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Time To Fess Up

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Request: for the anon who asked for a “Reid x reader where they are both in the BAU and are in love with each other but haven’t confessed. Reader thinks Reid is in love with Maeve (or someone else, totally up to you) so starts to distance herself and then Spencer confronts her and they both give this romantic, fluffy confession.”

A/N: Ok wow. This one has been sitting in the inbox for quite awhile and I feel bad about that. Finals really burnt me out and then I feel into the worse writing slump that I’ve ever had, but I’m happy to have finished this one and hopefully the slump might be ending! Anyways, this one is probably a smidgen more angsty than I intended for it to be, but it’s cute and fluffy at the end I promise! I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: honestly other than some angst and maybe one curse word, there’s nothing to warn you about

Word Count: 2.5k

Rating: PG

“No! It has nothing to do with that,” Spencer laughed, resting the phone between his shoulder and head, trying to do his paperwork while continuing his conversation. You sighed in frustration and stirred more coffee into your coffee.  You’d joined the BAU team almost two years ago and had immediately clicked with all of the team members, particularly Spencer. Friendship had led to inevitable feelings for you, but there was one problem. You’d fallen into the friend-zone. This was breaking your heart. (Not Spencer being happy of course, that was the only good thing that had come out of all of this situation.) It was the cause of that happiness that was the source of your loathing. Maeve. Spencer had confided in you about her months ago, when you’d noticed him disappearing four hours a few times a week. You know what, it was fine when she was some disembodied voice on a telephone, but when she became a real person who the team had worked their asses off to bring back from an abduction alive it was your worst nightmare. That was when you’d realized he was in love with her. 

“(Y/N)!”, JJ said waving a hand in front of your face. You snapped out of the trance you hadn’t realized you’d fallen into and shook your head. 

“What’s up, Jayje?” you asked plastering a fake smile on your face. 

“Just bringing you more of those transfer forms that you were asking for,” she replied placing the stack of paperwork on your desk. “So, you’re really doing this huh?” she commented, leaning against her chair. 

“I’ll call you back,” Spencer said quickly hanging up the phone. 

“What’s going?” he asked leaning forward to gain you and JJ’s attention. 


“Late for meeting Morgan at the gym, so you’ll have to excuse me,” you said cutting her off as you stood up. “Not a word,” you muttered in her ear. “Have a nice day, JJ. Reid,” you replied curtly before making a b-line for the elevator. Spencer flinched at the short tone you had used with him and glanced at the stack of papers on your desk. 

“JJ, what was that about?” 

“(Y/N) asked me not to say,” she mumbled, smoothing out her skirt and collected the finished report from the last case that was sitting on your desk. 

“I’m not talking about this transfer or whatever it is you two are doing,” he said, crossing over to her, “I’m talking about why she has been giving me the cold shoulder.”

“Spence she’s not-”

“Please don’t lie to me,” he pleaded, “I just want to know what awful thing I did to make my best friend hate me.”

“Best friend or girl you are secretly in love with?” JJ asked before she could stop herself. “That’s not fair,” Spencer snapped, looking down. 

“Well, my question is still valid although you seem to have found someone who sparks your interest more these days”

“Maeve is just a friend. How many times do I have to say that?”

“A friend who you can’t go one day without talking to for at least an hour?”  

“I value her opinion.”

“There used to be someone else’s opinion you valued above everyone’s and she’s not going to be around much longer,” JJ hinted, subtly trying to clue him in without explicitly telling him. 

“JJ, what are you talking about?”

“Spence, I love you. You know I do, but this is something that you are going to have figure out for yourself or you are going to lose one of the best things that ever happened to you,” she replied, before walking back to her office leaving Spencer standing in the middle of the bullpen more confused than when the conversation started.

“Hey there Pretty Girl,” Morgan called as you strolled into the gym.

“Hey hot stuff, sorry I’m late. I had to discuss something with JJ and then change,” you explained, dropping your gym bag by the door. You’d swapped your usual work attire for a loose tank top, cropped yoga pants, and your Nikes. 

“Not a problem, I’ve got the whole afternoon open,” he replied, leaning against the wall. You laughed and stretched your arms over your head. Other than Spencer, you considered Morgan to be your best friend. “So you gonna tell me what this is really about?”

“Time for a little brush up on hand to hand. The last case was a little too close for comfort,” you lied. In reality, you were looking for an outlet to take out some aggression. 

“Uh huh,” Morgan muttered, clearly unconvinced. 

“Ready? Go,” you said lunging for him in an attempt to derail his train of thought. Derek knew you too well and simply side stepped. You turned on a dime and swung your leg toward his knees. He caught your foot in his hand and shoved you backward. You and Derek had been sparring together since you joined the team, and in that time you’d only beaten him once. In your current distracted state, you had no chance of winning. You steadied yourself and kicked again, this time swinging your leg up to strike his face. 

“So you asking for a transfer has nothing to do with Reid hanging around Maeve?” His question made you freeze up, foot stopping right next to his face, instead of following through. 

“What?” you demanded, still frozen. 

“Your ‘oh so secret transfer’, does it or does it not have something to do with Reid,” he asked, pushing your foot down to the ground. 

“How do you know about that?”

“Did you really think Penelope wouldn’t tell me?”

“I didn’t think she would see it until it was too late,” you grumbled, crossing your arms.

“How long has Hotch been sitting on that paperwork?”

“The first part, a week. I just turned in the rest of it earlier and I guarantee he’s going to hold it as long as he can or until I force him to file it. He’s not happy about this.”

“I don’t blame him. The team is losing a damn good agent and profiler,” Derek replied. 

“The team will be fine,” you insisted, grabbing your bag from where you’d dropped it, “Don’t try to talk me out of this, I’ve already made up my mind.”

“(Y/N), no one wants you to go but we want you to be happy,” he said walking over to you. “I’m just questioning whether or not this will make you happy.”

“I’m happy. It’s just time for a change,” you said slinging your bag over your shoulder. “I have to go.”

“In more ways than one it would seem,” Derek replied, tugging you into his arms, “if you do this, I’m gonna miss you, Pretty girl.”

“I’ll miss you too,” you told him sincerely squeezing his muscular form, “but there is no if. I’m doing this.” You strode out of the gym, shoulders only slumping slightly as you questioned your decision. You sprinted to your car and drove like mad to get home. You were desperate to shake that little seed of doubt that Derek had planted in your mind about your decision before it had time to take root. “Oreo,” you called to your kitty as you opened your apartment door, “I’m sorry I’m late. Are you hungry?” you spoke as you passed through the entry but froze. Spencer was sitting on your couch with your cat curled up in his lap, just purring away. A bowl of popcorn and two beers had been casually placed on your coffee table, while Doctor Who played in the background. “Um, Spence?” you muttered, mentally kicking yourself for giving him the spare key to your apartment. The sound of your voice finally caused him to look up from the book. 

“Oh (Y/N), hi,” he said closing the book and setting it on the back of the couch. 

“What are you doing?” you asked, dropping your gym bag and purse on the ground before heading to the kitchen to start dinner for yourself. 

“Well, I thought since we have the day off tomorrow, maybe we could do movie night?” he asked glancing over at you.

“Movie night?” you snorted, “We only do that when one of us is upset.” You shifted your weight from foot to foot as you filled a pan with water, and you could feel him staring at you. “I’m fine.”

“Clearly you’re not,” he insisted, getting up and walking to the kitchen much to Oreo’s chagrin. She pouted as she hopped up on the counter and sat by her food bowl. You shook your head at her before filling the bowl. “You’re upset about something, there’s talk of some kind of transfer, and on top of all that you’re avoiding me.”

“I am not,” you mumbled, setting the pot down on the cooktop, “I’m just working some stuff out.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s what?”

“C’mon (Y/N), I know you. You don’t do anything without getting other people’s opinions.”

“Spencer, you are the smartest person I know. So why don’t you use that big genius brain of yours, to put all that information together and figure out why I wouldn’t tell anyone,” you said turning to face him. He scrunched his eyebrows up together and you watched as the realization washed over his face.

“You’re leaving?”

“Probably,” you muttered, grabbing a box of spaghetti out of the pantry.

“Why? When? Where?” he asked, trying to deal with the new information. 

“Sex crimes,” you replied, breaking the spaghetti over the pot, “Remember Hotch leant me to them a month ago. Before I left, Agent Tyler told me if I ever was done with BAU there’d be a job open for me in his department and I’ve decided it’s time to move on.”

“But why? I don’t understand. You were happy until like a month ago,” he said, running a hand through his hair. 

“A lot can change in a month,” you mumbled, reaching over and smoothing a hand over Oreo’s fur.



“Don’t do that,” Spencer groaned, snatching your hand, “Don’t shut me out when I’m just trying to understand-”

“Well, this is one thing you can understand,” you insisted. 

“Then explain it to me.”

“Not possible.”

“Why? You just said that I’m the smartest person you know.”

“Spencer, please. I am trying not to hurt you.”

“You’re already hurting me by shutting me out, so just say it!”

“I’m in love with you, damn it,” you shouted, tearing your hand away from him and wrapping both arms around yourself. Spencer froze and just stared at you. There was no way that those words had come out of your mouth, no way. Right?

“What did you say?” he asked hesitantly. 

“I’m in love with you,” you repeated still hugging yourself, “and watching you fall in love with someone else is slowly killing me. I can’t do it anymore. You wanted to know, so there it is laid out plain as day. I know it’s my own fault for falling in love with my best friend who could never possibly into me that way, but I did and now that’s something that I’m going to have to deal with. I’m-” you were trying to explain but were abruptly cut off when Spencer took your face in his hands and pressed your lips together. It was your turn to freeze be confused. You settled into the kiss after a few seconds and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I don’t understand,” you muttered as you both pulled away to get some air. 

“Well, I thought that would have cleared some things up,”  Spencer chuckled, pressing his lips against your forehead, “but I didn’t just come here to have movie night. I came here to tell you something that I should’ve told you a long time ago, and now that you’ve expressed a positive sentiment about me this will go much more smoothly for me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, to put it plainly, a few of our coworkers knocked some sense into me in regards to feeling but JJ really hit the nail on the head. She made it obvious that I was being a coward. I was content to watch the girl that had dazzled me and ensnared my heart from the moment I met her go about her life and make connections with other people without ever stepping up and going after what I wanted. Her. I did a lot of thinking this afternoon, and I realized that she was right. I had sat by and watched you live life, date other people, have fun, while I sat on the sidelines content that if I couldn’t be with you the way I wanted to be that I could still be in your life. I could live with that, but what I can’t do is be without you in my life. You make me a better person, inspire me to do things I never would’ve dreamed of doing, listen to me when I ramble or blurt out facts, and so many other wonderful things. I’m in love with you (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I am whole heartedly and undeniably in love with you. So, here I am laying my heart out for you and hoping that, if you’ll have me, you’d be willing to hold onto that heart even though you’ve already had it for quite some time,” he replied, holding you close, smoothing a hand over your cheek and wiping away a tear that had fallen from you eye. You were speechless the confession was so beautiful. Without a second thought, you crashed your lips into his and tangled a hand in his hair. He responded immediately, arms tightening around your waist. “I’m hoping that’s a yes,” he chuckled as you parted again. 

“Well duh,” you giggled and tried to stop the happy tears from running down your face as you brushed the hair away from his face. “I’m sorry I’m crying, I’m just really happy.”

“Happy tears are good.”

“I thought you and Maeve were-”

“Ah yes, that. When it first started, I think she and I were both actually considering a relationship of the romantic variety but we both realized that we were trying to replace other people who we were actually in love with,” he explained. 

“Well, I- oh crap.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I guess I should call Hotch to see if I can cancel that transfer.”

“I think you’re safe.”

“Why’s that?”

“I think Hotch hasn’t actually filed the forms yet. Penelope was snooping through the files on his computer when she found the email.”

“Well, everythign seems to have worked itself out,” you chirped happily, “and seeing as you’re here, still want to do movie night?”

“Absolutely, but first. These are for you,” Spencer said producing a bouquet of flowers from the sleeve of his cardigan. 

“How did you do that?” you laughed, taking the flowers and setting them in the vase on the counter. 

“A magician never reveals his secrets.”

“How on earth did I get so lucky to have you in my life?”

“I ask myself that question every single day,” Spencer admitted and kissed you again. 

Lucassims’ cc links to my reblogs

Since he left tumblr, & links to recolors of his items are broken, I thought this may help people to track down his cc posts


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I’ve been feeling a little down lately about my body but I just started going back to the gym and taking care of myself and doing yoga and I’m feeling a little better. I was super productive today too!
Mini photo shoot session to try and pump up my esteem. Still have a long way to go.
Relaxed today with some yoga and now a glass of Merlot before reading in bed. Ready to go tomorrow!

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Relax - Ch. 1

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Yoongi x Yoga Instructor!reader

Chapter I

Warnings: none yet

Word Count: 2,297

Summary: Teaching yoga was something you enjoyed, it made you relaxed and feel in control of yourself and your life. In comes Yoongi, the one that turned it all upside down.

A/N: this is going to be a chaptered fic! please leave me your thoughts, and as always, my ask box is open! ♥

This was the last thing you expected when walking into work today.

“You have private lessons. Sorry, but no one else would take it.” your boss and the owner of the yoga studio you worked at told you with an apologetic smile. No one liked private lessons, yea they may be quieter and simpler, but the people usually getting them are more often than not spoiled, conceited, or both. You sighed and tied up your hair as you headed to the staff change rooms to get ready for what would surely be a draining day.

Pulling your outfit from your locker, you quickly got out of your streetwear and into the black yoga pants and cropped tank top that read ‘STAFF’ on the back. You checked your watch and realized class starts in less that five minutes, giving you barely any time to grab equipment, water, and stretch. Normally you would come up with a lesson plan before class started, but since you were low on time you decided to see what your pupil’s fitness and skill levels were first.

After you shuffled through your work playlist for a song, you dimmed the lights and started stretching. Getting into a couple simple yet relaxing positions to ease your stress. As you were in the Downward Dog, eyes closed and deep breaths entering your lungs, you heard the door slowly creak open. You slowly opened your eyes, and turned your head towards the entrance of the darkened room.

“Hi, come take a seat, I’m your instructor y/n.” You smiled up at the man who walked in, noting the nervous air about him as he sat on the mat in front of you, moving to sit cross-legged. As he sat down, you noticed his sharp features and pouty lips. The stranger’s midnight black hair was messy and you had the sudden urge to run your fingers through it. The sound of a cough brought you out of your thoughts, and you promptly went back into your teaching mode.

“What’s your name, and what made you take these lessons?” you asked the man in front of you softly, meeting his piercing gaze. 

Keep reading

Okay, so I wrote another thing (I’ve been writing things, guys) and I’m happy with how it came out. Granted, there are going to be mistakes but this is just something that I thought would help exit me from my bad mood. And it did!

We’ve been talking about Tony in yoga pants and crop tops because how can we not? And @thegoldenavenger drew this incredibly piece  and I’ve been screaming ever since. So please enjoy pining!Steve and him not handling how wonderful Tony looks in crop tops and yoga pants. 

If there could only be one thing said about Tony Stark, it would be that he was spontaneous. No one knew what was running through that mind of his and it was difficult to predict what he would do next.

Most people liked to think to Tony only enjoyed one thing and that was invent. It was easy to see why as he spent most of his time holed up in his workshop. It was easy to think that Tony was a person who only enjoyed inventing and creating, sketching out new ideas and bringing them to life.

But that wasn’t the case, it wasn’t the case at all.

Tony did enjoy more than one thing and the team knew most of them.

He was a fan of going paintballing, he loved playing the piano because it reminded him of wonderful times with his mother, and he enjoyed cooking and was really good at it. These were just to name a few but another one of Tony’s favourite past-times were revealed one early Thursday.

Steve had just came back from his usual early morning jog and he was busy guzzling down a big bottle of water. The sun had been ruthless today, its heat making him sweat more than he did and the inside of his mouth dry. He could hear Sam’s annoying voice telling him, “It’s important to bring a bottle of water with you at all times, man,” and there was the unmistakable urge to punch something followed by a gentle, “Don’t worry, he’s never going to find out,” and Steve didn’t know if he was going a little crazy or not.

No one else was awake as yesterday had been rather eventful due to a random villain that decided attacking New York would be great. The guy wasn’t all that experienced, called himself ‘The Maniac’ and had a laugh so high pitched that it could have rivalled an excited toddler’s. His plan for evil was to simply unleash a gas that would trigger a chemical imbalance within the brain. The explanation got a little more complicated for there and the weather was hot, the team was pissed and all they wanted to do was defeat this guy and go home.

Luckily enough, it was surprisingly quick but stressful and the guy was now locked up, leaving all the citizens to go about their daily lives.

So it had been a tiring day and once debriefing was over, dinner was eaten and goodnights were said before everyone headed off to bed.

Steve had almost finished his water when he heard the sounds of footsteps walking towards the kitchen. He turned to see who was entering the kitchen, lowering the bottle from his mouth to bid them a good morning, when his mouth suddenly went dry…again.

Tony waltzed into the kitchen, a towel wrapped around his neck, and headed towards the coffee machine. He was definitely awake which was a rare enough sight because Tony wasn’t usually up this early or he was but in the depths of his workshop. But that wasn’t what surprised Steve, seeing Tony in the morning was always a pleasant sight. It was how Tony was dressed that made words fail to come out from his mouth.

Tony was dressed in some of the tightest pair of pants that Steve had ever seen, the material hugging to every curve that it was torture. It also brought more emphasis to the already famous bubble butt and Steve found himself staring at it in all its round and plush glory. He had had thoughts about that butt before and what he would do to it if he ever got his hands on it.

But that wasn’t where it ended and Steve didn’t know who decided that today would be a good day to test Steve’s restraint.

Not only was Tony wearing the tightest pants that Steve had never seen but he was also wearing a crop top. A crop top that showed off a muscled stomach and strong arms that could surely hold their own in a fight. The crop top was the colour red with hints of gold and Steve’s lips quirked upwards at the sight of the familiar colour and the pants were black with the Stark Industries lettering on them. The arc reactor shone bright and blue from the middle of Tony’s chest and looking that somehow always made Steve feel like home.

He realized that he had been staring for too long and his gaze had come to land on Tony’s slightly worried face, Tony standing right in front of him. The two of them looked at each other for a moment, standing so close that Steve only had to reach out and his hands would meet warm and bare skin. It was tempting, especially with how Tony looked at him with those brown eyes, eyebrows furrowed as if he was trying to see what Steve was thinking.

“Are you okay there, Cap?” Tony asked, and Steve was quick to nod. “You sure?” he asked again before pointing to the bottle in Steve’s hand.

Steve glanced down and his cheeks heated up so fast at the sight of the bottle crushed in his hand. Tony seemed quite amused, lips pursed as if he was trying to contain his laughter, in a way of allowing Steve to keep some of his dignity.

“I’m fine,” he replied, his voice sounding rough and dry to his ears, and he mentally face-palmed. “I guess I’m just tired for the morning run.”

“You, tired from running?” Tony questioned, an eyebrow raised in disbelief as he leaned against the counter with his coffee in hand. Steve took a deep breath as he nodded, trying to his eyes ahead of him instead of the sight that Tony made.

“Yeah, it was hot outside today and I forget my water so,” Steve trailed off, now trying to figure out an escape route of some sort.

Tony eyed him for a second before softly going, “Uh huh,”, and took a sip from his mug before his lips curved into a smile. “You know, you can join me for yoga if you want.” He offered and Steve’s brain almost short circuited.

“Yo-yoga?” He stuttered, thanking Thor that Tony didn’t notice as he nodded enthusiastically.

“Yeah, Nat introduced it to me and it’s so relaxing,” Tony said, placing the mug in the sink next to him. “It just makes you feel so loose and pliant, just so releases all tension from your muscles.” He made a show to roll his shoulders back, expression going blissful at the thought. “Yeah, you should try it with us sometime.”

Steve only caught about half of what Tony told him because his imagination was already running wild. Tony doing yoga meant that Tony was relatively flexible, bending over with that ass in the air, lifting his legs over shoulders and all that muscle straining-

Coolly, he shifted until the bulge in his pants wasn’t as noticeable.

“Yeah, I’ll join you guys sometime.” Steve said, his smile slightly strained and Tony was pleased with his answer, sporting a huge grin which was always a beautiful sight to behold.

“Awesome,” he replied happily before looking down at his clock and giving a slight grimace. “It’s almost time for today’s session but I’ll talk to you later,” Tony said, still grinning as he ran a hand down Steve’s arm before making his way towards the door.

Steve didn’t know why but he had to look and when he did, he was greeted by the sight of Tony’s gently swaying hips and once again, that ass in those pants.

It was then that Tony turned back to look at him, his lips curved into a sly smile before he gave a knowing wink.

Steve’s brain blue screened and he finally crashed.

‘lead the way, captain’ (cheryl blossom au)

y’all I couldn’t help it! enjoy this college!au <333 (w: language and flirting)

(no gifs are mine!!!!!!)

“My org requires community service hours, and your program is the only one that sounded semi-decent.” ft Cheryl Blossom (@plinys)

“Veronica are you fucking serious?” You pull your friend (and president of the Thetas) aside as you wave the stupid flier in her face.

“Watch your tone, young lady,” she waves her finger playfully and you glare at her. “What? What is it?”

“Community service? I’m ordered to do community service? I was watching porn for fuck’s sake, not doing coke!” You yell and she immediately puts a hand over your mouth as some teachers pass by.

“Why are you screaming about it?” She pulls you two into an empty classroom and shuts the door.

“It’s because I have no shame,” you roll your eyes and smirk as Veronica walks over to you. “If you want to recreate a sexy teacher/student porn scene in here, I am sooooooo down.”

Veronica rolls her eyes as you wiggle your eyebrows at her.

“Please, stop that. You know damn well you and Betty re-enact some sexy scenes at home,” you laugh and she smacks your arm. “Fine, I surrender!”

“Good, leave Betty out of this,” she narrows her eyes at you and you shrug, holding your hands up in defeat. “And you’re doing community service hours because you were watching porn out in the open. You weren’t in your room, you were at the student lounge.”

“So? I was only in the student lounge because our wifi was being stupid,” you grumbled and crossed your arms over your chest as Veronica raised a brow at you. “Ugh fine! I’ll do the stupid community service hours. Can they be done at any organization?”

“Yeah, at any organization that offers them! I’ll email you a list, pick one and then go there tomorrow, okay?” Veronica walks over and kisses your forehead before heading out the door.

“Ughhhhhhhhh,” you groan and head to your room, dreading this community service shit that you had to do.

You avoided any social event that you could, only going to ones that your sorority or Veronica (or both) forced you to. You hated interacting with people, you hated having to smile and pretend to get along with otherwise dumb morons. You were happy in your bubble. Well, you weren’t gonna get out of this. So you sigh, you moan and groan (not in the happy way) on your bed, and then you sit up and check your email to see what Veronica had sent you.

The list included a bunch of other sororities and fraternities on campus along with some other boring organizations. The only one that caught your eye was cheerleading, and that was only because you thought Cheryl Bombshell was one of the iciest and sexiest people you’d ever met. Cheerleading, it is.

And of course you’re running late. You groan and put on some yoga pants and a crop top, hoping that it was the proper attire to help Cheryl in. You quickly brush your teeth and fix your hair before running out, backpack and phone in hand.

You make it to the gym, ponytail high and pride even higher. Your eyes land on Cheryl who raises a brow at you, never expecting you to come to a Vixens try-out.

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“Future Vixens and lame excuses, keep practicing! Tryouts will start in 10 minutes,” Cheryl made her announcement before walking over to you. “Well well well, what do we have here?”

“Your lesbian dream come true,” you smirk and take a step closer to Cheryl, causing her to move a step back. “What? Don’t like me much?”

“Don’t think so highly of yourself,” she sneers, rolling her eyes. “Why are you here?”

“I need to get some community service hours,” you sigh and hand her your sheet, forgetting the reason you’ve got it was written there too.

“Public indecency in the student lounge? You live up to your lesbian dream promise,” she smirks and crosses her arms over her chest.

“What? Are you interested, Ice Bitch?”

“Keep calling me names like that and I won’t say no,” she leans in and whispers, her lips brushing against your earlobe.

“Don’t mind if I do,” you whisper back, brushing your chest against hers before pulling away with a smirk on your face. “Lead the way, Captain.”

family - jack avery

warning: none

a/n: i’m writing imagines like no tomorrow


you and jack have been dating for awhile and your grandparents were in town with your 16 year old brother. you thought it would be a good idea for them to meet your wonderful boyfriend although he has met your mom multiple times.

your little brother, colby, was dying to meet the man that stole your heart and give him the “brother test” which you weren’t excited for. your brother had scared of many of your boyfriends before jack.

“jack, please don’t be scared of my brother. he’s 16. he can’t do you any harm,” you told jack as you walked into the elevator that would take you to the condo they were staying at.

“i promise, baby,” he kissed your forehead.

you were wearing comfortable clothing because your were completely normal around your grandparents. your outfit consisted of yoga pants, a white crop top, and some nike tennis shoes. your hair was in a ponytail covered with a hat.

you knocked twice on the door once you got there. the door was soon opened by your brother.

“y/n!” he exclaimed and wrapped his arms around you, making you let go of jack’s hand.

“hey, colby!” you smiled. you hadn’t seen your brother since christmas and it was nice to see him again.

“how are you?” he said, breaking the hug.

“good, good. you? you look like you’ve grown a foot,” you laughed.

“i’m good. now, i’m taller and more muscular than most guys on the basketball team,” he flex his arm to show his muscles. out of the corner of your eye, you saw jack take a big gulp.

“oh, colby! this is my boyfriend, jack,” you gestured to a semi-frightened jack who stuck out his hand for him to shake.

“nice to meet you,” colby said with a no expression on his face.

once they ended the handshake, you grabbed jack’s hand and walked inside to see your grandparents looking at the newspaper.

“grandma! grandpa! it’s been awhile,” you told them and hugged them while they sat on the couch.

“my, my! look at you! you are gorgeous!” your grandma told you and smiled at you.

“this is my boyfriend, jack,” you smiled at jack.

“george, do you see what i see? this man is so handsome!” your grandma explained to him.

“he’s a looker,” grandpa said and got of the couch to shake his hand.

“nice to meet you, sir,” jack said.

“oh quit being formal! it’s just me!” grandpa laughed.

“take a seat! colby can you grab the snacks?” your grandma asked your brother.

you and jack sat in the couch across the small room with your fingers still intertwined. you kissed his cheek for reassurance and he squeezed your hand.

“so i hear your in a band?” grandma asked.

“i am. we just finished tour,” he said, proudly.

“wait, you’re in a band?” your brother asked as he set the chips and salsa on the coffee table.

“yep,” jack said, popping the p.

“man, i’d never think that y/n would fall for the band geek type. i mean i saw her boyfriends in high school.”

“colby! stop it!” you scolded him.

“just saying,” he shrugged.

“anyways, jack is an amazing singer and sold out his tour,” you boasted.

“is that so? that’s wonderful!” your grandma had a wide smile.

“so there’s millions of girls that want you to date them?” colby questioned.

“yes but y/n is the only one that caught my eye,” jack made eye contact with you, sending shivers down your spine.

“but you could leave her for anyone?”

“colby, i swear to god if you ruin another one of my relationships-”

“i’m just looking out for you,” he told you.

“i’m 18! i don’t need you to look out for me!” you stood up causing him to reciprocate the action.

“i don’t want your boyfriends to be like dad!” he yelled.

“guys, sit down now!” your grandpa shouted over your bickering. you both obeyed and sat down. your grandparents got up and went to the other room so you could figure things out.

growing up, you and brother were pretty much raised by your mom. your dad had left when you were 7 and colby was 5. you don’t really know why but your mom stepped in and became both roles. you never really told jack the whole situation because your mom was in the hospital and a lot was on your plate right now.

“jack will never be dad,” you told colby.

“how am i supposed to know? i lost dad and i’m losing mom. what if he breaks your heart and i lose you too? what do i do then?” he told you, voice cracking. you never knew that was how he felt.

you walked over to him and rubbed his back. jack must have felt awkward being in this situation.

“i’m sorry, dude,” colby said and stood up to bro hug him.

“it’s fine,” jack said and returned the hug.


one hour later

“we should go,” you said, laughing at a joke jack told.

“so soon?” your grandma asked.

“yeah, jack has to record tomorrow and i have an essay coming up,” you told them.

you all said your goodbyes and walked to your car after a silent elevator ride. you got in the passenger side and jack started up the car.

“sorry you had to witness my brother and i fight,” you told him, feeling bad for him.

“baby, it’s okay. no family is perfect,” he said to you and grabbed your hand and kissed it.

“i’m also sorry for not telling you about my dad. there was just a lot on-”

“y/n, it’s fine. i know a lot is going on right now,” he rubbed the back of your hand with your thumb.

“how was it?” you asked him.

“your family is amazing,” he smiled at you. “i know where you get that trait from.”

“you’re cheesy, noodles,” you giggled. “wait, where are you going?”

“to in and out, my love,” he turned the corner where an in and out was.

“i love you so much.”

“i know, i know. now, what do you want?”