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The art of vinyasa… very informative book, recommend to all yogis… advanced individuals may be more comfortable with the concepts. Don’t be discouraged if you are new to practicing, it’s a fantastic way to gain insight!

Namaste! ✌🕉


Exploring yoga, martial arts, meditation, consciousness and why do you do what you do? with Adrian “Smiley” Sanchez.

While we are only really here for a moment, the lifetime we experience must present the lessons and experiences that will teach the Soul in the most effective and precise way possible. The spirit knows this even before it manifests itself into its human body after which it magnetically draws people and experiences to it in order to learn and pass the knowledge back to the Soul… ~Luce Cannon

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Conscious sit downs with Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus.


Imagining the 10 dimensions 

“Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.” -Niels Bohr