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Hands Off (Ethan)

A/N: I was in yoga today and it inspired me to make this little imagine. You convince Ethan to come to yoga with you, and he thinks the instructor is being a little too handsy while modifying your poses.

warnings; I think just cussing, mention of v*mit and I guess suggestive touching but not really just yoga


“You owe me big time, y/n.” Ethan grumbles as the two of you walk into your usual yoga studio. Since moving out to Los Angeles, you have become much more interested in your practice and after practically begging Ethan to join you, he finally caved. “I feel so stupid in this.”

Coming along with you wasn’t enough, you forced him to purchase and wear a brand new yogi outfit from Lulu Lemon’s men’s line. You had to agree, he did look quite ridiculous wearing joggers and a sleeveless hoodie, but at least it made his arms look good.

“If you quit complaining maybe you’ll actually enjoy it.” You tell him, receiving a huff from Ethan. Once the two of you entered the room you are greeted by one of the usual instructors, Brian.

“Y/n! So great to see you!” Brian exclaims. He is by far your favorite instructor, he is much more zen than the others, making you feel as though you actually got something out of your practice. “And you brought a friend, amazing!”

“Boyfriend.” Ethan corrected very bluntly, to which Brian nods uncomfortably. Once you set up your mats and are sitting cross legged, Ethan leans over and whispers. “You didn’t tell me it was a guy!”

“What difference does it make?” You ask, genuinely unsure as to why it made him to uneasy. “I promise you’ll like it. If not I’ll, well I don’t know what I’ll do but I’ll do something to repay you.”

30 minutes in, everything has gone smoothly. Besides the sporadic adjustments Brian had made to Ethan’s posture, he actually seems to be enjoying himself. That is, until you arrive in your side angle pose. 

“Heart forward, y/n.” Brian reminds you, placing one hand on your chest and the other in-between your shoulder blades straightening your posture. You’re unphased by this, but Ethan’s suddenly louder breathing implies he is definitely not. “That’s it, good adjustment.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, during one of your final downward dogs, Brian again fixes your pose. He places his hand on your lower back and stomach gently pulling your hips higher. Ethan’s sharp inhale signals how angry this makes him.

This, however, is not the final straw. Only 10 minutes before the class ends, Brian again modifies your pose. During cobra, he places his hand right above your breast and the other between your shoulder blades again. You hope that you will be able to get away with another huff from Ethan, but he has other hands. 

“Oh for fucks sake, that’s enough.” Ethan burst out, causing the whole class to look his way. “Hands off.”

“Ethan, sit back down. You’re causing a scene.” You hiss at him. He stares at you for a minutes then at Brian, who looks like he is going to throw up, then back to you. “I mean it Ethan.”

He mutters something under his breath but eventually goes back into the pose. Brian hesitantly backs away from you and continues on teaching the class. After the class finally finishes, you roll up your mat, grab Ethan by the wrist and pull him down to your height.

“Ethan Dolan, I want you to go to Brian and apologize to him.” You command him.


“No, you’re going to.” You tell him, not even letting him finish his argument. “That is not how you express your feelings, E, you know that!”

“Fine.” He groans, walking towards a terrified looking Brian. “Hey, man. I’m really sorry about earlier. I guess I just get a little-a lot defensive when other guys touch y/n.”

“No worries, Ethan.” Brian accepts, probably relieved that Ethan didn’t come over to beat him up. “You know, yoga is actually very good for controlling that anger. I’d love to have you back sometime!”

Ethan nods his head and you quickly apologize to Brian before you both walk out. Your walk to the car is silent until Ethan decides to speak up.

“I’m really sorry, y/n.” He apologizes. “I shouldn’t have blown up like that, I know its his job and all but you’re way too gorgeous for me to just brush off other guys touching you like that.”

“It’s alright, E.” You stop to look at him. “I just really wish you did it a different way.”

“Maybe Brian is right.” Ethan says and you give him a very confused look. “You know, yoga might help me control that.”

You smile and place your hand on his cheek. “I love you for trying.”

“You still owe me for this outfit.” He informs you with a chuckle, making you laugh along. “Alright, if we don’t get pizza right now I’m going to pass out.”


My lady @vanessa_veracruz showed me some yoga moves today… in my vagina 😏 #lickaladypuss (at Los Angeles, California)

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also… is this real life?! holy shit. i’m really starting to notice differences now. it’s been a full year since i changed my dieting/exercise/life around. and i’ve shed 25 pounds and learned a LOT about myself. i wanted to be at 40 pounds by now… but i’m in no rush. it’s not an overnight change, it’s a lifestyle change. so i’m happy plateauing my little booty off at 25 pounds if that’s what my body needs.

talk about a transformation, huh?!

(and dat eyebrow transformation doeeee!!!!! LOL)