yoga for bad people

Imagine winding up Dean on the phone...

“Okay, not sure exactly when, but I’ll be home soon, is there anything you want from the store?”

You rolled your eyes, even if he couldn’t see you, it made you feel better. That was when the idea crossed your mind.

“If you’re at the shop, get some condoms.” You said coolly.

Dean went silent for a few moments and you began to wonder if he’d actually heard you.

“Did you say what I thought you did?” He said in a husky voice.

“Mmmm,” you hummed. “After my hunt went bust, I’ve just been so… bored. How long you going to be? I’m feeling a little flustered…” You cringed at your own wording, but judging by his tone of voice, it did the job.

“Y/N, I’ll… I’ll be there as quickly as possible.”

Being unable to do a certain posture doesn’t mean you’re bad at yoga or you’re not as good as other people you see. I get a lot of questions like “why can’t I do this” or “how long does it take to do that pose”… All bodies are different and some postures may take more time to learn/get into than others. Crane pose (straight arms vs crow which has bent arms) has always been hard for me because of the carrying angle in my arms. The angle in my arm bones put so much strain on my wrists when I tried to straighten them that I stopped practicing it because I thought I wouldn’t ever be able to do it. Keep practicing yogis :) you’ll surprise yourself 💕

O is for Om

How do the pros get their om on? Find out in our exclusive interview with Yoga for Bad People founders Heather Lilleston, left, and Katelin Sisson on Tory’s Pro Shop. Discover their tips, mantras and secrets to staying in shape when traveling here.

Heather Lilleston, left, in Tory Sport’s front-zip rashguard and bikini bottom and Katelin Sisson in the color-block rashguard and bikini bottom (above and top), photographed by Shaniqwa Jarvis