yodacake asked:

What are some ways that we can explain to people how important it is to tip their baristas?

We work long, often hard hours making minimum wage. Most of us can afford either the roof over our heads or the food in our stomachs, but rarely both. We deal with incredibly difficult customers. We are expected to be absolute experts on coffee products and to always know exactly what the customer wants, often with little to no helpful input. Our work puts us at great risk for neck, back, and shoulder issues as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and burns (oh my god the fucking burns) that are expensive to treat, even with the insurance that only a few of us can afford. 

yodacake asked:

I just stumbled upon your blog and it's really given me some hope. I'd feel comfortable coming to you if I had questions if you don't mind.

Of course!  Come to me with whatever you want!