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Half-assed Summer Pillar doodles~
This is what happens when you like drawing faces and the majority of your sketchbook consists of ¾ view bust sketches.

The first two pictures are redraws of the scenes from All Star Battle Story Trailer

aug-mentation  asked:

Do you have any advice on connecting with myself more spiritually during yoga, or at least being able to be more appreciative of my body while I practice? I want to make the most of my daily yoga practice, but lately I've just been getting angry and feeling as though it's not good enough, and I hate it.

I kept this question in mind when I went to yoga tonight. The following are some potentially helpful observations I made:

  • Set an intention at the beginning of your practice. When standing at the top of your mat, take a moment to dedicate this practice to someone or something you have been working on. 
  • Continually bring your attention back to your breath. The breath helps to set your pace of mind and your energy. In yoga practice, the breath adds an element of groundedness to the flow of movement, bringing together two seemingly opposite qualities: being rooted and being flowing. 
  • Allow the breath to guide you back to the body and then inhabit your body fully. The breath only ever occurs in this present moment. As such, it is a good way to bring ourselves back once we have noticed our attention getting lost in thought. 
  • By inhabiting the body, feel and savor your health. Yoga is the most body-positive physical practice I have ever experienced. It accomplishes this by putting the emphasis on the experience of your body from the inside out. It’s not about what poses you hit or how you look while doing them. It is about awakening and circulating your energy, blood, lymph, breath, and general juices. Feel it. If the whole point of looking good is to feel good then focus on feeling good and cut out the middleman. 
  • To make yoga practice feel like a meditative practice, drop out of thought and into your movement. Sometimes when I am practicing yoga, I feel like a ninja or jedi or a dancer. Give into it. 
  • Allow feelings. Whether you are feeling anger, sadness, uncertainty, or whatever, let it be there and come through you. A dancer dances whatever emotion that arises within. It is part of the Art. Those feelings are part of the dance and are accepted and released. Let this come through your practice. 
  • Give gratitude. You happen to have a healthy body that is capable of this practice. Others may not be so fortunate. Old age, injury, disease, or any number of health-related circumstances may prevent some from undertaking the physical practice of yoga. Acknowledge this wonderful privilege you have been given.
  • Pray for all. Following up on the recognition of your immense privilege, gather all the spiritual energy you have generated from your yoga session. Dedicate this energy to the welfare and liberation of all beings without exception. 

There is no time for comparing ourselves with others. Physical yoga practice introduces you to your body, teaches you two to dance in harmony, and inspires you to be of benefit to others. You are receiving gifts even as you are giving to others. 

There is no “good enough” for this mighty, never-ending way of life. Walk your path honestly and openly and the universe will rejoice. 

Namaste my friend. Much love. 

More Daddy!Hannibal Headcanons:

  • Hannibal so pretentious, he’d probably compose a lullaby just for his child.
  • His child would learn at least TWICE the number of languages he knows.
  • When his child is curious about junk food, I doubt he’d even let them try it. He’d just create healthy, delicious alternatives right off the bat.
  • Hannibal partaking in children’s media with his child (watching Disney, playing video games, etc).
  • If his child REALLY wanted a pet, he’d probably get them a sphinx or smth like that.
  • Hannibal’s almost always well behaved child in formal wear attending the opera and other events with him and everyone cooing over them, d'aww.
  • Their nighttime routine: Dinner, some visual media like TV, bath time, Hannibal reading smth like ancient mythology to them, and a lovely massage (not necessarily for just the child (tiny hands so soft)) to put them to sleep with soft music or environmental sounds playing in the background.
  • Hannibal’s child politely asking their Daddy to carry them. Hannibal agreeing to do so more often than not.
  • Hannibal teaching his child when and when not to bite someone.
  • Daddy-Child Yoga, can I get an Amen!
  • Hannibal making sure that if he was caught, his child would be taken care of financially and in other ways. 

            Horoscope and Tarot Overview for May 25, 2017-                                               New Moon in Gemini

The Moon moves into breezy Gemini this morning, lightening our moods and helping us feel better about recent decisions, we are enchantingly chatty, full of bright ideas and ready for a party today, so let loose a bit and enjoy the high energy of the day.  

Venus squares Rx Pluto mid-day putting a damper on fun and excitement, and replacing the lightness with a heavy, mysterious or sneaky feel to the afternoon. We may feel a bit paranoid, unwanted or on the losing end of a proposition. Emotions will be right on the surface but if coddled correctly could turn distraction into passion with the right person. Either way there will be intense feelings circulating all actions and interactions.   

Compounding these aspects is a fresh New Moon in Gemini at 3:45 PM EST when the Moon and Sun connect in fickle Gemini. Keeping communications easy going and light hearted for the best results. Positivity can flow if we allow ourselves the chance to give into these solid upbeat feelings. The next lunar month should be quite busy, with many surprising conversations and openings to explore.   

Tonight, Mercury sesquiquadrate Rx Saturn, having us rethink recent choices and relook at tasks that were done in a different light. We may be shifting positions, or redesigning what was already set in stone. Avoid becoming overly critical of your work or others work, stay patient and open minded.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- the 6 of Swords, the Wheel of Fortune and the 10 of Pentacles- you are sailing away from rough waters but heading into the unknown today, your attitude will depend on the way the wheel turns. There can be positive outcomes if we aim for them, use all the resources available to keep the day sunny no matter what the weather.   

Chakras:  third eye, sacral and root 

Crystals- blue sapphire, carnelian and black onyx 

Aromatherapy: geranium, bergamot and ylang ylang 

Yoga-stay with yin yoga poses, add a walking meditation  

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I don't know what my balance between strength, cardio, and flexibility exercises should be. How many times a week should I be doing each?

It all depends on your goals anon.

A good balance would be 2-3 strength trainings, 2-3 cardio sessions and stretch after every workout. Add some yoga if you really want to be flexible.

We only have so many days in a week so spend more time doing what will bring you closer do your goals.

Workout routines:

i don’t believe in yoga

read it here or on ao3

summary:  Even Bech Næsheim runs and teaches at Under Vann yoga studio, and Isak Valtersen lost a bet to which the punishment was to go to a yoga class in hot pink yoga pants. Needless to say, this will be an interesting class. Featuring a flustered Isak, and a slightly bitter Even.

notes: this was so much fun to write! thank you so much to the literal angel @lifestooshortnottobewhoyouare


If you would have told fifteen year-old Even Bech Næsheim that in seven years he would be working in a pretentious yoga studio that sold tinctures, nutritional supplements, and teas, he would have had a good laugh. Now, if you told him that he would be the head yoga instructor in that studio and would be constantly sipping all organic, loose leaf, non-GMO green tea…

He would have punched you. In the face. With only a slight bit of guilt.

Truth was, during high school, his bipolar disorder had taken control of his life. He had started to get episodes very frequently because of alcohol and drug intake, and lack of sleep. It was his way of coping with his increased loneliness and pessimism because he had few acquaintances and close to no friends.

In his third year, he had discussed his coping methods with his therapist. She had said that he needed to find a “natural high,” an alternative to drugs, which had sounded like a load of bullshit to Even at the time. To his dismay, his therapist had insisted that he needed to find a replacement for the weed and beer so he could keep chemical balance in his brain.

“Try something active, something that releases adrenaline and endorphins. It will be just as good as marijuana,” his therapist, Kayla, had told him while reviewing her papers.

Even had rolled his eyes so hard it hurt. This is so incredibly stupid, he had thought to himself.

Kayla had handed him a pamphlet with a group of smiling teenagers giving the camera the thumbs up. On the top it had said: Find YOUR Natural High!

Even had started to feel a bit queasy.

“This pamphlet has tons of activities to do to reach a natural high. Try a couple that catch your attention. In next week’s session, we’ll discuss what worked and what didn’t,” Kayla had said with a smile.

He had tried running, which was instantly turned down, painting, playing the piano, origami, and even knitting. (The last hobby would never be admitted to anyone or he would never hear the end of it.) As a last advance on tackling this “natural high,” he tried yoga.

What the hell do I have to lose?

He had looked up a tutorial on youtube, given it a try and… felt completely calm. It had been the most at peace he’d felt with himself in years, and it had turned out to be a great little hobby. He had practiced it first thing in the morning and when he couldn’t sleep. It was one of his favorite things to do. While he definitely didn’t think it was a high, it was calming and made him gain a bit of muscle while he was at it, so that was a plus.

He had no idea that his hobby would end up being his career.


Even was currently standing at the front desk of the studio talking to his secretary Eskild, whose bright disposition

and overbearing personality was pissing Even off a little bit, to be honest.

“Even, I swear, all you ever do is teach your classes at the studio and sleep. No wonder you’re always so agitated all the time! You never have any fun!” Eskild stated whilst looking at Even critically.

Even scoffed and said, “Yoga is fun.”

“Not as fun as this party will be! Seriously, babe, how great can sun salutation be?” Eskild said with an unamused look.

Even looked around the turquoise room, making sure they weren’t bickering in front of customers. “Maybe if you took interest in what I like to do for a change, you would know that it’s pretty fucking spectacular. Eskild, you’re not my mother, just let me live my life the way I want. No parties.”

Eskild rolled his eyes and picked up the phone that had begun to ring. Even turned away from him and took a deep breath. He knew he should be getting ready for his next class. He quickly checked his phone to see what class it was.

12:15 - Beginner’s Yoga

Fantastic. Even thought bitterly to himself. Just what I need. A group of people with no clue of how to do yoga and I will have to spend 10 minutes per pose so everyone can at least get something similar to the correct formation.

Even grabbed the bucket of yoga mats and placed them next to the door of the yoga room for students to grab as they walked in. He took his place at the front and began to warm up before the class started.


“You lost the bet, Isak! I already signed you up, you are going to that fucking yoga class! In these lovely yoga pants, might I add.”

Isak stared at Jonas, trying to portray a look of complete confusion, and exclaimed, “What bet? Who are you? Who am I? I’m afraid I’ve lost my memory, I think I should lie down.”

Jonas shoved something into Isak’s chest as he left the room, calling out, “Amnesia won’t work this time. The class starts in 15 minutes at Under Vann Yoga. I’d hurry.”

Isak hadn’t thought it could get worse, but apparently, he had forgotten that his best friend was the actual devil. He looked down to see the aforementioned yoga pants, which shone in a delightful hot pink.  

Isak groaned and went to his room to change. He slid on the offending yoga pants with minimal difficulty and looked at himself in the mirror.

Not half bad, he thought to himself, and if he happened to check out his butt before he left, nobody needed to know.

He walked into the kitchen where his flat mates Mahdi, Magnus, and Jonas were waiting.

“Happy?” Isak asked with a hand on his hip.

The boys doubled over laughing and Mahdi replied, “Very.”

While wheezing, Magnus said, “Jonas, I bet you 50 kroner that by the time Isak gets back, he’s been asked out.”

“You’re on!”

Isak sighed and looked at his watch.


Well, if Isak was being forced to go to a yoga class, he might as well make the most of it.


When Isak got to the studio, he started to dread ever making that stupid bet about who could down an entire bottle of mustard first. He admittedly should have had a bit more common sense than to agree to participate, but in his defense, it had been between his honor and his burning throat.

The studio had a soft turquoise interior with vibrant couches that had far too many throw pillows on them. They sold books with inspiring titles such as Manifestation and You! and Discover your Aura: Psychic Development. Isak immediately noticed the smell of incense and… cinnamon?  

He reached the desk where a peppy secretary signed him in. “Have you ever done yoga before?” Eskild, according to the name tag, inquired.

“Uh, nope. This is the first time,” Isak said with a distant tone to his voice, still quite anxious for the class. He was not in the mood for small talk.

“So, you’re basically losing your yoga virginity here,” Eskild remarked with a wink. Isak chuckled nervously and said, “I mean, I guess.” He started to make his way to where he presumed he was supposed to go. He grabbed a yoga mat, walked in the room and plopped down on the floor like everyone else was. He scanned the room and –

I’m screwed. I’m so massively screwed. He’s hot. Why is the yoga instructor hot?

The yoga instructor was standing at the front of the room, looking around with a small smile on his lips. He was greeting some people as they walked past to take a seat, and seemed to be fairly calm. His ash blond hair and stunning cerulean eyes made Isak’s heart beat faster. It didn’t help that he proudly displayed his sweatpants and a super loose (almost sheer) shirt.

I am so fucked.

“Hey everyone!” The instructor started, “I’m Even, and I’ll be teaching you today. First off, I…” Even continued to give his speech, and Isak was in a complete trance. His voice is so soothing. Isak shook his head a little and slapped his forehead, without realizing that he just hit himself in front of everyone. He heard a snort and a couple of giggles. Great start, Isak.

Even seemed to be holding back a laugh. “Is everything ok?” He asked. Isak felt his ears burn and gave him a weak smile. “Yep. Just peachy.”

The class refocused their attention on Even and he continued his speech. “Well, without further ado, let’s get started!” Even began to lead the class through a series of poses that he executed perfectly, whilst Isak looked something akin to a failing giraffe.

Halfway through, when Isak was close to falling on his face from exhaustion, Even decided it would be a perfect time to fix everyone’s forms in downward dog. He walked around, pushing someone’s back down or adjusting their feet every once in a while. When he reached Isak he said, “Hey, um… What’s your name?” Isak lifted his head up a bit to look at Even. “Isak,” he grunted.

“Well, Isak, your problem is your hips and feet. First of all, touch your heels to the ground.” Isak obliged and his breath hitched when he felt hands on his hips.

“Your hips are out of placement,” Even explained, and guided his hips back. It was fair to say that at this point, Isak was regretting his life choices by letting his friends force him to wear the yoga pants that he knew Even had to have noticed by now.

“That better?” Even asked. Isak felt himself blushing and muttered, “Uh, yep.”

The class continued without incident (and with Isak happily checking Even out) until “tree pose” came along and Isak nearly toppled into the elderly lady next to him. He saw Even laughing at the front of the room (while in a perfect tree pose, Isak might add) and that made Isak feel a little better.


Even was actually enjoying teaching this class, and not just because he had gotten chocolate before class started and he’d been stealing chunks of it throughout class. The moment Even had seen the boy with those blond curls, he had known he was going to be checking him out for the rest of class. The yoga pants he was wearing were just a plus. Not to mention he looked like a literal angel with his rosy cheeks and dramatic lips.

Towards the end of class came the “class meditation”. Everyone had to lay down while Even awkwardly rubbed their temples with ylang ylang oil. This was the primary reason why he hated beginners classes so much.

Once Even had warned the class of what he was going to do, he told everyone to close their eyes and focus on their breathing. He started making his rounds and once he got to Isak, his heartbeat picked up. Even started to rub his temples and while he was at it, he got a better look at his face.

Isak had extremely long eyelashes with freckles scattered around his cheeks. He had fantastic cheekbones and a jawline that could cut. Even decided right there that he was going to ask him out after class.


At the end of class, everyone picked up their stuff and headed for the door, but as Isak was leaving, he felt a hand on his waist.  

He turned back and saw Even, with a completely serious look on his face.

“Hey Isak, I just wanted to ask you before you left… Did you get those yoga pants on sale? Because at my house, they’re 100% off.”

Isak’s jaw dropped.

Even looked at him with a radiant grin and said, “If you’re not up for my house, how about dinner?”

Isak felt the corners of his mouth turn up. “With pick up lines like that, how could I possibly resist?”

Even smiled even more and they exchanged numbers.


When Isak arrived at the flat, he called out, “Jonas! You owe Magnus 50 kroner!”

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Hi! Can you give some tips to someone who never did any exercise but want to start building up? (Can't afford a gym rn ether) i would love the help!

1. Find something that you’ll enjoy. Try out different things: running, swimming, yoga, calisthenics, at-home weightlifting, biking, etc. Find something you enjoy, something you think you’d be able to stick to in the long run!

2. Look up beginners guides and how-to’s on getting started. For running there is stuff like ‘Couch to 5k’, and there should be other guides like that for other exercises. I have my own youtube video on an at-home workout with bonus modified exercises for beginners at the end.

3. Don’t try to be a superhuman. In my video I do 10 pushups, 10 pullups, but I’ve been working out for a few years and I know what I can do. Start out slow with whatever you choose to do. Don’t try to job an entire mile on your first day. Don’t try to reach a full 10 pullups on your first day. It’s okay to start at one, or a half.

4. Try a little more each week (or if you’re following a guide, do as it says). One more pushup, . 25 more of a mile, 2 more minutes of yoga. Add small, but try to add once a week, or once ever two weeks, whatever pace is good for you!

5. (Optional) Slowly change up your diet by taking away some junk food while slowly adding in more nutritious foods to give you more energy to exercise. Try to get more sleep as well!

I hope that helps! Good luck!

November challenge day 4: Share a workout picture.

This gym pic is already a few weeks old but I couldn’t take one today since I skipped my run this morning. We’ll see if I manage to go for one tomorrow! I did move a lot today, though - I walked into town twice, so I currently have about 24k steps 😊. Will possibly add some yoga later, though I feel that I’ve met my MoveItNov goal with all that walking already.

What Not to Say to People on Meds: ADD/ADHD Edition

My first post about meds is here.

This time I’m focussing on ADD/ADHD (which I’ll refer to as ADHD, the “official” medical term, for the sake of convenience). I have ADHD, and a lot of people are horribly inappropriate about it. So here are a few examples of the kind of thing people need to stop saying.

1) “I’ve heard that’s SO OVER DIAGNOSED.”

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Yeah, I know that was yesterday but I forgot to add my yoga post last night after class. My friend came with me for the first time! Her and her hubby joined the gym shortly after we did but she hadn’t tried any of the classes yet.

Yoga was great! This is the 3rd time I’ve gone and each class has been full of different poses so I’m pretty happy with the variety. The instructor is very good about reassuring people in the level that they’re at. Not to push too hard if you’re unable to do so, even if you see someone else who can move further into a pose. We worked on some balance poses and a did a lot of core work, as well at poses for the IT band area and tight hips.

When I was at Physical Therapy this week he worked on my TFL and commented on how the tightness there was in direct correlation to, not only my hip and back pain, but my hamstrings, as well. So when we were doing stretches last night I could totally feel the tightness in that left side still. It feels pretty good today, but I’m going to opt out of the HIIT class for one more week and do strictly cardio for today’s workout. *sigh* One day my body will be healed. I have to continue to believe that to be true.

Ok so I need to write out why the “have you tried yoga” thing bugs me so much. First of all, I know my body better than you so stop. You know nothing about my condition. You are not a qualified expert (and some doctors don’t even fall under this catagory as they tend to shy away from people with chronic illnesses). You are not a person living with this disability. You cannot understand or relate, as much as you may want to. I am the one living with this not you. Secondly, it places the blame on me and not on my condition. It suggests that I’m not trying hard enough to feel better so the way I’m feeling is my fault. My dad tells me all the time that I would feel 100% better if I just exercised more. Living with a disability is difficult enough on it’s own so don’t try and suggest to me some idiotic suggestion about something you know nothing about. I do not chose to feel this way and I will not be cured by simply exercising or doing yoga. Please add on to this if you have other thoughts.

#scrub #I haven’t worn this sweater in like 2-3 years bro

I may be late to the party, but I just saw this image as part of the costume description for Claudia’s caretaker jacket at the vipfanauctions ebay site.

What’s interesting is the date that’s assigned: 2063 – 50 years in the future.

Fun little detail for the people like me, who like to know EVERYTHING, and has wondered how many decades later “several” was.

   Horoscopes and Tarot Overview for January 12, 2017

                   Full Moon from

           (Horoscopes heard weekdays on 100.7 WHUD at 6:45 PM)

The Moon is in home base Cancer until this evening with many aspects and a Full Moon at 6:35AM EST, when the Moon in Cancer opposes the Sun in Capricorn. We may find, more than anything else, we need to find center, an even keel and a soft place to land in our lives. There is a realization that we need both an emotionally satisfying home life and a kick-ass public side plus a way to balance them both. Stay sensitive yet aware of what happens around you. Make a commitments and stick to them.

Soon after the Full Moon, Mercury moves back into solid Capricorn until February 7th, helping us speak our truth from a grounded standpoint. Remember to be flexible when a stubborn streak shows up, otherwise be a person others can count on to do and say the right thing at the right time.

Late this afternoon Venus and Neptune both in Pisces align and spread psychic awareness throughout the universal field. Look for creative ideas spurring us to woo loved ones, or consider finding a spiritual guide. Financial matters need watching but do not make any moves today.

 The Moon moves into romantic Leo at 7:08PM, with a great follow up to a lovely day. Connect with lovers, close friends and relatives and express your heart. This can be a marriage/commitment proposal night, be prepared.

Tarot Cards of the Day: the Ace of Pentacles, the King of Pentacles and the 10 of Pentacles-we have an abundance of earth power today to keep us tethered to the earth while our heads are in the clouds, we can find happiness in family, friends and abundance. Be grateful, empowered and solidly centered in home and work issues.

Let’s protect the throat and heart chakra, with blue and green agate, make a lavender, lemongrass, myrrh blend. In yoga use backbends to add to your power.

Aries-it’s time to go after what you want in a direct way. That doesn’t mean there won’t be clashes, but sometimes a little conflict helps clear the air. Move into a more romantic phase and pay attention to your loved ones’ needs. Pay attention to money issues.

Taurus-this is quite a day for healing, forgiveness and compassion. Learning through mistakes gives you the support and knowledge you need to move forward. Speak the truth, stay engaged with people who love and care about you and return the favors.

Gemini-you may be on an emotional roller coaster today that touches on every aspect of your life that needs a little attention. Look at your financial picture, your love and family life then make the adjustments necessary to bring extra love into your world.

Cancer-a Full Moon in your sign brings out your most loving caring side, especially if you have been hiding your feelings. You are more insightful, spiritually connected and wiser than usual, but you are also very day-dreamy, so ground, center, and relax.

Leo-pay attention to your health today, especially if you have been busy or distracted. There is some strong energy helping you communicate well. Wait until your gut feelings kick in so your head and vision clears. Beauty is surrounding you, pay attention.

Virgo- you are social, caring and ready to be romantically involved with someone you have loved from afar. Be optimistic and ready to move ahead on your inspired ideas, it’s the right time. You will be pleasantly surprised by success, go with your instincts.

Libra-you are clear headed and ready to make some decisions, despite the fuzzy air and dreamy feel of the day. Stay positive and straight forward, speak plainly from the heart. Your creativity and imagination with help balance work and play and love.

Scorpio- there is an abundance of emotion circulating but that subtle explosion of power can trigger a rebirth of spirit, a refocusing of plans and recommitment to the important people in your life. Open your heart, share your ideas, and your love.

Sagittarius-the Full Moon shines a light on some important issues you may have left slide. Look carefully at your money and career plans and make sure they are still set up to work. This is the time to make the appropriate changes and use some positive inspiration.

Capricorn- the Moon opposite your sign pulls out some emotions and a bit of drama you may have not realized was there. Be ready for changes in money and love matters that takes you to another level. Your patience and strength of character brings rewards.

Aquarius- today proves you can be practical. It’s time to take better care of yourself, your relationships and your career life first. Love and care surrounds you, keep your eyes open for those you care about most and return the favor. Compassion is the key.

Pisces-today is a banner day for you, so spread love and forgiveness wherever you go. Your imagination works overtime helping you escape your current stresses or worries. Write inspirations down for use at another time, but develop the ideas you have now.