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            Horoscope and Tarot Overview for May 25, 2017-                                               New Moon in Gemini

The Moon moves into breezy Gemini this morning, lightening our moods and helping us feel better about recent decisions, we are enchantingly chatty, full of bright ideas and ready for a party today, so let loose a bit and enjoy the high energy of the day.  

Venus squares Rx Pluto mid-day putting a damper on fun and excitement, and replacing the lightness with a heavy, mysterious or sneaky feel to the afternoon. We may feel a bit paranoid, unwanted or on the losing end of a proposition. Emotions will be right on the surface but if coddled correctly could turn distraction into passion with the right person. Either way there will be intense feelings circulating all actions and interactions.   

Compounding these aspects is a fresh New Moon in Gemini at 3:45 PM EST when the Moon and Sun connect in fickle Gemini. Keeping communications easy going and light hearted for the best results. Positivity can flow if we allow ourselves the chance to give into these solid upbeat feelings. The next lunar month should be quite busy, with many surprising conversations and openings to explore.   

Tonight, Mercury sesquiquadrate Rx Saturn, having us rethink recent choices and relook at tasks that were done in a different light. We may be shifting positions, or redesigning what was already set in stone. Avoid becoming overly critical of your work or others work, stay patient and open minded.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- the 6 of Swords, the Wheel of Fortune and the 10 of Pentacles- you are sailing away from rough waters but heading into the unknown today, your attitude will depend on the way the wheel turns. There can be positive outcomes if we aim for them, use all the resources available to keep the day sunny no matter what the weather.   

Chakras:  third eye, sacral and root 

Crystals- blue sapphire, carnelian and black onyx 

Aromatherapy: geranium, bergamot and ylang ylang 

Yoga-stay with yin yoga poses, add a walking meditation  

More Daddy!Hannibal Headcanons:

  • Hannibal so pretentious, he’d probably compose a lullaby just for his child.
  • His child would learn at least TWICE the number of languages he knows.
  • When his child is curious about junk food, I doubt he’d even let them try it. He’d just create healthy, delicious alternatives right off the bat.
  • Hannibal partaking in children’s media with his child (watching Disney, playing video games, etc).
  • If his child REALLY wanted a pet, he’d probably get them a sphinx or smth like that.
  • Hannibal’s almost always well behaved child in formal wear attending the opera and other events with him and everyone cooing over them, d'aww.
  • Their nighttime routine: Dinner, some visual media like TV, bath time, Hannibal reading smth like ancient mythology to them, and a lovely massage (not necessarily for just the child (tiny hands so soft)) to put them to sleep with soft music or environmental sounds playing in the background.
  • Hannibal’s child politely asking their Daddy to carry them. Hannibal agreeing to do so more often than not.
  • Hannibal teaching his child when and when not to bite someone.
  • Daddy-Child Yoga, can I get an Amen!
  • Hannibal making sure that if he was caught, his child would be taken care of financially and in other ways. 

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I don't know what my balance between strength, cardio, and flexibility exercises should be. How many times a week should I be doing each?

It all depends on your goals anon.

A good balance would be 2-3 strength trainings, 2-3 cardio sessions and stretch after every workout. Add some yoga if you really want to be flexible.

We only have so many days in a week so spend more time doing what will bring you closer do your goals.

Workout routines:

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you give some tips to someone who never did any exercise but want to start building up? (Can't afford a gym rn ether) i would love the help!

1. Find something that you’ll enjoy. Try out different things: running, swimming, yoga, calisthenics, at-home weightlifting, biking, etc. Find something you enjoy, something you think you’d be able to stick to in the long run!

2. Look up beginners guides and how-to’s on getting started. For running there is stuff like ‘Couch to 5k’, and there should be other guides like that for other exercises. I have my own youtube video on an at-home workout with bonus modified exercises for beginners at the end.

3. Don’t try to be a superhuman. In my video I do 10 pushups, 10 pullups, but I’ve been working out for a few years and I know what I can do. Start out slow with whatever you choose to do. Don’t try to job an entire mile on your first day. Don’t try to reach a full 10 pullups on your first day. It’s okay to start at one, or a half.

4. Try a little more each week (or if you’re following a guide, do as it says). One more pushup, . 25 more of a mile, 2 more minutes of yoga. Add small, but try to add once a week, or once ever two weeks, whatever pace is good for you!

5. (Optional) Slowly change up your diet by taking away some junk food while slowly adding in more nutritious foods to give you more energy to exercise. Try to get more sleep as well!

I hope that helps! Good luck!

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OH hell can't just "tough it out" with back pain. I know, I fought it for years! You go girl for doing Pilates though! I had to do yoga to get my back pain under control so I could start working out. Stay strong girl...I'm rooting for ya!

Everyone always thinks I’m overreacting about how much of a pain back pains are, knowing you had the same problem is validating!! Thanks for for vote of confidence babydoll and I’ll definitely add yoga in to help with the pain.😘💋❤️

Spent the morning cleaning my apartment and I am still not done. It is amazing how much time it can take to clean a studio head-to-toe. 

Later today I’m going to take a group class at the place where I might get a job. I’m kind of nervous because my allergies are crazy which is messing with my lungs and my ankle hurts so it will be interesting. I’ve also never taken a group fitness class besides yoga so it adds to the nerves. 

   Horoscopes and Tarot Overview for January 12, 2017

                   Full Moon from

           (Horoscopes heard weekdays on 100.7 WHUD at 6:45 PM)

The Moon is in home base Cancer until this evening with many aspects and a Full Moon at 6:35AM EST, when the Moon in Cancer opposes the Sun in Capricorn. We may find, more than anything else, we need to find center, an even keel and a soft place to land in our lives. There is a realization that we need both an emotionally satisfying home life and a kick-ass public side plus a way to balance them both. Stay sensitive yet aware of what happens around you. Make a commitments and stick to them.

Soon after the Full Moon, Mercury moves back into solid Capricorn until February 7th, helping us speak our truth from a grounded standpoint. Remember to be flexible when a stubborn streak shows up, otherwise be a person others can count on to do and say the right thing at the right time.

Late this afternoon Venus and Neptune both in Pisces align and spread psychic awareness throughout the universal field. Look for creative ideas spurring us to woo loved ones, or consider finding a spiritual guide. Financial matters need watching but do not make any moves today.

 The Moon moves into romantic Leo at 7:08PM, with a great follow up to a lovely day. Connect with lovers, close friends and relatives and express your heart. This can be a marriage/commitment proposal night, be prepared.

Tarot Cards of the Day: the Ace of Pentacles, the King of Pentacles and the 10 of Pentacles-we have an abundance of earth power today to keep us tethered to the earth while our heads are in the clouds, we can find happiness in family, friends and abundance. Be grateful, empowered and solidly centered in home and work issues.

Let’s protect the throat and heart chakra, with blue and green agate, make a lavender, lemongrass, myrrh blend. In yoga use backbends to add to your power.

Aries-it’s time to go after what you want in a direct way. That doesn’t mean there won’t be clashes, but sometimes a little conflict helps clear the air. Move into a more romantic phase and pay attention to your loved ones’ needs. Pay attention to money issues.

Taurus-this is quite a day for healing, forgiveness and compassion. Learning through mistakes gives you the support and knowledge you need to move forward. Speak the truth, stay engaged with people who love and care about you and return the favors.

Gemini-you may be on an emotional roller coaster today that touches on every aspect of your life that needs a little attention. Look at your financial picture, your love and family life then make the adjustments necessary to bring extra love into your world.

Cancer-a Full Moon in your sign brings out your most loving caring side, especially if you have been hiding your feelings. You are more insightful, spiritually connected and wiser than usual, but you are also very day-dreamy, so ground, center, and relax.

Leo-pay attention to your health today, especially if you have been busy or distracted. There is some strong energy helping you communicate well. Wait until your gut feelings kick in so your head and vision clears. Beauty is surrounding you, pay attention.

Virgo- you are social, caring and ready to be romantically involved with someone you have loved from afar. Be optimistic and ready to move ahead on your inspired ideas, it’s the right time. You will be pleasantly surprised by success, go with your instincts.

Libra-you are clear headed and ready to make some decisions, despite the fuzzy air and dreamy feel of the day. Stay positive and straight forward, speak plainly from the heart. Your creativity and imagination with help balance work and play and love.

Scorpio- there is an abundance of emotion circulating but that subtle explosion of power can trigger a rebirth of spirit, a refocusing of plans and recommitment to the important people in your life. Open your heart, share your ideas, and your love.

Sagittarius-the Full Moon shines a light on some important issues you may have left slide. Look carefully at your money and career plans and make sure they are still set up to work. This is the time to make the appropriate changes and use some positive inspiration.

Capricorn- the Moon opposite your sign pulls out some emotions and a bit of drama you may have not realized was there. Be ready for changes in money and love matters that takes you to another level. Your patience and strength of character brings rewards.

Aquarius- today proves you can be practical. It’s time to take better care of yourself, your relationships and your career life first. Love and care surrounds you, keep your eyes open for those you care about most and return the favor. Compassion is the key.

Pisces-today is a banner day for you, so spread love and forgiveness wherever you go. Your imagination works overtime helping you escape your current stresses or worries. Write inspirations down for use at another time, but develop the ideas you have now.

Horoscopes and Tarot Overview for January 20, 2017 


 The Moon stays in emotional Scorpio, keeping passion and creativity on the front burner. We may tend to be drawn to drama, envy or overexcitement that can lead to agitation if we are not careful. We are graced with a sextile to Mercury this morning, that enhances our ability to speak our minds and be clear about our desires. Use this energy to hash out issues that have plagued a relationship and repair it.

Venus sextiles Pluto this afternoon, bringing us the chance to take a second look at how we spend our money and how we care for those who are closest to us. It’s possible to initiate powerful healing in a very personal and instinctive way. Allow your true feelings to rise and be known in meaningful words.

The Moon trines Neptune this afternoon bringing our dreams to light in an expansive way. We have the power to intuit our next steps, make a serious plan and channel our passions into something that feeds our hearts and souls.

Tarot Cards of the Day: the 6 of Cups, The Tower and the Queen of Wands- childhood memories and old acquaintances may pop up and remind us of pure love and caring, this could shake up your day, in a good way. Take control of business, work and or career matters, you have the power, control and imagination necessary to make some bold moves.

We need to stay centered and grounded today with attention to our sacral and root chakras. Carry orange calcite and a garnet, plus make a bergamot-patchouli- basil essential oil blend. In your yoga practice, add seated forward folds and twist, plus take a walking meditation.

Aries- after a week of backpedaling you are ready to move forward with guts and intense determination. Your intuition is sharp and your creative energy is powerful. Connect with someone you love for inspiration in love, money and future endeavors.

Taurus-you will most likely command attention throughout the day as you power through any obstacles that have dared impede your progress. Stay faithful to a budget, keep your plans organized and speak clearly. You are ready to move mountains

Gemini-you cannot help but feel light, bright and full of positive energy today as you move your pet project closer to reality. Creativity shines as you instinctively know which direction to take your latest dream. Pay close attention to loved ones who feel slighted.

Cancer- it’s time to reconnect, and use meaningful communication to improve your relationships. Show the people you are close to how important they are to you. Keep mindfully connected to your emotional and intellectual sensibilities.

Leo-passion heats up your love life today, but first you need to talk about some matters that need a little attention. Straighten out your financial picture, heal old wounds and set your sights on a new and improved future. Your dreams are important today, nurture them.

Virgo- lend a balanced, insightful ear to a friend or loved one today, they need your sensibility and healing presence to move on and flourish. You can read others’ moods well, know when it’s time to reveal your desires for a special someone. Be passionate.

Libra- you will notice how very psychic you are today as you tune into the needs of the people closest to you. The truth will reveal itself in many different aspects of your life, insisting you make good choices and enhance your capabilities, in love and finances.

Scorpio- the Moon in your sign increases your possessive nature and your green-eyed monster. Lose the drama and put your faith in who you love, it will prove to be the best move you can make. Channel your passion into creative projects and spreading love.

Sagittarius-you have the power to express your emotions eloquently today, take care to make sure the one you love knows how you feel. Use inspiration and innovation to get the point across in business, love and financial matters. Healing is available, take advantage.

Capricorn- the deeper you examine where you stand the more your layers will unfold. Let yourself feel a bit vulnerable, it will be endearing to family and friends, you cannot be a rock all the time. Take a second look at your spending, you may need to change your habits.

Aquarius- re-examine where you leak energy, on an emotional, and physical plane. It will help you lighten your load and channel your creative energy where you need it most. Express love and caring to those who care about you, it will empower you.

Pisces- your mind is busy pushing you to make your dreams come true, consider mystical solutions to concrete problems, trust you innate sense of knowing to follow the path that suits you best. Use love and caring along the way and bring healing to light.

#scrub #I haven’t worn this sweater in like 2-3 years bro

I may be late to the party, but I just saw this image as part of the costume description for Claudia’s caretaker jacket at the vipfanauctions ebay site.

What’s interesting is the date that’s assigned: 2063 – 50 years in the future.

Fun little detail for the people like me, who like to know EVERYTHING, and has wondered how many decades later “several” was.


Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years.

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25. With Skimmons, please!

25. just keep running into each other everywhere AU

“Don’t look now, but your stalker just walked in,” Fitz alerts Jemma.

Jemma turns to the door of the bar, and spots a familiar face.

“She’s not a stalker… I don’t think,” she tells him.

“Sure,” Fitz sounds skeptical. “Which is why she’s coming over here right now. To not stalk you.”

Jemma sighs, “Just don’t say anything rude.”

Fitz snorts.

“Or don’t say anything at all,” Jemma corrects herself.

“You look really familiar,” Jemma’s not-stalker says. Her eyes look dazed, like she’s already had a few. The guy she walked in with watches from the bar protectively. “Are you in my Psych class?”

“And we go to the same yoga studio,” Jemma adds.

“Oh right, and I think I pass by your campus tour group every Monday on my way to my car.”

And she works at Jemma’s favorite bakery, studies on the same floor of the library, and ends up at a bunch of the same parties, despite none of Jemma’s friends knowing a thing about her.

But Jemma keeps that to herself.

“I’m Skye,” she introduces herself, before turning back towards her friend and yelling across the bar, “Hey Trip look, it’s the cute campus tour girl.” She turns back to Jemma. “I talk to him about you a lot.”

Trip, for his part, looks embarrassed on Skye’s behalf. Fitz looks and Jemma and mouths the word stalker.

Jemma’s too flattered to care.