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I am 17 years old and I've been meaning to do yoga, but I can't find any classes near me :( do you have any starting positions I could work on?

No worries! You have everything you need to get your yoga flowin’ :) I’ve answered a similar question before, so here’s an excerpt from that answered question:

“I always recommend two channels on YouTube: yogajournal and myyogaonline. Both channels have everything for yogis- from beginners to advanced levels, morning yoga sessions, yoga for better sleep, yoga flows, core-strengthening yoga, yoga concentrated on meditation, yoga for PMS (haha), detox yoga, as well as separate videos demonstrating any pose. The list is endless! If you want a specific video start and play around with, I recommend this: It’s a great video because it’s not just one person talking and doing the poses simultaneously; so it’s like you have your own yoga ninja guiding you along with a classmate :)

Got some money to spare? Yoga Journal and Yoga International are great magazines! They’re packed with tips, inspirational stories, and demonstrated home-yoga routines. Give it a looksie! The Yoga Journal website has a search index for poses, as well as videos! What a great tool!”

If you can’t find any classes nearby and don’t mind spending money (but hey, you’ve already been provided with free yoga stuff :P), there’s a site called Yoga Glo- they provide yoga classes online! I believe it is less than $20 a month.

The breath is your guide in yoga and I cannot say that enough. I definitely recommend starting off with Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskar- it is a flow…inhales and exhales synchronized with movements. I spent some time on YouTube trying to find a good video and I did!

Kino is amazing! With the two video links, you are in good hands :)

Always, always listen to your body. You are your body’s best teacher. If something doesn’t feel right, or if there is localized and/or sharp pain, it’s totally okay to back off. If something feels good, great! There is a difference between pain and sensation.

I hope you find this helpful and sending you an abundance of light in your yoga journey :)