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STAR SIGN: scorpio
GENDER: girl
HEIGHT: 5’5″
TIME RIGHT NOW: 12:45 pm
LAST THING I GOOGLED: evangaline lily cuz austin was telling me she’s effie trinket and i was like no she is not.
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS??: r, simon monroe, charlie kelly, sheldon cooper, bucky barnes, clint barton, hank mccoy, chewbacca (my love for him was rekindled last night rip), rey (listen u guys i really loved the new star wars movie) shelley godfrey, merlin, garfield logan……..
DREAM JOB: social worker for kids with autism.
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG??: this one? last november. i made my first blog for r july 2013.
CURRENT AMOUNT OF FOLLOWERS: listen i don’t like talking about my follower count tbh cuz i know follower counts kind of discourage people and i don’t. like that so. it’s pretty high, i’ll give you that.
WHAT DO YOU POST ABOUT??: roleplay, zombies, god damn fluffy stuff, warm bodies obviously.
DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS??: i have erik, my the mortal instruments oc, and a personal blog that’s a sideblog to here.

WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS “PEAK” (WHEN DID YOU GET MORE FOLLOWERS, HAVE POPULAR POSTS, ETC.)??: i dunno…..i don’t pay attention to that kind of stuff cuz i don’t actually care lol. i’m just here to have a good time.
WHO IS YOUR MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWER??: lul @neckerchiefsandmagic, @dreideltaire, @earthrumblechampion, @xanabiosis, @magicxecustos, @infatuationisms….. i’ve been doing some stuff with @zwhacking as well which is awesome. also callout post for @gayforgod cuz they’re my number one fan right now according to tumblr LOL

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO GET A TUMBLR: there was a girl in one of my classes my sophomore year of high school who was always on tumblr and fifteen year old me thought it looked neat.
DO YOU GET ASKS ON A DAILY BASIS: usually, despite the fact that i’m the worst at answering memes and i go through periods of inactivity.
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: vinyl and stuff and i haven’t changed it cuz brand recognition.

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      ❛ where do you come from ? the elven woman is UNUSUAL beyond what they are used to. as strange as it sounds, their heightened sense of smell picked up that she was not from here. or at least she had been elsewhere recently. they itched to know what lived outside the emerald graves, though they dared not venture past the borders of the familiar green woods which they had grown up in.  or am i wrong, and you are from here