yoga boot

We let the story begin with money
Watch her clink clink clink
Ooh, look at her pretty tan skin
Like a curved ocean wave of lotion leg

But she rattles, too, a broken down shell
Watch her fall fall fall
Ooh so sexy no shelter tanned body

We let money decide our worth
This lady walks very suburban streets
Wonky hat straight from Raiders of the Ark
Black T-shirt exposing décolletage
Carefree days, beach fun, tumbled rock brown skin
Breasts plopped raindrops, dripping down chest
Black yoga shorts and cowboy boots
Talking nonsense to sweatered dog

If she was on skid row, what would they say?
Remember child, you can be anything
As long as it makes you loads of MON-EY


*because apparently Valentine’s Day mildly makes me want to riot :/


When you get stuck in a funk and everything seems to be no-good-very-bad what do you do? Me? I force myself out of my head into my body. And by force, I mean MAKE myself go to: the gym, pilates, yoga, boot camp; anything to get me moving through my edges where nothing else matters. This physical movement brings me back to the present, to my breath, and entirely shifts my perspective. My only mantra: inhale-be here, exhale-now. What helps you shake a bad mood? (at Equinox Berkeley)

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