When We Collide (Part 7)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

A shaky breath escaped from your lips so loudly and deep it echoed in the otherwise quiet bathroom. You had made sure you were the only one in here in fear of someone else showing up but now it was as if everything around you was blurred.

The stick in your hand was just as blurry as everything else. How could this be possible? How was it even possible? None of it made sense to your mind.

“I can’t be fucking pregnant.” You stated to yourself but when you looked into the mirror to see your devastated expression reality hit you hard.

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Bangtan reaction to you sleeping with a stuffed animal

Kim Seokjin 

Jin would be extremely happy to see you with the light pink fluffy bear that he got you. He was worried that you didn’t like it but when he saw you cuddling it his smile got 1000 times wider. He’d take a picture or two then tuck you in more. “I’m glad you like it sweetheart. I’ll get you more in the future.” 

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi would be a little flustered when he walked through the door of your apartment. He got you a Kumamon stuffy since you both loved him, and right now you were cuddling that cute little brown bear in your sleep while waiting for him to get home from practice. “At least he can keep you company when I’m gone.” 

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Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would probably scream at the sight of you cuddling the soft velvet looking horse that he got you for your birthday. He came back from the store to see that you fell asleep while watching tv. He would take lots of pictures of how cute you were then sitting next to you waking up you. “Wakey wakey cutey. I see you like the stuffed animal I got you. What would you say if I got you another one” He would grin pulling out another stuffed animal because he spoils you.

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Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would have a huge grin looking at you sleeping with the Ryan he got you. You would always steal his so he got the big yellow bear for you. You were laying on the couch, having fallen asleep while whatever you were working on. He picked you up and laid you down on the bed kissing your forehead. “You’re so precious. I love you baby.” He moved the bear aside so he could cuddle you. 

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Park Jimin

Jimin loved to spoil you with anything you wanted, so when you wanted that light blue little dolphin he didn’t hesitate to get it for you. You picked up the dolphin and laid down on the bed. He came in with a big smile. “Hey jagi!!” He’d say as burst into the room. Jimin would squeak a little bit when he saw you sleeping with the stuffed animal in your arms. “Aw…you’re so cute!!!” He smiled while laying down next to you.

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Kim Taehyung

Taehyung, like Jimin, would spoil you with everything. You name it, he would get it for you. He came in to see you snuggling the cute little tiger that he got you. He would giggle while taking pictures of you, waking you up in the process. “Ahhhhhhhh! Noooooo go back to sleep so I can get more cute pictures of you!!!”  

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Jeon Jungkook

At first, Jungkook wouldn’t even notice the little bunny stuffy that he got you when you first started dating. He moved closer to your sleeping body and played with your hair. When saw the bunny in your arms he would smile widely and blush a little. “You like that bunny don’t you sweetie? I’m glad.”

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Dating Jackson Wang Would Include:

•Lot’s of skinship
•I mean it
•Cuddles 25/8
•He needs to be the center of attention
•Would get all pouty if you paid attention to the other members and not him
•Let’s be honest this boy breaths attention
•"Jagiiiii! Why are you sitting over there with Mark, when you could be cuddling with me right here?“
•Going on dates ft. Mark ((always))
•Overprotective Jackson
•If anyone ever hurt you or made you uncomfortable then..
•May God have mercy upon them because he won’t
•Hates seeing you sad
•Will try anything to make you smile
•Lame jokes
•Corny pick up lines
•He loves you to death
•I’m dead serious
•This boy will do anything for you
•Because you are his everything
•Spoils you a bit too much
•But he can’t help it
•Buys you guys matching t-shirts
•And makes you wear them in public
•Calls you princess
•Clingy Jackson
•He will always have his arm around your waist or hold your hand
•To show everyone you’re his.
•Lots of lovebites
•To visible places
•Again, to let everyone know you’re claimed
•Dominant af
•He may be sweet af most of the time but
•He loves to punish you
•But wouldn’t dare to touch you if you didn’t give him premission
•In other words, Jackson Wang would be the best boyfriend
•wHeRe cAn i BuY a JaCkSoN wAnG??

-Admin Vanillakookie 🍪

BTS Reaction | spoiling their s/o with gifts

Request: “please please please bts reaction for how they might spoil their s/o with gifts? x”

Kim Seokjin 

After finally passing all your exams he would be so proud of you and would spoil you with everything that you like. He would get you a giant teddy bear and buy you lots and lots of roses in your favourite colour to show you how much he loves you. “The teddy bear is even bigger than me, jin. That’s crazy! Where did you even find him?” You said while hugging your new big stuffed animal. “Nothing is impossible for me, when spoiling my baby.”

Min Yoongi

He’s clearly not a man of much words so he always shows you how much he loves you by making you little gifts all the time. Last time you two went shopping in Seoul your eyes were attached to a certain watch that you wanted to have so badly, but you didn’t want to spend so much money on it, so you forgot about it. Until one evening, when Yoongi showed up at your place and just casually gifted the watch to you, as it was nothing big. “You didn’t have to buy me the watch, it was so expensive.” “Don’t worry about it, nothing is to expensive for my girl.”

Kim Namjoon

He has really a thing for fashion and he loved it when you dressed up nicely for special events so every time you two went out for dinner or special occasions, he would go shopping with you before and buy you nice dresses and shoes. “You really don’t have to buy me those, they are quite expensive after all.” “But I want to spoil my little baby girl, don’t you dare reject my gift.” He would say to you playfully. And when you just hang out at one another’s place he would buy for the both of you matching hoodies to chill in. Totally all in for matching outfits.

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok would love to spoil you so much. When he was pretty busy with work for a while, he would try to spend all of his free time with you afterwards. Booking a flight and exploring the world with you would be his special treat for you. “Was is this?” You asked. “Just open it up” He replied, already smiling from ear to ear. “No you did not!” Your mouth stood wide open as you saw two plane tickets inside the envelope. “Just a little surprise for my lovely princess.”  

Park Jimin

Jimin would be so into spoiling you and would always buy you flowers without any reasons. One day you came home and couldn’t believe what you saw. The whole floor was covered with red roses and a little note from your boyfriend. “Happy anniversary, princess. I love you.” He was away on tour with his band so he couldn’t be with you on this day but that wouldn’t stop him from spoiling you.

Jeon Jungkook

“I’ll pick you up at 8pm, just wear something nice. I Love you” Jungkook texted you. A little smiley escaped you, giggling at his text all by yourself like an idiot. At night he picked you up and waited in front of your door with a big flower bouquet in his hands. He would be all dressed up – wearing a white shirt with black pants and would go to your favourite restaurant with you to celebrate your anniversary. At the restaurant he would be so nervous, curious about your reaction when he’ll be giving you his present for this special event – a pretty bracelet with your initials on in and the date you two started dating.

Kim Teahyung

Teahyung would love buying you local sweets and souvenirs when he was somewhere abroad. He recalled that you loved Swiss chocolate and as he was in switch just now with his band he decided to buy some and gift them to you when he finally would see you again. “Look, I’ve got you something in Swiss as I know you love their chocolate so much.” You looked surprised at the amount that he did bring with him – like probably his half suitcase would be filled with just gifts for you. “You didn’t have to buy me that much Tea!” “I didn’t know what’s your favourite flavour so I just bought all they’ve got there.”

anonymous asked:

Ppl pay for Vlive+ content why do you spoil everything outside? It's not fair for those who paid :/ if i could have all for free why bother to buy the channel plus? And you know also they specifically asked to not take things out of the channel too..

Lmao people who send asks like this make me laugh. 90% of the content on Tumblr is paid content. all the gifs from on stage dvds all the gifs from channel+, all the little videos from concerts, all the audio from cds, all the pictures of merch or photocards or picture books, all the trans and pictures from fancafe or all the trans and pictures from magazines like???? that is all paid content YOU did not pay for but people did and are willing to share for those who can’t pay for it but are still a fan. if no one did, tumblr, twitter, instagram would have no content to post

it’s ridiculous that we have to pay for content we would have had for free over a year ago. so don’t lecture me on not sharing channel + pictures and chats. channel+ is one of the only things I’m able to buy due to insane shipping prices so if I can share this with with those who can’t or don’t support vlive I will. just like all the people who have shared all the other paid for content that I wasn’t able to buy myself

When We Collide (Part 8)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

”What do you mean Holly is going to be my girlfriend?” Luke’s confusion was clear on his face, eyebrows furrowed and jaw falling slowly.

You were having the exact same expression on your face but kept quiet after your small outburst, you were just so shocked you didn’t know whether it was actually a real statement or just a simple lame joke.

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anonymous asked:

Sometimes I hate being in this fandom cause of people like this (saying rude comments to you guys) I apologize on their behalf. When people say some armies are rude and nasty I don't blame them, some really are...

this isn’t really a question but ❕ take things slow. i don’t know how many others agree with me but your mental health and the place you stand on emotionally is MUCH more important than a blog. especially since you’re in university, so take things slow. maybe take a break or so? whatever you decide to do, put yourself first. you deserve a break. i’m not just saying this because you’re attending this blog, but because you’re human, you deserve a rest. esp since you’re in uni. take time for you!

hey i just wanted to say thanks for everything that you do to help keep international armys updated (afterall, middleman parties like subbers and fan accounts that help the fandom grow by making content more accessible) in my honest opinion there was nothing wrong with what you said, and it makes perfect sense. exclusive content is called exclusive content for a reason, in fact it shouldnt be freely shared especially when you’ve paid for it and its against the rules. keep up the good work ^^

You got this, babe.

im sorry your getting these messages. as someone who ran a fansite for years, sometimes its just easiest to block and delete rude messages and focus on the nice ones. the rude messages will really get to you if you let them, so try your best to ignore them! anyway, we all appreciate your work very much, please remember that. 💖

Hello. I just want to say that I really appreciate this blog for all the updates regarding BTS. It must be very hard to maintain a blog that translates, post pictures from fansites, updates ARMYs on BTS’ activities, all while having your own lives to keep up with. It pains me to see that there are some people who sends you rude comments and asks stupid questions. I just want you to know that there are a lot who are more appreciative of what you are doing. I hope the admins are happy and healthy.

Hello, I just want to say that I love your blog and appreciate all the things you guy doing here. Please be strong, don’t let these negative take you down and keep going on with BTS for a really long time. Have a lovely day!

I love this blog 💕 screw the haters, I appreciate what you do 💕 hang in there buddy ☺️☺️ good comments are usually the ones you never remember to write so I’m sorry for not supporting what you do enough 💕


Do I need to beat up some anons? *rolls up sleeves*

I think the number of messages of this kind will only increase from now, because BTS is becoming bigger and bigger and especialy new ARMYs know very little about the fandom and sometimes even about the whole kpop world.. I feel sorry for you, because as a great source of BTS info you’ll probably attract many of those new ARMY. I just wanted to say I’m very grateful and really appreciate your patience and how nice you are to explain even the basic stuff. Please, rest well when times are tough! <3

kylie you’re so sweet pls don’t be angry ily💕💘

Hey!! Just stopping by to say that I really appreciate this blog and your hard work! Just know that there are a lot of people out there who think like me and are really grateful for people like you! Don’t think about those rude messages too much! You are doing such great work and I really wish you all the best!! <3

Hi dearie, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do and how much you contribute to the international army community! You’re not obligated to do any of this, and you’re not obligated to do anything you don’t want to do. Some people maybe have been spoiled by you translating everything and having access to translated content so they forget how lucky they are to have people like you who willingly and graciously help us out. Thank you for everything you do and stay strong!

Thanks for everything you do for this fandom. I appreciate it a lot! Thanks and take care.

Thank you so much for all of your hardwork!!

Your blog is amazing. Thanks for all the work and time you put in it <3

I can’t believe that people actually have the nerve to demand translations from you. Unless you pay them, be happy that you get any translations whatsoever. Also it irritates me seeing people offended by you calling yourself an official army. Come on, you know she didn’t have anything bad in mind. The admins are always super polite, professional and helpful, just from that you can tell that they’re good people and care for others. Girl, you’re doing a great job, don’t let them get in your head.

Hey, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all that you do, and how well you run this blog. You don’t deserve to be treated like shit at all. I saw a couple asks and just really wanted to let you know that. I hope you’re okay, and that uni ends well for you this year. You’re a lovely person and are so appreciated.

I know these messages are a bit old, but I really wanted to reply to them all and tell you all how thankful I am that you guys support not only the blog but us as individuals as well. I read these messages multiple times and it give me strength each time. I will continue to work hard for this blog. Thank you for all of the love and support again. I can’t explain how much it means that you guys spent your time to send these messages! 
- Kylie


Crowley x Reader

Requested by @littleblue5mcdork from the drabble prompt list. She requested #120: “He’s pampering me. Let him be.” With Crowley

HERE is the list of drabble prompts you can request from.

HERE is the list of drabble prompts I’ve already done.

“He’s pampering me, let him be.”

Hiding your relationship from your brothers probably wasn’t the smartest move. They were smart, and always kept an eye out for you, their younger sister. Making sure you never had to go through the horrible things they did. They had even tried to hide you from the hunting world, but you had put your foot down then and there.

That was where you had met Crowley, the King of Hell. Sure, he seemed gruff and evil on the outside, but you could sense from the beginning that he was just a giant teddy bear. He gave your brothers a good show, often times to the point where you were ready to stab him with your brothers Demon Killing knife. But he never tried any of that stuff on you.

Soon, the two of you could no longer deny the attraction between you. Deciding to keep it secret for now, you would sneak off to see him, sometimes staying home on hunts just so the two of you could spend some uninterrupted time together.

Occasionally, Crowley would whisk you away to someplace you never imagined you would visit. Spain, Paris, even his home country of Scotland. Always spoiling you, giving you everything you had never known you wanted. You had a small wooden box hidden in the back of your closet with all of the little trinkets he had bought you, out of the view of your brothers.

This weekend Sam and Dean had found another hunt to go on, a couple of hours away. Already planning your days without them, you were surprised when they invited you to go along. Usually you had to plead with them to take you, but this time they were doing the asking. “Come on Y/N, we just want to spend time with you.” Dean had pleaded, but you were already counting down the minutes until they left and you could summon your boyfriend.

After more pleading on Dean’s part, you finally managed to shove them out the door. Waiting a good ten minutes to make sure they weren’t coming back, you quickly summoned Crowley. It was a casual summons, not those mean ones your brothers used.

“About time Darling.” Crowley whispered in your ear, appearing right behind you. Leaning into him, you let him wrap his arms around your waist.

“They wouldn’t leave.” You answered, tilting your neck as he nibbled on it.

“What shall we do today?” He asked, his hands moving up and rubbing your shoulders. “Maybe a massage. You seem quite tense today.”

“A massage sounds amazing.” You agreed, and with a snap of his fingers, a massage table was in the middle of the living room. Candles glowed around it, and a spicy smelling oil on the table beside. You glanced down, seeing you were dressed in a silk robe, and nothing else. “Are you giving it to me?” You asked, surprised to see the King of Hell dirtying his hands.

“Of course.” He answered, guiding you to the table. “I don’t want anyone else’s hands on my girl.”

Laying down, you let him peel the robe down, until it rested on your hips. Rubbing some of the oil in his hands, he began softly rubbing your skin. Closing your eyes, you relished the touch, relaxing under his skilled hands.

As they started to drift lower, you could have sworn you heard the door open. Ignoring it, you could have purred under his attention. “What the hell is going on here?” Dean growled, and you opened your eyes to see his gun pointed at Crowley, a confused expression on his face.

“It’s Crowley, and he’s my boyfriend. He’s pampering me, let him be.” You ordered, watching as your brother walked away, shaking his head.

“He handled that better than I expected.” Crowley whispered in your ear. But with a sigh, you sat up, pulling the robe back.

“Give him a minute. He’s still in shock. He’ll be back.” You explained, ready to finally confront your brother.

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mightykyleaimi  asked:

i want one of those impossible goals from ho-oh, is there somewhere where i can apply for that sort of foolish stuff

Let’s just say that she tends to get carried away when it comes to…this sort of thing. But please-Try not to encourage her.

Ho-oh: So I don’t get to play? Awwww….You spoil everything.

i realized that a watching a concert, in the middle of a moshpit (kahit na VIP section ka) and if you are not tall, is useless…

my cousin, angela, has two tickets (boyfriend who ditch last minute) since she did not want to go alone, she invited me to watch with her. and i obliged. 

truth is, i did not enjoy. well, slight, yeah but on a whole? nah. 

for one i noticed that more than appreciating music, kids nowadays watch concerts for the sake of enriching their social media contents (facebook, instagram, etc)

I should know, while I was deep into the Scientist, this girl tapped my shoulder to ask me if I can take their picture…

seriously….I was already in the zone, enjoying every moment of the song and here you are, you pretty little slut spoiling everything. 

kailangan ba talaga na Instagram lahat at lagyan ng napakadaming hashtags? #Blessed #ColdPlay #MIllenials #DamingBooking

sure, do a selfie/groufie but don’t overkill. best, do not disturb those who go to performances to experience music and feel good about it. 

because the next time it happens, I will break your monopod or better yet, i will throw your iPhone to the ground and stomp on it. 

nobody said it was easy….

Philip x Reader: Wilted

Words: 2285 (lol got a lil carried away)

Warnings: Death, sadness, angst

Request: Hey, I was wondering if I could have a Philip Hamilton imagine with 254 (Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?)& 256 (Wake up! Please, please wake up!)? Thanks!

A/N: Oh god I haven’t posted in so long! I’m so sorry I’ve been so busy !! This one gets real angsty and ugh I’m so sorry but I’m all about angst.  Also I hit 400 followers recently wtf? I love you and I hope you enjoy this !!  

Philip wasn’t anywhere to be found.  The students in the common of King’s College seemingly had no clue as to his whereabouts.  You had asked around, but no one had seen him.  Your stomach churned, insides tumbling and twisting around.  You needed to talk to him.  You needed to tell him how you felt.  The two of you had been friends for years, your fathers having met during the revolution all those years ago.  Your families had been close ever since.  

You didn’t know when your feelings for him had bloomed.  You had once thought that you could suppress them until they went away entirely, it was now clear that that was impossible.  Every day you spent with him you spent trying to block out all the other women vying for his attention.  It wouldn’t be so painful if Philip paid them no mind, but he did quite the opposite.  As long as this was true your hopes of ever forgetting how you felt were dim.  

You looked up, exiting the gate to the College.  The sun had dipped low in the sky, a rainbow of colours streaked across it in a symphony.  You quickened your pace, eyeing the dark horizon.  You didn’t have much time to get home before the streets became dark and unsafe.  Your strides were long, feet marching.  You were motivated solely by fear.  Not only about your own health but also Phillip’s.  He could be anywhere, with anyone.  You prayed silently that he was unharmed. You squeezed your eyes shut as you turned a corner, picturing his face bloody and bruised.

You crashed into someone as your heart dropped.  Your eyes shot open, apologies already being spewed from your open lips.  As soon as you glimpsed his face your heart stopped.  It was Phillip, thankfully unhurt.  His eyes were wide and his face red, he was panting.  He grabbed your arm, turning to walk in the direction of your house.  You glanced at him in confusion before asking “Philip, what’s wrong?” His eyes flicked between the street ahead of you and your eyes, the green of them dulled by the darkening sky.

He looked so worn.  The bags under his eyes were proof of how stressed and tired he was.  You put it down to his family.  His parents loved him, and they both wanted the best for him.  Despite this Philip often felt like he was being pulled in two completely different directions, like an elastic band that would eventually snap.  He knew what his father had done, but Alexander was his father.  How could he hate him? “I’m fine,” he finally replied, rather unconvincingly.

You fought desperately to hold his gaze, but his eyes had slipped to stare at the path ahead of you.  “It’s getting dark,” he said still not glancing at you.  “I’m taking you home,” he concluded, quickening his pace and tugging gently on the sleeve of the arm that he held.  You were almost jogging now, your legs moving hastily to keep up with his sufficiently longer ones.  “Philip,” you gasped, yanking your arm back lightly.  “Philip slow down,” you urged him.  

He glanced back at you.  His green eyes were soft, eyebrows furrowed with worry.  “I’m sorry,” he said absentmindedly, slowing his steps to a rhythm yours could keep up to.  “What’s troubling you?” you asked carefully, wrapping your hand around one of his.  You were anxious to reveal your feelings to him, but you knew that now was not a good time for him.  He didn’t answer your question, just dropped your hand and continued to pull you along the dimly lit cobbles.

The two of you stumbled along the dark streets in silence.  Your heavy breathing and the pounding of your heart were the only sounds that reached your ears as you walked along the quiet road.  All the words that demanded to be said lingered in your throat, choking you.  You swallowed them down desperately, not wanting them to slip from your lips.  The two of you walked together, arm in arm. You were separated from him by your fear of his rejection.

You reached the gate to your house just as the stars above you began to twinkle, waving at you from far away.  You smiled up at them, missing the sorrowful glance he threw at you.  When you looked back to him he had ceased his staring, his eyes instead trained on his hands.  He had seemed so off the whole evening, you wished you could help him.  You tapped his chin, moving his eyes up to meet yours.  They were gorgeous, green like the fields the two of you had once run in together.  They were so deep that if you stared too long you feared you would fall into them.  Throughout your life he had been there, good times and bad times.  His expressive eyes always staring into yours with empathy for whatever you were feeling.  You had been there for him too, you remembered the pain in his eyes when he had first read the Reynolds Pamphlet.  You remembered how the pages had fallen from his hands just as the tears had streamed from his eyes.  Even then, you had never seen him look so defeated, exhausted and in despair.  It troubled you.  

He coughed, snapping you out of your reverie.  Redness flushed to your cheeks, a clear sign of your embarrassment.  He laughed at you, his smile genuine for the first time that night.  You couldn’t take it any longer “I had better get inside,” you whispered, beginning to open the gate.  

“Y/N,” he started, turning you back to face him.  “Y/N I need to tell you something, I need to say goodbye” he said, his face solemn.  You looked at him quizzically, your mouth opening to question him before he continued “I love you.”  You stepped back.  “I love you too, Philip, God I love you!  I know that you don’t mean it in the same way I do,” you said, your voice growing louder with every word.  “I watch you flirt with every girl in the city and it tears me up inside!” You stopped suddenly, backing away from the bewildered man in front of you.  You wanted to reach out and gather up the careless words you had just spewed.  You knew the implications of them all too well.  “I-I,” you stuttered.  “I didn’t mean that, I-I have to go” you said, finally opening the gate to your small home.  His mouth was hanging open in shock, terrifying you.  You knew that things between you would never be the same, your unrequited love would hang between you like a heavy curtain.  “Goodnight Philip,” you said, finally turning away from his shocked face.  

The next morning you woke up with wet tears on your cheeks.  You bolted upright, your mind grappling for a reason for your dread.  The memories hit you harder than a galloping stallion, tears sliding down your cheeks in a constant stream.  You prayed that it was all a dream, but in your heart you knew it was not.  You had destroyed your friendship with Philip, he would never want to see you again.  It was over, you had spoiled everything.  Your heart felt as if it was on fire, pounding quickly in your chest like the flutter of a butterfly’s wings.  

You hastily dried your tears and threw off your blankets, placing your feet onto the cool wooden floor with a shiver.  You rushed to get ready, checking the clock on the wall to see it was 10 o’clock already.  You cursed, pulling a pair of leather boots over your feet.  You looked around your room, your eyes leaking.  You knew you had to set things right with Philip, even if it meant creating a rift between you.  You were kicking yourself, how could you have ever thought this was a good idea? How could you have opened yourself up to him after how cold he had been yesterday?  This was all a mistake.

You scuttled out of the gate without having eaten breakfast, you headed for King’s College, the place you had been just last night, doing exactly the same thing.  You again needed to find him, to talk to him.  You rushed back along the same path you had walked a mere few hours ago.  Your mind was racing, the thought of Philip causing your heart to do sick, slow somersaults inside your chest.

As you approached the college you could see Martha and Dolly, two girls Philip often hung around.  You jogged towards them, waving at them when they finally turned toward you.  “Y/N!” they cried, tears in their eyes.  “This is so incredibly awful isn’t it?” Dolly asked you, wrapping an arm around her crying friend.  You looked between them questioningly “What’s awful?” you asked shifting your eyes between the two women.  “Oh you poor thing! You must be in shock.  Have you been to the hospital yet?” Martha said through her tears.  “Why would I need to go to the hospital?” you asked stepping away from the crying pair of girls.  “To see Philip,” Dolly replied, eyeing you cautiously.  Martha looked up at her friend to say “it’s the first stage of grief, she’s in denial.”                                                                                                Dolly nodded solemnly, looking back at you.  “Listen sweetie we’re here if you need anything,” she smiled weakly at you.  “I-I need to go, thank you for the help,” you hastily thanked them as you began to run to the hospital.  

Your breathing was shallow and choppy, both from exercise and panic.  You felt nothing but the harsh beat of your heart, hammering into your ribcage over and over.  With each pump of blood your mind screamed his name.  You looked around trying to figure out where you were, all you could see was him.  His body broken and battered, the light in his green eyes slowly going out.  The world was blurry with your hot tears, but this image was crystal clear.  

You stumbled down the block, bumping into the odd passerby.  You wanted to scream, sob, do anything but just let the tears come.  The sounds caught in your throat and scratched like barbed wire.  You were about to give up, to collapse onto your knees in defeat, but you looked up one last time and saw that you were across the street from your destination.  

Air ceased to enter your lungs.  You felt lightheaded, your feet leading you towards the hospital as your skirts swished around your ankles.  You tripped and fell, your hands scraping against the cobbles and beginning to bleed, you felt nothing.  You jolted to your feet and into the building, eyes frantically scanning your surroundings for a familiar face.  You spotted Alexander pacing in one of the halls, talking to himself with streams of salt tears falling down his face.  You lurched towards him, your steps heavy.  The whole world was silent as Alexander, the father of your best friend, a man you had never seen cry, wrapped you in his arms and his tears fell onto your head.  The world was silent as he ushered you into Philip’s room, Eliza’s mouth open in a scream you didn’t hear.  Everything was silent as your eyes shifted to the man lying on the bed, or rather the boy lying in the bed.  

His smile was so weak, his eyes still glistening.  He leaned up toward you “Y/N,” he laughed lightly.  The world was loud again, Alex’s constant chattering and Eliza’s wailing filling your ears.  You ran to his side, grabbing his hand. “Philip… What happened to you? Who did this? You’re so cold!”  Your words spilt from your lips uncontrollably.  “I was in a duel, which is why I was acting so weird last night.  I needed to say goodbye, hell, I still need to say goodbye!” He fell back onto the bed, hissing in pain.  You stroked his curly black hair away from his face, your eyebrows crinkling as you hushed him.  “Y/N…” he continued, grabbing the hand that was resting next to his head in one of his own cool hands.  “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?” He asked, his voice shaking.  Your heart stopped, the answer to his question coming out of your mouth before you could think twice.  “Yes Philip.  I love you.  I love you, I love you, I love you.”  

You heard the door close behind you, Philip’s parents had left the room.  Philip smiled “I’ve wanted to hear you say that for so long,” he said, his voice growing more pained with every word.   His eyes fluttered closed, his breath was laboured.  “I love you Y/N,” his eyes snapped open to meet yours again, his hand squeezing yours as his chest rose and fell shakily.  His green eyes were bright and full of life one second and then suddenly empty.  Your insides sunk, your heart stopping.  “No, no, no.  Wake up! Please, please wake up!  Philip!” You were sobbing now, chest shuddering.  Alexander wrapped his arms around you once again, pulling you away from the still body on the bed.  The knuckles on the hand that was holding his had long since turned white.  Your body shook, your eyes growing wide.  You were hysterical.  You ran from the hospital room, the room where your whole world had just crumbled in front of you.  You had nothing left, you were alone.  You walked out of the cold, dead hospital and into the lively world.  The world he had inhabited only a few moments ago.  You collapsed onto the ground, succumbing to the weight of your emotions like a wilting flower on a winter’s night. 

- T. Jeffz

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Sooooo this is a small clip I’ve extracted from my own copy of the bonus DVD featuring the voice actors of Sloth Pair, Terashima Takuma & Kaji Yuki, and Melancholy Team, Suzuki Tatsuhisa & Matsuoka Yoshitsugu from the anime SERVAMP.

I still have no idea how to sub videos plus I don’t think I’ll have the time to do that too so here’s a short clip and translation albeit loose and not 100% accurate instead. I know it might be a little troublesome to watch a video while referring to translations but please bear with it! ;w;

Let me know if I’ve made any mistakes and I’ll gladly edit them!
Also, please do not take out anything –be it the video or even the translations. Thank you.

It’s probably going to get pretty long so I’ll place them under a cut.

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In the end what can I do with you—tenderness
tenderness for birds and for people for a stone
you should sleep in a palm in the eye’s depths
that’s your place may you be woken by no one

You spoil everything you get it back to front
you contract a tragedy into a pocket romance
you change the high-toned flight of a thought
into sobbing and exclamations into moaning

To describe is to murder because it’s your role
to sit in the darkness of a cold and empty hall
to sit solitary where reason blithely rattles on
with mist in a marble eye tears running down

Tenderness, Zbigniew Herbert.

translation Alissa Valles.

#228: You Think He’s On Tour But He Surprises You


If it was possible, this day couldn’t get any worse. Trying to get over the fact that you had been yelled at, at work for almost a full on hour and later on spilled coffee over your white shirt, it wasn’t really how you had intended your day to be. Just when you had woken up alone this morning to the sight of horrible weather you just knew from that, that it wouldn’t be a day of yours. And now when you were finally home and had thrown your keys to the kitchen counter, hair sticky and all wet from the rain the only thing you could think about was to go upstairs and take a full on hour shower. You were so insanely tired and you just wanted the day to be over with because it wasn’t something that you wanted to remember. Opening the door to your bedroom you froze completely and felt how your breath hitched in your throat. You remembered having turned off the lights this morning but you couldn’t remember you had forgotten to blow out your candles. In fact, you hadn’t used your candles for days and it made a skeptically expression appear on your face but that changed completely when you opened the door fully to see Luke. He was standing at the dresser with a secret smile on his face and a small bouquet of roses. “I’ve had a really few crappy days.” He announced and gave you the flowers. “And I thought to myself, how am I gonna change this? By watching some movies or be by myself for a couple of days? No, I fix it by doing what I’ve wanted to do since the first day of this tour.” He grabbed your hands and linked it together with his, pressing a soft and lingering kiss to the palm of it. “I go home and visit my girlfriend even if it means it will only be for one night.” The smile on your face couldn’t compare to anything else, this was nothing that you had expected and when you thought about it, this was all you needed. “I can’t believe you’re here right now.” You almost whispered to not let the exhausted tears float out from your eyes, leaning up to wrap your arm around his neck and pull him down for a well-deserved and long lasting hug.


“I miss you.” The words seemed to be so common it almost sounded monotone, but it didn’t have less emotions as the others. The way he was looking at you spoiled everything, the way his eyes were tired and lingering with how much he just wanted to wrap you up in his arms. “I miss you too.” You softly said, leaning your cheek against the pillow and held your phone under your lamp to make sure he could see you fully. It was hard to see where he was because he wasn’t in his bunk, he was walking around, you assumed it was outside to lit a cigarette. He smiled back by your words and sighed carefully, but he also had an expression on his face that was hard to figure out. He was smiling, but in a different way than usual and it made you furrow your eyebrows confused. “Is something funny?” It wasn’t supposed to come out as offended but you preferred to have the conversation alone now that you were heading for bed. You did this every night, it had become a tradition of some sort. “No I was just wondering.” Lights suddenly came onto his screen when he walked through a door, confusion written on your face when he continued. “Do you recognize this living room?” He flipped the camera on his phone and made you sit up on the bed in a rush, eyes blinking twice by the sudden screen. He moved his hand up to make a small wave in front of the camera, definitely proving where he was and you ripped away the sheets to get inside. You didn’t get the chance to put on pants but it didn’t matter because all you needed right now was to prove yourself that what he was showing was in fact real. “Missed me?” He questioned when you came into sight, seeing him stand in his leather jacket and open arms. You almost couldn’t form words in happiness and felt how your heart was pounding so loudly, hurrying towards his form and let his cold fingers burry themselves into your hair. “You have no idea.” You shakily said and held onto him closer, letting your face burry into his chest and take in his smell that had seemed to be the only thing keeping you alive since he left months ago.


It was as if everything froze completely by the sudden puzzles of sounds coming from downstairs. You had literally just come out of the shower, steam still clouding out from the warm bathroom and your hair covered up in a white towel. At first you only thought it was yourself being paranoid being home alone and all that but when sounds of feet walking downstairs appeared once again your breath hitched in your throat. You still hadn’t gotten clothes on yet, another white wet towel wrapped around your nude body and you considered whether or not what do to. It must have been yourself imagining because you had made sure to lock the door, there was no possible way of someone breaking in. But when sounds came from downstairs once again you didn’t hesitate to grab your hairdryer laying on top of the dresser, plugging it out from the outlet and used that as your weapon. Truth was you had no idea what the hell you were doing because your fear was almost shown as sweat on your forehead and you could feel how your heart was beating loudly. It was the only thing that you knew would actually hurt in case you would have to hit someone in the head and you slowly walked down the stairs to the kitchen. It was as if it wasn’t real to you, a black hooded person standing with a phone in his hand and hovering over the counter. You were shaking so much you were sure he would hear and lifted the hairdryer in the air ready to hammer it right in his face but that was when he turned around with a terrified expression. “No, Y/N hold on it’s me!” You almost dropped the hairdryer in your hands when Michael pulled the hoodie down to reveal his dirty blond locks, a smile coming to his face by your reaction. “Michael what the hell!” You heart was still pounding harshly as he wrapped his arms around your shaking form, a huge smile on his face. “I was supposed to surprise you but then you apparently planned on killing me with this, couldn’t you have found something better?” “Shut up.” You mumbled into his shirt, taking in all the emotions he was giving you at once. You had missed the warmth he was giving you, the comfort and most importantly filled out the huge miss.


“Hello?” It wasn’t supposed to come out as confused as it did, your eyebrows furrowing and your eyes widening when there was no answer. Faintly you could hear the TV being turned on in the living room along with various voices coming from the kitchen, there was no doubt who was home but someone sure as hell was. Letting your jacket fall to the ground along with your shoes you felt how you were starting to grow nervous, you knew a few of your best friends had your key but it wasn’t that they had suddenly planned to visit you after work. You called out once again to make sure that it wasn’t actually home robbers giving you such surprise, and your eyes almost popped out of your head when seeing Ashton hum over the stove. He hadn’t taken notice of anything else but the radio playing out new Ed Sheeran tunes, his eyes glancing towards where you were standing coincidentally and his eyes widened in surprise. “You’re home?” You managed to ask, still too surprised to say anything and he looked a bit defeated towards the stove filled with food. “Your best friend said you wouldn’t be home until half an hour so I thought that I would do what I’m best at. Surprising you with a lovely dinner.” He smiled softly by his failure because just by seeing you couldn’t not make him stop smiling. “Aren’t you on tour?” You still questioned completely shocked, holding onto the doorframe to stabilize yourself. “I was, but we have a few days to rest before we go to Asia. The others wanted to spend the time in LA but I thought about it and really wanted to give my attention someone else.” He placed his hands in his pockets casually while speaking, feeling how he was blushing because of his small story. You shook your head almost in disbelief and felt how your heart was racing in a fast pace, hand coming up to touch your shocked mouth. He was literally standing there with his messy curls sticking to his forehead and his military sweat shirt that made him look like the cuddliest person ever. “You’re home!” This time it came out as a full on conformation to yourself, you couldn’t stop smiling and it took you seconds to be in his warm arms. “I’m home, baby.” He whispered into your hair, giving you a soft kiss.

Baby’s Hand

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Request: That Roman one was adorable. Can I request one where yn is 7 months pregnant with a little girl and she’s sleeping and Roman starts talking to her and he sees her little hand pressing against her stomach and just fluff?

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted!

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Roman stood in the doorway of your bedroom, smiling. He just got home from a long three month tour and he comes home to find you passed out in one of his shirts. Your arm gently laying on top of your tummy, the other clutching his pillow to your side.

Roman drops his bag at the end of the bed before gently climbing in. He sits there, just looking at your stomach.

Seven months ago you told him that you were excepting a baby. His baby. Then a little over two months ago you told him you were going to have a little girl. His little girl. His little baby girl. He could hardly believe he was going to be a dad.

“Hey baby. Daddy’s home. The boss man gave me a few months off so I could be here for you.” Roman whispered, placing his hand on your tummy.

“I can’t wait to see you come into this world. I’m going to spoil you. Give you everything and anything you want and need. You’re going to be daddy’s little girl right?”

You slowly opened your eyes, seeing Roman sitting on the bed, his hand moves up the bottom of your shirt, his large had pressing gently against your stomach.

You smiled, happy to see your husband home. “I’m going to paint your room, build your crib and I’m going to get you a rocking chair so when mama needs rest, I can rock you for hours.”

You feel the baby move in your, rolling over. You watch Roman’s face as he smiles, before suddenly turning to an shock. You looked down and see the baby’s hand press against your stomach.

Roman smiles again, moving his hand where the baby’s hand just was. “I know. I can’t wait to see you too.”

how to ruin a fucking phanfic for yourself in 5 steps the first chapter of a phanfic with a good plot.

2.when you finish it, realise that its not the first chapter but the last uploaded chapter.

3.go read the first chapter.

4. realise that the last uploaded chapter spoiled you everything and there’s no point on reading the previous ones. 

5. cry yourself to sleep as you’re not able to find another good phanfic to read during the night.

(extra one) 6. kill yourself :)