Today in HMV
  • *looking at CDs*
  • Random chick:omg I love that kellin Quinn guy so much his album is so good
  • Me:oh you like sleeping with sirens that's cool they are one of my fave bands
  • Random chick:what band I don't think I've heard of them
  • Me:but you just said you liked kellin he's the lead singer
  • Random chick:no I like his album *picks up sws acoustic album*
  • Me:oh dear lord your one of those girls
  • Random chick:what do you mean?
  • Me:
  • Random chick:
  • Me:
  • Random chick:
  • Me:you disgust me with your ignorance
Can someone explain please?

I kinda don’t understand this and I’ll probably look really stupid for asking but fuck it! why is it when American people talk about stretched ears or ask what size your ears are at they call them gauges? Is it just the way its measured there or something? and is everything just called gauges? like plugs and tunnels are both classes as gauges? someone clear this up for me.

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I'm Going to see Lights in July.


There are no words to describe how excited I am except…
iusdfgnbjhcdnsxcajh *rolls onto floor*

Actually I’ve not been this excited for anything in ages!!
I roped my sisters into coming with me cos everyone else I know are useless cunts who obviously have no music taste or no ears!
Ahhhhh I’m so excited :D :D :D :D

*Jumps round In circles*

I met the one and only @chachi_irene still can’t believe I was even in the same room as her never mind danced next to her!! Still so excited what an inspiration she is. #yodanniyell #dancer #chachi #chachi #chachigonzales #oliviagonzales #oliviachachigonzales #maddancestudios #workshop #chachimomma #tagged #tagsforlikes #bestoftheday #photooftheday #igers #igdaily #igphoto #instagramers #instadaily #inspiration #likeaboy

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Cash Desk troubles

Today at work I am in the cash desk.
For those of you who do not know what a cash desk is its the little box in an arcade that gives out change, simple for customers, a fucking nightmare for whoever is working in it!

Honestly it is so depressing sitting in a little box full of money, yeah it sounds awesome but you are in a constant state of panic that you fuck up your money cos you have to pay it back from your wages.
Plus it has this overwhelming effect that it makes you so spaced out its unbelievable. Its really warm and you cant hear people properly because of the glass so usually you get shouted at alot, and you are alone…all day. Even on your break cos its different from everyone else’s.

So my plan today is….

Take my little notepad, a pencil and a magazine (for inspiration) and just draw all day long.
I gotta work on some things for this plan I have but that’s another story ;)
Also I will need to take ALOT of pocket food cos you’re not meant to eat but I get bored easily so I must eat. :)


decisions, decisions...

So I really want to go get my tattoo like right now but my sister has begged me to wait until November cos that’s when her baby is due and she’s getting it’s name (IDK if its a boy or girl lol) down her arm like she did with her son. I guess she want us to get tattoos on the same day or something.
Which is fucking stupid af because this isn’t going to be my only tattoo.
But anyways I have a decision to make:
I wait until I get my tattoo done then go get my nipples pierced
I get my nipples pierced before I get my tattoo.
I kinda wanted my sister to go get hers done way before me so I could get an Idea of how it would feel, like pain wise.
But the bitch went and got pregnant again and fucked up my little plan lol.

So I either get my nipples pierced now or wait?

4mm now!

Fucking finally :O
I’m taking this so slow and its pissing me off but It’s not a race so I’ll just try and be patient.

Yesterday I went and got my ears stretched up another size and I have fallen in love with my tunnels all over again :) They are at 4mm now and I didn’t think it would make much of a difference but it’s so much easier to see them now.
I’m not sure if it was because my other tunnels were black and it just made it harder to see or whatever but I like these greenish ones way better :)
I got them done at Infinite Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio.

I’m so awkward in every single picture…WTF!