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Half Bound Triangle is a major favorite of mine and almost always included in my classes. A deep chest, hamstring and hip opener but also a leg and core strengthener, this pose has got it all. Expect to explore this pose in both my Thursday classes listed below.
6:30am - @sanghayogashala
7pm - @lucentyoga

The moment before diving down into a devotional warrior is full of energy as you pull your chest open and lengthen as long as possible through the spine. Your focus is on the upper body as once you fold forward the energy must go to the legs, to stay square through the hips, as well as not fall over. The transition through these two movements are powerful and strengthening yet also major stretches, hence why I love to practice it within my sequences. Join me tomorrow morning at 6:30am @sanghayogashala where we will explore this pose and see what it can do for you.

Are these students bowing down to me as their yoga queen, or taking a breath in their child’s pose? Or maybe both? Gotta come to one of my classes to find out exactly what sort of sorcery I’m weaving…✨

Crescent Lunge, aka Anjaneyasana, is a dynamic opening and lengthening yoga pose. This asana opens the front of the hips, the groin, quads and chest while lengthening the spine. Bending the back knee gets even deeper into the psoas and quads. Expect to explore this pose and many more in both of my Tuesday classes. Times and studios listed below.
6:30am - @sanghayogashala
6:45pm - @tangerinehotpoweryoga

Happy Baby, aka Ananda Balasana, is a profoundly relaxing pose. It opens the inner groin and lower spine while calming the mind. Ending your week (or maybe just your weekend yoga class) with this pose always feels amazing. Come give it a try today or this weekend at any of the studios or times listed below.
Fri 7pm - @lucentyoga
Sat 11am - @sanghayogashala
Sat 4:30pm - @lucentyoga
Sun 5pm - @sanghayogashala

Start your Thursday feeling energized. Join me in either BK or Manhattan for some invigorating vinyasa flow to keep you feeling great from morning till night. Times and studios listed below.
6:30am - Sangha Yoga Shala
9am - Karen Lord Pilates Movement

So in love with my new yoga studio here in Brooklyn! As promised, some pictures to capture its beauty. Not to mention everyone in the yoga community here is so dedicated, supportive, and spiritual!

One of my favorite parts of the classes here is that we start and end each practice with a group Om chant.

Also pictured on the bottom is my own sweet little yoga space.

It has really renewed my love for yoga, and I’m happy to say I’ve been going every day. Tomorrow I’m trying Forrest yoga for the first time, anyone a fan?

Namaste and a steady tree pose,


Upward Facing Dog, aka Urdhva Mukha Svanasana, is an amazing chest and shoulder opening pose. It also strengthens the legs, arms and wrists, lengthens the spine and opens the fronts of the hips. It can be fun to play around in the pose with shoulder rolls or letting the hips sink lower to get a longer spinal stretch. See what new openings you can discover in your yoga tonight with me in 7:30pm Vinyasa at Sangha Yoga Shala. Expect lots of sweat and smiles.



Jidenna is a young rapper from Brooklyn, NY, who was taken under the wings by Janelle Monáe. Their first collaboration “Yoga” was released yesterday and is danceable as fck! But also without Monáe’s help he knows how to make a song that guides your feet to the dance floor, which he proves in his 1st single “Classic Man”. So go ahead and go wild. 

For those who want to hear “Yoga”:


Dear Yogi Neighbors,

Have you tried Abhyasa Yoga in Williamsburg? I love it. If you live in the area and are looking for a place to go, try it out. Take a class with J. Brown, he’s amazing.


It’s a new moon tonight, so it’s time to let go of old baggage and set new intentions for the month ahead. Join me tonight for 7:30pm Vinyasa at Sangha Yoga Shala to open your body and mind to new, positive goals and then stay afterwards for @_benshen_’s New Moon Ceremony to set them in motion with the universe. See you there!

Black Woman Owned Grooming places in NY

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Bed of Nails

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Nail Bed ( Black nail technicians/ Eco Friendly) 

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