- So, each of these beakers contain a liquid. Three of them contain water, the fourth holds a phosphoric-acid compound used in the hydraulics of Yo-Yo’s arms… Highly toxic. One sip will make you sick. I mean, this much will surely kill you.

- What the hell? Jemma… No.

- Yes, Fitz. I wouldn’t be doing this if the science wasn’t sound. So, without knowing which is which, I will drink three of them, and since I can’t be killed……I will now drink the last one. And it will be water.

- No.

- Fitz…..

- Jemma? Jemma! Jemma!

Thawhir Iqbal’s Yo-Yo Takes Him Around the World (Literally)

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Yo-yo champion Thawhir Iqbal (@thawhir) — and his friends Ian (@iansorandom) and Marcus (@marcusk0h) — show off their skills in Singapore.🌀 “Apart from winning competitions, the best part of yo-yoing is to be able to make friends and connections with other people who share the same passion as me worldwide,” says 19-year-old Thawhir, who is a six-time Singapore national champion. “I do love to share my passion to non-yo-yo players whenever they ask about it. It makes me happy when I see the amazement on their faces when I showcase to them what modern yo-yoing looks like.”