Things I don’t like number 56073:

Companies who deliver on a Saturday. 

I order things online so that I can hide my purchases from my husband. 

I don’t want him to know I’ve just bought 3 pairs of shoes.

I want him to say in 3 month’s time, “Are they new shoes?”

And I say, “What these? I’ve had them ages”

It is true that that internet can ruin your life…

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18, Fred and Hermione.

It was as if she woke up.

Hermione blinked, rubbing her forehead and fighting the overwhelming rush of sensations that attacked her. The first thing she noticed was the smell. It smelled of dust and blood. The second was the sound.

Oh, god the sounds she heard.

It all felt too loud for her; the sobs and wails of the others in the room grated on her sensitive eardrums and though she knew it was selfish she wished they’d just stop.

She looked up from the ground and squinted at the candlelight.

She was in the Great Hall. Injured and deceased were all around her, and seeing them moan over their countless wounds made her notice how her own body ached. She mustn’t have detected her scrapes during the battle, what with all the adrenaline and other things happening …

As a shock of red hair caught her attention, Hermione felt the flicker of a memory spring to life in the back of her mind; something had happened. She remembered an explosion, debris and crying … she’d cried a lot. Perhaps that’s part of why her eyes still stung.

She approached and found the Weasley’s huddled together, Ron’s eyes catching hers quickly.

“’Mione,” he sobbed, “he really is …”

But instead of comforting her friend, she moved.

Ron looked confused, but George, Ginny, Bill, and even Percy immediately backed away to let her through. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were leaning on each other nearby, not paying any attention to what was happening.

Hermione swallowed and crouched down beside the body. His body.

Her fingertips gently traced his lips—smiling, of course he’d go out smiling like a bloody fool—and tried so desperately to remember how they felt when they weren’t this cold. This … dead.

Her fists clenched and she bit down on her lip.

“Hermione,” she heard George say, his voice rasping as if he had spent hours screaming, or crying. Or both.

Hermione shook her head.

“N-no, it’s nothing, George,” she said, fooling no one. “I’m just … I’m …”

I’m the one who’s been fooled.

There were sharp intakes as—to everyone’s horror—Hermione’s clenched fists started hitting Fred’s chest.

“You lied to me!” she cried, beating the body with all she had as tears streamed down her face. “You lied! You lied to me! YOU FUCKING LIED TO ME, FRED WEASLEY!”

The others tried to pull her away, but it was in vain; Hermione was determined to say her piece.

“You told me we’d get through the war; you told me that we’d both live! You told me we’d grow old together! You promised!”

Her voice cracked by the end, and though her eyes never left his face, she felt the others behind her hesitate. And then, they’d completely released their grips on her. A second later, she found out why.

“Hermione,” said a voice, his warm and gentle hand settling on her shoulder. She instantly stopped her hitting.

All of her emotions washed over her like a waterfall, and Hermione let out a scream, similar to that of a wounded animal, and she let Harry drag her away from the Weasleys. Molly’s scandalized glare followed her for a brief moment, and though she couldn’t find it in herself to care, Hermione knew she’d regret not apologising later.

Harry’s embrace pulled Hermione’s thoughts back, and she started crying again, burying her soaked face in his dirty robes.

“He lied, Harry,” she said.

“I know.”

She continued sobbing against his chest and let herself be comforted; repeating her previous words in anguished whispers, over and over:

“He lied.”

Going to Amsterdam

  • until wednesday … 
  • pretty much upset I’ll miss the game of thrones season beginning and all the fever that comes afterwards.
  • but I waited long enough to leave my laptop at home and wait few more days … and THEN I’LL REBLOG EVERYTHING I’LL SEE.
  • hope you’ll understand.

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Heya~ About tales of Zestiria, is the anime the same as the game or are they like prequel, sequel? I just finished dr house, need something new and am waiting for a steam sale on the game, so, should I wait on or watch the anime? 8)

The game and the anime are honestly really different? Like, key events have different lead-ups and happens in different orders (so far) and we get to see really different takes on the characters, I suppose? Honestly the anime feels like it kinda complements the game to me– it’s a bit more overtly “dark” and somewhat realistic, while the game has brighter and more lovable take on the cast. And (obviously) a lot of things that happen in game doesn’t happen in the anime; heck, the anime is condensed enough that your first human companion in game doesn’t even get to spend that much time with you in the anime :’d

I MEAN IN THE END IT’S UP TO YOU OFC BUT personally I feel like the anime is like a really good “fic” rather than a direct adaptation of sorts; I guess if you like jumping from lighter to darker stuffs, play the game first and watch the anime later? :’D