i legit cannot even comprehend the number of people who’ve followed me in the past two weeks alone that were either:  DID romanticizers, have sexual-assault words in their urls, are subtly harmful-kink blogs, were otherkin-only non-DID and mad-at-DID (or were just otherkin trolls), have blogs littered with programming imagery but aren’t a survivor themselves, orrrr were somehow engaging in really inappropriate behavior/posting highly problematic ideas but would go so far as to write me saying they “get it” and “are here for me” bc “they knew someone who” and “it changed them”.  um?  no it didn’t.  not even a little.

tumblr?  i dont get u.  

i am a shell of what 145 left me

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Oh oh! Okay so kinda start off normally and then flirt a little. Maybe a few suggestive jokes.

i mean our entire relationship is sexual jokes that are like…im-kidding-but-not-really….ya know……..plus we never text so its weird if i try to be casual abt it i feel like i just need to be like yo u turn me on can this happen..

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Wouldn't it be weird if your ex got 7 messages that are "I'm so nervous to talk yo u uwu turn anon on!" All with in 10 minutes of u posting his url

HAHA yea someone else did it tho :3c