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The earlier you get up, the more time you have in your day to get everything done, which, like yoga lessens stress levels. So, join me Thursday morning at 6:30am @sanghayogashala to watch the sunrise as you open your body and mind to the infinite possibilities of the day ahead. See you there!

When I practice yoga at home, I tend to do what my body wants, what my mind needs and what my heart and soul are calling out for.

This is great but I often find myself flowing into the same poses again and again and forgetting about some of the ones that I practiced in class—so I put together a couple sequences of poses that I want to practice more often! I did this mostly for myself but I wanted to share it with the beautiful yoga community that inspired me to do this in the first place!

Here is a simple one to start—something grounding and opening. I like to do a couple sun salutations before I begin and do a vinyasa or two after each pose. But do what makes sense for you! It’s your practice!


I know I’m post happy buutttt
✨L E V E L U P✨
Just got at least five of these puppies Ina row!!
Pinchas have been a huge part of what in practicing on for over 3 months! And now with this new control I’ve developed over time I finally have enough of everything that I can do a bind!!
I’m like bouncing with joy.. Not even kiddin.

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If your favorite way to get rid of a case of the Mondays is to sweat them away, then you’re in luck. Join me at 8:30am on Tuesday @tangerinehotpoweryoga for the next three weeks and I promise once we’re done there won’t be an remnant of bad Monday vibes left. See you there! 💦