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If you can be happy when you are alone, you have learned the secret of being happy. Now you can be happy together. If you are happy, then you have something to share, to give. And when you give you get; it is not the other way. Then a need arises to love somebody. Ordinarily, the need is to be loved by somebody. It is a wrong need. It is a childish need; you are not mature. It is a child’s attitude.

Osho, Ecstasy The Forgotten Language


LSD can be used as a help, but the help is very dangerous; it is not so easy. If you use a mantra, even that can become difficult to throw, but if you use acid, LSD it will be even more difficult to throw.

The moment you are on an LSD trip you are not in control. Chemistry takes control and you are not the master, and once you are not the master it is difficult to regain that position. The chemical is not the slave now, you are the slave. Now how to control it is not going to be your choice. Once you take LSD as a help you are making a slave of the master and your whole body chemistry will be affected by it.

Your body will begin to crave LSD. Now the craving will not just be of the mind as it is when you get attached to a mantra. When you use acid as a help, the craving becomes part of the body; the LSD goes to the very cells of the body. It changes them. Your inner chemical structure becomes different.

Then all the body cells begin to crave acid and it will be difficult to drop it.

LSD can be used to bring you to meditation only if your body has been prepared for it. So if you ask if it can be used in the West, I will say that it is not for the West at all. It can be used only in the East - if the body is totally prepared for it. Yoga has used it, tantra has used it, there are schools of tantra and yoga that have used LSD as a help, but then they prepare your body first. There is a long process of purification of the body. Your body becomes so pure and you become such a great master of it that even chemistry cannot become your master now. So yoga allows it, but in a very specific way.

First your body must be purified chemically. Then you will be in such control of the body that even your body chemistry can be controlled. For example, there are certain yogic exercises: if you take poison, through a particular yogic exercise you can order your blood not to mix with it and the poison will pass through the body and come out in the urine without having mixed with the blood at all. If you can do this, if you can control your body chemistry, then you can use anything, because you have remained the master.

In tantra, particularly in “leftist” tantra, they use alcohol to help meditation. It looks absurd; it is not.

The seeker will take alcohol in a particular quantity and then will try to be alert. Consciousness must not be lost. By and by the quantity of alcohol will be raised, but the consciousness must remain alert. The person has taken alcohol, it has been absorbed in the body, but the mind remains above it; consciousness is not lost. Then the quantity of alcohol is raised higher and higher. Through this practice a point comes when any amount of alcohol can be given and the mind remains alert. Only then can LSD be a help.

In the West there are no practices to purify the body or to increase consciousness through changes in body chemistry. Acid is taken without any preparation in the West. It is not going to help; rather, on the contrary, it may destroy the whole mind.

There are many problems. Once you have been on an LSD trip you have a glimpse of something you have never known, something you have never felt. If you begin to practice meditation it is a long process, but LSD is not a process. You take it and the process is over; then the body begins to work.

Meditation is a long process - you have to do it for years, only then will the results be forthcoming.

And when you have experienced a shortcut, it will be difficult to follow a long process. The mind will crave to return to using the drugs. So it is difficult to meditate once you have known a glimpse through chemistry; to undertake something that is a long process will be difficult. Meditation needs more stamina, more trust, more waiting, and it will be difficult because now you can compare.

Secondly, any method is bad if you are not in control all the time. When you are meditating you can stop at any moment. If you want to stop, you can stop this very moment; you can come out of it. You cannot stop an LSD trip: once you have taken LSD you have to complete the circle. Now you are not the master.

Anything that makes a slave of you is ultimately not going to help spiritually, because spirituality basically means to be the master of oneself. So I wouldn’t suggest shortcuts. I am not against LSD, I may sometimes be for it, but then a long preliminary preparation is necessary. Then you will be the master. But then LSD is not a shortcut. It will take even longer than meditation. Hatha yoga takes years to prepare a body - twenty years, twenty-five years, then a body is ready; now you can use any chemical help and it will not be destructive to your being. But then the process is far longer.

Then LSD can be used; I am in favor of it then. If you are prepared to take twenty years to prepare the body in order to take LSD, then it is not destructive. But the same thing can be done in two years with meditation. Because the body is more gross, mastery is more difficult. The mind is more subtle so mastery is easier. The body is further away from your being, so there is a greater gap; with the mind the gap is shorter.

In India the primitive method to prepare the body to be ready for meditation was hatha yoga. It took so long a time to prepare the body that sometimes hatha yoga had to invent methods to prolong life so that hatha yoga could be continued. It was such a long process that sixty years might not be enough, seventy years might not be enough. And there is a problem: if the mastery is not achieved in this life then in the next life you have to begin from abc because you have a new body. The whole effort has been lost. You do not have a new mind in your next life, the old mind continues, so whatever is attained through the mind remains with you, but whatever is attained through the body is lost with every death. So hatha yoga had to invent methods to prolong life for two hundred to three hundred years so that mastery could be attained.

If the mastery is of the mind then you can change the body, but the preparedness of the body belongs to the body alone. Hatha yoga invented many methods so that the process could be completed, but then even greater methods were discovered: how to control the mind directly - raja yoga. With these methods the body can be a little helpful, but there is no need to be too concerned with it. So hatha yoga adepts have said that LSD can be used, but raja yoga cannot say LSD can be used, because raja yoga has no methodology to prepare the body. Direct meditation is used.

Sometimes it happens - only sometimes, rarely - that if you have a glimpse through LSD and do not become addicted to it, that glimpse may become a thirst in you to seek something further. So to try it once is good, but it becomes difficult to know where to stop and how to stop. The first trip is good, to be on it once is good; you become aware of a different world and then you begin to seek, you begin to search, because of it - but then it becomes difficult to stop. This is the problem. If you can stop, then to take LSD once is good. But that “if” is a great one.

Mulla Nasruddin used to say that he never took more than one glass of wine. Many friends objected to his statement because they had seen him taking one glass after another. He said, “The second glass is taken by the first; ‘I’ take only one. The second is taken by the first and the third by the second. Then I am not the master. I am master only for the first, so how can I say that I take more than one? 'I’ take only one - always only one!”

With the first you are the master; with the second you are not. The first will try to take a second, and then it will go on continuously; then it is no longer in your hands. To begin anything is easy because you are the master, but to end anything is difficult because then you are not the master.

So I am not against LSD, and if I am against it, it is conditional. This is the condition: if you can remain the master, then okay. Use anything, but remain the master. And if you cannot remain the master, then do not enter into a dangerous road at all. Do not enter at all; it will be better.

Chocobro Flexibility

Even as flexible as little Prompto is, (he likes to do yoga when he remembers to, he thinks it can be relaxing. Except that time he got his foot stuck behind his head…he decided not to do yoga alone and far from his phone anymore.) and he can truly get into some fun poses for you

Ignis is the most flexible of all the boys, with his acrobatics and stunning battle moves it comes as no shock

Noct is only as flexible as he is because Iggy forces him to do stretches regularly and sometimes during training as well

Gladio is probably the least flexible because that man is all muscles

anonymous asked:

Hey Jax since you seem like a dude who can make watchin Paint dry seem fun, What are some ways to have fun when you are alone. It seems all my friends these days are either busy or just dont want to talk to me anymore. I go on skype saying hi and whassup and I stay online for all day and I get no response. I dont want to waste my day Veggin out on Tumblr and YouTube so I was wondering if you had any ideas. Big Fan and thanks if you see this

Oh trust me dude I’ve gone through this too many times (especially the skype thing….stuckup basta—). I already have a plan all layed out cause Friends can be flaky at times. Here’s some ways you can have an awesome time on your own ^_^ My philosophy is this. Think of every cartoon show you watch, they barely are ever inside vegging out doing nothing cause their lives would be boring and we wouldn’t watch. In a way we are living through them so we merely have to emulate it ^_^ so this is THE JAX WAY TO HAVE FUN ALONE

1) Workout and do yoga! Trust me this sets the basis for your day and makes it so that no matter what it should be good! Gets the blood flowing and the body prepped for the day at hand.

2) Go Bike Riding, Roller Blading, Skateboarding, Scootering, etc: Go Exploring somewhere with fresh air and just have an adventure in a new “SAFE” area and don’t forget to bring your iPod so it feels like you are making a Music video about your epic life ;D

3) Go to the Beach: You can enjoy swimming in the ocean, running on the sand and admiring all the fineass bikini babes that are there ;) 

3) Play some Awesome Video Games from the Start to finish: (I’m playing Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 right now) 

4) Cook some tasty Food: Go online look up a recipe and try something new. I  personally enjoy baking in my past time so I either bake a cake, brownies or just anything, something tasty to enjoy.

5) Make an Epic Movie/TV series/Anime Marathon Night: Cook/Buy  some delicious food, get some tasty beverages and pop in your favorite movies/series/anime you want to either catch up on or just enjoy by yourself. 

6) Make a Fort: WHo gives a Damn if your 20 something years old. Make a Fort CAUSE ITS FRICKIN FUN and watch Netflix or Play Video Games. Its whatever, Growing up just means you know how to act in public and when to be mature and responsible, but if you are by yourself F**K IT have a blast and make that crap :D 

7) Draw/Paint something: Just sit-down and draw, even if it looks like crap. Even Picasso started off crappy just build and build and build. Its fun and then you can impress a bunch of people but most importantly yourself 

8) Read a Book: Isolate yourself and Let your imagination take you on an insane adventure. :D 

9) Go for a walk: Sometimes just going for a walk by yourself and being alone with your thoughts really helps you contemplate what you want out of life and what you want to accomplish. 

10) LAUGH! not just randomly and without incentive. That will land you in the mental hospital. Find stuff that makes you laugh. For me its those Batman College Humor videos and Scare Pranks. AND PUNS I F*CKIN LOVE PUNS! Its great for relieving tension 

Well Anon there are many ways to have fun by yourself. Trust me I know, I use these most of the time when Bum ass friends dont answer me or dont message me haha. They all work and lemme know they work for you. Wish ya the best ^_^

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I am vegan and I've seen What the health. Didn't like it. Some people got cured from diseases in no time just from going vegan? I work with sick people and have never seen that! Not to such a degree. Giving people false hope is very immoral! I am, obviously, not saying don't go vegan, but I am afraid it is bad for the movement because non vegan people will see it as an agenda and step away. No matter if it is to promote good things, an agenda is bad. Most is just not true in the doc. Thoughts?

Those people who managed to cure themselves with veganism weren’t actors, they were real people with real medical conditions. I do think it’s a big problem when people present veganism as some cure all for health issues and many are guilty of that, but I don’t think it’s dishonest to share what can happen. It’s a bit of a fine line, as a yoga practitioner you can talk about how yoga helped you overcome your depression and how it has achieved similar results for others, but you can’t then say on that basis alone that yoga cures depression and advise people to use it in place of proper medication. The cases presented are real, but not everyone will experience the same results, or even most people.

Veganism and even just vegetarianism can have dramatic results though, I know someone who has been taken off most of their diabetic medications recently just from giving up eating meat and reducing dairy consumption. I would never try to tell everyone with diabetes that it’ll happen to them purely on that basis, but it can, and that’s worth talking about because too often do doctors not even consider how we can better manage conditions like these with proper diet. I have some issues with how What The Health presents certain studies and their conclusions, but sharing stories like those are really powerful and I don’t see an issue with using the experiences of real people to promote the potential health benefits of veganism.

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Could I request a Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader fic where the reader is pregnant (In an au world where women can get women pregnant) and Nat is very distant and not really involved in the pregnancy which really hurts the reader. But that all changes when reader goes into labour and Nat is at the birth and sees their baby daughter for the first time. Nat starts to cry holding the baby and talking to her and it ends in fluff. Thanks!

This is a long time coming but I finally got the inspiration. I have been listening to Black Widow playlist while I wrote this and I think it helped me a lot.

(This is a universe where women can get women pregnant) 

When you found out you were pregnant. You were so happy but that good feeling ended pretty quickly when you told Natasha.


“What do you mean you’re pregnant?” Natasha was pacing in the living room while you sat on the sofa.

“You heard what I said.”

“Are you sure it is mine?” She doesn’t look at you. The thought of you being unfaithful hurt her too much.

“Yes, I am or do you forget the pioneering surgery that you went through to have the ability to have kids again.”

“I remember.” Natasha says quietly.

“Why is it so hard to believe that this child is yours.”

Natasha mumbles something you couldn’t quite hear, then she grabs her coat and leaves the apartment.

You watch her leave. When the door closes you break down.


Yes, she was cruel in leaving you that day but when she came back with promises of being there for you and her child. You were so happy that you forgave her instantly.

Little did you know that would be short lived.


At first it started off with her getting up early and leaving for work before you. With S.H.I.E.L.D finding out you were pregnant. They assigned you to a desk job. Yes, it was boring. Yes, it was mostly paperwork that the avengers made but it was safe.

Natasha would take her bike and you took the car. Each morning you were greeted by a smiling Coulson. He was very protective over you ever since he found out that you were pregnant.

“Morning (y/n). How is my favourite pregnant person?”

He said this every morning.

“I’m fine Phil.” You say with a sigh.

Coulson pulls your chair out for you to sit down.

“Romanoff being distant still.”

“Got it in one. I don’t know. I’m starting to think she does want me anymore.”

“Don’t be silly. She loves you. It is just taking some getting used to is all.”

“I hope you’re right Phil. I want us to be a family but she just keeps running for this.” You look at a concerned Coulson.

“Keep your chin up. Things will get better.”


Things did not get better. Natasha became even more distant. She would ask to be put on long haul missions. Which you were sure was more a reason to run away from her responsibilities.

You went to scans alone. You went to prenatal yoga alone. (Coulson would take you on occasions he was free. He would often be mistaken for the father but you both laughed about it.) You would go to sleep alone and wake up alone. The only way you knew Natasha had been home was her coffee mug having been used in the sink.

When it came to the scan that reveals the baby’s gender. You managed to get Natasha to come along with you.

The doctor came in all smiles and happiness. Everything you weren’t.

“Okay mummies. Are we wanting to see our baby and find out what the gender is?”

You were about to speak out but Natasha’s phone started to ring.

“I thought I told you to turn that thing off.” You hissed at her.

“Look I can’t do that you know full well work could call at any time.” She took her phone and left.

The doctor’s smile faulted a little.

“It’s okay she will come back. This is an important scan after all.” You said to the woman.

Yes, Natasha came back but she didn’t stay.

“I’m sorry (y/n) but I got to go. See you at home okay?”

She kisses your forehead and leaves.

The doctor watches her leave then turns back to you.

“Do you want to carry on?”

You wanted to scream at her for leaving but you just sagged on the bed.

“Carry on doc. At least I want to know the gender.”


Natasha was on another long-haul mission. Which gave you time to shop for the baby. Being the only one who really cared about the baby. You were in the process of changing the spare room into a nursery for you child. The first thing you did was make a lock on the door so you could lock yourself in and decorate while Natasha was home.

Yes, she tried to get in but you told her if she broke in that it was over. So she stayed away.


You were close to popping by now.

Natasha had got back from a long mission and had crashed on the sofa. You woke up that night in a damp patch. You threw the covers back and as soon as you did this you got your first contraction.

Fuck this baby was coming. You screamed as another contraction ripped through you. Natasha came running with gun in hand. She looked alarmed.

Good you thought. She still cares.

“What’s wrong (y/n)?”

“This baby is coming now. Get the go bag and start the fucking car.”

Natasha nodded putting her gun away and running off to do as you said. You got up with a bit of trouble and changed into clean clothes.

People got out of your way when Natasha made a bee line straight to the hospital. She was speeding but oddly no police were stopping you. You later found out that she rang S.H.I.E.L.D to ok her car as not to be stopped.

You made to the hospital in 15 minutes flat. You were mildly impressed.

She parked as close to the entrance as she could and got out. She had the bag on her back and opened your door. She helped you out and walked you swiftly to the reception.

“(y/n) (l/n) is in labour. I rang ahead. There should be a room ready for us.”

You were in shock. When did she do all this? Since when was she so prepared?

“That is right Ms. Romanoff. Straight down the corridor and forth on your left. The doctor will be in shortly.”

She places her hand on your lower back guiding you to the room. Once inside you saw her flit around the room. Checking it was safe as was her job. Then she helped you onto the bed.

“What?” She looks at you with concern.

“I should be asking you that. You weren’t there during the pregnancy but you are all of a sudden super mum. What the actual fuck is going on?”

Natasha sit down next to you and takes your hands in hers. She opened her mouth to speak but the doctor and three nurses rushed in. She gave you a look of ‘we shall talk about this later’.

“So the time has come has it? Miss (l/n) if you would lay down we shall do some checks and then see how dilated you are.”

“Would you step outside please Ms. Romanoff?”

Natasha looked at you and you nodded. She left.

The checks were done quickly and you found out you were already 3 cm. Natasha was allowed back in again. And she came over to your side and brushed the stray hair out of your face. Just as a contraction hit you and you screamed.

Natasha gripped your hand through it. The doctor prescribed gas and air. Which you gratefully accepted.


Everything was moving so quickly. Soon enough you were ready to push. The nurses checked your vitals and you were looking okay so the doctor had you moved to the delivery room. Natasha ran alongside you. As you sucked on the gas and air. You knew giving birth would hurt but nothing had you prepared for this level of pain.

They gave Natasha plastic scrubs to put over her clothes, a plastic cap and a mask.

The room was bright white and so sterile. You could tell they wanted to keep it that way.

Soon you had your feet in stirrups and you were told to push.

“Okay let’s start with a small push. Are you ready?”

You nod. Natasha takes you hand and squeezes gently in reassurance.

“I’m ready.” And with that the doctor motions for you to push and you do. Fuck does it hurt. You all but crush Natasha’s hand.

She helps you breathe through the pain. Since when did she know what to do? You add it to the long list of questions you had for her as you were told to push again but harder and longer this time.

After about half an hour of pushing your baby was born.

“It’s a girl. Ms. Romanoff would you like to cut the cord.”

Natasha looked at you and smiled back at her as she walked around to cut the cord. The doctor handed the baby over to the nurse to clean her off before she handed her over to Natasha. She split into a huge grin as she looked down at her new baby daughter. She walked slowly over to you.

“She is beautiful just like her mother.”

“Hey, don’t put yourself down there is some of you in her too.” Natasha smiled, a real and genuine smile.


You were soon moved back to your private room. Natasha was holding her child and speaking softly to her. Silent tears fell as she talked to the baby. Oh how you wished you could live in this moment forever.

Only things needed to be said.

“Natasha can we talk?”

She moved around to place the baby in her cot after rocking her to sleep. Then came over to sit on the bed by you.

“I’m sure you have lots you want to know. So start off slow as I am still a bit frazzled with everything that just happened.”

“You’re frazzled! I just gave birth to a tiny human.” Natasha winced at this but seeing you smile she calmed down. “Look I need to know why you weren’t there for me?”

Natasha frowns as she looks at the floor.

“I have no real excuse. Other than I was scared. Scared that my child would hate me. Scared I would not know what to do. Scared that you would not love me anymore. So, I distanced myself. I know I should have been there for you and if I could I would take it all back again. I swear it.” She looks at you with fresh tears rolling down her cheeks. “I love you (y/n). I want us to be a happy family. I just don’t know what to do.”

“Oh sweetheart. You think I know what I am doing? We are in this together whether you like this or not. I love you and yes, we will be a happy family. I am almost sure of it. Even if it means that I stay on desk duty for the for see able future. I don’t care. I want what is best for our daughter and I know if that means that one of her mums is an avenger that so be it. We can make this work because I believe in us. Our child will have a long happy life with two mothers that love her very much. This is our first child so yes it will all be new but I have books and there are classes we can take. We are not going to be alone in this.”

Natasha pulls you into a tight hug, making sure to be careful of the wires connected to you.

“God, I love you (y/n). I know I should have come to you with my problems but I was too much of a coward.”

“Hey now. You did you what you believed was right and yes you were wrong but hey you learned from it.”

Natasha kisses you softly. The first real kiss you have had since you got pregnant but it reminded you how much you loved her.

“Knock knock. Where is my niece?” Coulson was standing in the doorway arms laden with soft toys, flowers and balloons.

You looked at each other and just burst out laughing.

This was going to be an interesting chapter in you lives.

This is my first playlist of 2015! I know I haven’t made one since the summer, but the first semester of my senior year in high school was so hectic - what with extracurricular activities, Earth Club and college apps - that I could barely find time to even do yoga, let alone dabble in creative pursuits. That’s also why I haven’t uploaded to YouTube in months, but not to worry, I will upload a video very soon. In the meantime, here’s an indie acoustic playlist for any time you want to feel calm, like during late night yoga sessions or soft mornings or long drives. Hope y'all enjoy xx

winter acoustic mix

(The picture is from a view I saw in Utah from a car window in 2012.)

Tracklist in a random order:

Winter Song | The Head and the Heart

I See Fire | Ed Sheeran

Lua | Bright Eyes

Above the Clouds of Pompeii | Bear’s Den

Poison & Wine | The Civil Wars

New Vibrations | Sam Garrett

Upward Over the Mountain | Iron and Wine

Just A Boy | Angus and Julia Stone

Holocene | Bon Iver

White Winter Hymnal | Fleet Foxes

Paper Aeroplane | Angus and Julia Stone

St. Clarity | The Paper Kites

Blue Ridge Mountains | Fleet Foxes

To Be Alone With You | Sufjan Stevens

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How to Be Alone - A video by fiilmaker, Andrea Dorfman, and poet/singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis.