the health benefits are so great regardless

I’d recommend this twenty minute beginners video if you’ve never tried it before. Keep coming back to that video until it’s easy - you don’t need blocks or resistance bands, you don’t even necessarily need a mat, just 20 minutes and enough space to comfortably move (a front room or bedroom is perfect)

Once that video is easy, you can comfortably hold all the poses without needing breaks, you can move onto the 30 day yoga challenge - linked to Day One

Granted, I’m still a newbie when it comes to yoga, and fitness in general, but this is a fun, relatively easy, and most of all free way to get in shape and feel healthy

I love it, and I hope y’all do to

✌🏾️ Two quick ways to shift into a calm, chill, better, higher vibrational mood are:

1. GO OUTSIDE Near Plants/Flowers/Trees

»Plants elevate our mood, they help us to breathe deeper (which calms the nervous system), they give us cleaner-high frequency oxygen and they raise our vibration all around
»Sunlight feeds your melanin and brain their main happy nutrient ‘Vitamin D’, it cleanses the energy field, heightens spiritual awareness and raises our vibration

The great news is that you don’t have to be in the rain forest, mountains, the beach, the botanical gardens or travel, to benefit from all nature has to offer. You can simply go and sit by a tree or plants in your home or local community and benefit greatly. The other great news is yes, all the places I mentioned are necessary and should be invested in at some point on your journey yearly- or as often as you can. But for practicality purposes, your nearest tree, park, plants, flower bush/tree, garden and clear open skies, will do.
»Outdoor/Nature therapy is everything. And free! 👈🏾

—  Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily
Can we like, not knock on other peoples' favorite form of exercise?

Like, you love to run miles on end? Frickin’ rad! You hate cardio and only lift? Badass! You do yoga? Cool! You only do calisthenics?! Awesome! You only walk laps around Target to get your steps in? GO YOU! You’re being active the way that you can, or makes you happy. And if you’re doing something you hate, you probably won’t do it long enough to get the results you want. So just enjoy falling in love with being active and don’t worry about what will burn the most calories or what people are telling you you SHOULD be doing.

No More Batman

 Prompt: Daughter of Bruce in full adolescence rebellion, get into trouble with the cops etc

Words: 650

You don’t expect him to be waiting for you, despite the fact that he lives there too. After seventeen years though, the man has a routine; go to work, come home late, and go patrol the streets of Gotham. It’s not ridiculous to expect him to keep to it. That’s why you jump, when you see him sitting in the chair on the other side of the room.

          A raised eyebrow tells you that he’s not impressed with your skill in observation. You consider throwing one of the shoes in your hand at him. You decide against it; he’d just catch the damn thing.

          You disappear into the closet and change into yoga pants and a tee-shirt. You don’t bother wasting time; you’re going to get the lecture one way or another. Plopping down on the bed, you make yourself comfortable and simply say, “Okay, go ahead.”

          “That’s all you have to say?”

          You turn your head to look at him “What else do you want, dad?” The word is laced with venom. The man sitting in the chair is a sperm donor and nothing more in your eyes. More concerned with Gotham than you, you had spent the better part of your youth trying to be perfect in everything. Trying to get his attention. Instead you’d been left with a lot of time by yourself, or on occasion Alfred.

          Then Dick had come. One year older than you the boy had breathed new life into the manor, but very quickly fascination became resentment. As Dick, and now Jason had consumed your father’s attention, you’d grown tired of the perfect act, and moved into a life of your own. You’d been determined to live yours even if your father wouldn’t live his.

          “We haven’t seen each other in nearly two weeks.”

          “How is that new? Even when you’re in country I only see you every few days.”

          He doesn’t respond instead he asks, “Have you seen your mother?”

          You shrug, “About two months ago. She’ll probably make another stop by in another month or two.” There’s several moments of silence, you wait for him to start chewing you out for staying out past curfew, for drinking, for something. When nothing happens you ask, “Is there something you want?”

          “Jason is dead.”

          The sentence makes you shoot up right. “What?” you whisper.

          “The Joker got to him. He’s dead.”

          Taking in a deep breath, “I don’t understand.”

          “Jason. Is. Dead.”

          You move toward him, and kneel beside the chair, “He was only …”

          When his face goes to his hands, you reach out and stroke his back. When he starts crying you know some part of him has broken. “Why do you do it?” He stills under your touch, “Why do you keep killing yourself little by little? Am I not enough?”

          He turns towards you, “What are you talking about?”

          “You don’t know me. I bet you couldn’t tell me who my best friend is, what my favorite color is, or even my favorite subject in school.”

          He studies your face for a few minute, “Your best friend is Caitlyn Ramone, your favorite subject is social studies, and your favorite color is light blue. You’re on the varsity softball team at school, despite your recent behavior you’ve maintained your grades. You went to a party tonight that had no supervision, and from the way your pupils are dilating I’d say you’ve been drinking. I also know that you were arrested at a party last month and that Dick bailed you out.”


          “You’re my daughter. I’ve kept away, so that you didn’t get swept into this. So that you could live, and have a normal life.”

      You take a deep breath, “Part of having a normal life is having a dad. I don’t have that, but I want that. I want my dad, and I want Batman gone.”