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viridescent skies - 5

part five of the ageswap au where Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker is Qui-Gon’s former padawan and Obi-Wan is the shiny new padawan on the block; TPM au
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in which anakin continues to make sterling decisions about his mental health and is tsundere as fuck oh my god

The blunt end of his lightstaff clashes loudly against the floor of the hall outside the Council chambers. Anakin wants to strike it even harder, but he is trying to avoid the masters’ attention at the moment, and unseemly displays of emotion won’t go entirely unnoticed in the wake of Qui-Gon’s startling ‘The Sith are back’ announcement.

“The Council will fail us yet again,” he says direly, uncaring of the Senior Padawans that bustle about beyond the door. Let them hear about the Council’s failures, maybe they’ll learn to place their confidences elsewhere instead of blindly following men who rarely leave the Temple. “Their resources aren’t what we need, but reinforcements.”

“It’s difficult to accept the return of an enemy only spoken of in history records,” Qui-Gon says, though notably he doesn’t disagree - not that Anakin expect him to, given that they have similar opinions of the Council.

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