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god I hate spending money

Whisper’s Yo-kai Medal (appearing for the first time in Yo-kai Watch 3!) in the Yo-kai Watch Dream. He’s Nyororon/Slippery, who would have guessed?

Whisper already has a Busters medal in Japan, so I think this would be considered his “normal” medal in the series? America already has multiple Whisper medals, but none that show a tribe.


Yo-Kai Watch 3: Ver. 4.0 is due out this Summer for free and will include the following content. This is not a full list of content included in the update, as more details are set to come at a later date.

- new version-exclusive Yo-kai:
- Sushi ver.: Indie J (J is to be read as “Jaws”)
- Tempura ver.: Neko 2-sei
- Sukiyaki ver.: Zom * Bie C (C is to be read as “Chopper”)
- new Yo-kai for Busters T mode:
- Mr. Scope
- Eldragon
- Hino Tori (Treasure Yo-kai)
- Cleclepatra (Treasure Yo-kai)
- Yamato Bokeru

Eiga Yokai Watch: Shadow Side Onio no Fukkatsu

- 4th movie in the series
- due out Dec. 16th, 2017 in Japan

I went to the new yo sushi in town during my break at work today as a treat, all being well and good until I stepped outside and immediately saw Jamie waiting to cross the road on the other side. He was wearing sunglasses and I only looked at him for a split second but it was definitely him. He crossed after I turned to walk back onto Buchanan street and for some reason that escapes me now I looked back and I don’t think he was looking at me, he could have been or he could not have been I don’t know. Either way I felt as though I’d been suddenly thrown a mile in the other direction. It’s been as good as two years now and still on each on the handful of times I’ve seen him it makes my heart/head go crazy. I felt sick and went for a walk up and down the street before I returned to work. It’s a really unique, gut-wrenching emotion he gives me and I wish he didn’t have that power. I never had any closure or answers from him and I’ve dealt with that in the healthiest way I think possible. I separate myself and everything he is or everything he stands for as much as possible for my own healing and mental health and sometimes I forget he’s even real anymore until days like today, or that day I went to the bar he seemingly works at oblivious to that fact until he turned up for his shift as I was settled down to have dinner with my work friends. He put drinks down on our table and didn’t even look at me that night. How it is possible that someone who hurt me in ways I can’t even begin to describe treat me with such disdain? I thought to myself “have you not done enough?”.
I also know that the new boy I’ve been going on dates with knows him too, funny how that came up really. When we went for dinner a couple of weeks ago he suggested we went to that bar that Jamie works in afterwards and I tried to say no inconspicuously which failed because it looked and sounded like there was a specific reason why I didn’t want to go there. New boy didn’t press it but figured out it was someone who worked in the bar. We went to a bar just along from the banned bar and I think he saw me looking warily at the place and remarked that he was curious to know who it was because he knew people that worked there and ha ha of course I couldn’t help but ask who and he starts describing who Jamie is and what he does and I can’t help but laugh at him describing my own ex to me. I admitted that was who it was but didn’t go into details and he didn’t ask. I don’t think they are good friends or anything but they do know each other which doesn’t sit well with me but there’s nothing you can do in these situations. I want to keep quiet about Jamie for the time being and not let on how much he impacted my life and how much he continues to do so. I’m strong now and I want to make sure NOTHING I ever say about Jamie makes it back to him because he doesn’t deserve that kind of satisfaction. I also need to protect myself and any emotional shit for the time being from new guy because I am not opening myself up all to someone I have only met a handful of times. There’s so many barriers and walls up that weren’t there before and guess who I have to thank.


Basically all I’ve been telling people since I MET PATRICK STUMP on Sunday, while having lunch in Yo! Sushi! He was literally sat three tables away from my friend & I!
Anyone who knows me, will know just how incredible this is, & how much it meant to me for him to take time from his day to get a photo with me! 😍