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Y'all, my first book is being released tomorrow by @workmanpub. I’m overwhelmed by all of the nice shit that’s been written about it, not to mention the awesome write-ups in print mags like @elleusa, @bust_magazine, @healthmagazine, & @familycirclemag. Also, apparently there’s already a book club reading it this month and I’m just sitting over here like 😳📕😳📕

Tomorrow’s Bull City tour kick-off at @motorcomh c/o @regulatorbookshop is allegedly sold out, but y'all know how I feel about party crashers- just show up and you’ll probably get in- at the very least you can grab a beer or some sesame udon salad at @partsandlabour. Tell ‘em Jessamyn sent you & TIP YOUR BARTENDER PLEASE AND THANK YOU. After that, it’s Nashville’s @parnassusbooks on Wednesday, Raleigh’s @quailridgebooks on Thursday, and a yoga class at #yogafestnc on Saturday- all the info’s on (link is in the header). Anyway, y'all are the best & I’m so excited to meet you. Also USE THE #EVERYBODYYOGA SNAPCHAT FILTER WHEN YOU’RE AT THE EVENTS- it features a half-naked bitmoji Jessamyn doing yoga soooo. Yeah. Let’s spread that shit.

You can buy “Every Body Yoga” anywhere fine books are sold. I have waited a long time to say those words. Also, this shameless promotion is inspired by the boys of @thecrookedmedia.

Outfit by @vonscher_active Photo by @lydiahudgens (at Durham, North Carolina)

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Shout out to @workmanpub for this adorable gif based on my new book “Every Body Yoga”- click the link in my header to preorder! PLUS there’s a quiz based on the book called “What Style Of Yoga Should I Try?”- click the link above to take the quiz!

There are a bunch of #everybodyyoga tour updates on my website, as well as info about my @1440multiversity retreat in August and #hawaiiyogafestival in October- go to & for more info! And for those who’ve asked, tickets aren’t on sale for the Washington DC class quite yet, but I will let you know as soon as that changes!

Completely unrelated but still relevant- shout out to the lovely people who called me out for using ableist language yesterday. You made a difference in my attitude, for real- the more you know, y'all. None of us are beyond reproach, and certainly not this bitch right here. 💯

(Yes, I called myself a bitch. Don’t freak out, it’s fine. If Liz Taylor did it, so can I.) (at Seattle, Washington)

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#OpenUpToTheNew Day 4–Balancing Table

  • Get onto your hands and knees, with your palms directly under your shoulders, and your knees directly under your hips and hip-distance width apart. Keep a flat back, and you’re now in the standard table pose (neutral spine).
  • From here, lift your right arm and hold it straight in front of your and parallel to the ground. When your have your balance, lift your left leg straight behind you and parallel to the ground.
  • If balance is an issue, your can stay here. Hold for 30-60 seconds, return your leg and then arm to the ground, and repeat on the other side.
  • If you are steady and balanced in the pose, then do crunches in the pose by bringing in your elbow and knee toward your belly button. This should be a controlled movement and focused on your ab muscles. Inhale as you extend your limbs and exhale as you bring them toward your belly. Repeat 10-15 times and then complete on the other side.



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Imagine Dean watching you do yoga...

Requested by anon. Enjoy! XOXO (Warning: this is mildly smutty.)

A bead of sweat trickled down the back of your neck as you took three more deep, even breaths. You slowly pulled up to standing from the warrior position you had been holding. You smoothly sank into the warrior position in the opposite direction, switching legs. This was one of your favorite yoga poses. You could feel the strength of every muscle in your body, and it made you feel powerful.

Dean walked into the room as you raised up to stand again, stopping dead in his tracks and staring at you for just a second too long.

“Sorry,” he said, snapping out of whatever thoughts he was having. “I was just looking for Sam’s laptop.”

“It’s on the table,” you smiled, leaning back into a pose that arched your back and gave Dean a lot of skin to look at. You watched as his eyes darkened slightly, and you were suddenly glad that you had chosen to practice in a sports bra today rather than a t-shirt or tank top. “Feel free to hang out in here while you use it, you won’t bother me.”

“Okay, thanks,” he nodded, his voice a little thicker than usual.

You heard him settle into a chair at the table behind you. A few seconds went by, and you realized that you should be hearing the tap of Dean’s fingers on the keyboard. You assumed from the silence that he was watching you instead.

If that was the case, you were going to give him something to look at.

You bent forward to touch your toes, the stepped back into downward dog, knowing that this would give Dean a full view of your ass. You stayed there for a second, subtly shifting and relaxing into the position. You then lowered yourself into plank position for a few seconds before rolling your hips to the floor and stretching your upper body toward the ceiling in upward dog pose. When you raised your hips up effortlessly to slide back into downward dog, you heard the satisfying noise of Dean sucking air through his teeth. You pulled your legs forward and stood, rolling your back up as you did.

You went through the whole process again, making your movements as fluid as possible. This time, when you stood, you turned around to look at Dean.

Your breath caught in your throat. The man was sitting with his legs stretched out in front of him, palming his very obvious erection through his jeans. You resisted the urge to let out a moan at the sight of him, breathing heavily and chewing on his bottom lip as he touched himself.

“Have you ever done yoga, Dean?” you asked, trying to keep your voice even.

“No,” he answered, getting up and walking to stand just inches away from you, “but it looks like fun. I’m willing to learn.”

You grinned. You were more than happy to teach him.

“Well, the first thing we need to do is get you out of those blue jeans. You can’t really move or stretch in those.”

“Yes, ma'am,” Dean whispered, smirking at you.


NALU Fluff Week, Bonus Day Two: AU

I wrote a one-shot! Finally! I’m super excited, since I’ve never been able to type just a one-shot before.

Summary: Due to his best friend not showing up, Natsu was forced to ask someone else for help at the gym. Little did he know, the blonde woman he asked would make a bigger impact on his life than just simply being his spotter. Modern AU. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Rated: T

Words: 3,600

Read on or AO3.

Natsu closed the door to his dorm room before locking it. He was dressed in a tight black shirt with white gym shorts. He made sure his scarf was secured around his head full of pink, spiky locks, keeping the hair out of his eyes.

When he was satisfied with everything, he made his way outside, just to start his run. His destination was only one mile away, so it was a quick warm up before his real work out. The warm air hit his face as his pace increased, letting his adrenaline kick in as his heart sped up. He loved this feeling, because it always made him feel more alive.

He slowed down to a jog when the building came into view. ‘Fairy Tail’ was the biggest gym in Magnolia. It had five floors, all containing different types of exercise machines. He began to walk once he made it to the door, loving the way his heart pumped at an accelerated pace. He entered the air-conditioned building, letting the cool air tingle against his heated skin.

The pink haired man walked over to a woman who sat behind a desk at the entrance. “Hello sir, are you a member here?”

Natsu looked at her name badge before answering, “yes uhh, Levy?” He wasn’t sure if he pronounced it right, but she didn’t correct him. He pulled out his membership badge, letting her see it was still valid.

It was a white badge, with Fairy Tail’s logo at the top. A picture of him was printed on the left side, while his name, badge number, and expiration date were printed on the right.

“Thank you,” the blue haired woman said, turning her attention to a notebook on the desk where she wrote down Natsu’s badge number to log his attendance.

“No prob,” he muttered as he put the badge back in his pocket before walking down a long hallway.

He’d been a member of Fairy Tail’s gym for about two months now, and he loved every bit of it. He honestly didn’t know why he waited so long to sign up. His best friend/rival Gray had been trying to get him to join for the better part of a year, but he couldn’t see the benefits of paying to exercise when he could just do it at home for free.

Now he saw the gym as his chance to escape reality for a moment. As a full-time student at Magnolia University, he needed this as a way to relax. It was such a freeing feeling, letting the sweat drip down his skin and his muscles flex. He quickly became addicted to the place, trying to go there every chance he got.

The pink haired male took out his phone as he walked towards the room with all the weight lifting equipment. His thumb brushed over the touch screen, navigating until he found his best friend’s contact information. He quickly pressed the call button, bringing his phone up to his ear as it rang.

“What’s up, Flame Head? Why’re you calling so early?” Gray’s voice came through the speaker. It sounded deep and gravelly, letting Natsu know he just woke up.

“Are you kidding me? You said you’d be here to spot me!” The pink haired man raised his voice as his eye twitched. He’d been wanting to bench press today, but he wouldn’t be able to do that without assistance. It wasn’t that he thought he couldn’t handle the weights, it was that he didn’t want to hurt himself… again.

The first time he attempted to bench press by himself, he accidentally missed the rack and the bar almost crushed Natsu’s skull. He really didn’t want that to happen again, because the next time he might not be so lucky. It was true he didn’t physically hurt himself, but the scare was enough to keep him on edge.

“I don’t know what to tell you. Juvia came over last night and I forgot to set an alarm. Do you want me to head over there now?” Gray’s voice cut through Natsu’s thoughts.

He sighed, knowing with Juvia’s hectic schedule the two didn’t get a lot of time to themselves. She went to a college in the next town over. “No, you’re fine. Just next time remember,” he looked around the gym, seeing everyone else partnered up with someone. “I’ll figure something out. You have fun with Juvia.”

“Thanks man, see you later.”

The call disconnected, leaving Natsu alone once again. He walked over to a free bench, debating if he should try by himself with just less weight than normal. He started placing circular weights on the bar until he reached a nice amount. It would be enough to give him a workout, but not nearly as much as he wanted. He almost decided to put more weight on and risk it, but some movement in the corner of his eye stopped him in place.

Natsu turned, hating the way his breath hitched from the sight.

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Even though University students in Poland still have two weeks left of their summer vacation, it’s about time we got some things sorted and ready for the upcoming academic year. Here comes a litte guide how to begin and survive a new school year smoothly.

    it’s probably one of the things we’ve been mentioning in pretty much every organizing post, but believe us, it really is the key to not losing your mind among deadlines and assignments
    ~ if you have and artistic soul you might consider starting a bullet journal instead, that way it’s more personal :)

  2. SLEEP
    estimate the best amount of sleep to get every school-night to keep your thinking sharp and your body ready for the day
    ~ from our expierience we understand it can be tough to get 8 hours of sleep every night, but at least try!

    go for a run, to the gym or try out the new yoga class- every type of exercice is beneficial not only to your body, but also to your mind
    ~ when overwhelmed by school work it can be a great break giving you power to study more

    they help you track your assignments and progress in classes, you can hang them in front of your desk to keep you more organized
    ~ there are many great printables available here on Tumblr, some of our favourites are form @theorganisedstudent​ and @thearialligraphyproject

    get equiped with all kinds of pens, highlighters and pencils
    ~ buy all the neeed notebooks- hardback, wireless, spiral edge… try them and figure out which work best for you!

  6. GOALS
    I like to make a list of my goals for each year and hang it in a place where I’ll be able to see it, the moment I check one off gives me a boost to achieve the next

    it might be a good idea to visit a near-by library, in times of low motivation move your study space there-being surrounded by people working makes you get down to your work too!

    get a bag or backpack that will easily hold all of your books and notebooks and remember for it to have a space for a water bottle and some study snacks :)

    ~ you can start your own blog (just like we did) of follow some of the already existing- the studyblr community is a great way of motivating each other to work harder every day
    ~ just remember not to spend too much time on Tumblr, because procrastinating leads to no good

    try to stay positive no matter what, don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of new subjects or assignments, everything is possible to achieve when you organize your work properly!

Hope this list helps you adjust a little to the new school year and spend it in the most efficient way :)


In a lot of ways, “Every Body Yoga” is really just an offering to the women who made me. The women who raised me WHILE👏🏾RAISING👏🏾OTHER👏🏾PEOPLE'S👏🏾KIDS. The women who don’t have their names on the cover of a book. The women who went hungry so their kids could have pencil cases and school books. I would not be here were it not for these women. I would not be here without their struggle. And these bitches? They’ve dealt with some bullshit. They’ve battled addiction, fuck boys, abusive employers, and so much more all while raising a whole new generation of thinkers and believers. And every time I step on/off an airplane or sign a book or throw the full force of my attitude at a mansplainer, I do it for them. My work isn’t really for me- it’s just a meager offering to my ancestors. To show that their struggle was not in vain. To show that I am grateful, so grateful, SO VERY FUCKING GRATEFUL to have been created in their infinite shadows.

(But let’s be honest- mostly I just do it for @tangelabaldwin bc she’s the baddest bitch. 🙏🏾)

Nashville, y'all came through tonight at @parnassusbooks & as usual I ended the night in happy ass tears. Thanks for everything, guys. Raleigh, I’ll see you tomorrow at @quailridgebooks and at #yogafestnc on Saturday- info is at!

Dress is by @ftfsnaps

Shoes are obvi @targetstyle bc y'all know I keep it 💯

Photo by Sharon, my awesome Nashville mama who made sure I had a full belly and a calm spirit all day.

Click the link in my bio or go to to buy “Every Body Yoga”- at the very least, you’ll have a graduation gift for your kid sister or your play cousin already on deck and then you’ll only have to throw in money on Cheesecake Factory dinner. Just sayin’.

(Also def used the Nashville filter on this photo bc….look, the irony was just too much for my corny ass to resist.) (at Nashville, Tennessee)

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Move your body. Every damn day! #yoga

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Yoga Lessons

Request:  I loved your imagines! Can I request one? ReaderXSam where he’s a yoga instructor undercover for a case and the reader goes as a student¿? And like he gets turned on with her and she with him.. ans smut? Yeah sorry if it’s confusing -anon

Warnings: SMUT SMUT AND SMUT! Let’s see, we’ve got a little dom!Sam, but nothing major, and yeah, SMUT!

A/N: This is my first real smut, so sorry if it’s bad. It took me forever to write, sorry about that. I didn’t know if the anon who requested this wanted the reader to also be undercover, but that seemed to work better, so the reader is also a hunter. Hope you like it!

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30-Minute Sequence || Yoga For Back Pain

Yoga With Adriene writes:

With so many requests for back relief and an over-arching need for self care and SUPPORT - I made this practice to help! Use the tools of yoga to heal your body and find support in the every day. Connect with your breath and practice going with the flow. It will change your life.

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I wrote a book, y'all. “Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On The Mat, and Love Your Body” is truly the book I’ve wanted to recommend each time I’ve been asked, “Hey Jessamyn, How Do I Start Practicing Yoga?” Finally, a Modern Yoga book written from the perspective of a smart ass, black, queer as fuck millennial with a sailor’s mouth. “Every Body Yoga” is stacked w/ all the info needed to legitimately jump start your own home yoga practice, with an arsenal of tips, poses, and sequences, along with a bevy of modifications, all modeled by a truly diverse array of yoga bodies. Woven between the chunks of instruction , I recount the good, bad, and ugly stories from my own life which heavily impact my own yoga practice and which probably happen in your own life. I’m talking about the melodramatic life sagas which take up the entirety of my “real life” and which rarely (if ever) show up on social media. Truly personal shit like my struggles with substance abuse, the family deaths that spurred my yoga practice, childhood body shame, endless romantic relationship drama, and much more. “Every Body Yoga” will officially be released by @workmanpub next spring (Spring ‘17), but you can click the link in my Instagram bio to read more about it and preorder your copy today!

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Felt like a fairy today ❤️
Exploring these green neighborhoods has become a big past time!

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