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Want to go into your Thursday feeling open and light? Then join me at 6:30am @sanghayogashala for Yoga Express Hour. Plenty of balancing, binding and wrapping to help you float out into your day, bringing more joy whenever you go. ✨


random thoughts or whatever but like, in my own struggle to deal with my gender/sexuality/body insecurities I’ve discovered that yeah, i inherently know makeup has feminine connotations and makes ppl perceive me as more feminine but like…. my desire to wear it correlates solely to mental energy/desire to be “socially presentable and w/e,” (not that you need makeup to be socially presentable but thats me and my need to cover up my face to feel good about how i look in public) not to my fluctuating desires to present masc/androgynous vs feminine….


I know I’m post happy buutttt
✨L E V E L U P✨
Just got at least five of these puppies Ina row!!
Pinchas have been a huge part of what in practicing on for over 3 months! And now with this new control I’ve developed over time I finally have enough of everything that I can do a bind!!
I’m like bouncing with joy.. Not even kiddin.

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The earlier you get up, the more time you have in your day to get everything done, which, like yoga lessens stress levels. So, join me Thursday morning at 6:30am @sanghayogashala to watch the sunrise as you open your body and mind to the infinite possibilities of the day ahead. See you there!