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Surviving Time With Toxic Family/Friends

• Be the light
• No ego
• No emotionally heavy convos
• Stay in your center
• Take nothing personal
• Inhale deep
• Exhale slow
• Focus on the good––only
• Send love and light through the entire space
• Come light
• Leave light
May the Force be with you. ✨  

–– Lalah Delia | VibrateHigherDaily


Hello all! I was asked by the lovely undisclosed-free-spirit to recommend some shoulder opening poses that will increase flexibility in order to perform reverse prayer pose (as shown above). This really got me thinking about how often neglected stretching out the shoulders and arms really is! Most people love to focus on leg and back flexibility, but we have to remember to give our upper body a good stretch–especially if you incorporate a lot of inversions in your practice! So here are a few poses I figured could really help aid in increased shoulder flexibility, and ultimately a wider range of motion :) 

Want to go into your Thursday feeling open and light? Then join me at 6:30am @sanghayogashala for Yoga Express Hour. Plenty of balancing, binding and wrapping to help you float out into your day, bringing more joy whenever you go. ✨

emilyrunsalot  asked:

Do you know of any good stretches for your thighs/hips?

Hello :)

Try out the stretches from this post by sassyyogiGarland pose and wide child’s pose (scroll a bit down)

I also have some (yoga) videos targeting the hip area

And with more focus on the rest of the legs

I hope this can help you :)<3

The temperature may have dropped 30 degrees or so since yesterday but that won’t stop us from having a wonderful weekend. Join me on Saturday and Sunday to warm up from the inside out with plenty of detoxifying twists, deep hip openers and balancing poses to make you soar into the rest of your day. Times and studios listed below.
Sat 11am - @sanghayogashala
Sat 4:30pm - @lucentyoga
Sun 5pm - @sanghayogashala


Hey let’s handstand! 4 easy poses by the wall!!
So free standing handstands are great for practice, but if you want the right technique, walls are the way to go! I often come back here and hover for a while! See if you can do all four poses for 30 sec the first time round and then start practicing for a minute!
Keep centered and push away the floor! Activate everything you can, squeeze your heels, legs and bum together, straighten your core!!

Handstands can take years! Keep practicing every day!

Follow mimiyoga for a post on prep poses for handstands and free standing handstand exercises!


Spring is finally here! Like a blank slate it’s up to us to bring the color, the positive actions, the energy into this new season and see what we can create. Taking time for yoga helps to bring us more into the present and therefore helps with creativity and focus. Meet me on the mat at any or all of the classes listed below to see this for yourself. ✨
Tues 6:30am - Yoga Express Hour
Wed 8am - Core Vinyasa
Wed 7:30pm - Vinyasa

anonymous asked:

Hi... Okay so I really want to start doing yoga but I have NO idea where to begin. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

That’s great! Welcome friend!

First you’ll want to get yourself a mat and some comfortable clothes (and make sure they’ll be comfortable when you’re twisting, upside down, etc. You want to concentrate on the pose, not readjusting your clothes every 2 minutes). I found having a strap (a belt works fine) and yoga block was really helpful when I first started too (and I still use them when my hips and hammies are tight!). I usually just get my mats on Amazon, clothes at Target, TJMaxx or somewhere affordable.

I started in a class at the YMCA and have taken classes at the various schools, gyms, and studios I’ve gone to since then.

The disadvantages of doing this are that: a) classes can be expensive; b) it can be intimidating your first few times. But the advantages are: a) the instructor can tweak your posture and really help you build a solid foundation; b) the community you find in a yoga class can be really encouraging and positive; c) it can push you to try things you might not on your own, which can lead you to surprise yourself with what you’re capable of.

I also do a lot of yoga at home, which comes with its own positives and negatives. It can be waaaay cheaper and you can do it whenever you want, but you don’t necessarily get that sense of community and you miss out on some of that personalized instruction.

So I would recommend you look around a bit and see if there’s an affordable beginner’s class that you could go to. But there are also a ton of resources available for you to practice at home. 

  • Here’s a great post of resources for beginners from fit-heaven
  • Also, check out SassyYogi, she has a lot of yoga guides and resources on her blog
  • Mark Gonzales at Mighty Collective also has some longer free videos that are awesome. Check them out here.
  • I’ve been using the Headspace Meditation App recently, they have a nice free version that’s a nice intro to mindfulness and meditation. It’s not yoga, but the two go hand-in-hand.
  • I also really like Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown video. You can find it for pretty cheap on Amazon, might even be able to find it floating around on YouTube somewhere.
  • Speaking of YouTube - It’s a great place to start. You can search for beginner’s yoga or search for specific poses and you’ll find tons of videos that will walk you through what to do.
  • Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for Yoga Challenges on tumblr. They can be a great introduction to new poses, can help you tweak the foundational poses, and can lead you to some great blogs with even more resources!

I hope this helps a bit! Practicing yoga is such a great experience, it really can change your whole outlook on life. And don’t skimp on the savasana! It might seem pointless at first but it’s just as important as any of the other poses. Good luck, I hope you find a practice that works for you!

The Bear is a symbol of power, strength and healing. The Bear is held in high respect by all, as it is beloved as an elder family member of the human race. Protection, Childbearing, Motherhood, Discernment, Courage and Power.


One of the best yoga videos I’ve found

Full 75 minutes. Not too rushed, excelent flow, and breathing/physical direction. I’m going to be using this video…. a. lot. 

Mark Gonzolas also does live personal broadcasts of power yoga sessions (via google+)!! I haven’t checked it out yet but this is the link to do so