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| bake a cake from scratch | ride a horse | drive a submarine | speak a second language | dance | catch a fish | play an instrument | throw a punch | build a deck | ice skate | unclog a drain | program a computer | change a flat tire | fire a gun | sew | juggle | play poker | paint | fly a kite | sculpt | write poetry | change a diaper | sing | shoot a bow and arrow (not particularly well) | ride a bike | swim | sail a boat | do a backflip | play chess | give cpr | pitch a tent | flirt | stitch a wound | read palms | use chopsticks | write in cursive/calligraphy | use an electric drill | braid hair | make a campfire | make a mixed drink | do sudoku puzzles | wrap a gift | give a good massage | jump-start a car | roll their tongue | magic tricks | yoga | tie a tie | skip a rock | shuffle a deck of cards | read morse code | pick a lock |

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bake a cake from scratch | ride a horse | drive stick | speak a second language | dance | catch a fish | play an instrument | throw a punch | build a deck | ice skate | unclog a drain | program a computer | change a flat tire | fire a gun | sew | juggle | play poker | paint | fly a kite | sculpt | write poetry | change a diaper | sing | shoot a bow and arrow | ride a bike | swim | sail a boat | do a back flip | play chess | give CPR | pitch a tent | flirt | stitch a wound | read palms | use chopsticks | write in cursive | use an electric drill | braid hair | make a campfire | make a mixed drink | do sudoku puzzles | wrap a gift | give a good massage | jump-start a car | roll their tongue | do magic tricks | do yoga | tie a tie | skip a rock | shuffle a deck of cards | read Morse code | pick a lock

anonymous asked:

Heyo~ could you please do the RFA +Saeran +V coming to MC's house to hang out for the first time and reacting to her cool ass pet mini goat? And by cool I mean this goat can do tricks and shit and is just really weird but MC is has this super close bond with it 😂 this must be a weird request ^^;

You know what, it may be one of the stranger requests I’ve gotten but HECK if I don’t love it, if a friend of mine had a goat that cool at their house I’d be bouncing off the walls tbh



  • The longest gasp you’ve ever heard in your entire life, he is starstruck by this little hero
  • MC’s like, “You think that’s cool now watch this
  • She sticks her hand out in front of the goat and it lifts its hoof and shakes her hand
  • Yoosung almost faints he is so dazzled and he applauds and begs to see more
  • They spend the entire day like this, and MC shows him how to hold treats slightly above the goat’s head and make it stand up on its hind legs
  • Yoosung demands that if he and MC both call the goat and it comes to him, he gets to keep it but there’s not even a contest… the goat adores MC and completely swerves on Yoosung
  • He doesn’t want to leave MC’s house, she has to forcibly shove him out the door but he comes back the next day without asking and they do the same stuff all over again


  • I mean, he’s not the biggest fan of goats but he is certainly amused by this one
  • Thinks it’s absolutely hilarious when they scream like humans, he practically falls on the floor laughing from it
  • As a fellow performer, he’s impressed with all the tricks she has this goat doing… and tbh he’s kind of jealous that they have such a great relationship
  • But as the day goes on Zen gets progressively fonder towards the goat, they don’t spend the whole day with it like Yoosung did, but the goat tends to follow MC around so it’s usually there
  • MC goes to the bathroom for a few minutes and when she comes back Zen is stroking the goat
  • Everyone gets so attached to this goat, even Zen’s obsessed with it, this little guy has charm
  • He takes a million selfies with it


  • She’s kind of… scared of it
  • Because of Elizabeth the 3rd, she hasn’t really had the best experience with animals and she’s never even been around a goat before so she has no reference level
  • She keeps on asking MC all sorts of safety questions like “will it bite me” or “does it headbutt”
  • Thinks that the tricks are kind of cute especially when it leaps around and jumps off all its feet at once
  • Until it screams for no reason and unlike Zen, Jaehee HATES IT like why is the devil’s voice coming from this small creature
  • She can appreciate MC having a pet, really she can, but why this one,,,,, why,,
  • Although she does kind of soften when she sees how sweet the goat acts towards MC and how MC will give it kisses


  • He thinks that all animals are good animals
  • So, although he certainly was not expecting MC to have a goat when she mentioned a “pet,” he can appreciate it for what it is
  • “MC, why are its eyes like that”
  • The tricks make him want to teach Elizabeth the 3rd something, he had no idea goats could do all of the things MC taught it
  • Mentions that she could probably make a lot of money doing shows with this goat and showing off its talents… maybe he could offer to work with MC on some kind of goat business, it’s a very charming idea
  • By the end of his visit he feels a sense of camaraderie with the goat, a sense of mutual self-respect, and catches himself talking to it once or twice
  • Feeds it tons of treats when MC isn’t looking


  • This is the most hype MC has ever seen him, and that’s certainly saying something
  • He insists that MC teach him every single trick in her book, and becomes a master at it shockingly quickly; he can get the goat to do anything for some reason
  • But the first time MC shows him how it’s done he whoops and hollers and applauds like he’s at a concert
  • Asks multiple times if he can keep it, and the most annoying thing is he doesn’t stop even after MC says no
  • They take the goat on a walk through the neighborhood and Saeyoung is grinning from ear to ear the entire time
  • When it’s time for him to leave MC had a feeling he would try to steal it and lo and behold he’s sneaking it into the back of his car when she comes outside


  • He’s charmed by this adorable little thing
  • Unlike Yoosung’s incredibly long and loud gasp it’s actually the cutest thing because V lets out this tiny sound of surprise and joy like he’s enchanted by this goat even though he can’t see it, he knows from the “baaaa”
  • From the way MC talks about the goat he knows that they have a special bond and he loves it
  • His favorite thing is idly petting the goat, and the animal seems so at ease in his presence, they mutually calm each other
  • V almost falls asleep petting it, he loves it so much
  • Even though he can’t see MC doing tricks with it, he still is very impressed by what she explains that the goat can do
  • Asks a lot of questions about how and why she got it, facts about goats, etc. and is seriously thinking about coming back to MC’s house the next day


  • But alas it’s impossible, he just stands there slack-jawed in complete awe at his first sight of the goat, when MC said she had a pet he assumed a cat or a dog not a goat
  • He wants to pet it,,,,, so badly,,, his edgy side and his need to pet the goat are battling each other furiously
  • And MC knows that the tricks will do the… trick (i’ll stop)
  • She breaks out a yoga ball and just lets the goat at it; while it’s chasing the ball around Saeran can’t help it and he cracks a tiny smile
  • He can’t understand WHY it’s attacking the ball so vigorously but it’s hilarious and he’s fighting the smile but can’t keep it away
  • In the end his plan to stay unaffected by the goat has failed, and in defeat he agrees to MC’s offer to come back another time and visit this beautiful creature
  • Trini: jumps a gorge, does yoga in a suitable calming location, has to be tricked into jumping or going anywhere with the others
  • Zack: calls her crazy girl because ???
  • Fandom: she's so wild!!! so reckless!!! go crazy girl!!
  • Jason: leads a bull into a locker room, gets into a speed chase with police laughing manically, regularly disappoints father with reckless behaviour, drifts a truck and then a mini van, casually hands Billy the wheel knowing the kid can't drive and climbs in the back in the middle of ANOTHER speed chase away from security, opens the side door, "are you crazy?" "yea I am" *is turned on*, leaps into the water right after Zack, signature move is a bitch slap
  • Fandom: Jason's the least reckless of them all
A Collection of Short Stories vol. 1: The Alphabet of Shameless Smut & Sexy Times - Chapter 1 - waywardwings - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Relationship: Castiel/Dean Winchester, Destiel - Freeform
Alphabet of Kinks and Tropes, One Shot Collection, Shameless Smut, Sexy Times

A is for Alpha/Omega: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha Dean
Omega Castiel, Alternate Universe - Bookstore, Writer Castiel, Scenting, Knotting, Mating Bond

B is for Breath Play: breath play, Dom/sub Undertones, Hand Jobs, Vibrators, Safewords, Men of Letters Bunker, Castiel’s Tie

C is for Cockles:Porn with Feelings, Barebacking, Top Misha, Bottom Jensen, Cockles Week

D is for Deep-Throating: Angel Castiel, Hunter Dean, Deepthroating, Face-Fucking, Blow Jobs, Hotel Sex, Sam Ships It

E is for Edging: Orgasm Delay/Denial, Orgasm Control, Handcuffs, Teasing

F is for Felching: Angel Mojo, Rimming, Felching

G is for Grace: Grace-Powered Orgasms, Grace Kink, Fantasizing, Castiel’s Grace

H is for High School: Alternate Universe - High School, High School Angst, Best Friends, Pining Dean, Football Player Castiel, Football Player Dean, Underage Drinking, First Time, John Winchester Not Being an Asshole

I is for Impala: Sex in the Impala, Sex on the Impala, Sex all over the Impala, Car Sex, Masturbation, Pining Castiel, Fallen Angel Castiel, Sorry Sam but maybe you should knock next time…

J is for Jimmy: Established Castiel/Dean Winchester, Threesome - M/M/M, Castiel and Jimmy Novak Are Twins, Awkward Blow Jobs, Voyeurism, Double, Anal Penetration, Implied/Referenced Incest, Dean Gets Fucked Stupid

K is for Kneeling: Gentle Dom Castiel, Sub Dean Winchester, Praise Kink, Crying Dean

L is for Lace: Panty Kink, Lace Panties, Dean in Panties, Alternate Universe - Roommates/Housemates, Come Marking, Blogger Dean, Castiel is Obsessed

M is for Morning Sex:, Gentle Sex, Morning Sex, Making Love, Top Dean, Bottom Castiel, Domestic Castiel/Dean Winchester, Schmoop, Idiots in Love, Sex and Sunshine

N is for Nipple Play: Nipple Play, Nipple Clamps, Nipple Torture, BDSM, Heavy BDSM, Humiliation, Masochist Dean, Punishment, Overstimulation, Aftercare, Pudding

O is for Online: Alternate Universe - Online Dating, Texting, Sexting, Dirty Talk, Horny Dean, Dean’s Freckles, Runner Castiel

P is for Profound Bond: Handprint Kink, Castiel’s Handprint, Profound Bond, Frottage

Q is for Quickie: Quickies, Dean Smith - Freeform, Top Dean Smith, Assistant Castiel, Office Sex, Episode: s04e17 It’s a Terrible Life, Surprise Ending

R is for Rough Sex: Angry Sex, Mildly Dubious Consent, Rough Sex

S is for Shower Sex: Artist Castiel, Fucking Outside, Dirty Sex, Shower Sex, Dirty Dean, Filthy, Flexible Castiel

T is for Teacher: Teacher Castiel, High School Student Dean, Flirty Dean, Cas Tries So Hard to be Good and Succeeds for the Most Part, Until Dean Turns 18, Then All Bets Are Off, Classroom Sex, Dean Gets Fucked Off to College

U is for Under a Spell: Cursed Dean, Cursed Castiel, Naked Cuddling, Spooning, Surprise Gabriel, Annoyed Sam, Awkward Sexual Situations, Accidental Sabriel

V is for Voyeurism: Voyeur Castiel, Exhibitionist Dean, Genius Dean, Neighbors, Alternative Universe - Grad School, Accidental Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Flirty boys, Masturbating, A Thorough Rimming, Dean Loves Pie

W is for Wings: Wing Kink, Castiel’s Wings, Wings, Angel Wings, Wing Oil, feathers - Freeform, Nesting, Lots of kissing, Dean has feelings, Thank Chuck for Nosey Sammy

X is for X-Rated Video: x-rated, Marathon Sex, unrealistic refractory period, Somnophilia, Consensual Somnophilia, Enthusiastic Consent, Sex Tapes, These Fuckers Are So In Love It’s Disgusting, Sammy is Officially Traumatized

Y is for Yoga: Yoga, Yoga Instructor Castiel (Supernatural), Everyone Is Gay, Hipster Castiel, Topping from the Bottom, Autofellatio, Tattooed Castiel, Pierced Castiel, Matchmakers Gabriel and Sam Winchester, Poor Dean Gets Tricked into Yoga, Switch Dean, Switch Castiel, Sorry not sorry for mentioning Bobby’s nudie booze cruise

Z is for Zeppelin: Bachelor Party, strip club, Strippers & Strip Clubs, Stripper Dean, Lapdance, Coming In Pants, Classic Rock Soundtrack, Led Zeppelin - Freeform, Mutual Pining, Corny Stripper Names, Soulmates, Surprise Encounters, Wedding Fluff, Romantic Fluff, True Love, Happy Ending

A Couple Questions- Scott McCall Imagine

Requested! (LIKE FOREVER AGO) “Can you do a Scott McCall imagine and the reader and him are dating and she’s a youtuber and they do all different types of challenges like the yoga challenge and the boyfriend girlfriend tag?

Sorry it took FOREVER and I know it’s awful, but I hope you at least enjoy it  a bit!

Originally posted by tweenw

“Oh my gosh Scott, the video of us doing the yoga challenge has already reached over 200 thousand views” you exclaim. Your vlog has taken off over the past few months and now has over 500 thousand followers. Three days ago you and Scott uploaded a video together doing a yoga challenge in which both of you did insanely hard yoga tricks together. There were some that you must admit, that were considerably easier for the two of you to do because of Scott’s several werewolf abilities.

“Babe that’s so awesome! You’re practically famous” he jokes.

“Well I couldn’t have done it without you.” You grab your laptop and walk over to Scott and show him numerous comments left by your followers. “And it looks like I have an idea for my next vlog, but I’ll need your help.”

“Depends on what it is” he says.

“It’s called the boyfriend tag and in it I’ll ask you questions about our relationship sent in by fans.”

“Sounds fun, but what happens if I get one wrong” he questions.

“Well technically we don’t have to do anything, it could all just be for fun… but knowing us we wouldn’t enjoy that. So let’s think of something” you say a bit mischievously.

“I don’t like the sound of this” Scott says hesitantly.


“Come on Scott, let’s start filming” you call for your boyfriend. You hear a soft groan emerge as Scott enters your living room. “Oh come on mister grumpy pants, you agreed to this.”

“I know, I know. I just don’t know if I’m a big fan of what could happen if I answer too many wrong” he grumbles.

“Well then, I guess you should try to get them alright then” you smirk at him. “You ready?”

Scott gives a small nod of the head and sits down next to you on the couch.  “Let’s do this.”

“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel” you start the video. “Today I have a very special vlog for you guys. If you don’t recognize this weirdo sitting next to me, it’s my boyfriend Scott.”

“Hang on, weirdo?” he interjects.

“My cute weirdo” you joke.

“I’ll take it.”

“Anyways, today we are doing a highly requested video and that is, Drum roll please, the boyfriend tag! You all sent in numerous questions that Scott is going to answer about our relationship, and right now he is shaking, hoping that he’ll get them all correct. Do you want to tell them why Scott?” You send him a devilish smirk in which he responds with an eye roll and a laugh.

“Well, if I get more than 5 questions wrong, (Y/N) gets to choose a new tattoo for me to get” he says with fake enthusiasm.

“Alright babe, are you ready?”

“Born ready” he says confidently.

“Okay Scott we will start off with some easy questions. Where did we first meet?”

A giant smile spreads across his face as you ask the first question. “Easy. You were at my first lacrosse game of the season. You were new to beacon hills, I thought you were cute, and so I knew I had to impress you. So in that game I scored 5 goals and hoped that you would talk to me after.”

“Awwwe Scott, you remember all that! I was just waiting for you to be lame and say ‘we met at school’” a large blush spreads on your cheeks as Scott relays memories from the start of your relationship. “Alright, you got the first one but there is still many more to go.”

“Bring it on” he says with a smirk. “I have no worries now.”

“Ok next question, what does my typical Friday night consist of doing?”

“Besides me—owe!” he exclaims as you hit him with a pillow for him inappropriate comment. “I was only joking! But usually we are umm…”

“Uhh oh he doesn’t know it guys!” you tease.

“Well usually on a Friday we will be with our other friends just uhhh hanging out I guess” he stumbles. The moment he mentions your friends, you could see why this question would be hard for him to answer. That is because a typical Friday night is spent with the pack trying to take down whatever evil is threatening beacon hills.

“I’ll accept that answer. But I won’t be so lenient with the rest.” A laugh escapes both of you. Personally, you would love to choose a new tattoo for Scott to get, but you won’t get your hopes up. “So now here’s the third question, what is my favorite food?”

“You can’t be serious” he sighs. “There can’t just be one answer to that though right. I know you and I know what you can eat.”

“Don’t worry, there isn’t one specific correct answer. But you can’t just say any type of food either. So choose carefully” you warn.

“Alright well although I know you love stuff like pizza and tacos, but I’m going to go for something other than those. My answer is…. Chinese food” he answers with uncertainty.

“Well you should have just left it at pizza or tacos, that’s one wrong” you tease.

           You went through 10 more questions and Scott managed to get 3 wrong out of those. His forehead grew sweaty as his nerves started kicking in. Before each question you made things worse by reminding him how many more strikes he had before he lost. He was a little upset with himself when he couldn’t quite recall the location of your first kiss or when he couldn’t remember what your old dogs name was. However, you weren’t too surprised he didn’t reall either of those, especially because your first kiss was during a full moon in order to keep him human.

“Alright Scott, are you ready for your final question?”

“Bring it on babe” he says with fake confidence.

“What instrument did I play in middle school?”

“You played an instrument” he mumbles. “Crap…”  His eyes darted all around your room looking for signs or an answer but none came.

“Think very very carefully, you don’t want to get this one wrong.”

“Was it… the violin” he says cautiously. You give him a look that he is unable to read. You can feel his nerves pulsating out of his body.

“Scott, I’m afraid…. You are correct! Ding ding, we have a winner” you exclaim. His face lights up in excitement as he realizes you don’t have to choose a tattoo for him. “Thank you so much guys for tuning in to our boyfriend tag video. Leave your comments down below and let me know what you’d like to see next, Bye!!”

You click off the camera to stop recording and look to Scott who has a giant smirk on his face. “Told you I would get enough right” he mocks.

“Actually… it was the flute” you say as you walk out of the room.

“Wait what?” he asks confused.

“I played the flute, I was just feeling nice” you sass with a light laugh. “You’re welcome.”

Meanwhile Scott is still just sitting on the couch with the most surprised look on his face. He could have sworn he would have won…

cowboyhatsarecool  asked:

Loved your HC about sleep talking MC. Could you do one with the RFA +V & Saeran about an MC who crochets things for them like blankets, hats, scarfs, even stuffed animals? Thanks!

So, after I googled what to crotch means xD, here you go! ≧ω≦


° You always thought that he was cute

° so you made cute things for him (*^▽^*)

° little gadgets you crotched for him like scarfs or hats

° he loved those and cherished them

° but you realized that he couldn’t wear 3 scarfs at the same time… ( TДT)

° it was physically impossible to do so no really ?

° you made up your mind and decided it was time to make something else

° you worked day and night on your new project

° in the end you made a cute little doll from a LOLOL character (*≧▽≦)

° the things you made were never bad or ugly but this one….

° it was a masterpiece!

° of course there weren’t many details, it was more like a chibi Version

° big head and eyes, small body, on one word: cute

° so perfect for Yoosung

° cute and cute mix well right?

° he came home late because of his club activities

° you patiently waited for his return

° when he arrived you rushed to the door and greeted him with a hug

° “Did something happen MC? You seem very cheerful today.”

° “I made something for you.”

° his face was saying: please not a scarf again!!

° lol

° “What did you made this time?” (・_・ヾ

° he was a Little scared but you overheard the this in his voice and dragged him to his Computer desk

° “Look, it´s a little figurine. I thought you have enough scarfs by now.”

° at first he was relived, at least not another scarf thank god!!

° but when he took a closer look he saw it was the character he always played in LOLOL

° “OH MY GOD!!!! MC this is just perfect!!”                                 o(〃^▽^〃)o

° you were really glad he liked it, all of your hrd work payed of, finally

° “I´m glad you like it Yoosung.”

° you were happy that you could give him something he seemed to like very much, so you were pleased with yourself

° as a thank you, he went on the most romantic date you could imagine

° awwwww

° so in the end, everyone was happy yay  o(≧∇≦o)


° you kept yourself occupied with handwork whenever Jaehee was away, which was often but that´s nothing new ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° soon there were new blankets and pillows all over the house

° at first she didn´t notice them but after a few weeks it clicked

° “MC, did you bought a new blanket again?”

° by the Looks of it, they were handmade and very expensive because of the good Quality

° “I didn´t bought anything.”

° “But where are all these things from? Blankets, pillows and even tablelothes…”

° “These? I made them.”

° you got up from your place on the Couch and set the new hat you were working on aside

° Jaehee looked like she didn´t believe you

° as a proof you showed her the work in Progress

° she couldn´t believe her eyes… (*〇□〇)

° she never knew you were so talented

° suprise Jaehee!

° as she saw your talent she asked you to make a few things for her

° scarfs, hats, a Poncho, gloves, and even a stuffed toy from Zen

° you had nothing to do anyway so you agreed

° as the weeks passed you got more and more work to do

° soon everybody from the RFA wanted to have something and you happyily made it

° Jaehee then had a brillinat idea, you could open your own online-shop

° with a little help from Seven, you made him a PhD Pepper-can-plushie in return, your website went online

° more and more requests arrived each day and your Hobby soon becae your fulltime Job

° on some days you were as busy as Jaehee but you never gave up on making little things for her (●♡∀♡)


°  you first had the idea to crotch something for him as a present for succesfully performing his new Play

° it was a small pillow and it said congrats for rocking the theatre

°   super cute, right? o(^▽^)o

° he never noticed on what you were working all the time but he saw that you did something

° he was confused why you always kept it a secret from him

° but hey, he understood that everybody has their secrets

° so you finished just in time for the first Performance of his new Play

° but you were a Little shy and didn´t gave it to him directly (*´∀`*)

° you decided to throw it onto the stage llike other fans did it with flowers and candy

° I wish someone would throw candy at me…

° your crotching skills may were quite well, your throwing skills weren´t

° which resulted in the pillow landing directly on his face

° ouch

° he looked irritated and then Kind of passive-aggressive (;¬_¬)

° you knew you did something wrong, but was it your fault that you weren´t good at throwing pillows??

° now it seemed like he startedto cry, your sense of fault was bugging you even more…

° but he eventually saw from who the pillow was thrown and his mood changed immediately

° the look on his face said that you´ll have to talk about that after the Show

° the Show was a bid succes (what else?) and you went to Zen´s Dressing room

° he was already there, with the pillow in his arms

° “This was you MC, wasn´t it?”

° you looked down, embarassed and nervous

° “Yes, it was me. I wanted to give you a suprise but it ended up hitting you. I´m sorry Zen.” (⌣_⌣”)

° “Why should I be angry at you? You´re not the first Person to throw somrthing at my face and you´ll surely won´t be the last.”

° he came towards you and kissed you

° “More importantly, I´m honored and very happy that you made me something so Special. I´m moved and I almost cried tears of joy.”

° so that´s why he cried…

° “I´m happy when you´re happy Zen. I just wanted to give you something since you´ve been practising so hard These past few weeks.”

° “So you mean if I Keep practising hard you´ll make more for me?”

° he looked like a Little child on Christmas morning o(≧∇≦o)

° “Sure, if you want that I can make more for you.”

° he picked you up and spun you around while you screamed in shock

° “Zen out me down, if I knew you´d be happy about this Kind of Thing I would have made something sooner.”

° from this day on you had to make something for every new Play he acted in

° oh, and the Foto from Zen who was crying came in the newspaper by the way XD


° face reality, you didn´t had anything to do in his huge Penthouse

° exept for Petting Elisabeth and waiting for Jumin´s return of Course

° so you made up your mind and decided to find yourself a Hobby

° first you tried teaching Elisabeth some tricks, failed

° then you wanted to start Yoga, failed

° after painting and the attempt of playing the piano, which caused the Violation of Elisabeth´s ears, you tried crotching

° to your and everyone elses suprise, you seemed to have a Talent for that

° of Course you had a few Troubles at the beginning but you became better really quickly o(^∀^*)o

° you started small and soon Elisabeth had a cute Little cape, and then 5

° when you thought she had enough you made something bigger

° first scarfs, then hats and pillows and after a while even whole blankets

° the penthouse looked like a cute little shop from an old Lady

° at first Jumin didn´t really care, he noticed the new things for his beloved cat but didn´t questioned it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° then there were all of these pillows

° they didn´t look bad and fit into the living room well, so why bother saying anything?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° but he started to get a bit confused when the blankets started to appear all over the Couch

° “MC, where do all these crotched things come from? Not that they look bad but there are more by each day.”

° he didn´t sound angry or like he would ask you to throw them away, just confused

° “I started crotching and made all these things. If you don´t like them I can put them away or give to someone.”  

° you didn´t mind if they disappeared, it was only a hobby to kill time to begin with anyway

° “No, don´t take them away, I like them and I think you hold a Special Talent for crotching.”

° you were pleased with yourself and kept crotching, now for Jumin

° he was more than happy to receive the small presents you made especially for him

° it only got a bit embarassing when he wore a pink scarf to work XD

° anyone who looked weird at him got fired


° some People are good with Computers, some have amazing cooking skills

° you had neither

° but your  Talent was crotching, doesn´t Sound  too amazing, I know but it came in handy from time to time

° Seven sat infront of his Computer the whole day and sometimes the night too

° he had a good chair but even a high Quality object gets uncomfortable sometimes

° so you made  a small blanked on which he could sit

° it was made from good wool so the fluffyness didn´t vanished right away and he was able to sit comfortable

° at first he didn´t notice any difference about his chair

° he just wondered when his ass didn´t hurt like hell after 12 houres of work

° but hey, not like he would complain about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° he got up to fatch some cans of PhD Pepper along with some Snacks

°  please don´t eat like him…. it´s not good

° when he came back he noticed something was off

° there was a small blanket on his chair which he had never seen before

° he felt Panic creep up in his mind and thought that someone had broken into his house ◑.◑

° however that is possible for the average human being…

° he sat down and was about to open a tab for the CCTV when you exited the bedroom

° you wanted to get youself a drink when you saw a very panicked Seayoung

° “What´s wrong with you? You look like you saw a ghost.”

° “MC, we have to leave. I think someone broke into our house…”

° he looked around to see if he could find anything out of the ordinary

° “Sure, what did this Person do? All of your cars are still here as well as your Computers and robots.”

° he packed you by your shoulders and looked deeply in your eyes

° “MC, they placed a small blanket on my chair….. I´ve never seen it before so it has to be from some intruder.”

° you looked at him

° then you laughed your ass off XD

° he was even more confused than before and tillted his head to one side

° “Why are you laughing? Don´t you take me seriouslay??”

° “I do but I doubt your eyesight. I made this blanket for your chair and placed it there before you started working.”

° at a closer look it really did look homemade and he noticed it was in his favourite shade of red

° after he calmed down you went to bed again and forced him to join you

° but he coulden´t sleep over all the exitement that he had because of your gift O(≧∇≦)O

° it didn´t look like much to others, youself included, but you thought about something usefull and it made him happy, especially because it was handmade

° seeing him overjoyed like Little kid overa simple blanket you decided to make more o(*>ω<*)o

° he fealt bad and made you a lot of Gadgets in return, you both were happy, giving and receiving small Gifts from each other

° but he still tightened the security, if that even is possible… XD


° you often thought about Things you could give him

° he was a fotographer but giving him Pictures was Kind of …… difficult

° he also didn´t really care for specific bands, which excluded CDs from the gift-list as well \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/

° the only Thing left you thought of was something like a plushie or a nice pillow

° but you thought it wasn´t a present from heart if you just bought some random stuff

° so you thought of croching something for him

° your grandmother thought you how to do simple stuff like scarfs and later how to make figures

° but you knew you needed some practice again in order to make something decent

° it wasn´t hard to hide it anyway…

° that sounds Kind of mean

°so you practiced and practiced

° the first of your works were offerd to Yoosung, beacuse he lost his scarf and to Jaehee

° later you made  a small cat for Jumin and another one for Seven

° of Course V noticed and he slowly became …..jealous

° just a few minuites before his present was almost finished he took the Courage to confront you with his Feelings

° “MC, why do you make all These Things for the RFA?” (*゚ー゚)ゞ

° you heard that he sounded a bitt nervous and quickly catched on with what was going on

° “Because Yosung neede a new scarf and Jaehee would have gotten sick…”

° he fidgeted with his Hands nervously

° “But why the small cats for Juimin and Saeyoung?”

° “They like cats and both of them helped me out o much over the past few months. Why wouldn´t I Show my gratitude.?”

° “ I understand. But I´d ish for you to make me something as well…”

° he spoke tha last part so quiet tha you almost didn´t heard it and you pretended you didn´t

° “Well, now that I´m finished with my masterpiece I´m going to give ot to it´s rightful owner,”

° he looked hurt ~(>_<~)

° but only for a Brief Moment untill you placed the soft figure of a stuffed camera in his Hands

° “Here, I made this for you. As  present. I practiced hard and I gave the practice products to the others. You know I tink you deserve only the best.”

° he was moved to tears as he Held the small camera Close to his heart

° he even started to cry for gods sake!

° “Thank you so much MC. I can´t express how happy you made me by doing this for me.”

° he gave you a big hug and a sweet kiss

° with this you decided to never give someone exept him a homemade-whatever

° needless to say he was very happy about that ;)


° he was edgy (this is my word of the week by the wayXD)

° so he needed edgy stuff in his room

° unfortunately he didn´t like common pillos or blankets

° so yo had to dye all of the bedsheet black and the pillows too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° while you were at it you dyed yours as well

° but his room still looked Kind of lonly, there was only a bed and a wardrobe, all painted in black

° you made up your mind and made some decors yourself, all black and Grey obviously

° first it was a small blanket to put on bed when it wasn´t used

° then there appeared two identical cute pillows on eac side of the bed

° followed by more pillows and after some time two small figurines, repreenting you and Saeran cute

° he was happy, although he was a bit shy to admit it to you in Person

° instead he showed his happiness by sharing his most important Thing with you

° ice cream

° he bought a big bucket of Ben´n´Jerry´s and invited you over for a DVD night, although he hoped it wouldn´t just saty by watching onlx DVDs if you know what I mean ( ° ʖ °)

° you arrived at his place and he opend the door for you, gesturing you to step inside

° you made yourself a home on his Couch hile placing the new pillows you made on it

° they were black with the letters S and C, Saeran Choi (or if your Name starts with C you can Interpret it as that XD)

°  he joined you there and started the film, noticing two new items in his Collection of Things made by you

° “MC, I know I never said thid but I´d like to thank you for all of the Things you made. I realice I don´t Show it very good but I´m extremly happy about them and I value them. Forever, I promise.”

° he gave you a sweet kiss and you were at a loss of words (。♥‿♥。)

° a tear started to fall down on your cheek and Saeran thought he said something bad again

° “I´m happy you likethem. And even more that you told me so. I love you Saeran.”

° “I love you too MC, more than I´m able to express.”

° you hugged him and took this a s an offer to turnoff the TV beacuse he was turned on now

° wasn´t that a brilliant choice of words? XD

° all I say from this Point on is that he didn´t Need the day-blanket for a while now wink ( ° ʖ °)

So, I´m finally finished. I apologice for taking this Long but I´m on Holidays in Malta right now and so I don´t have a lot of time writing actually. Before anyone complains that I have time when I´m on Holiday, I actually go to School here to improve my english….
But anyway, I really hope you like it and that it makes up a tiny bit for taking so Long <3

   Giant masterpost for anyone who’s feeling sad today!
   Please remember you’re beautiful and I love you! 。◕‿◕。

   I spent like three hours on this so if there any mistakes I’m totally sorry… ;n;
   I picked a ton of my own personal favourites as well as others from a whole haul from other masterposts, so there might be duplicates… the more the merrier! (*≧▽≦)

   Please enjoy all these wonderful sites and things to do, angel, have a good day and I hope we meet again! Ciao! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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Doing pincha for the first time since becoming pregnant. I’ve been looking at yoga for pregnancy videos but they’re all about pregnancy yoga for people who have never done yoga before so it hasn’t been very helpful. I’ve realized that now with my pregnancy sickness becoming less prominent my energy is returning and I almost feel as though I can do a normal practice. My doctor says I can pretty much do the things I’ve been doing before pregnancy and most articles don’t let you know that. I was very skeptical about my practice at first because there were so many restrictions that I read about wrt yoga poses but the trick is once your body allowed certain postures before pregnancy, you are more than likely able to do the same things during pregnancy unless you have an abnormal pregnancy. You may have to alter some poses when you become bigger but your body usually tells you what is accessible or not.
Happy practicing!!

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| bake a cake from scratch | ride a horse | drive a submarine | speak a second language | dance | catch a fish (debatable/?) | play an instrument | throw a punch | build a deck | ice skate | unclog a drain | program a computer | change a flat tire | fire a gun | sew | juggle | play poker | paint | fly a kite | sculpt | write poetry (not well) | change a diaper | sing | shoot a bow and arrow | ride a bike | swim | sail a boat | do a backflip | play chess | give cpr | pitch a tent | flirt | stitch a wound | read palms | use chopsticks | write in cursive/calligraphy | use an electric drill | braid hair | make a campfire | make a mixed drink | do sudoku puzzles | wrap a gift | give a good massage | jump-start a car | roll their tongue | magic tricks | yoga | tie a tie | skip a rock | shuffle a deck of cards | read morse code | pick a lock | 

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Bake from scratch | Ride a horse | Drive a Submarine | Speak a second language | Dance| Catch a Fish | Play an Instrument | Throw a punch | Build a deck | Ice Skate | Unclog a drain| Program a computer | Change a flat tire | Fire a gun | Sew | Juggle | Play poker |Paint | Fly a kite | Sculpt | Write poetry |Change a diaper | Sing | Shoot a bow and arrow |Ride a Bike |Swim | Sail a Boat | Do a backflip | Play Chess | Give CPR | Pitch a Tent |Flirt | Stitch a wound | Read palms | Use Chopsticks | Write in cursive/calligraphy | Use an Electric Dril |Braid hair | Make a campfire | Make a mixed drink | Do Sudoku puzzles |Wrap a gift | Give a good massage | Jump-start a Car | Roll their tongue | Magic Tricks |Yoga | Tie a tie | Skip a rock | Shuffle a deck of cards | Read Morse Code | Pick a lock

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bake a cake from scratch | ride a horse | drive a submarine | speak a second language | dance | catch a fish | play an instrument | throw a punch | build a deck | ice skate | unclog a drain | program a computer | change a flat tire | fire a gun | sew | juggle | play poker | paint | fly a kite | sculpt | write poetry | change a diaper | sing | shoot a bow and arrow | ride a bikeswim | sail a boat | do a backflip | play chess | give cpr | pitch a tent | flirt | stitch a wound | read palms | use chopsticks | write in cursive/calligraphy | use an electric drill | braid hair | make a campfire | make a mixed drink | do sudoku puzzles | wrap a gift | give a good massage | jump-start a car | roll their tongue | magic tricks | yoga | tie a tie | skip a rockshuffle a deck of cards | read morse code | pick a lock

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bake a cake from scratch | ride a horse | drive a submarine | speak a second language | dance | catch a fish | play an instrument | throw a punch | build a deck | ice skate | unclog a drain | program a computer | change a flat tire | fire a gun | sew | juggle | play poker | paint | fly a kite | sculpt | write poetry | change a diaper | sing | shoot a bow and arrow | ride a bike | swim | sail a boat | do a backflip | play chess | give cpr | pitch a tent | FLIRT | stitch a wound | read palms | use chopsticks | write in cursive/calligraphy | use an electric drill | braid hair | make a campfire | make a mixed drink | do sudoku puzzles | wrap a gift | give a good massage | jump-start a car | roll their tongue | magic tricks | yoga | tie a tie | skip a rock | shuffle a deck of cards | read morse code | pick a lock

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bake a cake from scratch | ride a horse (verse w/ jessie) | drive a submarine | speak a second language |dance | catch a fish  |play an instrument | throw a punch | build a deck | ice skate | unclog a drain | program a computer | change a flat tire | fire a gun | sew | juggle | play poker | paint |fly a kite | sculpt | write poetry | change a diaper | sing | shoot a bow and arrow | ride a bike | swim | sail a boat | do a back-flip | play chess | give CPR | pitch a tent | flirt | stitch a wound | read palms | use chopsticks | write in cursive/calligraphy | use an electric drill| braid hair | make a campfire | make a mixed drink | do sudoku puzzles | wrap a gift | give a good massage | jump-start a car | roll their tongue | magic tricks | yoga | tie a tie | skip a rock | shuffle a deck of cards | read morse code | pick a lock

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