Genre: Fluff

Characters: Yuta x Reader

Word Count: 690

A/N: I legit had no clue what to call this so, I went with the easiest thing in the book.

By the way this is slightly rushed so, I apologize.

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Yuta stood at the front door of her apartment, he hadn’t come this far to just turn back around, yet his arms were frozen by his side, his fingers showing the only signs of movement as he drummed them against his thighs.

He anxiously stared at the door, not sure what to expect. Maybe she’d stare back. Maybe she’d slam the door in his face.Maybe she wouldn’t even recognise him, it had been six years after all.

You love her, so go after her. Chase her and don’t let her go. You’ll regret it otherwise.

It was Taeyong’s voice that rang through his head, breaking him out of his stance, and leading him to knock on her door.

Taeyong was right. Yuta had loved her since ninth grade, and he couldn’t watch her slip away from his grasp. Definitely not the girl who’d been with him through it all, supported him when he auditioned, and most importantly, let him go just so that he could live his dream and not hers.

The door opened, a young girl with her hair tied in a messy bun staring at him.

“Is Y/N here?” Yuta asked, and she only nodded her head, quickly retreating to find her.

It took Y/N a few minutes to come, but when she did she stared at him as well, surprised to see him here. But that quickly disappeared, and she ran to him, embracing Yuta in a hug as the tears dared to spill.

“Let’s go,” he mumbled into her hair, and she obliged, allowing him to lead the way, a smile graced on both their faces.

“How have you been?” she asked, breaking the silence that had taken over the car they sat in.

“Good. Busy, but good.”

Yuta gave Y/N his warm smile as he stopped at an ice cream shop, grabbing her hand and taking her in.

They ogled together at the decor of the place, its light blue walls giving a welcoming ambiance. Neither of the two had come back here for a very long time, but everything was still the same, everything that surrounded them filled them with a sought of happiness, and so were the memories that came rushing back.

The night sky sat over them as they ran the streets of Osaka, visiting the little places that held the biggest memories.

“Just one more place.” Yuta whispered into her ear, then pulled her along, continuing his gait to their little place.

The Yodo river glistened where they stood, one of the only quiet banks away from the city life, away from it all.

“Do you remember, when I first brought you here?” he asked, pushing the wooden swing she now sat on, the one they had set up after coming here a couple of times.

“Yeah,” she smiled, recalling the little picnic Yuta had set up for her, serenading her at the end of it all and then placing a light kiss against her lips, like he did at that very moment. 

Her soft lips tasted like a mix of vanilla and strawberry, and he found himself wanting more, but she eventually pulled away.

“Are you leaving again?” She mumbled, the thought of all of this just being another memory upsetting her.

“Yes, but you’re coming with me.”

Yuta had decided a long time ago that he wasn’t letting her go. The next time he saw her, he wouldn’t let the past replay itself.

She chuckled to herself, doubting he meant it, “You’re not serious, are you?”

Yuta stopped pushing the swing and now knelt in front of her, his hands interwined with hers, “I’m being dead serious. I can’t let you slip away again, the pain would be worse than last time, and I don’t want either of us to feel that. So, will you please come with me?”

His tears brimmed his eyes and so did hers. She simply nodded her head, afraid that if she spoke she’d succumb to the lump in her throat. But it happened anyway, when he engulfed her in a hug, and placed a light kisses against her forehead, whispering to her, “I’m never letting you go again.”

What the hell was that, right?


Short eared owl by Teruhide Tomori
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Located : The riverbed of Yodo river, Oyamazaki town, Osaka.