yoga in the morning


1. Went to yoga this morning and I loved it. I didn’t feel too uncomfortable when we were in poses but since class I have felt the soreness of the stretch. It feels good.

2. Went shopping afterwards and bought lots of fruits and veggies. Lots of La Croix because I’m trying to get off Diet Coke totally and honestly, I love La Croix.

3. Watching Get Out and it’s uncomfortable and I have not figured out why yet. Except for the obvious weirdness there’s an underlying uncomfortableness. “I should get back to work and mind my own business.”

4. My boys lost today. At least they didn’t get shellacked but that ejection was bulllllshit.

5. I need a maid. Please and thank you. I just need laundry service really. That’s all.

6. What is it about a nap that makes a girl need the D? Asking for a friend. Who is me.

Happy Saturday night all my homebodies!!

The new beefy guy

A/N: This is literally my first time writing fan fiction or something in English so I hope you like it. @bucky-plums-barnes this is for your 8k writing challenge. Sorry if is awful.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Your day start like always. You take breakfast, go for a run, watch the beefy guy of every day and open the gym where you give a yoga class every morning for the beginners. The new thing was the beefy guy in your yoga class with a friend equally beefy.

-Welcome, everybody. Good morning. I hope you got a great weekend. Apparently, we got new faces.-you direct your eyes to the new guys- My name is Y/N and you are…?

-I am Steve and he is Bucky. – The blonde one talk first.

-Welcome then. Let´s start. First, breathing – you sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Everybody follow you.- The breathing has to be slow. Follow me. – you take a deep breath – one. – You let it out - two.

You keep leading the group to different positions. You stay in the back to lead Steve and Bucky specifically. They start having problems with the Down Dog so you help them to keep their feet in place.

During all class, you feel some eyes watching you. Apart from that nothing happened.

You couldn´t evoy checking out the new guys in every chance you got. They were the perfect description of God´s. Come on Y/N. Don´t forget they are here to learn not to fuck you.

-Time to stretch those muscles, people. – you say checking the clock on the wall. – I want you all in groups of two.

-Miss. I am alone. – Bucky says.

-I will help you.- you respond.

-Now is your turn.- He tells you when you are over with him. The rest of the class starts leaving including Steve.

Once you finish you went to grab your phone.

-Why don’t you come with me and we see how far my kitten can stretch?- Bucky spoke behind you and with that promise, you follow him.

The complementary personalities… the matching color schemes… the mutual extreme dedication to fitness and health… Sportacraig is the true power OTP

Imagine you're working out in the gym

Imagine you’re working out in the gym in Avengers Tower.

It’s very early in the morning – you always go really early because you’re self-conscious about your body.  You’re much fluffier than you’d like to be, and you don’t want to hit the gym with everyone else who’s so cut it hurts to look at them.  You’re doing what everyone else would think was a pretty easy routine of a little stretching, some yoga, light weights and – what has become over a couple of months – a long, relatively well-paced walk on the treadmill. 

You’re not necessarily trying to lose weight – although it’s been happening steadily since you started anyway – you’re just trying to feel better physically.

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fate or coincidence? indoors or outdoors? christmas or halloween? vanilla or chocolate? cinema or television? your past or your present? socks or barefoot? beach or pool? cats or dogs? jeans or yoga pants? rain or sunshine? starbucks or homemade coffee? morning or night?

B99 + Apartment AU: in which Jake, Charles, Rosa, and Amy live together while attending the police academy.

  • They technically see each other every day at training, but they all still try to hang out together once a week. (Usually movie nights, occasionally game nights, sometimes with alcohol, always in pajamas.) 
  • Charles offers to make dinner for all of them some time during their first week together. – He makes a dish involving bull testicles and is never allowed to cook for them again. (He’s still allowed to make hot cocoa though, which Jake asks for every time he comes home with a bruise.) 
  • Amy dies a little on the inside every morning Jake sleepily pads into the kitchen, hair still messed up from sleep and voice still a bit hoarse. 
  • The smoke alarm goes off almost every time Amy attempts to cook something. 
  • The number of times Amy has thought about just walking over to Jake’s room and kissing him senseless is  r i d i c u l o u s.
  • Rosa has at least three extra locks on her door, and none of the others have seen the inside of her room. (After catching Gina sneak out of there the morning after their graduation, Jake bribes her into telling him exactly how it looks like.) 
  • Jake somehow manages to leave various articles of clothing everywhere, and this annoys Amy to no end. (Partly because each rumpled shirt just makes her think about what it would feel like to tear his clothes off herself.)
  • Amy puts a calendar on their fridge and implements a cleaning schedule, with the chores all divvied up between the four of them. Jake complains very loudly about this at first but later has a ton of fun dancing around their living room while vacuuming and scream-singing Taylor Swift songs.
  • Charles regularly helps Rosa with her texting game. (Amy tries to contribute at some point, but her offer to proofread messages is quickly shot down.) 
  • From her room, Amy hears the door slamming closed followed by the sound of muffled voices and giggling. She peaks her head out a bit, and her stomach lurches when she catches a blur of bodies making their way toward Jake’s room. She crashes at Kylie’s that night because the walls in their apartment are thin, and she doesn’t want to hear a thing. (It’s a drunken one night stand that doesn’t come to anything because the girl’s apparently in law school studying to be a defense attorney.) 
  • Charles and Rosa do yoga together on Sunday mornings. They try to get Jake and Amy into it, but Jake just makes a joke out of everything, and Amy becomes weirdly competitive about it. 
  • Jake once woke everyone up at an ungodly hour because he had been watching a nature documentary and yelling over the grossness of live births. He since then has been banned from watching nature documentaries past midnight. 
  • Every so often (more and more frequently as time passes), Jake and Amy find themselves sitting on the floor of their living room way past 2 am, just talking and laughing. (Charles and Rosa can hear them from their rooms, but neither of them say anything about it.)  
  • Through the wall between their rooms, Rosa can hear Amy creepily singing songs before each big test/evaluation at the academy. The third time this happens, Rosa knocks on Amy’s door and stays with her until she’s calmed down. (”You’ll do great. Stop stressing, dum-dum.”)
  • Jake runs out of shampoo and doesn’t want to dig through Charles’ erotic shampooing kit, so he sneaks into the girls’ bathroom and steals a bit from the first bottle he sees. (Turns out it’s Amy’s, and it drives him nuts that he smells like her the whole day. Amy somehow doesn’t notice, but Rosa threatens to castrate him if he ever enters their bathroom again.) 
  • Charles likes to blast show tunes while doing chores or cooking large meals (or doing anything, really). They’ve all had front row seats to his renditions of choice songs from Oliver, Annie, and Cats. 
  • Amy’s usually pretty neat, so Rosa is shocked to enter her room to find nuts all over the floor… and on her shirt, and in her hair, and somehow on her bed a few feet away. (”Jake said I couldn’t catch any of these with my mouth, so I’m just-” “Don’t care. Call me if you grab each other’s asses.”) 
  • Jake’s been thinking of asking Amy out for ages, but he’s too afraid of the potential fallout. Both Charles and Rosa try to talk him into doing something about his feelings.
  • Amy once catches Jake coming out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Needless to say, all work was forgotten that evening, and she had to take a long shower herself. 
  • It’s during one of their 3 am heart-to-heart convos that Jake and Amy finally kiss, and they don’t end up sleeping until the sun starts to rise. When Amy comes out of Jake’s room close to lunch time (donning one of his checkered shirts, because her pajama top is nowhere to be found), she finds a spread of various aphrodisiacs (courtesy of Charles) and a box of condoms (courtesy of Rosa) on their dining table. 

Shout out to @peraltiagoisland, @elsaclack, @dogworldchampion, @stardustsantiago, and @tiadorable for letting me yell about this AU and helping me come up with these headcanons!!!!!!!!

A day spent with the MBTI types

7:10 am: ISFJ -  Waking up on a sunny morning, the sun rays streaming through your curtains.

7:40 am: ISFP - Still trying to wake yourself up after one too many snooze button. Making yourself a cup of coffee and people watching through your kitchen window.

8:00 am: ISTP -  Waking up your body by doing some morning yoga and going for a little jog.

9:00 am: ENTJ - Flipping through your agenda to make sure everything is planned and still on track for the day. 

9:15 am: ESTJ -  Getting ready for the day! Making sure everything looks in place and on fleek. Choosing the perfect outfit that says professional yet is comfortable.

10:00 am: ENTP - Walking to the bus stop, music blasting, hair in the wind.

10:15 am: ENFJ - Saying hi to that stranger on the bus that looks a little bit sad.

10:30 am: ESFP - Meeting with friends at a coffee shop, planning when you’re going to go out this weekend.

12:00 am: ENFP - Going to that cute trendy/hipster neighborhood to grab lunch and checking out that new thrift store.

2:00 pm: ISTJ -  Getting back home to finish that lab report that’s due next week and putting in an hour of studying.

4:00 pm: ESFJ - Baking some cookies for that study group tomorrow.

4:45 pm: INTJ - Sitting in your favourite chair and reading a book about molecular biology just for fun.

5:15 pm: INTP - Ending up on Youtube watching videos on molecular biology and is now in a Youtube black hole.

6:00 pm: ESTP - Going indoor rock climbing to put in a little workout before dinner.

7:30 pm: INFP -  Going to dinner with that one INTJ bestfriend, convincing them to try that new vegan spot.

9:00 pm: INFJ - Reading in bed, reflecting on the day and taking time to write in your journal before falling asleep.


I practiced yoga this morning for the first time in a while, so I made it a special occasion.

Soon I’m going to try doing yoga again. Ya know waking up early and all that shit. I used to like it though. I’m a napper though so it’s like wake up at 7, so the yoga, do the chores and then take a nap from like 9:30 to 10:30-11. And then wake up, chill and go to work for like.. 7-11 hours given the day. It was good to have a schedule.

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