yoga imitation

Here is part one of two with some yoga headcanons: this one features hot yoga

  • Coran wanted to be the instructor; he feels that he is properly qualified to teach Earth yoga despite never doing it himself and only having the very weak imitations of yoga from the others to go off of. He ends up throwing Altean exercise routines in which only makes everything more chaotic.
  • Allura and Shiro are really the only ones who can do everything right. Allura finds this very relaxing and not the least bit strenuous. Shiro’s not as stretchy as he’d like to be but has good balance and posture.
  • Lance is Dying but refuses to show it. Heat and yoga are not going to get the better of him, dangit. He keeps trying to make it a competition with Keith, who really doesn’t care and wonders why he’s even here.
  • The heat never bothered Keith anyway.
  • Hunk actually does really well except he keeps slipping on the mats and almost injuring himself. There’s just too much sweat and humidity.
  • Pidge almost overextends herself several times trying to keep up with Coarn and is really, really hating the heat and how sweaty she is.
  • The mice are also joining in and are rocking this hot yoga thing.