yock island

Headcanon that Ed will eat anything after starving on Yock Island.

Other headcanon that Fuery is afraid of spiders. When he sees one he whines until Breda sighs and kills it. One day the stars align and Ed is in the office when Fuery sees a large spider.

Breda sighs and gets something to smash it with and Ed stops him like, “Whoa, you’re just going to kill it? Dude, no.” Then climbs up on a filing cabinet to reach it.

Havoc’s like, “Boss, you’re the last person I expected to be a bleeding heart towards Goddamn spiders of all things.”

Ed grabs it by a leg and Fuery freaks out because gross, he’s touching it! Ed looks Fuery dead in the eye and pops it in his mouth and chews.

Fuery screams so loud he wakes Mustang from his second afternoon nap and he slams through the door just after Ed jumps down.

He sees Fuery nearly in tears, Havoc gaping horrified, Breda cackling like a maniac, and Falman and Hawkeye trying to hold their pokerfaces while Ed does his best impression of innocence.

He doesn’t want to know, and shouldn’t ask. “What happened?” He asks anyway.

“Fuery saw a spider,” Falman deadpans, “Edward killed it.”

Fuery stops whining about spiders when Ed’s around.

Neither the FMA manga nor either anime can win in the manga/bh vs 03 fight (which is dumb anyway) with the Izumi/Yock Island parts because in all of them you have an adult who is completely okay with leaving two children alone on an uninhabited island for 30 days, to let them fend for themselves completely, likely without even knowing if they’re capable of that. All so she can decide if these children are worthy of being taught alchemy by her.

The only difference is that in the manga and 03, Izumi sent Mason to the island as well to keep an eye on them, but he also beat them up and more likely than not traumatized them. In BH Mason isn’t present at all there.

Character of the Week: Mason

Japanese name: メイスン (Meisun)
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Works at Curtis Meats
First appearance: Chapter 20 (Manga), episode 27 (2003 anime), episode 13 (Brotherhood)

Mason is a cheerful, friendly young man who works for Izumi and Sig Curtis at their butcher shop. His biggest role is in the manga, and was significantly reduced in other adaptations of the series. Some facts about Mason:

  • He met the Elric brothers before they “met” him, during their month on Yock Island. Izumi enlisted him to watch over the boys as well as give them some training. Wearing a mask, Mason attacked the Elrics repeatedly to toughen them up, yet also encouraged them to survive and brought them fish when they were on the brink of starvation.
  • He’s quite friendly with the Curtises, making him more of a family member than a simple employee. He also appears to know the Elrics quite well, and is confident of their abilities both as alchemists and martial artists.
  • Despite being a fairly minor character, he appears in his “masked man” guise on the cover of volume 6, which is also the debut volume of several more major characters including Izumi. This is joked about in the omakes of the same volume, where Izumi brandishes a knife threateningly while remarking “What’s a bit-part character like you doing on the cover?!”
  • In the 2003 anime, the “masked man” is much more brutal with his attacks on the Elric brothers. It’s implied that Izumi did not tell him to attack them, or that it may not have been Mason the entire time, as Izumi appears shocked when Ed demands explanation for Mason nearly killing him. However, this is never followed up on.
  • It’s implied that he knows about Izumi’s infertility and possibly even her attempted human transmutation. When Ed remarks that it’s odd Izumi doesn’t have kids of her own, Mason loudly and abruptly interrupts, then awkwardly suggests that the boys show him how their alchemy has improved.
  • Interestingly enough, Mason’s role is extremely small in Brotherhood. Despite being a fairly big deal in the manga and 2003 anime, the “masked man” appears not once during the Yock Island flashback, and Mason’s only appearance is a very brief two lines in episode 13.
  • When Al went missing, Mason suggested to the Curtises that maybe he had been kidnapped. All three then started laughing at the absurdity of this idea, apparently so confident in Al’s abilities that they didn’t think being kidnapped was even a possibility. Ironically, that’s exactly what happened.