The Imamura Brothers  👥

    1760 - Present

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It is, isn’t it?

Just so all of you know, I won’t be posting any spoilers for the new Steven Bomb on this blog until after its television release. I guess it’s pretty sad that it all got leaked early, but… what’s the use of feeling blue?

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Lmao you're spoiled

everything that i want i buy for myself. i work very hard to be able to support myself and yes i am very fortunate that my parents are able to pay for school, but in no way do they give me money to go shopping or buy me anything other than food. so i’d appreciate it if you kept your rude comments to yourself :)

  • to whisper sweet nothings into your ear in public
  • to spoil you with everything he can get
  • to laugh at you when you try to rap his parts in his songs
  • to tell you he loves you every second of the day
  • to easily get jealous and a tiny bit possessive at times
  • to cup your mouth during sex to keep the neighbors from hearing you
  • to whisper dirty things into your ear one minute and do some hardcore aegyo the next
  • to carry you to your bed after falling asleep in his lap while watching movies late at night
  • to tightly wrap his arm around your waist while he’s sleeping because he’s slightly afraid of you leaving him
  • to proudly announce everyday that you’re his girlfriend and that he’s lucky to have you
  • to love it when you secretly fangirl over him in music videos
  • to smile at your bad Korean pronunciation
  • to call you up in the middle of a bad day because hearing your voice calms him down
  • to come to you every time he has a problem because he trusts you with all his heart
  • to randomly bring you to McDonald’s when you’re hungry or something at like midnight
  • to eat your cooking and appreciate it whether the food be good or bad because it was made by you and anything made by you he loves
  • to love it when you play with his hair
  • to tell you how beautiful you are every chance he can get
  • to call you at like two in the morning because he got “bored”
  • to get jealous when you fangirl over his friends/members over him
  • to make you laugh with the stupidest things even on your worst day
  • to send you the silliest snapchats/videos to make you smile
  • to be the best boyfriend anyone could ask for tbh

So this is a sampling of what I woke up to when I went to check my AO3 inbox and my tumblr notes for Tranquility:

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So I’m thinking Tranquility is going to get a second chapter. Or more.

Dating The8/Minghao

Dating The8 would be like……

  • random cute gifts…… literally all the time………
  • spoiling you with everything because you’re HIS and that’s what you deserve
  • Snapchat selfies
  • you accidentally forgetting to answer his Snapchat and losing your streak
  • him getting really sad that you lost your streak
  • restarting the streak
  • him forgetting about the streak this time
  • couple sweaters!!
  • dancing whenever there’s music
  • him showing you his new dances
  • you being in awe because he is so so so wow.
  • him singing you a lullaby to sleep
  • cuddling and forehead kisses
  • trying to call him but having Jun pick up
  • facetiming Jun because where even is Minghao and why does Jun have his phone…..
  • Jun literally tagging along with you guys all the time but it’s okay because The8 keeps you closer when Jun’s around
  • asking your opinion of which hair colour to go for next
  • him not knowing some Korean so you have to google translate
  • build-a-bear dates!!!
  • amusement park dates where he drags you on all the rides
  • bringing you to the dorm because the members are always going on and on about not knowing you enough
  • you being there to help him when he struggles with the language barrier/culture difference
  • trusting you with his whole life
  • selfiesssss
  • him going from super cute to super HOT
  • him coming over after practice to see you asleep on the floor wearing his hoodie with your phone in your hand
  • him chuckling because you’re sO ADORABLE
  • lifting you onto the bed and then blushing as he climbs in next to you
  • hugs where he literally buries you in his arms
  • having to stop on the streets so he can pet EVERY.SINGLE.DOG that walks by
  • his soft singing voice filling the house in the mornings when he thinks you’re still asleep
  • forcing him to do face masks with you all the time
  • him always whining about how you don’t need makeup as you put makeup on
  • you petting his head like he’s a dog because he’s such a cute idiot
  • you having to initiate skinship first sometimes because he’s just really shy and thinks you are really, really, reallyyyyy beautiful
  • buying groceries and putting them away when you get home
  • he accidentally drops the eggs
  • so you both have to drive back to get more eggs
  • hours and hours of laughing over the dumbest things ever
  • scary movie marathons at 2AM because you both can’t sleep anyways
  • watching him practice with only the two of you in the practice room and you realize you have never, ever been so in love before
INFINITE REACTION:  Trying to tell you he wants kids

Hello ~~~~  It took me a little bit, but I’m back!

This is entirely my opinion and assumption about INFINITE

SungKyu: He would pass some time thinking about this delicate matter, and how he should ask you. Even when he’s ready and excited, he would face some difficulties in talking everything at once.

DongWoo: In the middle of some play time and some jokes, he would finally get the courage to talk about his wish to have kids.

Woohyun: It would take time for him to come clear to you about it. He would even reveal it in an inconvenient place or time.

Hoya: He would spend all day spoiling you, making everything you wanted, until you start to suspect all his ‘kindness’.

“So… There’s something I wanted to tell you *runs his hand trought his nape* I want… I want to have kids with you…”

SungYeol: He would try to stay close to children and demonstrate in a indirect way, his wish to have his own kids, hopping you would say something.

L: MyungSoo would summon all his courage, after spending a few hours thinking about parenthood, and one night after dinner he would reveal his wish to you.

SungJong: He would buy you a cute little puppy, and in the middle of that, he would give the idea of having kids after.

“Aigo, I think we’re a good parent material, don’t you think Jagi?”

I hope you enjoy, later I’m back

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Expecting Baby! - J-Hope BTS


- You and J-Hope had been married for two years and you were finally having your first child

- This made J-Hope more happy and exited than usual

- Around you he would scream less and try to help you the best he could

- But when he was with BTS he would run around yelling he was going to be a dad

- Your whole house was decorated with Christmas decorations

- This was normal for you but this year it was extra festive

- BTS would come over with gifts for you and your baby

- Your baby wasn’t even born and he was already getting spoiled

- You had everything ready for when he was ready to come out

- J-Hope would play Christmas songs to your bump

- In total J-Hope was just exited to be getting a child and during the holidays just made it more special

I hope you enjoyed the 3rd Day Of Aesthetics ☺

You could have been perfect for me.
We could have been something beautiful together. But you spoiled everything with your lies and selfishness. You always did something to ruin the beauty and bliss I felt with you.

You were like a hurricane getting in the way of a boat sailing on a quiet sea.
Like a rainstorm on a beautiful day spent laying in the grass.
Like a dandelion in a field of poppies.
Like a bruise on a child’s knee.
Like tears in a baby’s eyes.
A ringing in a pleasant dream.
A headache in the middle of a peaceful night.
A cancelled flight before a holiday trip.
Like scars on the wrists of a recovered teen.
A blood stain on a wedding dress.
A goodbye letter on Valentine’s Day.

You were so fickle all the damn time. I know you could have changed if you’d only wanted to, but you never even tried.

You could have prevented the wind from blowing so violently on the sea.
You could have kept the rain away.
You could have grown a hundred more poppies.
You could have stopped the child from getting hurt.
You could have put a smile on the baby’s face.
You could have silenced the ringing.
You could have anesthetized the pain caused by the migraine.
You could have kept the flight on schedule.
You could have hidden the razor blade.
You could have washed the wedding dress.
You could have whispered ‘I love you’ instead of saying goodbye.

—  2.12 am
Star Wars TFA recap

So, after watching the movie three times, I think the moment has come for me to process all that and confront my feelings about it. If you haven’t seen it already, I warn you..this post will spoil you everything.

Star Wars beginning theme:

“The general? For me is your royalty

The slaughter at the village & appearence of Kylo Ren:


Rey and BB8:

FN2187 escape with Poe & Poe naming him Finn:

Finn & Rey:

The Millennium Falcon:

Kylo Ren’s tantrum:

Han Solo and Chewbecca:

Han Solo is Kylo Ren’s father:

Kylo Ren talking to Darth Vader mask:

Rey’s vision:

Kylo Ren kidnaps Rey:

Princess Leia:

Poe & Finn hug:

Interrogation scene & Kylo Ren taking off his helmet:

Rey using the force:

Han Solo’s death:

“You need a teacher”

Luke Skywalker:

In the end, I love this movie

‘Who did this?’ he demanded. ‘Who? Because people work really hard for their holidays, and you’re just… you’re just spoiling everything.’ He stalked the hordes. ‘Have you any idea how much we need a holiday? I’m travelling the universe and she’s in PRISON.’ Everyone stared at me and I pretended to be very busy and distracted. ‘… and I bet you all have the same thing. Just one day. To get away from your normal routine. To remember how much you love your family. To escape that feeling that everything is collapsing around your feet. And then it collapsed around your feet.‘
—  The Eleventh Doctor in The Legends of River Song: Picnic at Asgard by Jenny Colgan