yoga all the time


cheschire-kaat said:okay but dUde I really need like Siegrain showing Erza baby Jellal pictures just to embarrass him/piss him off YES


readytobebolder  asked:

For NSFW Friday, how about ya give us some amazing First TimeTM bewash for the Basic AU, where George works at the coffee shop and Ben is a Basic Bitch.

Ben was a guilty pleasure, that’s for sure. For all the hours he spent bitching and moaning about his style (the kind of person who wore yoga pants all the time, ordered their pumpkin spice or other in season fad, had a collection of slouchy comfy/cute sweaters) George adored him. Especially like this.

Stripped out of those stretch pants and bent over the arm of his couch. Twisting and moaning as George pushed into him. It was heavenly. The noises he made– God. George had to pace himself. He had a full hour until he needed to be back at the shop, and he didn’t want to walk away from this sight in under 10 minutes.

George rolled his hips, Ben’s own moving to meet his.

“God, Ben, you can’t be serious” he hissed, feeling Ben clamp around him. Ben giggled into the couch.

“What, now you can’t handle basic?”