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Robin’s Nest: Part 3

Summary: The Robins as Bruce and Batmom’s biological kids.

Words: 1735

AN: Thank you to my wonderful new team of Beta’s who edited this and are working diligently on everything else.

Part 1, Part 2

You find out very quickly that no two babies are the same. Where Dick tended to be on the quieter side, Jason tends to be a bit… vocal. He cries quite a bit, and it’s usually only to be held, or he wants food.

While you tend to focus more of your attention on Jason, Bruce makes sure to spend a lot of time with Dick. He makes a game out of putting on different disguises when they go out so the paparazzi don’t chase them down.

Other days he’ll hold Jason so that you can sit and color, or read a book to Dick. It’s around this time that you decide to use the entirety of your maternity leave. When you had Dick, you only took off as long as Bruce was off, but now you know that two kids are a bit of handful.

So you spend most of your days in the manor. While the weather’s still nice you take the boys outside a lot. You lather them with sunscreen and play with Dick outside, while Jason stays in his swing under the shade watching you. By the time lunch comes around, everyone’s hungry, and Alfred has cooked everything to perfection.

After lunch it’s naptime. Jason goes to sleep without issue, but Dick puts up a bit of a fuss. You read him two stories before he falls asleep and you’re able to sneak out of the room. You take the bit of free time to shower and change from yoga pants into actual jeans, well maternity jeans. It’s been four months since Jason’s come and you haven’t quite had the time to focus on losing the pregnancy weight.

You shrug it off. Knowing that the boys will be asleep for about an hour or so, you take the grocery list from Alfred and head out. He knows you need a bit of solitude, even if it’s just a run to the grocery store.

You enjoy going through every aisle, making sure to check off everything on the list. You’re smiling as you check out, ready to be back home with the kids, when a tabloid catches your attention. It’s a picture of you carrying Jason’s carrier, coming out of the doctor’s office, a few weeks ago. It’s not very flattering, the pooch of your tummy is sticking out, you’re in yoga pants, and your hair’s a mess. The title makes you cringe, “Wayne’s Wife Cares No More.” Pulling your cap down a little further, you go through checkout when a flash catches your eye, and then there’s a flood of them. You debate calling Bruce, but decide you can handle it.

There’s around six photographers waiting for you, and you do your best to ignore them as they yell questions about alleged cheating scandals, your kids, and of course the baby weight. You’ve almost loaded everything into the car when a hand grabs your arm. Your reflexes take over before you can stop them, the self-defense techniques Bruce taught you going into action.

You have the man pinned against your car in record time. The flashes stop and you pull out your phone. You put up with a lot when it comes to paparazzi, but having them put their hands on you is not one of them. You call the police. Jim Gordon comes personally, and though you know it probably won’t result in anything but a fine, at least you know that you’ve drawn a line in the sand. They are NOT to touch you.

You go home, and hug your kids close. Bruce arrives home shortly after, Jim having called him. He makes sure you’re alright, and when you say yes, he can tell that you’re not really telling the truth. He takes Jason from your arms and leads Dick into the entertainment room. The meaning is clear; he’s giving you a little bit of time to process things.

You go back upstairs and take another shower. The hot water helps loosen up your muscles, and when you’re done you try to slip into one of your prettier underwear sets but it doesn’t fit. Both your tummy and your breasts are too big. You stare at yourself in the mirror, and that’s how Bruce finds you.

You tell him the story about the magazine, and he just smiles and pulls you in for a hug. He assures you that you’re beautiful, that what’s happened to your body is normal. You make a comment about your stretch marks, and he just grins before calling you a tiger that’s earned her stripes.

It makes you feel better. He offers to wake you up early if you really want to exercise, if it’s really that important to you. You decide not yet. Jason still isn’t sleeping through the night, and what little sleep you get is precious. You’ll start eventually, but right now you just want to enjoy your boys.

Eventually turns out to be Jason’s first birthday. He’s sleeping through the night, and Dick is just starting his potty training. You’re feeling a bit invincible. So, you wake up early with Bruce, he begins coaching you through things, and you can’t help but find your husband amazing. The man is still going out as Batman every night, and Alfred has taken to running the computer so you can be around the kids.

The workouts become part of your personal time with Bruce; no kids allowed. Sometimes it gets a little heated. Other times the two of you talk about the company, or some new book you’ve read, or more commonly batman stuff, since you’re not as involved with it as you once were. After three months of this routine you decide it’s time to go back to work. You’re still not at your pre-baby body, and you’re not completely sure you’ll ever get there, but you’re healthy, and that’s what is important. You’re ready for things to progress, and it’s time the boys were socialized more. And so the four of you go to work.

It’s nice, you find, to get back to doing something you love while still being able to see the boys a lot. Often times you and the boys will go up to Bruce’s office for lunch, forcing your husband to take a break. He always smiles when the three of you come in, and immediately moves towards you. He’ll drop a kiss on your lips before picking the boys up and flying them around the office. You’re perfectly content with your little family.

Dick is four and Jason is three when Bruce approaches you one night. Both boys are fully potty trained, and progressing well. Dick will be going to Kindergarten in the fall and that nearly breaks your heart because your baby is growing up. Both boys now talk up a storm, and really the only peace and quiet you and Bruce get is either during your morning training session, in bed at night, or over the com-link as you work the computer in the batcave. Basically, life is wonderful.

So you’re more than a bit surprised, that while things between you and Bruce are getting a bit heated, he brings up the idea of another baby. You stop cold, and his voice is gentle as he explains his side. He wants a little girl. To be honest so do you, you love your boys but you’re more than a little outnumbered. But you’re also hesitant, because there’s no guarantee. Bruce jokes that the third time’s the charm, but you ask for some time to mull it over. He agrees, saying that it’s your decision.

You think about it a lot over the next few days, as you watch Bruce chase the boys around the back yard. They’re throwing water balloons, and you decide to get in on the fun. Hearing them laugh makes your heart sing, and as the boys regroup for a sneak attack, you jump into Bruce’s arms. He catches you with all the skill years of training from ninja masters allows, before you kiss him. You wrap your legs around his waist, locking them at the ankle before pulling him in for a soul shattering kiss.

When it ends he just smiles and asks “Not that I’m complaining, but what brought that on?”

You just smile and say “Let’s make a baby,” and then he’s the one pulling you in for a kiss. Of course this just gives the boys ample time to pelt the both of you with water balloons, and the two of you agree that the task can wait until after you show your kids just exactly who they’re dealing with.

anonymous asked:

As a Mtf I was wondering if there is any way for me to make my hips look larger. I was also wondering what is the best place to start of with wearing female clothes. Thanks in advance ^-^

Charlie says:

dressing by using belts to cinch in your waist and otherwise making your waist the focal point of your look will make your hips look wider by default.  It’s also possible to pad your hips or wear other shapewear, or wear yoga pants/high waisted jeans.

My opinion is that it might be most convenient to start dressing femininely by way of using accessories first? Headbands, bracelets, scarves, handbags, tights, etc are often low cost, low commitment traditionally female accessories that allow you to look more feminine without having to snap your fingers and have a full “female” outfit on in a day.