winifredmathiasen asked:

I wanted to say your graphics for Kingsley are amazing! You don't have to post this just wanted to say that. I'm using my time to just look everyone's blog.

I actually am going to post this because I’m fairly certain this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me and I need solid documentation and witnesses. Thank you!!! I hope everything is going good so far??! Keep up the good work, love!

love, alexanderia (alex)

ayyyyy tinatiddy7 the girls got you a mother fucking tumblr and idk what to put in this shit but happy bday yo, like yo u just turned 21 and that’s crazy asf yo. but listen yo that ain’t shit for a tan Canadian cuz the drinking age is 19 over there. lmao nigga I done told ur ass happy bday already, I know you gonna get mad lit too. so fuck it up to turning 21 nigga. (insert sappy u a rl nigga moment here for thug ass niggas that low key gotta be on some homo shit to actual write some sappy shit, like tf gaaaay but u still a real nigga) - #anklebracealex