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There is no journey to enlightenment.


In the YouTube video by J. Krishnamurti about Enlightenment, he explains that enlightement to wake up to something.”To wake up to what? To be enlightened about what?” He then explains how enlightement means to wake up to the truth about the psychological structure that has accepted time.

Eckhart Tolle, explains how Enlightenment is something we already are every present moment. It is not something you can add. It is the ego-less state. Which means to realize that there is no-self and to understand the nature of your present reality very very well. Studying reality will give you the direct experience of realizing that you are IT. Give up the search, he says, it is not something you can reach in the future.

The word Enlightenment has been used many times in both religion and spiritual cults. The new age movement loves to throw this word around in an attempt to compete. It has been explained as reaching a godlike and divine state, beyond our simple human understanding. Which is a very vague explanation that only creates illusion and expectations.

I used to be desperately seeking for “Enlightenment”, wanting to reach this superhuman state. My reasons where quite simple; 1. i disliked myself as i was , 2. i disliked the world. It was my way of feeling like i could escape it somehow.

After my LSD experience a whole new world opened up for me. And months after i still reap the benefits of it, having insights after insights. The most recent one is was about how we are never fully in touch with reality as it is. We dream our way through life thinking, fantasizing. We live on auto-pilot, totally unaware of the present moment.

I also started to have more and more moment where my focus went to the present moment for a short while. I found so much peace in these moments, that i decided to pick up meditation again and mindfulness practice.

Soon i discovered that it’s not so much about doing something. But more about learning how to just be. In this state of just being…i got a tiny glimpse of what it’s like to have no self without using any psychedelics. Who you truly are…is raw experience…and we are all that. Nothing is separate. Having experienced this first hand, changed my world upside down.

To be honest, after this it only feels like i just started on my journey. It feels very different this time. Like i am not chasing some fantasy. I am merely letting go. I used to think i was so close to the end of my journey, but now i realize how ignorant this was. I opened myself up to the fact that i know nothing, and i am gonna study the present moment as best as i can.

In the book “Mastering the core teachings of the buddha: An unusually hardcore dharma book” by Daniel Ingram. That the three most important things one can realize in studying the present moment are 1. no self , 2. impermanence, 3. unsatisfactory. other words, there is no search for Enlightenment. Nobody else can teach you to realize it. It is an insight you get by looking deeply into the present moment. Which is why is why a better word for it would be “woken up” to truth.

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yesterday, i was out at this waterfall with my best friend, Liz, and I was telling her about this book I’m reading because it’s been helping me apply my yoga practice off the mat and into daily situations through peaceful actions. (Of course, Im not a violent person, never have been.) And we also sat down and meditated right next to this waterfall, where the sound of the crashing water helped me lose my sense of “self” and connected me to just being in the Here and Now. I felt like my personal Light blended with the waterfall, and the ground I was sitting which brought me to a new level of connection with Nature. I felt at home just as I feel at home when Im in my lover’s arms. And I’m excited to get back on track with my spiritual practice and start to let loose again.



Sharing my productive morning routine for the new year & semester. 

From my favorite & easy vegan breakfast energy bites to the workout I’ve been doing at home! How I stay productive and study as a pre-med student + cleaning my apartment + showing y’all my favorite things to do in the morning xx


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Does anybody else wake up on Mondays feeling stressed and anxious? 😩

Today I needed to do some yoga for my morning workout, and as soon as I hit play, I could feel all of the stress and work-worry melt away. I think I’m going to make #yogamonday a thing - who’s with me? Plus I wore my mermaid leggings, so I was feeling like a total Mermaid/Siren/Sea Witch Goddess 👌🏻

I’m also working on some May goals for myself, which I will share later. Who’s making their monthly goals? I would love if you shared your monthly goals with me!

If you’re looking for a good guided yoga practice for beginners (or even those who have done yoga for awhile and feel they could use a back-to-basics reminder), send me a message and I will send you the link to what I use. It’s all housed in an easily-accessible online library, so I can do my workouts at home, at the beach, in a backyard (if I had one), or when I don’t know what to do at the gym. Convenience is key to making your workout program long-lasting!

I want to share this badass new app with you guys. It’s called Mush and it’s totally free for Android and iPhone. So, it’s basically like Tinder for moms who want to find other mom friends to hang out with. It’s got some really cool features and your information like your name, email address, and location are totally customizable if you want more privacy. You create your profile that tells people what kind of activities you and your kids like to do, a little about yourself, how old and how many kids you have, and your city and it lets you search for matches based on any of those criteria. My tags are lgbt mom, outdoors, gardening, arts and crafts, animal lover, yoga machine, blogger, and bookworm. They have tags for adoptive parents, special needs children, preemie parents, single parents, step parents, and multiples. It also has a setting that tells others whether you’re available to hang out or not. I think it’s a really neat app since I’m a young mom and most of my friends don’t have kids and I have no idea how else to meet new people. You can arrange meet ups or play dates for your kids based on your area and what kind for activity you want to do. The Mush “Hub” is like a giant message board where people make posts about basically anything and anyone on the app can read it and respond. There are three parts of it, All (includes updates from the app and posts from all over), Local Chat (which are local posts), and My Activity (which keeps track of all your posts and responses). It’s a pretty new app and from their app description it seems like it’s only gotten traffic in the UK so I, for example, am out here in Idaho and don’t have anyone near me for 200+ miles, but I figured with how many followers that I can share this with and how active the mumblr community is we could populate this app with a ton of awesome people from Tumblr. @momcode want to spread this to your followers and other mumblr blogs? Everyone please reblog and help me spread this!!

Day 34

Hey Tumblr, I haven’t made a personal blog post in awhile. Life at home has been kinda stressful and I’ve got unforeseen financial issues that I’m dealing with. Having a healthy and happy life doesn’t just include body fitness but fitness in all aspects of your life. I am very weak in my fiscal fitness area. I gotta do more to build myself a strong foundation and power through things I don’t want to do. Like exercises for my wallet.
Anywho, yoga is going well. Muscles are still sore from a strength sequence I did a few days ago. I’m also trying not to focus on the fact I pushed my cheat day forward by a few days. Trying to go longer without carb loading.

This yoga blogger just reminded us that having cellulite is totally normal and no amount of fitness will necessarily change that

She closed her post with a story about how her fiancé, whom she calls the Frenchman, was actually happy when he noticed he had a stretch mark on his bicep, calling it a “trophy” from all his visits to the gym. “I can get on board with that perspective. Your entire body is a trophy,” she wrote. “Be proud, always!”

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It’s happening again. Stopping the car on the highway even though the clock is ticking and I’m going to be late for work. Writing on napkins, receipts, the back of last month’s blood work results. Like suddenly I’m plugged back into the outlet and the light is so fucking bright it’s hurts to keep it inside.

Love is the source. It has no specific location but nearly everything we do is the result of it. The love of someone or something. Perhaps there is a massive love reservoir. Shared by all beings. Depositing and withdrawing as needed. Love is not human. It is not in the mind. Love is universal and then some. It is not magma at our core. It is love.

Love sprouts up from the core and into the earths beings. Like the trees and the hermit crabs and the blueberries. And ourselves. Love is wild. Not to be contained. For is it not the things that we love that are the most challenging? Love is not ours. It is shared. It is a universal spirit. One that we may experience but we must share to do so.

The most powerful things in life do not have a physical manifestation. The mind. The heart. The mind is not in the brain. The brain is mushy nervous tissue governing our physical body’s day to day behavior. The heart is not the muscle found in our chest, pumping feverishly. They are of the nonexistent. The spiritual. So is it not safe to say that we are expansively spiritual beings covered in bone snd muscle and skin? Are we human beings having a spiritual experience? Or are we spiritual beings having a human experience?

I know I have something real, something important to share. Exactly what is undetermined. But it’s there. Knocking daily. Begging me to keep opening doors until it’s standing in front of my face. Ready for the universal introduction. And I’ll spend the rest of my life doing just that.

Don’t ignore the persistent beating. Start answering. Your purpose is waiting.