Dear future me,

i understand that it took alot for you to be who you are today. And for that i am proud of you. Know that all the pain you have been  through hasnt been in vain it makes you the beautiful flower you are now. 

You are smart

You are beautiful

You are worth the world and all it has to offer

I know that now you might find yourself either withy ourself contently or happily with someone. Understand love aint your only source of life, Remember to keep love and hope alive in yourself.

I hope you look back at this letter with tears in your eyes. Because all i am saying is true. I want you to be happy. To the best of your ability in any of what you do, as for family and the love ones around you, i hope your surrounding yourself with the ones who give you the unconditional love that you give to them in return.

Remember your time will come, good things come to those who wait.

Be Pacient

Be Still 

Be sound

I love you

Love Past Me.