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Who is Nico and why is he so gay

@laraneechan THIS is Nico. Full name Nico Di Angelo

(Yes, that is his official art) 

He is a smol, angry, angst-filled Italian demigod who is very gay and is currently in a relationship with his loving boyfriend (Significant annoyance, in Nico’s words) Will Solace

(All art belongs to @viria)

Here’s some instances where Nico is hella gay

(The first time him and his bf hold hands, it sent an electric current down his spine)

(When talking to said bf, he was reminded of a moment an acquaintance of his called the bf’s dad hot. Reminder that the bf looks really similar to his dad from the description) 

(No comments necessary)

(Ye he’s also goth/emo af. Skeletal butterflies PFF)

And this was when they haven’t get together yet. There’s a whole book after it where him and his bf are happily dating

(Annnddd I’m stopping here. Don’t want to spoil you everything in case you want to read this)

Now you know about Nico di Angelo. Hopefully you will, too, love him like I do. 

When other members catch you having sex in the shower

Anonymous asked : BTS reaction when he’s having privet sexy time ;) in the shower with Y\N and member walking in them ?? (make it long please)


Namjoon went to shower a few minutes ago when you decided to join him. With a soft smile, you quietly go through the corridor and open the bathroom’s door. Once the door is closed behind you, your eyes lands on Namjoon rinsing his hair. You smile at the sight of his long silhouette through the mist. You silently remove your clothes and open the shower’s door to slide inside. Namjoon slightly jumps as he turns around and opens his eyes wide as he sees you in front of him, smiling. « What are you doing? » You don’t answer, your smirk is enough to make him understand that you didn’t sneak in to share an innocent shower. You slip your hands against his wet chest, watching him pass a hand through his hair to clear his face. Namjoon smirks the moment you press your body against his, still caressing his chest and shoulders. You get on your tiptoes and kiss his neck, your lips running through his skin making him shiver at every touch. His arms curl around your waist, pressing you tighter against him. His hands goes down your ass as soon as you start sucking his skin to leave your mark. A slight stifled growl is heard in his throat and you feel something hardening against you. You smile, giving a last kiss to his neck before you look at Namjoon. His gaze is burning like fire, his dilated pupils making him look like his eyes are just two black holes. He takes your face with just one hand, firmly holding your jaw, his thumb rolling on your lower lip, giving you a dominant look that literally makes you wet. You moan, struggling with this painful tension between your bodies, and you cling to his shoulders. Namjoon lower his hand to grab your neck and puts his lips on yours in a chaste kiss. He wants to play with you but you are unable to hold yourself any longer. His eyes are too vicious for you to play along. You need him now and right away. You whine in a sigh against his mouth : « Touch me … » Namjoon looks at you for a few seconds with an intensity that almost makes your legs flinch. He starts to smile and pulls you against the shower’s wall, your skin slamming against the cold surface. You put your hands on the wall, a naughty smile on your mouth. Namjoon spanks you hard without a warning. You let out a little chuckle, quickly joined by Namjoon’s who hisses between his teeth as his big hand passes between your butt cheeks to grab your throbbing pussy. His boldness and dominance drives you crazy. You suggestively arch your back, your fingers clenching on themselves. Namjoon comes to spread your hair on the side to suck your neck, pulling your skin between his teeth to make you moan. You bite your lips with impatience when you hear a curse. You turn violently, realizing that this voice is not Namjoon’s voice. This is Yoongi’s voice. Namjoon startles and stands in front of you to hide your naked body, even if Yoongi is almost out, muttering « sorry ». Once you’re alone, you rest your head on the shower’s wall and groans with shame. Yoongi will never forget this moment of supreme embarrassment. How are you going to look at him in the eyes ? It’s so embarrassing that you just want to disappear… You frown when you don’t hear any reactions coming from your boyfriend. You’re about to turn around when you feel Namjoon’s hand around your throat, your back arched as he slides two fingers deep inside you.


It was an innocent idea. You just wanted to take an innocent little shower with your sweet boyfriend. You innocently wanted to wash his hair and play in the water with him. But when Tae saw the shower gel running between your breasts, Taehyung didn’t want to be innocent no more. He’s now against you, smirking, his hands wandering on your ass. You smile, knowing very well what he has in mind. Tae gently pushes you against the shower’s wall and begins to kiss your neck. Slowly, very slowly, his tongue rolls against your skin and his teeth sinks into your flesh. You groan softly, your fingers clenching on his waist. He sucks your sensitive skin, awakening the heat in your core. His other hand grabs one of your breast to squeeze it deliciously. His hands are magical and he intends to show it to you once again. His mouth leaves your neck to lick your earlobe. You’re shivering so much your legs can’t hold you anymore. Tae chuckles and passes his arm around your waist to hold you tight. You laugh softly, your forehead against his, and close your eyes when you feel his hand running through your body to end between your thighs. You sigh, your breathing mixed with Tae’s. His burning eyes observes each of your reactions as his fingers caresses you slowly, painfully slowly. They go everywhere, touching you where nobody touched you before. Taehyung slowly opens his mouth in a smirk as he rolls the tip of his fingers on your clit. He snorts as he watches your eyes roll behind your skull. Biting his tongue, he slightly increases the pressure while accelerating his movements. You  firmly cling to his shoulder, your other hand shaking on his chest. You can tell how wet you are just by the way his fingers slips so easily. You’re soaking wet. You sigh and raise your trembling hand to slip it in his wet hair while you put your mouth on his neck, sucking his sensitive skin just the way he likes. Taehyung lets a slight grunt out, tightening his embrace around your waist. He begins to slide his two fingers towards your entrance, taking your breath away. Suddenly, the door opens, making you both gasp. You violently turn your head towards it and jump even more when you see Jimin’s face. Jimin startles and screams as he immediately hides his eyes behind his hands, bursting with laughter. Tae doesn’t move, his hand still between your thighs, his arm holding you firmly against him, his eyes riveted on Jimin who can’t stop laughing, embarrassed as fuck while he slams the door behind him on his way out. Through the door, he starts shouting (without ceasing to laugh, tho) « I’M SO SORRY I THOUGHT YOU WERE ALONE ! I DIDN’T SEE YOU, OKAY ? SORRY TAE ! SORRY Y/N ! ». This idiot simply just informed the entire dorm that you & Tae were doing dirty things in the shower. You sigh of exasperation and Taehyung finally turns his eyes towards you, smiling stupidly. Seeing his dumb face, you start laughing. He doesn’t take long to follow you, embarrassed but finding it too funny not to laugh.


When Jin tells you he’s going to take a shower, all the attention you have to your book fades away to focus on the charming prospect of joining your boyfriend in the shower. Your smile must be fairly explicit as Jin grins. « I don’t know what you’re thinking about but forget it. All the boys are in the dorm and you’re always too loud. » You’re dying to reply that it’s HIM that’s always too loud but you hold it back. You want him too much to spoil everything. You get closer while he takes some clean clothes and hug him from behind, your arms around his waist. Jin smiles but sighs, his head slightly swung back. « Jagi, it’s useless… There’s no way you’ll come with me, okay? » Ten minutes later, you press your hands against the shower wall, holding a long moan as Jin increases the rhythm of his thrusts. His fingers are deeply embedded in your hips, promising you more bruises than before. He slightly slows down to kiss your shoulder and neck, his jerky breath against your wet skin making you shiver. When Jin moves away to thrust deeper and rougher, you arch your back more, feeling the delicious sensation of your breasts moving and shaking with each of his thrusts. Jin holds back his moans which turn into light grunts. The pressure becomes higher in your lower stomach. You have more and more trouble to breath. When you open your mouth to tell Jin you’re gonna cum, you hear his whisper « I… I’m close, babe… » You bite your lips and grab his hand on your hip, showing him that you’re also close to your high. Jin is about to speed up when Namjoon’s voice is heard behind the door. « Jin Hyung ? I need to take my… » The door opens, Namjoon looks at you and jumps violently as Jin begin to scream. You also scream, frightened by Jin’ scream, and Namjoon gets even more scared. He bumps into the cabinet hanging on the wall and drops all its content. Everything is smashed on the ground in an impressive crash while Namjoon desperately tries to catch them before they fall. In vain, of course. It’s even worse when he breaks the cabinet’s door. You & Jin look at him with your eyes wide open, as if hiding yourselves had become less important than the eternal distress of the God of destruction. You even feel sorry for Joonie. Apparently, Jin doesn’t share your compassion and starts shouting : « YAH ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE ! » Namjoon covers his eyes with his hand and rushes his way out, constantly repeating « I’m so sorry. » Once out, you hear him saying that he’s sorry again but this brief moment of despair is spoiled by Jungkook’s silly laugh who just understood what happened and doesn’t hesitate to make fun of his Hyung.


You enter the bathroom to brush your teeth before going to sleep. Hoseok is showering but he doesn’t mind if you’re here. Your eyes stops on Hobi’s reflexion in the mirror. Through the fog, you only see his back and his cute ass, but it’s enough to wake the butterflies in your lower stomach. As you wipe your mouth with the towel, Hoseok turns around to get the water on his chest again. He doesn’t look at you, focusing on what he’s doing. You turn around too, biting your lips as the view gets even better. His glowing honey skin, his toned chest and arms, his beautiful hands with his long fingers, his strong thighs, his tasty tummy… And his fucking amazing cock, just right in front of your eyes. God damn, you’re horny as fuck. You bite your lips even more and take off your top. It’s only when you get rid of you your shorts that Hoseok finally looks at you. You smirk at his questioning look and continue to strip. « What are you doing ? » You throw your panties away and open the shower cabin. Hoseok finally smiles, his eyes going down on your body like it was the first time he saw you. He pulls you against him and strokes your neck, the water running down your body, just between your boobs. Hoseok looks at them with his lower lip between his teeth. Hoseok presses you against him and kisses you slowly, increasing the tension between your bodies. His hands goes up to your breasts, his thumbs rubbing your nipples to make you sigh against his mouth. You feel his hardness growing against your thigh and you smirk, feeling the tingles in your lower stomach. Hoseok is now caressing your boobs with his strong hands, making you rub your thighs one against the other. You break the kiss and, your mouth still against his mouth, you turn off the water. You bite his lower lip and slowly kneel in front of him. His hand never leaves your hair, a playful smile on his lips. Hoseok is more than ready for your mouth. You lick your lips at the view of his erected member dressed in front of your eyes. You put your hands on his waist and get closer to kiss the skin just below his belly button. Hoseok strokes your hair, a shiver running down his spine. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. Taehyung, his tired eyes almost closed, mumbles « I’m borrowing your tooth path, Hyung… » and gets in front of the mirror, ready to brush his teeth. You slowly straighten up, not knowing if you can even breath. Hoseok puts his arms around you and presses you against him, trying to hide your body, but mostly trying not to attract Tae’s attention. Obviously, you’re both suspicious as fuck. When Taehyung realizes he’s not hearing any water flowing, he looks at the shower cabin and opens his mouth, his eyes wide opens in shock. Nobody says a word, nobody makes a sound. Taehyung spits in the sink, his eyes still on you, then walks towards the door to get out of the bathroom. You don’t know how long you stay silent but Hoseok finally whispers « What the fuck just happened ? » You look at him, still a bit shocked by the fact that Tae just saw you naked. With Hoseok. In the fucking shower.


When you see Yoongi’s amused smile when you ask him if you can join him in the shower, you have a hard time hiding your mischievous smile. As you quickly undress in the bathroom, Yoongi gives you a serious look. « We don’t have time to do stupid things & the kids are all here. So let’s keep it quick, fluffy and cute, okay ? » You don’t say anything and just nod innocently, unable to promise anything. He comes in first and you follow him closely, closing the cabin’s door behind you. Yoongi takes the shower head and runs the warm water, starting to wet your shoulders as soon as it’s hot enough. You get closer to him, asking for a kiss that he offers you very willingly, his cute little smile making you melt. While he runs the water on him, you take the shower gel and the bath flower and start to lather everything. Yoongi turns around so you can wash his back. You giggle when you hear his little satisfied grunts and his little moves to show you where he wants you to go. Yoongi puts the shower head on his support and shivers when he feels the hot water slipping down his back. As you pass your hands over his shoulders and his arms, you lose yourself in the contemplation of his broad shoulders. You bite your lip, raising your eyes to look at his delicious neck. You press your body to his, your arms passing around his waist to hug him tight. You kiss his shoulder, licking the water’s drops that pearl on his skin. Yoongi sighs lightly, not realizing yet that you don’t intend to keep it cute. You stroke his chest, the moss flowing between your fingers, his wet skin slipping like silk. When you lower your hand and get closer to his cock, Yoongi startles and opens his mouth to protest. His words remain stuck in his throat when you begin to caress him gently. He’s not ready yet but you know how to get him horny in a few seconds. You lick his neck, moaning against his ear. Yoongi’s fingers clenches on your wrists, wanting to stop you and yet unable to do anything whenever your hands strokes him that way. It doesn’t take much time before his member gets fully erected, making you smirk against his shoulder. You bite him a bit harder than usual when you increase the pressure and begin to jerk him off, earning a long hiss from your boyfriend. « Stop… » You raise an eyebrow, slowing down the rhythm of your movements without releasing the pressure of your fingers around him. You whisper « What ? » against his ear before sliding your tongue along his neck and then his shoulder to finally kiss him just between his shoulder blades. You slide your hand to the tip of his member, spreading the precum so slowly that Yoongi groans. Your other hand grabs his balls while you ask again, a smirk on your lips : « What did you say, babe ? » Yoongi grips your wrist and lower his hand to mingle with your fingers. He whines « Faster » and you don’t waste time teasing him. You jerk him off fast and intensely, tearing soft moans from his pretty mouth. That’s when you hear the door open. You turn around, bodies still pressed to each other, seeing Jungkook who doesn’t stay more than three seconds in the bathroom, jumping as soon as he sees you. He closes the door behind him and shouts « Sorry, Suga Hyung ! » He stays in front of the door, his famous Jungshook face on. You’re so stunned that you don’t feel that Yoongi is turning around. You gasp when he make you arch your back with one hand while his leg pulls away yours. You cling to the wall, feeling his hands firmly grasping your hips. Yoongi thrusts softly but deeply, not seeming to be affected by Jungkook’s surprise visit.


You enter the bathroom, quickly pulls out your clothes and enters the shower, in need to feel the warm water running on your skin. You run the water and start to wash yourself, closing your eyes when you smell the the sweet peachy fragrance of your shower gel. Suddenly, you hear a light noise, like a fabric when it falls to the ground, and quickly turn back. Your scream is stifled by Jimin’s hand. He sticks to you, completely naked and hard as wood. He smiles mischievously, waiting for your heart to calm down a bit. Once he’s sure you’re not going to make a noise, he pulls out his hand and bites his lip, putting his hands in the bottom of your back, pressing you even more against him. The water falls between you two, just where your breasts rub against his chest. Jimin makes you step back a bit and kisses you sensually, a playful smile on his mouth. You love it when he’s in this mood but this time you can be caught at any time… Jimin knows it, but you low-key think he loves it. With a small smile, he leans down to grab your nipple between his teeth, snatching a sigh from you. You cling to his shoulders, your head leaning back, feeling your arousal warming your lower abdomen. Jimin kneels down and looks up at you as he kisses your belly. You hold back a moan, pressing your thighs against each other. He has vice in his eyes and he knows very well that it drives you crazy. You put your hand through his wet hair, watching him spread your thighs to have full access to your dripping core. Jimin grips your butt, almost a little too hard, but he knows that you like it. You grin while biting your lip, encouraging him to continue. Without leaving your eyes, Jimin shamelessly sticks out his tongue and passes it very slowly against your slit. His fucking smirk… You sigh and clench your fingers in his hair, already in need for him to eat you feverishly. But you know Jimin likes to make you dripping wet before he starts to do anything to you. For the first time, you are mistaken. Big time. Without warning, he spreads your folds with his skilled tongue stroke and grab your clit with his plumped lips. You let go a very salty curse, arching your back under the effect of this sudden pleasure. Jimin places your leg on his shoulder, giving him a royal access to your burning pussy. His face disappears between your thighs to devour you like crazy, moaning as if you were the best dessert in the world. You have to press your hand against your mouth, tears rising to your eyes. What he does to you is not human. His tongue keeps constant pressure, causing waves of thrilling throughout your body, almost becoming vibrations that take your breath away. You moan louder, unable to hold you back, and then sees Jin enter the bathroom. You shout, much more louder, which makes Jin screams. He sees you two in the shower and starts screaming louder before slamming the door as he gets out. Jimin hides his face against your thigh, feeling more ashamed than ever. He begins to whine « Oh my God… Jin-Hyung saw us… » You stroke his hair, still in shock, but mostly frustrated. Jimin looks up at you as if he had read your thoughts and gently asks, his mischievous smile rising on his lips « Are you frustrated, Jagi ?» You don’t answer, knowing well that he knows the answer. In the end, it amuses him and makes him forget his shame to have been caught by his Hyung. He giggles and rolls his tongue against your clit, ready to make you cum in his mouth.


Even when the water begins to flow on your skin, you have a hard time emerging from sleep. Your eyes close on their own and you can’t concentrate very well on what you’re doing. You wet your face which wakes you a little more. You even start to softly sing as you wash yourself. As you rinse, you hear your boyfriend’ sleepy voice : « Y/N ? ». You call him quietly and smile when you see him close the door behind him. He remains motionless to look at you thought his mid-close eyes, arms along his body, his cute messy hair making you melt. You know he hates to wake up with you not being next to him, but you have a very important meeting and you didn’t want to wake up this little cutie. You don’t have time to tell him that you’re almost done, Jungkook begins to undress. You laugh as you watch him joins you, his eyes barely more open than before. You open your arms to pass them around his neck and smile when Jungkook sticks to you, his arms around your waist. He lets out a cute moan when the warm water flows against his back. You lay a series of kisses on his neck and shoulder, gathering satisfied grunts from him. You fingers wanders on his muscular body, enjoying the warmness of his skin. You feel his morning wood against your bare skin and smirk, getting kinda turned on. It’s crazy how this boy can get you horny, even when he hasn’t even fully woke up. Slowly, one of your hands goes down to grab his cock while you whisper in his ear : « Hello, baby boy… ». Jungkook chuckles so softly it’s like a breath and hisses when your fingers begin to slide on his length. Without you expecting it, Jungkook raises you up like a feather and thrusts into you so easily you gasp. You can’t hold a long moan against his ear, your legs wrapping around his waist. Jungkook rests his head on the crook of your neck, holding you firmly against him as he slowly fucks you. You don’t know where this morning strength comes from, but you couldn’t care less. You stroke his hair, moaning against his ear, just the way he likes it. Suddenly, you hear a strange noise, like someone choked, and you turn slowly. You barely have time to see Hoseok, with his hand on his heart and his messy hair, rushing out of the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. You grin and turn your gaze towards Jungkook who doesn’t seems to understand. « W-Whaaat…? » When you tell him that Hoseok has just caught you two fucking, he hides his head in your neck and whines : « Hyung will never forget it… Never… »

BTS Scenario #8

                                           | Him proposing to you |

Originally posted by emiria

Pairing : Idol!BTS x Female Reader

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : From 338 to 488

Request —

Kim Seokjin 

The faint movement of your eyelids announced your awakening. While stretching your body, your senses were gradually being roused and soon you could smell the earthy scent of coffee lingering in the air. You turned your head to look over your shoulder and noticed your boyfriend absence. 

Slowly emerging from your slumber, you stayed lying under the warm bedsheets, looking through the window ahead of you and gazing at the small snowflakes that swung in the air between soft sunrays. 

The creaking of the door snapped you out of your daydream leading you to turn on your back and watch as Seokjin entered your bedroom with a full trail. You smiled in front of his serious face, focused on not spilling the content as he slowly put it on the crinkled sheets, next to you. You sat up and your smile widened when you saw the delicious meals he’d prepared.

You kissed good morning and dug in. A comfortable silence fell as you lovingly gazed and even fed each other. Everyday felt the same, everyday you felt the same — you felt delighted to share your life with your favorite human being in the world and to be shown equally great amount of love from him. Everything felt perfect as always. 

Yet, you could feel something a tiny bit different. As you watched him more closely, you were able to note the shift in color of his ears — they looked more pink than usual. You knew it only happened when he was embarrassed or stressed of having to tell something important. You didn’t say anything, contenting yourself with your warm cup of coffee. 

You finished drinking it to the last drop, watching its bottom as you did so. Too engrossed, you didn’t hear the sudden inspiration Seokjin took as he watched you and the faint frown your brows did. You were sure you’d never seen that mug before and your feeling had proven to be right when you read the letters scribed inside — Marry me ?

Min Yoongi 

Shifting your weight on your feet, you silently waited for the photographer to wave at you for you to take you place on the set. Dressed in a beautiful light pink gown, you tried to breath evenly and calm your nerves as a hairdresser touched up your hair.

Your heartbeat increased as you gazed at where you’d soon be, alone in front of several cameras. You had never done anything alike but you’d always dream of posing like a model and to feel like the prettiest woman in the world even just for a couple of minutes. Needless to say that you already were the most gorgeous woman in the eyes of your boyfriend and he was ready to prove his love to you by fulfilling each of your desires starting with this photoshoot he organized just for you.

You tried to spot him somewhere near you but you couldn’t see him. Then, one of the photographers called your name and told you to settle in. Two women helped you with your long silky dress and arranged it beautifully down your feet as you sat on a high chair, decorated with dozens of big flowers that matched the ones in your hair.

During the first couple of pictures taken you seemed a bit stiff and uncomfortable. The picture-takers did their best to appease you and make you feel more at ease. Their words were really encouraging and boosting and soon you revealed another side you. You appeared much more confident and as the pictures came one after the other on a big screen situated on one side for the others to watch, you could hear them express their amazement.

Your apprehension was long forgotten, you were very pleased of the smooth progress of your shooting and couldn’t wait to take a look at the pictures. The only regret you had was that Yoongi seemed nowhere to be seen and you really wanted to share that experience with him. The photographers then motioned you to come down the chair and pose standing up as one member of the staff came to hand you a bouquet of white roses.

At one moment after you were asked to move and pose on one side of the set, you noticed your boyfriend, dressed elegantly in a black tuxedo, walking towards you and gazing at you in awe. You smiled back at him and slightly frowned when he kept on coming closer and closer. You looked back at the photographer who hadn’t stop in his tracks and kept pressing the button of his device. Yoongi occupied the empty spot next to you and as people kept gazing at the screen with the pictures coming in — They showed him stopping a few inches away from you and like an animated movie, down on one knee as he raised his hands in front of him holding a small heart-shaped dark red velvet ring box.

Jung Hoseok 

Loud music was being played when you arrived the dance studio where Hoseok was rehearsing with some of his back-up dancers. You closed the door after you and went to sit one of the empty chairs gathered in one side of the large room. Your boyfriend texted you a while back telling you to join him if you wanted to since you had a day off from work. You agreed immediately, enjoying watching him blossoming in his work environment. On your way there, you’d thought of buying some snacks to reward everyone’s hard work. 

You watched with interest the couple of different routines the fifteen or so dancers did leaded by your boyfriend as he shouted some directive words. You’d always found him very attractive when he was in control, sporting his serious face. By the end of the fifth one, they all seemed drained and heavy breathing filled the air. You watched him walk to you, all sweaty with a beaming smile as he dried his face with a towel. He pecked your lips and couldn’t refrain himself when he noticed all the food you brought with you. 

He called for the others to come join you and they all thanked you, delighted to finally take a break.You sat on the side, gazing at your boyfriend who happily savored your treats. Your eyes dropped down to his damp shirt and you sighed at the thought of him overworking himself. 

You then looked at the others and noticed how warmly they were dressed for the room temperature. You asked Hoseok about it and he told you that clothes were part of the show and he wanted to perform as on D-day. They eventually finished eating and everyone took part in the cleaning. Your boyfriend told you they needed to rehearse one more song before you could leave the place so you sat back on your chair. 

The group gathered at the center around Hoseok who spoke a few words before they all take their side. Apparently, that routine involved light show. Only little spots were left lit. One of the female dancers smiled to you as she went to settle a camera and you noticed from its position that you’d be in the camera’s field of view but she told you it wouldn’t be a problem. 

When the first beats were heard, all the dancers moved like shadows. They did all the dance steps flawlessly and soon you couldn’t distinguish Hoseok from the rest anymore. Then you saw people undressing themselves and throwing their thick jackets on the floor, as someone walked away from the group. Everyone turned around and then you could decypher fluorescent letters on each of the shirts as the persons stood in a certain order for you to read — Will you marry me ?

Kim Namjoon 

You thought that that night was definitely special, the fact that your boyfriend agreed on making a three course meal by himself felt surreal and you told yourself to enjoy it to the fullest since it probably wouldn’t happen any time soon. Settled comfortably in your living-room, you gazed, smiling, at the adorable way Namjoon had customize your table with scented candles and flowers. 

It wasn’t the first he’d done something romantic but every time he did, it never failed to surprise and move you. You looked back towards the kitchen where you could see him dressing the dessert on plates. He told you not to try to take glimpses otherwise you would spoil everything. You laughed at his cute behavior and contented yourself by fiddling with the small velvet petals that decorated the tablecloth. 

He eventually came back, hands full and carefully settled the plates on the table. You stayed in awe in front of his creation, despite it not being a very elaborated dish, you knew how careless he could be sometimes and the fact that something so meticulous and fragile came from his hands caught you off guard.

Namjoon looked at you, anxiously, as you ate your first spoons and you didn’t wait too long to praise him. Even though you meant every word, he kept telling you he knew it wasn’t perfect but you quickly scolded him, forcing him to believe you which made him smile shyly. Two empty plates and a couple of drinks later, you watched your boyfriend leave, telling you not to move from your spot. 

You obeyed, wondering what he still could have up his sleeve. He soon came back, hiding something behind him and sat back down, revealing to you he had a present for you. You frowned, asking him what was the occasion for offering you a gift but he just told you to open it. Watching as you mercilessly teared the paper gift, a surprised gasp left you as you held the copies of your favorite author’s new books.

 When you looked back up to Namjoon, he sported a very large grin and you instantly got up to go hug and kiss him to show your gratitude. Sitting side-saddle on his lap, you couldn’t tear your eyes from your gifts and him from you. He then whispered you a couple of words and you opened one of the books, the air leaving your lungs when you looked inside — the pages were hollowed out in the shape of a heart and a silver ribbon was neatly knotted around a shining ring.

Park Jimin 

The jingling noise of keys disrupted the apartment’s calmness as Jimin entered it. His music could be heard through his earplugs and his arms were filled with groceries bags. He quickly walked to the kitchen and stored the food according to their proper place. Your cat, perched on one of the shelves, quietly watched him, swinging its tail in the air. 

Jimin smiled as he grabbed and held it before shuffling to the living-room. He let it go, the furry animal scurrying towards its toys that hung around on the floor while Jimin stopped his music, unplugging his earphones and throwing them carelessly on the couch. He ran his fingers through his hair and turned around to walk towards your bedroom where he guessed you were. 

Opening very slowly the door, your boyfriend’s lips instantly formed a smile when he caught your sleeping figure curled under the sheets. Jimin walked closely to you, readjusting the covers on your body and leant down to softly kiss your cheek. He didn’t want to wake you, not to disturb your nap and left you alone, exiting without a sound.

He went back to the living-room, sighing as he threw his body down on the couch. He rubbed his eyes and kept them close a moment. He bit his lip and slid his hand in his pocket to pull a tiny dark blue box out of it. He kept staring at it, sighing again and then his eyes went to look at the motionless cat, already looking back at him. Jimin let out a chuckle, wondering out loud on the way he should propose to you. 

The animal didn’t budge a bit and Jimin looked down at the box again, making it roll in his hands. He threw his head back, staring at the ceiling. Then he felt a weigh on his thighs leading him to look down and he saw his pet trying to take the box from him. Jimin laughed toying with it as he raised his hand in the air, pretending here and then to give it to it when an idea suddenly came to him.

You slowly stirred in your sleep and opened your eyes when your heard some faint noise next to you. You smiled when you saw your boyfriend, sat at the foot of the bed, cutely playing with your cat. When he looked sideways and saw that you were awake his smile widened and he greeted you. He let the cat climb onto the bed to make its way towards you as he crawled on the floor, moving himself closer to you. Your hands immediately went to pat you cat as you sat up but froze when they touched something cold. You took your cat in your arms and looked closely at its collar, noticing the beautiful ring secured on it.

Kim Taehyung 

Looking around you in admiration, you couldn’t tear your eyes away from your beautiful surroundings as you gazed with interest at the incredible setting the observatory put in for its visitors. Copies of planets, solar system and stars hung above your head making you feel as if you really were in space among them. Taehyung decided to organize this outing for a long time since the moment you expressed the will to visit one of those astronomical observatories and thought he could kill two birds with one stone by making the event even more special.

He walked closely behind you, unable to stop smiling when you looked so cute as you enthusiastically showed him everything that seemed beautiful to you, pointing at all the things in case he would miss them. You appeared so genuinely happy and your boyfriend could only stare at the most beautiful star of all in the room — you.

You went to every spot, read all the information displayed for visitors about space and its specificities. Sometimes, you waited for Taehyung when you thought you weren’t paying him too much attention but he promised you that he didn’t mind it and told you to enjoy your time there to the fullest, resulting in you smiling to him with one of your largest smiles. As the visit went on, your boyfriend’s heart beat rapidly in his chest when he was thinking about the fateful moment coming closer and closer. 

Your unawareness calmed him a bit but he was good at hiding his nervousness and you didn’t notice anything particular in his behavior. You were now walking into a room with several telescopes that were left at the disposal of visitors. That day was a special one as a lunar eclipse would take place causing a red moon. You’d been waiting for that moment all along and couldn’t refrain your eagerness as you walked quickly to one of the devices.

Taehyung chuckled and followed suit. He watched you lovingly as he felt his hands become clammy and then left you to look into another telescope, a precise one. You raised your head when you heard him calling your name, claiming the one he used was much more better. You smiled at him and walked until you were next to him. He sent you a weird look but you didn’t mention it and slightly leant down with one eye closed.

You could clearly see the red moon in all its splendor but what caught you off guard was the writing that seemed to be scribed onto it. You felt your boyfriend circle your waist as you heard him whispering into your ear that his heart belonged to you, a gasp left you after you made out the couple of words you were looking at — Will you be mine forever ? 

Jeon Jungkook

That day was definitely a noteworthy date. You never had so much fun in the span of a few hours and you were even more jolly because you did all those amazing activities with your boyfriend who seemed to enjoy himself just as much as you. You both agreed on spending the day doing whatever you wanted, regardless of everything that usually made you think twice about them. You just wanted to release stress and the worries of your life and just think about yourself and nothing else. 

From doing almost all the rides of the amusement park, eating literally at each food stand you came across without forgetting the endless shops you went into, you didn’t stop one second and punctuated each activities with hilarious moments that’d be etched on both of your memories. 

You fell even more in love with Jungkook when he agreed on doing all the the crazy things that went through your mind, even going to the outermost limit of suitable behavior in public that made passers-by question his sanity but you both didn’t have a care in the world because during all those wonderful times it was just the two of you.

Before that day, you boyfriend didn’t believe possible to be more in love with you. Throughout the day, he kept telling himself how lucky he was to have someone like you and it just fostered him in his decision even more. Each time he gazed at you having the time of your life, laughing your lungs out so hard because of some stupid jokes he made or when you looked at him with those eyes smiling lovingly to him, he knew he made the right choice.

When the sun disappeared behind dark clouds as you walked arm in arm, with lots of shopping bags and sipping on a frappucino that you shared, you felt Jungkook tugging on your arm and pointing towards a photo booth. You realized you hadn’t thought of taking any picture and instantly sided with him. Probably the best way to finish on a high note.

He took your hand and soon you were inside the cramped space, laughing excited. Jungkook watched you as you put coins inside and got ready to pose for the pictures. Light flashed several times capturing first your smiling face that soon shifted in a shocked expression when your boyfriend opened in between you a small black box


When We Collide (Part 7)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

A shaky breath escaped from your lips so loudly and deep it echoed in the otherwise quiet bathroom. You had made sure you were the only one in here in fear of someone else showing up but now it was as if everything around you was blurred.

The stick in your hand was just as blurry as everything else. How could this be possible? How was it even possible? None of it made sense to your mind.

“I can’t be fucking pregnant.” You stated to yourself but when you looked into the mirror to see your devastated expression reality hit you hard.

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Open the door

Genre : Smut

Paring : Namjoon x Reader

Summary : 2am on Halloween’s night. Your boyfriend is away for promoting & you’re home alone while the moon is high in the sky. Suddenly, someone knocks on your door.

Soundtrack : You Say I’m Crazy - Lulu Rouge []

Warning :

- Kinky as fuck.

- English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes ♡

Being alone on Halloween night makes you sadder than you thought. This has always been your favorite holiday, enjoying the spooky & childish atmosphere, too happy to decorate your apartment with dozens of candles, pumpkins, bats and fill all your jars with candy. You knew that Namjoon & the boys wouldn’t be here tonight, still in the middle of their promotion in Japan, but you thought that giving sweets to the children ringing at your door would at least cheer you up. You waited until one o'clock in the morning for someone to ring at your door, but no child came to claim a trick or a treat.

It’s now 2am and you still don’t feel like sleeping, feeling too bad for that. How sad is it to spend Halloween night all alone… You’re slumped on your couch, stirring your fingers in a jar filled with candy that you don’t even have the heart to eat. You really miss Namjoon and even if you just have to wait a few days before seeing him again, tonight the distance is much more difficult to bear. On top of that, he doesn’t answer your texts, but you guess that at this late hour of the night, your man must surely sleep. You sigh, your knees swaying slowly in the air while your eyes wanders on the ceiling. The silence of your apartment becomes almost deafening and you wonder if you should not go to sleep anyway.

Then, you hear three knocks on your door.

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Dating Jackson Wang Would Include:

•Lot’s of skinship
•I mean it
•Cuddles 25/8
•He needs to be the center of attention
•Would get all pouty if you paid attention to the other members and not him
•Let’s be honest this boy breaths attention
•"Jagiiiii! Why are you sitting over there with Mark, when you could be cuddling with me right here?“
•Going on dates ft. Mark ((always))
•Overprotective Jackson
•If anyone ever hurt you or made you uncomfortable then..
•May God have mercy upon them because he won’t
•Hates seeing you sad
•Will try anything to make you smile
•Lame jokes
•Corny pick up lines
•He loves you to death
•I’m dead serious
•This boy will do anything for you
•Because you are his everything
•Spoils you a bit too much
•But he can’t help it
•Buys you guys matching t-shirts
•And makes you wear them in public
•Calls you princess
•Clingy Jackson
•He will always have his arm around your waist or hold your hand
•To show everyone you’re his.
•Lots of lovebites
•To visible places
•Again, to let everyone know you’re claimed
•Dominant af
•He may be sweet af most of the time but
•He loves to punish you
•But wouldn’t dare to touch you if you didn’t give him premission
•In other words, Jackson Wang would be the best boyfriend
•wHeRe cAn i BuY a JaCkSoN wAnG??

-Admin Vanillakookie 🍪

BTS Reaction | spoiling their s/o with gifts

Request: “please please please bts reaction for how they might spoil their s/o with gifts? x”

Kim Seokjin 

After finally passing all your exams he would be so proud of you and would spoil you with everything that you like. He would get you a giant teddy bear and buy you lots and lots of roses in your favourite colour to show you how much he loves you. “The teddy bear is even bigger than me, jin. That’s crazy! Where did you even find him?” You said while hugging your new big stuffed animal. “Nothing is impossible for me, when spoiling my baby.”

Min Yoongi

He’s clearly not a man of much words so he always shows you how much he loves you by making you little gifts all the time. Last time you two went shopping in Seoul your eyes were attached to a certain watch that you wanted to have so badly, but you didn’t want to spend so much money on it, so you forgot about it. Until one evening, when Yoongi showed up at your place and just casually gifted the watch to you, as it was nothing big. “You didn’t have to buy me the watch, it was so expensive.” “Don’t worry about it, nothing is to expensive for my girl.”

Kim Namjoon

He has really a thing for fashion and he loved it when you dressed up nicely for special events so every time you two went out for dinner or special occasions, he would go shopping with you before and buy you nice dresses and shoes. “You really don’t have to buy me those, they are quite expensive after all.” “But I want to spoil my little baby girl, don’t you dare reject my gift.” He would say to you playfully. And when you just hang out at one another’s place he would buy for the both of you matching hoodies to chill in. Totally all in for matching outfits.

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would love to spoil you so much. When he was pretty busy with work for a while, he would try to spend all of his free time with you afterwards. Booking a flight and exploring the world with you would be his special treat for you. “Was is this?” You asked. “Just open it up” He replied, already smiling from ear to ear. “No you did not!” Your mouth stood wide open as you saw two plane tickets inside the envelope. “Just a little surprise for my lovely princess.”  

Park Jimin

Jimin would be so into spoiling you and would always buy you flowers without any reasons. One day you came home and couldn’t believe what you saw. The whole floor was covered with red roses and a little note from your boyfriend. “Happy anniversary, princess. I love you.” He was away on tour with his band so he couldn’t be with you on this day but that wouldn’t stop him from spoiling you.

Jeon Jungkook

“I’ll pick you up at 8pm, just wear something nice. I Love you” Jungkook texted you. A little smiley escaped you, giggling at his text all by yourself like an idiot. At night he picked you up and waited in front of your door with a big flower bouquet in his hands. He would be all dressed up – wearing a white shirt with black pants and would go to your favourite restaurant with you to celebrate your anniversary. At the restaurant he would be so nervous, curious about your reaction when he’ll be giving you his present for this special event – a pretty bracelet with your initials on in and the date you two started dating.

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung would love buying you local sweets and souvenirs when he was somewhere abroad. He recalled that you loved Swiss chocolate and as he was in switch just now with his band he decided to buy some and gift them to you when he finally would see you again. “Look, I’ve got you something in Swiss as I know you love their chocolate so much.” You looked surprised at the amount that he did bring with him – like probably his half suitcase would be filled with just gifts for you. “You didn’t have to buy me that much Tae!” “I didn’t know what’s your favourite flavour so I just bought all they’ve got there.”

anonymous asked:

I AM SHOOK THAT YOUR REQUESTS ARE OPEN 😭 can i resquest a jay park smut where y/n (a plus size dark skin girl) is shy in the bedroom but he wants her to ride his face? i love you sm


There were two sides of you. The shy quiet side that loved staying away from crowds, and the bold sex driven vixen that loved to be perched on top of her boyfriend’s face and mouth. It was hard for you to believe that you could be both, but anyone who was close to you knew that the lights could switch on any minute, especially when the one controlling your switches was Jay Park. He was your boyfriend of a few months, sweet and kind to you. Loving to take you out and spoil you with everything, and when you were at home he was ready to experiment with everything until you were crying out his name. Sadly, tonight was no different.

Sometimes you were afraid of what you could become. Being confident was not always you because you were bigger than most. Jay didn’t care, never did but you always felt like he would find something more than just you. Even taking off your top sometimes was a hassle because you argued with him to keep it on, but he would do or say something that made you feel so confident and sexy about yourself and you complied. Some days yes, you had great days as to where you were confident about your body, still a little nervous about doing some things. Jay had called you over, you both went out on a date like many other days, but he told you he wanted to try something. Then dropped the conversation for ‘later’. Now later was here, and you were nervous, hoping he would avoid asking you whatever was up his sleeves.

“So, do you want a drink to start off?” Jay asked you as he led you towards his bedroom. Nervously, you nibbled on your bottom lip looking around the room shaking your head. You had been here before, more than once actually but every time you were in your boyfriend’s room you were a nervous wreck.

“I don’t think drinking will make me feel any less anxious when I’m with you, Jay and you know that already.” You gave a strained laugh rubbing your arm up and down while you looked over his room as if every article of clothing was new when It wasn’t. As if his floors were the most beautiful shade of brown you had ever laid eyes upon. Jay walked up behind you, letting his arms wrap around your waist holding you close as your body rested back against yours humming softly.

“I wish you would just relax and trust me. I won’t hurt you, and you know that I won’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do.” Jay murmured against your ear kissing on the flesh, sucking on your lobe he nuzzled into you as your head tilted to the side, biting on your bottom lip your eyes shut as you gave a hum nodding.

“It isn’t that, I have always been shy. It’s hard to get over it, I trust you baby. I love you so much.” You moved to twist in his arms pressing your hands on his chest nibbling on your jaw.

“You know. There is something I want to do.. Maybe it will help you become more confident the more we do it.” He gave a soft smirk as he watched you.

“What is it?” You asked softly playing with the buttons on his shirt. Jay chuckled softly as he cupped your cheeks looking down in your eyes, his fingers grazed your smooth chocolate skin as he leaned down to give your lips soft pecks to soften you up a bit.

“I want you to ride my face okay? Let me make you feel better, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to taste you.” Jay gave you a puppy dog face as he pressed his forehead against yours.

“But Jay.. You know I’m self-conscious.” You groaned softly trying to pull away.

“I know baby but you’re beautiful and you know I’ve told you that repeatedly. You’re my girl and you won’t hurt me. Just please lets try this just once? And if you don’t like it we can go back to having you on your back with those beautiful thighs around my shoulders.” He smiled hopefully, letting his white teeth show as his black hair fell into his eyes. You couldn’t deny him, you loved when Jay gave you head, it was the best feeling on this earth. He knew how to attend to your every need and make sure that you were cumming within the span of a few minutes. Nodding your head, you kissed his lips before you pulled back grabbing at your shorts to slowly undo the button on it with the zipper sliding down as well.

“G-get on the bed please.” Jay chuckled as he squeezed your cheeks.

“You’re such a sweet lady even when you’re about to do naughty things baby.” Jay shed his shirt, laying down on his back as he rested in his bed. Taking a deep breath, you let your shorts slip down your legs with your panties following suit. Your hands wrapped around your stomach lightly but seeing the look of pure want and need on Jay’s face made something click inside of you causing you to perk up. You moved to climb on the bed straddling on his head looking down at him. He gave you a comforting smile, his hands softly gripping at your hips to lower you down on his mouth. It was like a switch had went off inside of your brain, the shy girl that was there was no longer present.

You spread your legs wide, bending them to press your feet against his shoulders your hands pressed on the headboard, your pussy starting to grind down against his face. Jay swept his tongue out to brush against your little bundle of nerves, his fingers rubbing at your pussy lips and then venturing down to grab a hold onto your ass. Throwing your head back, you cried out in pleasure as his pink warm tongue ground up and down your clit, nuzzling his face into your warm heat. Jay park started to eat shake his head side to side, moaning against you letting his tongue touch every part of his pussy as he slides it inside of your pussy, thrusting it in and out of your warm tight hole he sucked up your essence gathering it on his taste buds and letting the juices fill him up. His face was becoming drenched with your juices as your hips rocked against his face. Your hands soon moved to grip at his hair pressing his face closer against your cunt, eyes drifting shut as your body slowly became drenched with sweat. It felt like pure heaven to be on top of his mouth, the way he sucked at your pussy lips and pushed his tongue deep inside of your pink pussy. The way his nails grazed across your chocolate ass cheeks spanking them until they were warm to his touch and enough to make you rethink sitting straight on your flesh once you were done. His hands trailed up your spine and sides, moving to grope your supple clothed breast and squeeze them. Jay watched you with hooded eyes, you were fucking beautiful, the way your thighs wrapped around his head made his cock twitch in the confines.

“Fuck- I’m close. Right there.” You whined out as you felt your stomach tighten up, the arousal seeping through your core, your eyes rolling back, and drifting shut. Rocking your hips back and forth, on his mouth, his tongue grazes your spot and that was it. Your voice raised to little whimpers, his name rolling off your tongue as your thighs continued to squeeze around him and you were afraid you were going to suffocate him, but Jay moved to grip at your hips instead, holding you down he continued to flick his tongue until you were shouting, your pussy tightening around his pink tongue as you met your high. Your body trembled as your pussy convulsed, his black locks becoming imprisoned by your harsh grip and tugs. Your body became tired immediately, moving to press your forehead against the headboard you let yourself calm down and catch your breath, giving soft bucks of your hips against his mouth as you came down from your high.

Jay pulled your thighs down to lick at his lips giving you a catlike grin, and just like that your other you were back, the shy girl covering her face once again not believing she had just done that.

When We Collide (Part 8)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

”What do you mean Holly is going to be my girlfriend?” Luke’s confusion was clear on his face, eyebrows furrowed and jaw falling slowly.

You were having the exact same expression on your face but kept quiet after your small outburst, you were just so shocked you didn’t know whether it was actually a real statement or just a simple lame joke.

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anonymous asked:

Ppl pay for Vlive+ content why do you spoil everything outside? It's not fair for those who paid :/ if i could have all for free why bother to buy the channel plus? And you know also they specifically asked to not take things out of the channel too..

Lmao people who send asks like this make me laugh. 90% of the content on Tumblr is paid content. all the gifs from on stage dvds all the gifs from channel+, all the little videos from concerts, all the audio from cds, all the pictures of merch or photocards or picture books, all the trans and pictures from fancafe or all the trans and pictures from magazines like???? that is all paid content YOU did not pay for but people did and are willing to share for those who can’t pay for it but are still a fan. if no one did, tumblr, twitter, instagram would have no content to post

it’s ridiculous that we have to pay for content we would have had for free over a year ago. so don’t lecture me on not sharing channel + pictures and chats. channel+ is one of the only things I’m able to buy due to insane shipping prices so if I can share this with with those who can’t or don’t support vlive I will. just like all the people who have shared all the other paid for content that I wasn’t able to buy myself

vitiate ❖ poly!junmyeon + joohyun

D R A B B L E G A M E | 🎄 christmas edition 🎄

anon requested: so here goes my christmas ask: home + poly!suhorene (+female reader) + dd, thank you so much

(pic not mine, cr to the owner)

645 words | comedy, poly! junmyeon x reader x joohyun | velvet

❝We’re going to be late, ‘cause you can’t keep your dick in your pants for more than two hours❞

We’re going to be late, ‘cause you can’t keep your dick in your pants for more than two hours❞ Joohyun shouted from your bedroom trying to slide in her right earring.

You stood up from the chair in front of the mirror and threw your hair back, looking at your make-up one last time before leaving the spot free for Joohyun to use.

What are complaining about?❞ whined Junmyeon entering the bedroom and adjusting the left cuff of his white shirt.

He looked incredibly handsome and she looked incredibly gorgeous. You had no words to explain how you felt between Junmyeon and Joohyun, but you couldn’t have asked for anything more in your life.

Having a polyamorous relationship with the married couple wasn’t one of your priorities, nor one of your plans. When you first met Kim Junmyeon and Bae Joohyun they showed in your parents’ house as the newly married Kim family, your new neighbours. They were nice, polite, but silent; you barely saw them when you went to school and whatever they were doing, they were dressed in nice clothes.

You weren’t sure how it happened, Bae Joohyun was such a mysterious lady at first glance, always watering the plants on her garden or reading on the porch, you caught her eye and she couldn’t help but start a light conversation about books with you when she saw you reading on your way back from school. Kim Junmyeon was bubbly, always with a nice smile and waving at everyone, your first conversation was about the weather, he asked you what was your favourite climate and, you’re not pretty sure how, ended up eating with them.

A touch, a couple of stares and you became something for them, a baby, a lover, a sin. You became part of their relationship, you were the foundation, they almost depended on you. Joohyun pampered you, Junmyeon spoiled you. You had everything you needed and wanted, everything you dreamed of, plus one.

You smiled looking down at your diamond bracelet and gasped a little when you felt Junmyeon hugging you from behind, snuggling his nose in the crook of your neck, tasting the perfume that you stole from Joohyun’s bed side.

I have two ladies in my house and still masturbed alone❞ he chuckled biting down playfully on the junction of your neck, where your clavicles started. You couldn’t help but giggle a little at his ministrations, Joohyun looking at the both of you with a brow raised through the mirror.

You’re gross, Junmyeon❞ she turned around, now ready to go.

The three of you had to go to one of Joohyun’s friends Christmas Party and you even were late because of Junmyeon and his little problem. The lady of the house walked toward the two of you, the little red dress that she was wearing was showing off her body to both your and Junmyeon’s eyes.

When she arrived in front of you she grabbed your wrist and pulled you toward her, making you sit on the edge of the bed.

What are you doing?❞ you asked after a squeak of surprise, with the sudden move your dress couldn’t help but slide up your legs and almost show everything.

I’m going to brush your hair❞ Joohyun mumbled softly caressing your head before walking again toward the mirror. ❝Junmyeon don’t touch her❞ she commanded as she saw the man slowly approaching you.

Too enchanted by the woman you didn’t even notice Junmyeon walking toward your form, so when you looked at him, you couldn’t help but show him a shy smile.

My baby is so pretty❞ he mumbled smiling at you and taking your cheeks between his hands. Joohyun’s high heels resonated in the room as she came back to you, with the free hand she slapped on Junmyeon’s ones.

I know, my baby is the prettiest

this is shit, i’m sorry, i’m just really tired

our masterlist!

christmas drabble game!

Footsteps {Joffrey Baratheon x Twin!Reader}

Originally posted by gameoftoasts

@andtheytoldustotellyouhello requested “How about one where joffrey saw what kind of relationship Jamie/cersei have and starts one like that with his twin?”

[Thanks for the request! Incest warning and dubious consent + smut warning +Language warning.]


Y/N Baratheon wasn’t stupid.

She heard the whispers about her parentage, about Joffrey’s, about her mother and her uncle.

She heard and forced a polite smile, swallowing whatever lump rose in her throat. She knew, and she knew that she couldn’t ignore it much longer.

She’d have to be stupid to ignore the way it appealed to Joffrey.

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anonymous asked:

33. Prove it and 2. Close the door

You can’t help the wave of nerves that hit you as you ring the doorbell to Shawn’s childhood home. He’d gotten back from tour yesterday but didn’t visit you like he normally does. He didn’t even call, instead texted you and said he wanted to talk but wouldn’t tell you what about. Karen answers the door, as cheerily as ever, “Hello sweetheart, how are you? I’m guessing you’re here to see Shawn.” You nod, trying hard to not let your anxious feelings show, “I’m good, and yeah is he home?” She nods and says he’s in his room, probably writing or something, before she tells you to “head on up.”

You knock on Shawn’s already open door causing him to life his head up from where he was writing in his favorite notebook; the one reserved for late night thoughts and love songs. He gives you a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes before he speaks, “Hey, could you close the door?” You were confused at his request, he never closes the door at home, but obliged anyway. “So what did you want to talk about?” You ask, wanting to get to the point as soon as possible, the anticipation had been killing you all night. “Us, I guess. I don’t-” he exhales heavily before continuing, “I don’t think we should be together anymore.” You blink rapidly, trying desperately trying to process what Shawn, your boyfriend of two years, just said to you. “Y-you what?” is all you can say in your current state of mixed emotions. “I said I don’t think we shoul-” “No trust me I heard you Shawn, I just can’t believe you said it.” You cut him off, already feeling the tears building up behind your eyes. “Why? What did I do?” you know your voice is quiet but the deafening silence of the room magnifies it. “Nothing. No, I promise you didn’t do anything I just,” he sighs again, “you don’t deserve this.”

You shake your head wordlessly, not understanding what he means, and he takes that as his cue to keep talking. “You don’t deserve a boyfriend you can only see two months out of the year. You don’t deserve to sit at home and wait for me to come home. You deserve someone who holds you and kisses you and spoils you and does everything I can’t when I’m gone,” his voice breaks slightly and you know he’s on the verge of tears too. “Shawn I don’t want that from anyone else. If I wanted that, I wouldn’t have stayed with you all this time. I knew how it would be when all of this started and I was okay with it, I’m still okay with it,” your voice raises slightly as you try to make eye contact with Shawn who was staring at the ceiling, trying to hold his tears back. “Maybe you are but I’m not. I’m not okay knowing the girl I love is halfway across the world missing me and there isn’t shit I can do about it,” he’s starting to get frustrated, you know it’s more at himself because what he’s saying is true. You were constantly missing him, but it just made his trips home and surprise visits that much more special. 

“So that’s it, you just want to give up? You want to break up because you think I can’t handle you being gone for a few months? I love you Shawn, you know that, and if you loved me-” “If? You know I love you,” he interrupts you, his brow furrowed as if he couldn’t understand why you  would even think something like that. “Do I? Because I don’t think you would try to end things as soon as shit got tough if you really did,” stray tears were starting to fall down your face. “I do love you, I have since I first saw you and I haven’t stopped for a second since. I don’t think I could ever stop loving you,” his eyes are wet and you know he’s seconds away from breaking. “Then why don’t you prove it.” 


Peter Pan Imagine/ Love Spell

hi! can you do one where the reader is peter’s wife and rumple’s mom and she loved rumple but peter forced her to leave rumple and she’s been under like a love spell ever since and when rumple arrives on neverland he sees her and she doesn’t remember him and that hurt him so he lifts the spell and she remembers him and then she’s super mad at peter so when she goes to say goodbye because she’s leaving he asks for one kiss and it turns out that was one of the ways for him to stay on neverland? 😊

Hi hello! So I was a little confused by this but I will try to do my best to re incorporate it 

Warnings: Cursing, obsessive Pan, dark Pan

Peter, he was the sweetest husband ever, or so you thought.

It all started when you became pregnant with his child, he became more distant, and less comforting,which was odd, but you let it go,you figured that he was just going through things since this would be his first child.

Even though you let Peter have his alone time you were getting kinda annoyed with it, who was going to help you when the baby came out? Was he even going to be there? Or would he just leave like he always does? The thoughts where killing you inside.

“Baby…” you said as you lay in bed , watching Peter as he got ready to leave somewhere.

He rolled his eyes , “What Y/n?” he asked

“Where are you off to now? It’s late, you should go to bed, we could talk and do stuff,like the old  times,do you remember when we used to play with the stars?”

“Yeah.” he said bluntly

That’s it, you got up, waddling your way to him as he tries to make it out the door but you step in front of him.

“Move.” he said , you didn’t. “Now Y/n!” he yells at you but you still refuse to move.

“Ugh” he walks from the door and starts to open the window, oh no.

You grab him and hold on screaming his name and begging him not to go , and asking why he doesn’t love you anymore, he couldn’t even look you in your eyes, he just pushed you off of him, and left.

You cried for hours, you thought Peter was a good boy, he wasn’t.

For if you had knew the old Peter, you would have never had this child.

Peter only wanted you to himself, even if the lost boys looked at you for too long all hell would break loose.Peter was the most selfish thing on Neverland, it was his way or the high way.

“She’s going to forget all about me Felix.” Peter said to 

“That’s not true Pan, she loves you.” Felix tried to calm down Peter

“Yeah right, that’s all she ever talks about! That damn baby, I mean what does it have that I don’t? I give her damn near everything.” Peter says as he walks back and fourth

“Do you understand how ridiculous you sound right now?”Felix asked

“I left Neverland so That I wouldn’t have o become a parent, look where the women I love has brought me.” Peter said very serious.

“We make sacrifices Pan..” Felix said softly

“I don’t make them, but I sure as hell will give them.” he walks away

The next day you get up, get ready and go outside, the lost boys are already outside eating oatmeal so you sit by the youngest ones and join them.

Peter walks with the oldest boys, looking at you in disgust but still walks towards you, you put your hair back behind your ear, you do that when you’re nervous.

“We need to talk.” he says

You get up and walk into the woods with him, putting your hands behind your back, wondering what he could possibly say to change what he did to you last night.

“I’m sorry.” he said 

Your eyes open wide “What ?” you said. Peter NEVER said sorry, it as un heard of.

“I’m sorry love, I should think about your feelings, your pregnant feelings.” he said , you giggled at that 

“I , I love you okay?” he came in with a hug and kissed your forehead

“I love you too Peter.” you smiled and kissed his lips, he wrapped his hands around your waist, kissing your neck.

“Just always love me okay?” he said

“I promise.” you said

But Peter’s fear was about to come true, a couple of weeks later your baby was born,his name was Rumple, and he was the best thing that had ever happen to you.

As soon as Rumple was born Peter’s attitude had changed once more, you could see the anger,he hurt, the sadness, the pain,they were in his eyes.

“Peter , come hold him.” you said

“No thanks.” he said

“But Peter-” you said as you were interrupted

“I SAID NO THANKS.” as lightening hit the sky and the thunder started to roar, Rumple started to cry. 

All the lost boys stood quiet as Peter left the room, some tried to comfort you, but your heart was already broken, you thought he changed, but he didn’t.

The next couple of months were pure hell, you had to take care of Rumple basically all by yourself, sometimes the lost boys would help, but that would only happen if they were super bored, or if Pan told them too because he didn’t want to do it.

You would only see him at breakfast ,lunch, and dinner, other wise he would be gone, he couldn’t stand you or rumple, and it was truly sickening. 

One day you even tried making his favorite for dinner.

“Peter!” you stopped him by touching his arms, you forgot how they felt almost, they were so strong and muscular.

“What?” he said blankly

“I-I made your favorite.” you smiled 

“Oh.” he cocked a brow, “We can get it together?” he smiled a little

“Yeah with Rumple-.”

“No thanks.” he cut you off

“Peter wait!” you said 

“Why do you spoil everything?” he snaps at you. “We have fun don’t we? I taught you to fight and to fly , what more could there be?” he says in almost tears

“Oh Peter, there is so much more.” your eyes fill with tears

“What?! What else is there?” he shakes his head

“Take Rumple for an example, he makes me feel a love that I could never ever feel with anyone else Peter, he makes me want to become a better person, he makes me, me want want to grow up!” you say

“Well I will NOT grow up, and you can not make me, you or Rumple. I should just banish you and him since you love him so much!” he says

“We will not be banish!” you shout at him

“Then go home. Go home and grow up.” he said as he fly’s into the air

You fall to your knees and cry, he looks back at you, with tears in his eyes.

And so, it wasn’t one heart broken that night, it was two. And that night was far from over.

Peter goes into his secret cabin, the one that you didn’t even know about, he decided that if he couldn’t have you, nobody could.

“I need to make a spell, but what kind?” he says to himself.

“Should I kill Rumple? No she will kill me.” he says walking back and forth 

“I got it,a love spell.” he smiles wickedly

He makes a potion where you will love him and him only, you have no love for anything, or anyone anymore.

He makes it and fly’s into your cabin, he see’s Rumple and you sleeping together, he rolls his eyes, and smiles, “Not long til she’s mine buddy.” he whispers and smirks.

He puts the potion next to the cup of water that you drink every night and morning,it was like a routine.

The next day you wake up and start to drink your water, you noticed it taste a little odd, but you ignored it.

You then get ready and get Rumple ready as well, you walk outside and ask the lot boys to take care of them, they said yes because you were technically the queen of Neverland.

You started to look for Peter, feeling Pretty needy, but you ignored it , you probably just missed him, he was your husband after all.

You see your husband walking and practically fall into his arms

“Well hello there love.” he said

“Hi baby, I missed you.” you said kissing his cheek.

“I missed you.” he said smiling, it worked, it really worked he thought.

It was like the old days,you guys spent the whole day together,walking in the woods, playing in the lake, star gazing, and don’t think you guys didn’t have sex that night. It was just like the old times, right after you got done having sex Felix knocks on your door

“What?” Peter shouts

“Your baby!” he shouts back

You roll your eyes and put on your robe, you open the door, “Why can’t you take care of him?” you ask

“Because he’s your baby!” Felix said

“So?” you said 

Peter lay on your bed and had his hands behind his head, life was good, real good.

“You need to take care of him Y/n.”  Felix said

“I can’t I need to be with Peter.” you said

“You need to also feed your baby.” he said 

“How about we just give it to an other parent?” Peter said

“Do whatever you want babe.” you said

And just like hat Peter took Rumple and flew him to a town called StoryBrook , where he grew up without any parents, just like his father.

The next couple of years were heaven,you loved Peter and Peter loved you, nobody really question about Rumple, it was one less mouth to feed, and the boys were pretty careless themselves so it was never really brought up.

Well your paradise was about to become hell for you, because Rumple had found a way to you, he had found his first home, he had found, Neverland. 12 years later.

Walking on the soil of Neverland he remembers the smell, the ways the trees sway in the wind, he remembers, you and Peter, but do you?

It was a hot afternoon and you all decided to go to the lake to blow off some steam, since you all got pretty pissy in the heat.

Packing your stuff and getting everybody in a circle to go over the rules because even though you told them over a 100 times they still needed to be reminded

“No biting,no bringing food into the lake, no farting, peeing, or nose picking inside the lake, if you are going to leave make sure you tell someone and leave with a buddy! Also if you are drinking let me know so I can watch your limit, you guys suck at hangovers and I do not want to be thrown up on again.” you say

“Who’s that?” a younger lost boy asked

You turn around, Peter saw and his eyes widen “Oh fuck.” he whispered to himself, making sure you didn’t hear.

“You don’t know?” Rumple asked “Why you only bathed, fed, and changed me, mother.” 

“Rumple?” Felix asked

Peter gave Felix the death stare

“In the flesh.” he said

“Wait who is Rumple? Is he an old  friend Peter?” you hanged on Peter’s shoulder.

Peter’s heart started pumping, his spell was still covered but if Rumple said anything it was all over.

“Here, let me re trace your memory” he raises a hand breaks the spell, leaving Peter shocked

“what the hell did you just do?” knowing damn well what he just did.

“Oh you’re about to find out daddy o.” he smiled

“Rumple?!” you said with tears in your eyes as you ran to him and hugged him.

“But I don’t get it, why did you leave?” you asked

“That’s enough Y/n, get back here.” Peter said, he knew it was over but he still tried

“Peter put a spell on you, so you would only love him and forget all about me.” he said 

Peter started to clench his fist and jaw, he knew he was about to hear it.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” you yell at him

Peter jut looks at you, no expression, he knew exactly what he did, he wasn’t about to take it back.

“How could you? You knew how much I loved him!” you shouted

Peter shakes his head and runs his hand through his hair, “Stop, okay? You proven your point.” 

“What point?” you asked

“That you love him more than me okay ?” he shouted

“Of course I do , he’s my son,our son!” you said

“Your son.” Peter looked at you.

“He is a wicked boy mother, we should leave Neverland, and never come back!” Rumple said

“I agree.” you say in disgust, starting to walk away and go to your cabin, Peter fly’s into his cabin and just sits there,conflicted with his thoughts.

Felix knocks on Peter’s door.

Peter doesn’t answer, so he just comes in.

“Look, I know we don’t talk about this stuff, but I know you love her, but the fact of the matter is, is the she loves him more than you, and you have to realize that, I think you would be a great family.” he said

“But that’s the thing Felix, I can’t , I really can’t, I made Neverland so I wouldn’t have to grow up, I love Y/n with all of my heart, but  I can not see her grow up, not right in front of my eyes.” he said

“So, are you letting her go?” Felix asked

“Yeah, I am.” he said as he puts his head down, trying not to cry in front of Felix, Felix just pats Peter’s back.

Peter and Felix go outside to say goodbye to you and Rumple.

You were saying goodbye to everyone and then you saw Peter, you turned away and started walking away.

“Wait Y/n.” he said

“What the hell could you possibly say or do to make me forgive you?” you say

He just shakes his head, “I, I don’t know.” he said

“Did you even love me?” you asked

Of course I loved you baby, but I can’t give you the answers that you want, and you know that.” he grabs your hand and rubs it gently, he had tears in his eyes.

“Why? Why can’t we just be a happy family?” you asked with tears in your eyes.

“Because, you’re perfect, you and Rumple, I’ve never been good enough, I’ll never be good enough for you.” he said “But I will always love you Y/n” he said 

He grabbed your face and pulled you in, he kissed your softly and just like that, you fell in love with Peter Pan himself, once again.

Rumple saw you two and decided that he couldn’t take you guys away from each other.

“Mother, we should stay, I know you love Peter, and Peter loves you.”

“No you deserve her, I don’t at all.” Peter said

“I don’t mind Peter.” Rumple said 

“My mom means the world to me , and I know you mean the world to her.” he said 

Peter smiled “Very well then, Y/n stays, so does Rumple, only on one condition.” he said

“Whats that Peter?”  you asked

“Rumple has to be my 2nd in command.” he said

Felix bumps into the conversation “But I thought I was-” 

“Your debunked get over it.” he turns to Felix and winks, Felix smiles a him and mouths “Good job.”

So you and Rumple stay, it was a bit weird getting used to be calling mom, and having a son, and Peter made it a little awkward at times but you guys got through it, Peter came to love Rumple, just as you have loved him.

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FUCK how about a separate au where the villagers go crying to kylo about a winged beast that's entered the town. He goes to where the supposed beast is, and it's just on the floor, shielding itself from rocks the townspeople throw with its wings. He tells them all to stop pelting the stones and says with his baritone voice, "reveal yourself, wretch!" And the creature lowers its wings, only to reveal to kylo that it's reader, bloodied and crying - wing anon

WING ANON YOURE KILLING ME, are you trying to break my heart?

“Nightshade! We have an important job for you,” A villager burst in. Kylo looked at him skeptically, he hoped that this would be worth his time. “And we will pay you handsomely,” He adds, dropping a sack of gold on to his desk. 

“Just what do you require?”

“There’s a monster in the village, a horrible beast. We need it taken care of.” He rushes out. 

Kylo grins, taking the gold. “How exciting, consider it a deal.” This was certainly more interesting than writing a curse. He looked forward to his.

The first red flag was when he saw the supposed ‘beast’, curled up defensively as villagers pelted it with stones. It already seemed to be in a great amount of pain, and he could see some of it’s blood too. Still, he had a job to do. 

When he walks closer the villagers stop throwing their stones, staring and whispering about his presence. He never visited the village, so their reaction wasn’t surprising. “Reveal yourself, wretch,” He commanded. 

You were afraid, but something about his baritone voice compelled you to listen, and you unfolded your wings. “Get out of our village beast!” Villagers began to shout at you. 

Kylo’s eyes widened once he saw your tear stricken face, body battered and bloody barely covered with tattered clothes. Suddenly, the job wasn’t very exciting. He felt his eyes water at seeing something so innocent in so much pain. 

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