yoda stencil


DIY Yoda Trick or Treat Bag


Yoda silhouette, 8” wide, Cotton tote bag, 1” alphabet stencils, Acrylic paint in the following colors: orange, lime, peridot with glitter, 2 sheets card stock paper, Foamie glitter Halloween stickers, Pen, Pencil, Scissors or X-acto knife and cutting mat, Foam brushes, Masking tape, & a Ruler.


Cut out the Yoda symbol, tape it onto card stock, and trace his little pointy-eared head. Take the card stock with the outline and cut around it so that you have a nice Yoda-shaped hole to use as your stencil.

Use the ruler to measure and find the middle of your bag and add a small dot to mark it. This is also a good time to plan where you want the words to go (I didn’t do that, but you should). Use a pencil and ruler and draw light lines to mark the bottom of each line of text. When that’s done, place your Yoda stencil and tape it down. Insert a sheet of card stock into the bag so the paint doesn’t bleed through to the other side. Mix the lime green and peridot with glitter paints, and stipple the paint on to fill in the Yoda stencil. Don’t lay the paint on too thickly. When you’re done, carefully remove the stencil. Set the bag aside and let the paint dry.

External image

Once Yoda is completely dry, you can add any text you wish. Simply use the stencils and stipple orange paint onto the relevant letters. Embellish the bag with Foamie glitter Halloween stickers.