I got my copy of “Opération Saint-Valentin” (the Bibliothèque Rose novelization of Dark Cupid). Bits and parts:

  • (Not pictured) Marinette repeatedly refers to Adrien as “MY Adrien” (chill, kiddo).
  • Third pic: upon seeing the brooch Kim got for Chloé, she fantasizes that Adrien might have decided to get her a ring rather than a poem and is going to ask for her hand in marriage.
  • Second pic: As miss Bustier discusses fairy tales, Marinette daydreams that… okay, that one I HAVE to (roughly) translate for you unlucky people who weren’t born francophones:

“My imagination starts running wild. I can picture it; Adrien-Charming, plunged into a deep slumber because of the evil witch Chloé. Me, Knight-Marinette, I fly to the rescue of my beloved on my steed. Maleficent-Chloé sends her Dragon-Sabrina? No problem, I draw my yo-yo!

Yes. This is actually in the book. Now the question is: why wasn’t it in the show?