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Seven year old Anakin Kenobi Skywalker "He says his heart lives in the temple."

Peeking at the tall beings in robes, Anakin swayed back and fort on his heels while biting his lips curiously.

Yoda, the tiny being in green but with no hair was smiling at him with gentle amusement. “Strange is it that into the temple you got little one. Live on Coruscant you do?”

Anakin nodded happily. “With ma daddy. He’s at work though. He told me to stay at school until he came to pick ma up.” He beamed, missing one of his front teeth before his smile turned thoughtful. “He’s not gonna be happy even though he likes this building.”

“Oh?” The darker, sterner looking human leaned forward, watching him. “What makes you say that little one?” He raised a brow.

“Cause I catch him smoking in the window sometimes, watching the temple.” Anakin shrugged. “He says his heart lives in the temple.” He grinned and watched the Jedi trade long looks.

If only he knew they were wondering if they had stumbled into a love affair…

Before they could question further, Mace comm chirped loudly.

Answering with half an eye on Anakin, Mace got a reply that stunned them all. “Masters, there’s a man taking the elevator up to the council chambers! He just…he batted the guards out of his way with a grouchy face and muttering to himself.”

In front of them, Anakin wrinkled his nose. “Uhu, dad’s there.” He squirmed nervously and glanced to the doors. “I’m in soooo much trouble… he’s gonna take my tv privileges away for a week for sure…” He pouted.

Calmed by the child ease, Yoda chuckled. “No threat in the Force I feel. Only a nervous parent we are to encounter so let him come we should.” He smirked a bit at Anakin. “Perhaps listen better to your father you should?”

Anakin just grinned at him, giggling a bit.

They could hear the ding of the elevator doors opening before the warmth of a Light Force presence filled their direction of sense, only soured a bit by the worry shot through it.

Yoda however recognized it, his ears shooting high in surprise before a warm smile crossed his face. “Ah…”

Mace shot him a look but couldn’t question him as the doors smacked open, a redhead in somewhat dirty brown spacer clothes standing there with his arms crossed over his chest, hair tied back in a braid though those facing his right side could see a smaller braid beneath the young mans right pierced ear and a copper colored groomed goatee framing his mouth.

“Anakin Kenobi Skywalker, you scared the Light out of me!” Obi-Wan Kenobi, not seen in the temple for the last eight years said, his lips drawn into a tight grimace.

“But dad!” Anakin scuttled to his father, grabbing onto his belt with a wide grin. “I followed a tooka! It was white!” He beamed up at him.

Obi-Wan however was not the slightest assured, his eyes growing wide. “Did you follow it through the slums?” At the blonds chagrined silence, Obi-Wan dropped his arms to settle his hands on his hips. “Anakin Kenobi Skywalker, you are in big trouble, you hear me? If you think the time I found you near the slums were bad, you are going to find this time worse. I am going to keep you in meditation fo-”

Yoda cleared his throat.

The redhead sighed, rubbing his hand over his face and gave the blond a long look. “We are talking about this later young man, you hear me? And how you even got into the temple.” With that he looked up and gave Yoda a wry smile. “Master Yoda.”

“Obi-Wan.” The goblin returned, ears twitching. “Eight years since I seen you it has been.”

Snorting, Obi-Wan reached down and picked the boy up on his hip, giving the blond a dry look before stepping further into the room.

Unafraid and unworried about being in a room of Jedi.

“Before Melida/Daan comes to mind.” Obi-Wan offered a touch dryly before sighing and smiling. “Though I will admit its good to see you master.” He chuckled.

Yoda hummed, watching him. “…Grown you have.” He noted finally.

The young man tilted his head before shrugging. “We all make our mistakes and then we live with them. We either get lost or we grow with them. I made my mistakes on Melida/Daan and now I live with them.”

The rest of the council exchanged slow looks, realizing just who they had.

The former padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn.

Well… this was quickly becoming complicated.

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. After finding out about Leia, Piett realises that GGS also doesn't specify WHICH Skywalker.

and then there’s that horrible, horrible moment when he discovers that the GGS code is actually a holdover from the Clone Wars.

It was originally used to refer to his boss.

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My SW theories / headcanons #1

For some time now, I’m seeing comments that Yoda decided to give Anakin a padawan to “teach” him how to overcome his attachment issue. To be fair, I never felt like it was something that Yoda actually intended to do.

For me this was just another way to keep Anakin in check. The moment he was knighted, Anakin didn’t have any obligation to follow Obi-Wan’s orders, and since both served as Jedi Generals in Great Army of Republic, their status at frontlines was more or less equal. What is also important, Skywalker very quickly adapted to military life, became successful leader who was respected & liked by clone troopers and even by other non-cloned officers (admiral Yularen) and thus had people who cared for him in a way that no one in Jedi Temple did. The war was traumatic for Anakin for sure, but at the same, it was time when he grew up and became more independent - and that’s what probably worried Yoda too much. The Grandmaster from the start saw Anakin as danger to his precious Order and during Clone Wars the Council’s (Yoda’s) power over Chosen One loosened up - to the point in which Chancellor Palpatine became father-like figure to Skywalker. To regain control, Yoda used a child(!!!) to manipulate Skywalker.

And yes, the whole picking padawan for Anakin is one big, emotional & psychological manipulation. Regardless of Anakin’s “choice”, Yoda still get what he wanted:

  • The refusal to take a padawan would be a sign Anakin is not ready for Knight’s responsibilities - and that would give Council (Yoda) excuses to not treat him as full knighted Jedi. Anakin couldn’t allow himself to be see as failure or losing his Knight status (and with it, the little freedom that comes with the rank)
  • But taking padawan means Council (Yoda) must pay closer attention to Anakin’s progress since he is just fresh, inexperienced master. And well, the padawan’s well-being is the most important thing, right? Yeah, riiight.

Anakin knew very well, that the whole situation was part of Yoda’s manipulation. Skywalker may not be aware why, but he knew there were procedure for taking padawan that Yoda ignored with full awareness (”There’s normally at least some discussion about this kind of thing first.”). Anakin was determinated to pass Yoda’s whatever shitty test and prove he was worth the title of Jedi Knight, but in the end, he decided to take Ahsoka as his padawan more because of pity for her than for his own ambition. What was seen in Karen Traviss’ The Clone Wars book:

Maybe she’s like me. Maybe nobody else wanted to train her, either.

Anakin didn’t want to do it, but he knew how it felt to be rejected. It was time to see if he could repair the rocky start to his relationship with his new Padawan as easily as he’d fixed the comlink.

Anakin agreed to train Ahsoka because he sympathized with her situation. What’s even more important, Skywalker took into consideration how his refusal may hurt the innocent child; he didn’t want Ahsoka to know how it feels to be rejected, to growing up with the idea you are not good enough, something that he knew too well. In that regard, Yoda’s manipulation is even worse, because he used a child without much of care how the whole situation will affect young Tano. She either get master - and will be thrown into bloody battles - or get rejected (hurt) in the process. Even if Kenobi would take her as his new padawan, he was still too bonded to his former student - and too worry about Anakin, to really train Ahsoka in proper way. Either way, the girl would end hurt - emotionally or physically - and Anakin chose to minimize her emotional discomfort, because such wounds were worse than pain itself.

Yoda used a child to manipulate Anakin without much regard how Ahsoka will be affected by it. This always bothered me a lot, especially if one looks at Tano’s situation through the Legends!information:

In Legends sources, human and human-like younglings should get their masters before 13-14th birthday, otherwise they were sent to Argi Corps and spent the rest of their lifes helping to grow plants at various planets. Ahsoka was 14 years old, when Yoda sent her to Christophsis. What always makes me think that Yoda picked up a kid that either will became an useful tool to regain control over Anakin or will be “kicked out” of Order anytime soon, so her emotional state wasn’t any concern at all.

I mean, this is only my headcanon / theory, but Anakin’s words seem to refer to such possibility. Ahsoka was smart and strong in the Force, but she was also hot-headed, reckless and stubborn. And such qualities were not desirable in Jedi Order. Anakin thought she may be “like him”, not only because of similar  qualities, but because other Jedi already decided she wasn’t worth the trouble. Skywalker couldn’t know that for sure, after all, Jedi were at war, so maybe there wasn’t at that moment any available master to train the girl, but this was his first guess. And looking that she was 14 years old - too old to be youngling - he may be right. For Ahsoka, Anakin’s decision could mean to be or not to be a Jedi. Since Skywalker was in similar situation at age of 9, he undertood quite well how his decision may affect not only his but Ahsoka’s future as well.

And Skywalker’s rightful resentment toward Yoda and grandmaster’s shitty treatment of both him & Ahsoka was pretty much summed here:

“If not ready for the responsibility of a Padawan you are, then perhaps to Obi-Wan she should go …“

Anakin didn’t take kindly to those kinds of psychological games, not even from Master Yoda - especially from him.

Remember me, Master? The Chosen One? The one you didn’t want to train?

"There are no problems, Master,” he said calmly. “Who could possibly make such a far-reaching judgment about a youngling’s future in such a short time, anyway? That would be rash. Unfair, even. It’s our duty to nurture talent and support it.”

If Yoda felt the barbs in Anakin’s comment, he didn’t show any reaction. “Mature your judgment is becoming. Perhaps teach you she will, as much as you teach her.”

Like I said, this is only my headcanon / theory, that Ahsoka was one step away from being kicked out of Order because she was already too old and still no Jedi wanted to take her as padawan - and because of that, she was the perfect tool for Yoda who wouldn’t lose a valuable member of the Order if she died in war or if Anakin refused to take her as padawan.

I may sound too harsh for Yoda, but looking how easily he kicked out Ahsoka from Jedi Order when she was accused of crimes against the Republic and then did nothing to help her nor apologized after the trial, it’s really hard for me to believe he truly cared for Ahsoka’s fate beyond her usefulness. She was a good tool to his plan(s), but the moment when her presence became a problem, Yoda simply washed his hands of. In the end, it was always Anakin who cared for Ahsoka’s well-being. Skywalker gave her a chance (and did not give up on her)  when other Jedi (Yoda) already decided she wasn’t worth of the trouble.

Abuse teaches us to tolerate abuse. It teaches us that “abuse is love”. Above all things, we must unlearn this if we are to be healthy, happy people.

Here are some things love isn’t:
Rejection or shaming you when you don’t do what someone wants
A lack of reciprocity

No matter how you turn these things, or try to reshape them, they are not love and never will be. Don’t allow anyone to convince you that these things are done out of love, they are not. They are done out of 100% self concern.

Here are two things that can be part of love, but also can exist completely divorced from it:


Don’t assume you are in a loving relationship just because you are experiencing one or both of these things.

So that leads us to, what IS love?

I am still learning that. I feel like I am a baby when it comes to this, since actually being loved by someone is a recent thing in my life. So far, it consist of these things:

Even in my worst moments, not being judged, never being made to “pay for it later”, and always being forgiven. Being free to be who I am instead of being constantly controlled or told to change. Being appreciated exactly the way I am in every moment. Being genuinely verbally appreciated for my good and great qualities. Being trusted. Being offered approval for who I am. Being allowed to ask for what I need and being given it as often as my partner can.

All those things in the above paragraph are things my parents never ever once did for me. Abusive parents sometimes offer fake substitutes of these things as a sort of relationship currency that they expect to be paid back at a later date…that isn’t love. That isn’t what I’m describing up there. What I describe up there is given freely, with no expectations, and makes you feel like you’ve never felt before.

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Have you ever thought about what Luke might have felt once he realized his place as a chess piece on this giant, cruel game between the forces of Light and Darkness? (I'm so sorry, it's 3am and I have so many feels for this smol farmboy who didn't ask for any of this shit)

Probably annoyed and exasperated. I mean, he’s already realized he was being used as a pawn by Obi-Wan and Yoda to kill his own father. Vader wanted him to help him overthrow Palpatine (at least, that’s what Luke probably thought right after Bespin, and that is probably when he started thinking about his role in the universe, since that’s when he realized that Obi-Wan and Yoda lied to him about his father), Palpatine wants him to replace Vader. Luke’s fairly used to the idea of people seeing him as a pawn and a piece in everyone’s power plays. Doesn’t mean he’s happy about it, but by the time he’s working it all out, he’s kind of resigned to the idea of it.

But of course, he fights back. He doesn’t let himself get moved around on the chess board by others, oh no. He does the equivalent of sweeping his arm across the chess board, knocking all the pieces off, and then flipping the table. Not in a fit of rage, but very calmly while holding intense eye contact. “You want to manipulate me? Watch me destroy your game.” No malice, just the certainty that he won’t play their games. Then he waltzes over and plucks his father from Palpatine’s clutches and drags him back to the Light.

…well, that analogy got away from me. Luke didn’t ask for any of the crap they threw at him, but he also didn’t stand for it, and refused to let himself be manipulated by either side.

SW Time Travel Tuesday: Shall We Try This Again?

((Sorry if this suuuucks. But thanks @aerefyr and @poplitealqueen ))

At the week’s beginning, Qui-Gon Jinn was like a dark cave.

By the week’s end, an earthquake tore the cave open and light rushed in. Cool stones dissolved into white sand and the eerie silence was washed away by the sound of rolling ocean waves. Misery and contempt for the world that had settled like dust after the fall of his Padawan, was ushered away and peace enriched the man once again.

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Today in "Star Wars Nerd Family"
  • Me: Please go to the bathroom before we leave.
  • Kid: I don't have to go to the bathroom.
  • Me, having heard this story before: Just go try.
  • Kid, who clearly has my number: But Mom! Remember Number Five.
  • Me: Number Five?
  • Kid, a little exasperated with me: Episode Five?
  • Me: Oh. You mean there IS no try. *shivers with pride but also still needs him to visit the bathroom*
  • Me: In that case, just do, then.

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I'm so tired of seeing 260 gif sets of Kylo Ren to "cool motive, still murder" with like "lol who cares about his backstory he murdered children and his dad" in all the tags clapping each other on the back. When will that die? The self satisfied superiority is tiring.


I haven’t seen the gifsets, but I’ve seen plenty of posts that just snidely toss in the one gif. I just keep being like–um, have you ever seen Star Wars? The series that dedicated one movie to the murderous villain’s redemption and three more + a TV series to his ~~~cool motives~~~? 

Like. Whatever else might be said about the prequels (I am certainly not the biggest fan!), no reasonable person can say they don’t exist. If you’re insisting that SW should ignore bad characters’ motives and background because they’re bad, end of story, you’re essentially saying that Star Wars should not be Star Wars. And if you come out of TFA thinking radical change is on the agenda–well, I don’t know what to say to you, LOL.

Also, this is rambling, but there’s an assumption that I’m seeing on all sides and find incredibly irritating:

We know virtually nothing about Luke’s Jedi training facility. Pablo Hidalgo remarked on Twitter that it wasn’t really an academy, as everyone keeps assuming. And, specifically, everyone seems to be assuming that it was the PT Jedi Order v. 2.0, with a creche full of children and some older apprentices à la Ben. And that Luke is part Yoda (detached, enigmatic grandmaster training up tiny children as warriors) and part Obi-Wan (dutiful, rule-abiding, faithfully trying to hold to the precepts of the past). 

Except??? The WHOLE POINT of ROTJ is Luke growing to the point where he can listen to what Yoda has to say, and Obi-Wan, and Vader, and Palpatine–the pairs of potential mentors are blatantly mirrored–and understand, and take what’s valuable but strike out his own path. And of those four, the one whose values he actually accepts is ANAKIN. 

Like. Obi-Wan dedicated the entirety of his brief time with Luke to teaching him to use the lightsaber in exactly the same way he was taught as a child by Yoda. The weapon is the defining quality of a Jedi–he says so outright in the PT. People point out that Yoda says Luke has to “face” Darth Vader again to be a true Jedi, not kill–that’s Luke’s (tbh perfectly reasonable) interpretation. However, when he tells Obi-Wan that he won’t kill his father, Obi-Wan says outright that then the Emperor will have won. Luke comes away from his Jedi mentors with the understanding that, in their view, he must confront and kill his father. 

When Palpatine urges Luke to kill his father, he’s not echoing Vader’s ultimatum (always very different) but the Jedi’s. And Luke’s rejection is simultaneously a rejection of being what his father has become, Palpatine’s miserable bound servant (the look at his hand) and an affirmation of his father’s values as what it really means to be a Jedi. I am a Jedi, like my father before me he says, as he throws away the weapon that everyone keeps telling him is what makes a Jedi a Jedi, as he rejects the dogma (forever-will-it-dominate-your(his)-destiny) that Yoda, Obi-Wan, Palpatine are all insisting on. That Anakin himself hopelessly accepts, now that his radical conceptions of Jedi doctrine and Jedi identity–which last up until ESB–have been crushed out of him. But it’s that way of being a Jedi, questioning the protocols, taking risks, re-envisioning what it means to be one, that Luke embraces.

- I mean, this cool-motive-still-murder rhetoric really does sound startlingly like Yoda in ESB. Luke wants to know what made Vader into who he is, how the Dark Side works, ask all these questions. Yoda’s answer has exactly nothing to do with Anakin as an individual with particular motives (even though Anakin specifically went to him for advice in the issue that precipitated his fall). It’s simply the kneejerk: some people choose the quick and easy way. Their motives don’t matter, just that they threw it all away, and turned evil, and there’s no turning away from that. They’ve functionally ceased to exist as anything but agents of evil. (And he outright tells him to stop asking questions.)

And all things considered, why should we assume that Luke’s training must have been the PT all over again? That, somehow, a grand total of one (1) Jedi managed to recreate the old system and was training up a generation of children (people have been suggesting infants, even??) bc that’s how they did it, and was all about peace and detachment with Ben bc that’s how they did it, and after Ben slaughtered all the children (?) Luke withdrew to become a sad brooding hermit bc that’s what they did (the movie itself says he went actively searching for the roots of the Jedi) and


(Disclaimer: killing adults and teenagers is still murder, very bad. On this one, I’m more annoyed on Luke’s behalf.)

PICTURE THIS: Post-Empire, Kanan has survived and he has an introspective conversation with Yoda’s Ghost through meditation, then a little girl climbs into Kanan’s lap without disrupting the conversation...

Kanan: Say hello to Master Yoda, little one.

Yoda: (amused) Broke your chastity vow have you, Caleb Dume? In the end of War, slackened on your Jedi ways, have you?

Kanan: Yup.

Yoda: Hm, not the Jedi way it is. Justify this, how do you, Caleb?

Kanan: I forged my own path in my own way. I’ll always uphold the Jedi way and my family. (bouncing the little girl in one arm while still keeping eyes on Yoda)

Yoda: Perhaps, but reason there was to our prohibition of marriage, due to danger of attachment. Your choice, a contradiction of duties and loyalty, is it not young Caleb? The result of Anakin Skywalker’s attachment, a cautionary tale to learn from.

Kanan: In all due respect, I disagree. Or these views can be subverted with the right mindset. Hera and I knew what we got into and paced ourselves toward it. We knew we be together but do not belong to each other. We’ve always respected each other independence in the War. We will respect this little one’s own independence when she grows up. I say this with a different point-of-view, I had found my balance between the Jedi Way and the earthly attachments. I call myself a Jedi and a family man.

Yoda: Interesting dialogue, this is. The technique of debate, Master Billaba taught you well, has she?

Nerdy Fact #1435: While filming Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, The Muppets creator, Jim Henson (who had  hand in developing Yoda), brought Miss Piggy and Kermit to the set. George Lucas jokingly revealed later that he thought of Yoda as, “the illegitimate child of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.”


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@>’~ Thank you so much for staying with me and hopes of more to come. Everyone of you bring the bright side of the moon to me every day…er…night. I’m happy to make you guys and gals happy because of that, it gives the strength to pursue on to make all of you happy when I, sometime in the future, step into the squared circle myself. Everyone of you give me the courage to keep going on, it brings me to tears. I love you all and I mean it. Thank you and lets continue the wrestling shenanigans. After all wrestling is fun and I love fun. ~’<@

~NLRGothicNightmareNCPWS *hugs for all* ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥