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First, let me say, if seeing fat on a person bothers you, makes you squeamish or fills you with the need to send anon hate, you need to keep scrolling now.

If you’re still with me:

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering how I would be able to start doing yoga? I'm kinda overweight and so I've never even really tried. I just always thought I would suck at it. But it's been a while and I have always found it peaceful and interesting and I'm sure I'll suck at first but you can't get better unless you try, right? So where/how do I start? Do you have any tips? Thanks in advance xx

Here’s an old post of mine that’ll help you out. When I first started yoga I had minimal flexibility, zero strength, couldn’t keep up with the videos at all. But I pushed myself, started off really slow, and got to where I am today :) Yoga is a very personal practice and there’s a lot of different types. Some are more fast paced and strenuous, while others are restorative. You can find yoga for just about anything, from relieving stress, getting a good nights rest, activating chakras. Eventually you’ll gain strength you never knew you had and it’ll help your mentally as well. 

anonymous asked:

I stumbled on your site when listening to lady who lost 100 pounds by practicing yoga. She has since become a yoga instructor who has designed her yoga poses for the overweight population. I was wondering what you thought of yoga studios designed for the overweight versus the traditional centers. I know as someone who is overweight going into a yoga studio with size 5 people can be intimidating. For me personally I am over 50 and the beauty of that is I don' t really care what people think.

Imagine walking into a room surrounded by other people who understand your struggle, understand your insecurities, and are also trying to create a safe and happy environment for practicing yoga. In that respect, I think it would be so rad to be part of a yoga class specifically geared toward larger bodies.

However, in my experience, once you gather a group of larger people together, there begins a cycle of enabling each other to constantly utilize props, support, and adjustments in order to achieve various poses. The mindset is usually “Bigger bodies require modifications in order to achieve most poses. ” The benefit of mixed size classrooms is that by eliminating size as a focus, you eliminate boundaries. I think it’s important for all bodies to know they are fully capable of achieving all poses, no matter how advanced, and I’m skeptical about how easily that mood would be achieved in a class focused on neutralizing size discrimination.