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I love those ask games so I made one for us ADHDers.

1. Are you a fast talking hyperactive or a pacing hyperactive?

2. Are you a doodling daydreamer or a window gazing daydreamer?

3. Do you like hand stims, foot stims, or mouth stims the most?

4. Are you a planner person or a phone reminder person?

5. Do you hyperfocus on productive things or irrelevant things?

6. Are you a multitasking ADHDer or an overhwhelmed ADHDer?

7. 504 or IEP?

8. Diagnosed or Self Diagnosed?

9. Are you a 5000 tabs person or blank tab trying to remember why person?

10. Are you a self-hate when rejected or extreme rage when rejected kind of person?

11. Are your family do yoga people, eat clean people, or put down the phone people?

12. Which were you called the most in school: lazy or irresponsible?

13. High stim or Low stim seeker?

14. Comorbid conditions?

15. Which have you been told more often: meds are cheating or meds are street drugs?

16. Not social to mask symptoms or overcompensating to mask symptoms?

17. Reading hyperfocus or reading impossible?

18. Do you parents believe it exists?

19. Diagnosed late or early?

20. Ever wonder how much of you is your personality and how much is ADHD?

Pleasant little things from today:
• I was up really early and practiced yoga
• work was busy but nice
• I was off early and sat on the porch reading bc it was gorgeous out
• my sister came over for dinner
• we’re going to stay at my oldest sister’s house for the weekend
• the stars are so incredibly bright and I couldn’t stop starring the whole drive up and now we’re all together chatting and snacking 🙊💗

anonymous asked:

17. Clexa

This was a bad idea. One hell of a bad idea. The woefully unfit mother of all bad ideas. How Lexa ever thought this could work in her favor was now entirely beyond her. She winced as she stood, partially hidden, at the end of the hall and watched the now painfully familiar scene play out.

Clarke only briefly glanced down at the small white envelope tucked into the door of her locker. She didn’t bother to open the thing, just a quick look at her own name scrawled across the top, and then she rolled her eyes hard enough to send them rocketing into the back of her skull. For the fifth time in a row, she wadded up the unopened envelope, tucked her English book under her arm, and then shut her locker and headed to class. The crumpled unread note landed on top of a heap of trash in a hallway bin, and Lexa wanted to crawl in with it. She may as well stink as bad as this utterly idiotic idea and it’s completely hopeless execution. Just another high-school trash pile.

“Give it a try,” Mr. Jaha had said. “You might be surprised by the results.”

Yeah, Lexa was surprised all right. She knew Clarke had been anti-relationship since Finn Collins cheated on her sophomore year with a girl from another school and gave her Chlamydia. But she hadn’t expected her to be so completely jaded that she would take one look at a nice, nerdy note from a nice, anonymous nerd and act as if someone had sent her an eviction notice despite her having no intention of ever paying the back-rent.

It had been two years, but at the mere mention of ‘love’, Clarke acted like she was still waiting for a pharmacist to fill her Azithromycin prescription and cure her of every last Finn-Collins-related symptom. That was unfortunate for Lexa considering she had been in love with Clarke Griffin since the sixth-grade Honor Roll trip when Jasper Jordan stuck gum in Octavia Blake’s hair, and Clarke diligently ate the chocolate off six Reese’s cups so she could use the peanut butter to slide the gum out. A sacrifice of peanut-butter cups to save your best friend the horrors of a bowl cut. Talk about heroic. Lexa had pushed her glasses up on her nose and swooned from the back of the bus at the sheer cleverness of the girl.

And thus began her quiet pining for Clarke Griffin.

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I was raised Southern Baptist which is very basic. Everyone is going to hell because we’re all sinners. Jesus loves you. So, Catholicism is so weird to me, like witchcraft almost really. Toby is doing a job at a Catholic school and we went by together to check on it today , it was empty , it was really creepy to be walking the empty halls, it’s definitely the perfect backdrop to a horror film.

Went to visit my mother’s husband today, doing the due diligence.

Tried to swim but the pool was yucky

Yoga and meditation felt amazing today

Lego Batman is hilarious

My children are all so awesome, I love our family so very much.

I want popcorn but it’s midnight and toby is asleep so I kinda feel bad if I bring popcorn to bed but I also kinda think he won’t even notice. Hmmmmmm….. what to do what to do

Here is a guide master list of youtube videos that will help on flexibility.  As a yogi, I notice that I struggle more on poses that require lots of flexibility because I get stiff a lot.  So here is a master list that will help improve your bendiness :) Enjoy and have fun bending! 

Full Body Flexibility 

Morning Yoga for Flexibility 

Yoga for Back Flexibility

Yoga for Hip Openers 

Yoga for Shoulders

Yoga for Splits 

Remember not to push yourself :) If you do these videos and you find you cannot do a pose, do a variation and keep on practicing!! Namaste.

Workout 4 - July 8, 2017

Today, I did yoga in the shade outside! I did Day 2 of Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 Day yoga challenge!

I’m always amazed at how much I sweat during yoga, cause my mind doesn’t consider it as hard as like cardio, but it is! But that’s why I love yoga; it’s a workout that’s even more relaxing than a normal one.

My workout schedule is to do a workout every other day, and then to alternate gym/yoga. So today, Saturday, I did yoga. So tomorrow’s a rest day, and Monday’s a gym workout!

I’m also starting a new job as a preschool teacher after this week! Currently I’m a daycare teacher, but now I’m moving to a lead position and a teaching position! It’s at Kindercare. I also decided to drop out of college. I already have my AA and none of the things I’m wanting to accomplish require a BA. My parents are super supportive, but my friends and family are being a little rude.

Sorry for the long post! I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend :-)

#yogapartypeople day 2: My #favorite pose is definitely handstands! 

This pose is my favorite because it helps me find balance and it also reminds me of how proud I should be in my yoga progress.  Handstands used to scare me… I was terrified of falling, and when I started practicing handstands I would always make sure I was close to a wall. It then hit me that if I really wanted to progress in my yoga practice I should learn how to take risks.  So, I started practicing with no wall.  I fell more than a couple times, but as I kept on practicing I realized that I was no longer afraid of handstands.  

I have learned through my yoga practice that whether dealing with things on or off of the mat, I shouldn’t be afraid of hard things.  Hard things just become easier over time :) 

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Shit Abled People Say #300

“Have you tried yoga??? My aunt did it when she had back pain and it cured her it’ll cure you too!!!”
My pre-calculus teacher when I told her that I have scoliosis and that makes it hard to sit in one position for very long.