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Lord what a mess, they are actually going to continue using the baby and if it is true or not to keep publicity going, this is leaving such a bad taste in my mouth. She must be pregnant, she must be, nothing else at this stage makes any sense to me, even though it still doesn't totally add up. Maybe L and H really did break up and L went a bit crazy and erm... or maybe we all collectively were wrong (???) and L and Eleanor were real and he reacted badly to the breakup and just messed up.

And if she is…

“I have a problem.

I recently started playing Fallout 3 again, this time taking the role of an overworked, gun-toting janitor.  If I see it, I must pick it up and either throw it away at the nearest trash can or store it at the house.  My companions are pack mules, containers for my tin can and whiskey bottle fetish.

My game is beginning to lag because of all the junk I’ve acquired.”

Fallout Confessions

Quería preguntarte como podías amarme, nunca me imaginé que alguien llegara a hacerlo, bueno al menos ya no, pero no te pregunté nada, solo te quedé mirando y me pregunté a mí misma como te amaba yo tanto. Entonces tuve mi respuesta.
—  Princesa Diente de León. (via bb-is-a-wild-world)