Yet another yoga studio gentrifying and colonizing everything in their path and using “POC safe space” as a way to veil their violence as benevolence. They have also used water protectors pictures without permission.
It has become evident that the savior and colonizer behavior that had to be checked at Standing Rock
has now migrated back to other areas and opportunist are thriving.  Feel free to leave a one star review and warn POC of this Seattle studio before they get pulled in, used as a prop and disposed of for this fraudulent scheme. Self proclaimed “allies” really need to do better and stop fooling themselves into thinking that coerced colonizing  with zero dynamics of reciprocity mean they deserve cookies. What you are doing is reprehensible and you need to be accountable. Im tired of seeing Indigenous peoples stereotyped as hostile and savage, when colonizers forever whitewash and appropriate Native traditions for their own means. Im tired of seeing Indigenous/POC constantly having to check these behaviors and then being condemned and demonized for it. This is unacceptable.  

Secret Agent Yogi

The actions we choose are precipitations of our state of consciousness. Who and what we feel we are shapes how we act. Inevitably tied into action is our perception of ourself and that perceived self’s intent. 

Selfless action is not defined by being charitable and performing compassionate deeds, although it can very well result in those things. But first and foremost selfless action is performed without using the ego, the individual identity. Hence it is selfless. 

Naturally such a selfless state would result in compassionate activity for others. There is no scope for greed, self-centeredness, and defensiveness. 

The practice of working towards such a lofty goal is called Karma Yoga. 

For the Karma Yogi, all deeds are performed as a selfless service for the divine. You remain true to your responsibilities simply because they were given to you. A student studies as hard as possible and gives no fucks about the grade. No pride is taken in an A, no shame in a D. 

Only the ego has preferences. Only the ego says “I want this and not that.” Once the mind chooses the proper course, the heart surrenders the results. We have the right to put in any efforts we choose but we have no right to the results. That is left to the divine and it unfolds however it may. 

The Karma Yogi is the ultimate Secret Agent. A Secret Agent goes on a mission and blends in with a certain setting. But secretly all along the Agent is actually a vessel for something else entirely. The Karma Yogi is the vessel of the divine. This is cherished secretly within. Being the Agent of the divine is more blissful than any result any action might achieve. 

Being selfless and giving up action through the ego identity filter might sound uncomfortable or undesirable to you. Giving up your preferences might also sound robot-like to you. But far from spoiling the experience of life, this practice brings you closer to it in its primordial form. 

Whenever a filter is removed, the full spectrum is revealed. 

Be clear: This is a challenging practice, the cultivation of which is your life’s work. 

Practicing Karma Yoga is revealed and aided by meditation, prayer, and sincere contemplation. 



Backbending is basically the best! Make sure you keep your spine strong and supple for a long and healthy life. Rounding, arching, stretching and twisting- every -damn -day!
Dressed head to toe in @beyondyoga (these are seriously the softest most strokeable yoga pants I own ☺️)
🎶 By @glimmerofblooms
#yoga #backbends #yogapractice (at Worsley)

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feeling tired today, and i have a stomach ache. i had class 0830-1400, and then i picked up my amazon package at the post office - got shauna niequist’s book bittersweet! came home, did yoga, ate dinner, and just crashed.

now i’m in bed, dreaming of the cross canada train ride i might do this summer to go visit my lil yoga teacher sister in bc!!! i’ve gone all the way east but never been west at all, and viarail is doing a $150 promo anywhere in canada for the month of july… what better way to see the west?! dreaming. manifesting. 😍

i only have the last chapter of s-town left and i’m tryyyyying to savour it (i say while i listen to it). so intrigued by the “you’re beginning to figure it out now, aren’t you?”

nine sleeps. nine sleeps. nine sleeps. ✨

Hello there! I’m going to tell you guys a little bit about me and my fitness journey and goals.

My name is Emmy, I’m 22 years old and live in Sweden. I work as a mail(wo)man and I love it! I’ve been committed to fitness since I was about 17. Pilates and running is what I do the most and I get some good workout on my job as well.

During spring 2015, I sort of lost my way in life and was really depressed, I started gaining weight and wasn’t working out because I felt so exhausted all the time. I dropped out of college as well, because it was too much for me to handle. But at the end of 2015, I was feeling much better! But it wasn’t until the end of 2016 that I started working out again and I feel so happy and excited about life again!

The picture above is how my body looks like right now, I don’t have a before picture from when I started working out again, so this will do. My goal is not really to loose any more weight, it’s just to become healthier and tone my body and this blog is going to be my little dairy and motivation for my fitness journey. And I’d love to give you guys my tips as well, just ask! You are also allowed to give me some tips.

Hope my English isn’t too bad, lol.
Have a nice day!


Thursday things ☀️🏃🏼‍♀️☕️
@littlebean-jellybean I thought of you with my yellow cup hehe :)

• woke up at 8:30am which kinda sucks bc I’m very tired and could’ve used more sleep but oh well!

• went out on a nice, easy 3 miler.

• then stopped at mile 3 to finish the trifecta!! The past 3 days I went running then ended said run at Starbucks to get all 3 cups lol! I am lame but it was fun haha!

• now I’m back home, about to shower, then do the rest of my hw before work today!

• work from 3-11pm. I have to go in an hour late and stay an hour late for a remerch for my section which kinda sucks bc I normally go out with Melanie and some friends after work nowadays, but oh well. If they do go out I can always just meet up afterwards with them. Or there’s always another night. Gotta put the job first!

• anyways, no plans other than hw and work today!

• I have an inbox full of questions that I will get to before work too, so yay for that lol! :)

I hope you’re all doing well! Happy almost weekend to you guys! ✌🏼

Johnlock AU

Based off of this video. Johnny boi is back from Afghanistan and he has some rather serious ptsd. He runs into his old pal Mike Stamford (I love you, Mike), and tells him he’s having trouble finding a flat mate and finding a way to unwind from all of his stress. “Have I got news for you old buddy old pal”, says Mike, dragging John to yoga. Why are we at yoga, John thinks. Until the instructor walks in. HOT DAMN JOHN IS BI. Enthralled by the presence of this stunning yoga instructor, John loses himself a little too thoroughly in the yoga, his leg feeling better than it has for weeks. Before he knows it, the instructor is telling the class “Release all the sounds that are trapped inside you” and John is YELLING like a school bus full of third graders that can see a man pooping on the side of the road and have failed to contain their disgust and amazement. And Sherlock Holmes, the hot yoga instructor, is whipping his head around to gaze in wonder at the man making those awful screeching sounds. It’s too late for Sherlock now. He is In Love. It’s just his luck when Mike introduces them after class, two peculiar men who just happen to need a flat mate.

tagging @the-moon-loves-the-sea because i feel like you would appreciate this