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Yo! Since you once draw Arthur piss-drunk for the Boaty McBoatface fiasco, I was wondering about how much you headcanon him as a drunkard? Given the UK alcohol fixation ;)

  • he can sober up properly. but how he comports himself? why, it’s a spectrum between Tea with Her Majesty and Manchester New Year’s Eve™. 
  • Sometimes, even Tea with Her Majesty includes dumping some rum into his tea. (‘Eh, our kind don’t get liver cirrhosis, Lilibet. I appreciate your concern, nonetheless.’) There are always firm royal smiles reassuring a succession of Prime Ministers that yes, this is normal. This is just ‘ol Artie being himself. He’s not having a mid-life crisis having alcohol before 9am. (Well, he could be having a mid-life crisis, given recent ahem, events—but his taste for an early morning pick-me-up was well underway at the Empire’s zenith).
  • if there’s football, there is alcohol. prepare for hooliganism. 
  • arthur is Stiff Upper Lip most of the time, but a good drink can get the tears flowing. weepy drunk, this one ( ‘can’t believe i haven’t won a world cup since bloody ‘66′) or vulgar drunk, depending. 
  • in the present: he is trying to cut back, however! in line with the NHS™ guidance (when you have a publicly-funded healthcare system, there’s quite a big incentive to reduce the number of people requiring treatment for future health complications, eh Arthur). and how many people are drinking less, especially younger people. 
  • he still definitely enjoys a good pint. he may start sniping at francis about the hundred years war or begin speaking in old english once he’s well into his cups, you never know. it’s a bit like a surprise dip every time, what you’ll get!

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Sometimes I like to do a reference page rather than a typical tutorial. Poses or bodies aren’t the easiest thing to draw. But I do believe that with constant practice anyone can master the human form. Now get out there and draw!

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