• Me: *looking at pictures of gay ships*
  • Dad: *Looks over sholder*
  • Dad: Why are you looking at pictures of people kissing?
  • Me: Because......
  • Dad: I can't tell which one is the girl....
  • Me: Ohhh....*points to the uke*
  • Me: That one.
  • Dad: Okay *nods slowly and walks away*
  • Me: *breaths out a sigh of relief*
  • Me: That was close.

Teacher: Alright do you have any hobbies?

Me: Yes I like to write and draw.

Teacher: Cool, what do you write about?

Me: *laughes nervously.* Fanfiction?? Heheh.

Teacher: Umm okay, not sure what that is, but can I see your art?

Me: Not unless you won’t give me detention.

Teacher:??? Show Me.

Me: Okay. *pulls out all my gay art.*


Student: So how are you in detention?

Me: I showed my teacher my yoai.

Student: Same.