yoga in the mountains

Person: The power rangers in the new movie shouldn’t have learned to fight in a couple days. Its just unreal

Me: You do realize that Jason is a football player, Kimberly is a cheerleader, Trini does yoga on fucking mountain tops, Zack is a free runner, and billy is just a fast learner. Its literally their jobs to be agile and good with physical force.

mountain tea bought straight off the side of the road. it has a subtle taste but definitely hits the spot. coming from australia we can rarely bring any food home but now we live in the uk this baby is coming back with me 🌿🍵✨

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lunchbreak yoga for beginners 

Make the most of your lunchbreak and get some movement in! This straightforward sequence is perfect for any level, and just what your stiff limbs need after a morning of work.

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