So toastyhat’s original sketch is actually really hilarious and I recommend giving that one love, but I have to laugh because all I could think when I saw signless is that it looked like one of those anime scenes where the main character is floating in the ether for some reason.

In other words I have a problem because coloring my favorite characters means throwing a bunch of crazy lighting effects on it and turning them into the anime.

Edit: Now with gratuitous over-the-top lens flare because this anime is high quality and has a huge budget

Star Wars TFA recap

So, after watching the movie three times, I think the moment has come for me to process all that and confront my feelings about it. If you haven’t seen it already, I warn you..this post will spoil you everything.

Star Wars beginning theme:

“The general? For me is your royalty

The slaughter at the village & appearence of Kylo Ren:


Rey and BB8:

FN2187 escape with Poe & Poe naming him Finn:

Finn & Rey:

The Millennium Falcon:

Kylo Ren’s tantrum:

Han Solo and Chewbecca:

Han Solo is Kylo Ren’s father:

Kylo Ren talking to Darth Vader mask:

Rey’s vision:

Kylo Ren kidnaps Rey:

Princess Leia:

Poe & Finn hug:

Interrogation scene & Kylo Ren taking off his helmet:

Rey using the force:

Han Solo’s death:

“You need a teacher”

Luke Skywalker:

In the end, I love this movie

lmao so someone on IG majorly spoiled Seven’s route (++secret endings) for me and now I feel askfjdh about doing his route. Haha; damn && i was even saving his route for last because people say it’s the best

i told my sister about the 707 spoilers that’s been sent to me so far ((hoping that there’s still something i don’t know)) && she’s like “damn that’s everything haha you’ve been spoiled about everything rip delete your game now it’s done


anonymous asked:

Ohmigosh can you do the same pregnancy announcement one for the LLFTX boys?!? Imagine takkuns and hiros reactions XD

a/n: Aw… baby foxes will join them soon :D imagine them playing the role of overbearing uncles to MC’s kid. Takkun is the usual tsundere xD Hiro will treat MC and the baby like his princesses.



It was like any regular night at Atsumu’s place. The only difference was you sat far away from Takuto. The boys looked back and forth between both of you, feeling a tension boiling in the room. You pretended you did not notice and ordered a pork noodle from Boss. Takuto busied himself playing a tamagotchi at the corner of the room.
Kenshi peeked from behind Takuto’s shoulder, “What are you playing?”
“Shut up! I need to concentrate on this,” Takuto snapped.
“Just leave him alone, Kenshi. Let him learn,” you looked uninterested.
“What? Learn what?” Kenshi was confused as he looked at you.
“The stupid woman made me go through a fatherhood training.”
“What? Who are you calling stupid, Takuto?” you stood up.
Hiro cut in, “Wait! You’re pregnant??”
“Idiot, Takkun! How can you tell them this way?” you scowled at him.
“Congratulations!” Riki said. “I never knew Takuto has that in him.”
The boys congratulated you but you were busy arguing with Takuto over who was the idiot one in the relationship.


Kenshi could not stop grinning as he walked hand in hand with you to LRN. The usual Black Fox members were all there.
“Welcome, you two. Lovey dovey as usual that it makes me…,” Atsumu said.
“… gross out,” Takuto continued the sentence before Atsumu could finish it. Kenshi ruffled Takuto’s hair, “Hahahha… you’re so mean as usual, Takkun.”
“Your happiness makes me sick,” Takuto pushed Kenshi’s hand away.
“Do you want a drink?” Atsumu asked to you both.
“Yes, a drink for me but none for her. She can’t drink alcohol,” Kenshi said proudly and waited for them to response.
“Wait, Kenny, is _____ pregnant?” Hiro asked.
“Yeah… I banged her. I’ll be a proud father of a son in December,” Kenshi put his arm over your shoulder and laughed loudly.
You elbowed him, “Kenshi!” He was too vulgar with his word choices so you reprimanded him for it.
“I’m sorry! I’m just too excited,” his smile was dorky but you love him nevertheless.
Kenshi’s face was slightly flushed as he told the boys about how he discovered your pregnancy. Takuto just listened with his usual uninterested face. At least, he didn’t say “gross” this time.

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Ron: Go on.
Hermione: Next time there’s a ball, pluck up the courage and ask me before somebody else does, and not as a last resort!
Ron: Well… that-that-that… that’s just completely off the point.
Hermione: Ron, you spoiled EVERYTHING! [breaks down in tears on the stairs]

  • to whisper sweet nothings into your ear in public
  • to spoil you with everything he can get
  • to laugh at you when you try to rap his parts in his songs
  • to tell you he loves you every second of the day
  • to easily get jealous and a tiny bit possessive at times
  • to cup your mouth during sex to keep the neighbors from hearing you
  • to whisper dirty things into your ear one minute and do some hardcore aegyo the next
  • to carry you to your bed after falling asleep in his lap while watching movies late at night
  • to tightly wrap his arm around your waist while he’s sleeping because he’s slightly afraid of you leaving him
  • to proudly announce everyday that you’re his girlfriend and that he’s lucky to have you
  • to love it when you secretly fangirl over him in music videos
  • to smile at your bad Korean pronunciation
  • to call you up in the middle of a bad day because hearing your voice calms him down
  • to come to you every time he has a problem because he trusts you with all his heart
  • to randomly bring you to McDonald’s when you’re hungry or something at like midnight
  • to eat your cooking and appreciate it whether the food be good or bad because it was made by you and anything made by you he loves
  • to love it when you play with his hair
  • to tell you how beautiful you are every chance he can get
  • to call you at like two in the morning because he got “bored”
  • to get jealous when you fangirl over his friends/members over him
  • to make you laugh with the stupidest things even on your worst day
  • to send you the silliest snapchats/videos to make you smile
  • to be the best boyfriend anyone could ask for tbh
The Abominable Bride Cinema Info Starter Pack

Get ready - #Sherlock will be on the big screen too, in selected cinemas! (x)

Cinemas worldwide will be screening the brand new episode… While the episode may be airing on BBC One and PBS on the same day, cinema goers will able to view exclusive bonus material with the screening, including a guided tour of the ‘new’ 221B Baker Street from Steven Moffat and a look behind the scenes at how the special episode was made featuring all the lead cast and crew. In addition, the cinema release of The Abominable Bride has been mixed in the incredibly enveloping audio of Dolby Atmos, sporting a maximum of 64 unique speaker feeds in a cinema capable of outputting the audio format. (x)

UK & Ireland




I know it’s not what you want to hear, but try to be patient a little longer. We should have more info on cinema screenings for other countries in due course. So don’t panic if your country isn’t listed above—it doesn’t mean you won’t be getting the special in cinemas there.

I can’t promise to do a perfect job, but I will keep an eye out for cinema announcements in other countries and add any more confirmed/official info to my blog’s #sherlock cinema screenings tag.

Things I don’t like number 56073:

Companies who deliver on a Saturday. 

I order things online so that I can hide my purchases from my husband. 

I don’t want him to know I’ve just bought 3 pairs of shoes.

I want him to say in 3 month’s time, “Are they new shoes?”

And I say, “What these? I’ve had them ages”

It is true that that internet can ruin your life…