yoga every damn day

Summer is here and so is the muggy heat. But with that humid warmth comes extra flexibility and openness in the body. I love being able to teach poses that some may not be able to access in colder months like the splits and binds, etc. Join me this weekend at any or all of the classes listed below to see where this summer warmth can take you in your practice. ✨
Sat 4:30pm - @lucentyoga
Sun 8am - @tangerinehotpoweryoga
Sun 5pm - @sanghayogashala

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✨ Be careful what you think and believe.

Why? Because the universe is a spectrum of possibilities. Heaven and hell are not places. They are both here and now. We can experience either according to our perspective.

Does that mean every single thought becomes real? Of course not. But the belief systems we hold consistently over time will eventually become the world we occupy.

Thoughts are like rent money. Wherever we put them becomes our home. And to quote the poet Hafiz, “Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living In better conditions.”

King Pigeon is a very beautiful but intense pose. It opens the hips, both front and back, as well as the chest and shoulders, and last but certainly not least opens the spine with a lengthening backbend. Therefore, it can take a good deal of time of regular yoga practice before this pose is achievable because it requires so much flexibility. Join me Monday morning at 9:30am @lucentyoga where we will be moving and opening towards that gorgeous goal.

Pleasant little things

• the weathers warming up but a few days ago the wind kept knocking out the power and yesterday morning there were big fluffy snowflakes
• I refashioned some old clothes into a cropped tank and two strapless tops and reweaved leggings I made almost four years ago
• I did a salt sweep, cleaned and cleansed my bedroom and made a new essential oil combination for my diffuser
• I brought a table out from storage to use as a desk / working altar
• I’ve sorted more things to donate
• I sat for a super lovely meditation and doubled my usual time
• I practiced yoga while the sun was setting and watched the colours change through my window

Matter without spirit is a corpse. Spirit without matter is a ghost.“ - Marion Woodman

Yoga joins the body and mind, spirit and matter, so that they can function at their highest levels in harmony. By doing yoga you learn to tune into the small nuances of your body, and thus become more mindful of yourself, your actions and everything around you. Hence why so many gain so much personal growth through their practice. Join me on Wednesday and Thursday to explore this gorgeous practice and create a better affinity between your physical and spiritual selves.
Wed 7:30am - @sanghayogashala
Thurs 6:30am - @sanghayogashala
Thurs 8pm - @tangerinehotpoweryoga