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yo i have a wild kelpie story. my scottish grandpa lived next to a horse farm or whatever, and i used to play in his huge backyard w/ a pond. so I'm seven or whatever and my cousins find me talkin 2 myself by the pond, which was not unusual cause i had like ten imaginary friends. they bring me back to the house, where i regale our parents and grandpa about the "fish pony" who offered me a ride on its back. grandpa loses his mind. parents r confused. lol i still remember that ugly ass fish horse

Friend, this is a truly amazing story. Thank you for sharing your run in with a kelpie in the wilds of scotland

Yo can I have a disney movie about a princess who’s parents want her to marry a charming prince from a far away land who comes to visit for some reason but she really doesn’t want to and she instead falls for his female stablewoman and/or right-hand-female knight and finds out that she (the princess) is hella gay (possibly featuring the song “I don’t need a man” in the beginning to show how much she doesn’t wanna get married but now has a totally different meaning) ALSO turns out the prince is only in town due to his father trying to marry him off to the princess for political reasons but finds himself falling for the princess’ brother ???????

Idk man I just really want more gayness in disney royalty


Jack Sparrow, Piratas del Caribe: La maldición de la Perla Negro -  No todo el tesoro es plata y oro, amigo.

Rafiki, El Rey LeónEl pasado puede doler. Pero según lo veo puedes huir de él, o aprender.

Bella y la bestia - La belleza se encuentra en el interior.

Rapunzel, Enredados -  La cosa es que yo no tendre miedo nunca más.

Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story - No estoy volando, estoy cayendo con estilo.

Bruce, Buscando a Nemo - Soy un buen tiburón, no una máquina de comer.

Muntz, Up -  Aventura está ahí fuera!

Christoper Robin, Las aventuras de Winnie the Pooh -  Eres más valiente de lo que crees, más fuerte de lo que parece, y más inteligente de lo que piensas.

Merchant,Aladdin - Como muchas cosas, no es lo que esta afuera, sino lo que está adentro lo que cuenta. 

Jack Skellington,Pesadilla antes de Navidad - Sólo porque no puedo verlo, no significa que yo no lo puedo creer!

Painting a different picture of Rikyako's incident.

Some things irked me when I tried to reconstruct what happened on Day 2’s Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare. I was trying to write a better story, a better recount when I realised there were both gaps in what I knew as well as things that didn’t add up.

Mostly, it was trying to piece together what Anchan said to Rikyako. No one was actually able to hear that, even though we were able to hear Rikyako’s sobs, Ainya’s constant “daijoubu” and Suwawa telling Rikyako to calm down. But Anchan’s mic did not pick up anything she said, which could only mean that she had been switched from arena-broadcast to internal-comm.

I was also confused over all the different accounts on how they said there were two restarts- I only realised after a while that they had counted the part after the note-hitting solo as a fresh start when it was just a continuation. That was the segment where the music cut off, despite Rikyako already jumping back in and trying to keep up.

It slightly ruins the amazing story that we had built up, but this is the more likely actual sequence of events I reconstructed with other people’s help.

  1. Rikyako messes up a note and panics. She misses the entire note-hitting instrumental and starts to break down.
  2. The background instrumental kicks in and Rikyako tries to jump back into playing, but at this point she is on the verge of falling apart.
  3. Stage director sees this (probably through the piano cam?) and cuts the music. The girls dance a bit more, ready to resume in case the music comes back up.
  4. Stage director switches Anchan over to internal-comm and informs her to check up on Rikyako.
  5. Ainya and Suwawa follow despite most likely not being told to do so as well. The other girls either stay put of their own volition or get told to do so.

And the rest of the incident is just as it seems. This by no means makes Anchan any less of a leader: she still had the strength to command in that moment (she tells Ainya to back off to give Rikyako breathing space at one point), not to mention she faced most of the difficult task of getting Rikyako to calm down.

The main point is mostly noting that some very important people, notably the production crew, had been forgotten in all this. In that split-second, it was the stage director who had noticed Rikyako’s condition and made the painful call that it would be worse for them to continue. He cut the performance and sent Anchan up to check on her. It was the crew which turned what was potentially a disastrous moment into a heart-warming one, managing to spin a positive take onto it that was the best possible outcome from a worst-case scenario.

No one ever thanks the production crew except the performers themselves, and that is mainly because the hallmark of a good production crew is that you won’t even notice their work. And sure enough, the focus of the concert remained on the 9 girls all the way to the very end despite such an incident. For the crew which managed to pull this off, I have nothing but respect for them.

“there are ads and commercials all the time that show support for the disabled! theres stories on the news! thats representation!”

yo, this is just my opinion but no, none of that is representation, and its definately not for the disabled.

first, if you havent notice, pretty much any commercial, ad, etc etc almost always has abled people who are with the disabled person, and usually itd more about the abled person “doing something and being with the disabled person” than it is about the disabled. that isnt for the disabled, thats for the abled.

also, to call that representation is cheap, as the disabled person is often only spoken about and doesnt usually speak themselves, or really are the focus of the commercial or ad, its, like i said before, usually the abled person. its a bad example of representation because its so obviously not done for the disabled as much as it is for the abled.

and wew lad do i hate when people count those cover stories on the news as representation, those stories where abled reporters turn a disabled person’s struggle into some motivational inspiration story for, guess who, other abled people or it shows how abled people are doing this one thing where they make this one disabled person feel special and how we should love those abled people for that, instead of talking about the disabled person and what theyre going through. because once again, it isnt for or about the disabled, its about abled people feeling good about themselves.

its garbage, thats not representation, and ita definately not for the disabled.

Not Ready

Marinette is pregnant.  It was an accident, a late night at a club where she got drunk and went home with someone, but it’s still there.  She’s pregnant.  At least according to the seventeen pregnancy tests she took.  Alya’s away, and Hawkmoth seems to be on vacation, so she’s not able to talk to anyone until after she’s been to the doctor to confirm it.

She’s pregnant.

So she goes to patrol that night, the first patrol with Chat since she took the tests, and cries on him for a while.  She’s not getting an abortion–she’s pro-choice, but can’t do it herself–and she still has to talk to the father.

But Chat’s there.  He comforts her, says he’ll be there for her whether the father is or not.  He lets her cry on his shoulder for hours, and patrol never actually gets done.  They decide to meet up tomorrow night, even though it’s not a patrol night, so they can talk after Marinette talks to the father.

Which doesn’t go well.  Actually, that’s an understatement.  The father is furious at her for being pregnant, wants her to get an abortion, and wants nothing to do with the baby if she has it.

So Marinette leaves in tears, and skips her classes that afternoon and goes immediately to their patrol spot to just sit and cry for hours, waiting for Chat.

Chat left an hour early for patrol, barely having allowed himself to wait that long, and finds Ladybug already on the roof.  She tells him about how it went with the father and starts crying all over again.

“I’ll be it’s father.”


“A baby needs a father.  Mine was never around, and I know that’s messed me up.  So I can be this baby’s father.  I mean, if you want.”

“I…I’d like that.”

So they sit there for hours until Ladybug’s tears subside, holding onto each other.  When they decide it’s time to leave, Ladybug suggests they reveal their identities because “I am not going to the doctor as Ladybug, and I am not having Chat Noir take me there.”

So they reveal themselves, and are freaking happy that they are Adrien and Marinette, because that makes introducing themselves to their friends much easier.

The next morning, Adrien is sleep deprived and freaking out because he spent all night on the internet looking up everything about babies and pregnancy and “should I propose, Plagg?  Do you think she’ll expect me to?  What do babies eat?  Oh god, what if there’s more than one baby?”

(he’s also spent an insane amount of money on baby clothes and stuffed animals)

So when Nino calls to ask why he’s late for lunch, you really can’t blame him for blurting out:

“I’m not ready to be a father!”


“I’m not ready, Nino!  What if I’m as terrible a father as mine?  What if I kill it?  What if it hates me?  What if–”



“A father?”

“Yes!  I’m not ready!”

“…who did you get pregnant?”

(you also can’t blame him for hanging up and not going to lunch after all because Marinette didn’t want to tell anyone yet and he almost blew it with the first person he talked to)

They tell their friends a few weeks later, saying that Adrien and Marinette got drunk and hooked up one night, and no they’re not together but they’re both going to be in this baby’s life.

Alya and Nino are thrilled and decide that they are going to be godparents and Alya announces it on the Ladyblog (Marinette and Adrien laugh later about how relevant a post that really was).

The pregnancy goes well.  Adrien does not, in fact, propose, though he does discuss it with Marinette, who decides that maybe in the future, but only if they actually have a relationship together.  They get an apartment together, and Marinette has to hide Adrien’s credit cards because he’s a stress shopper and “we really don’t need six cribs.  You need to send some of them back.”

Ladybug disappears around sometime around the third month, Chat Noir fighting akumas on his own and bringing her the butterflies after for purification.  Chat Noir assures the public that Ladybug is safe and sound, and that she’s only disappeared because there will be a new little bug in a few months, and, no, he will not comment on whether or not this bug is also a kitten.

(Alya freaks out because “Marinette, your baby will be the same age as Ladybugs!  They’ll go to school together!”)

Adrien freaks out at every ultrasound, crying and squeezing Marinette’s hand.  He buys her whatever food she’s craving, and sometimes Chat Noir will be found begging at the door of a closing shop because “Ladybug needs pickles and chocolate fudge can you please stay open just another minute?” and because these stores will usually let Chat Noir in but not Adrien.

(Chat Noir also can’t go more than half a block without people giving him baby supplies.  Sometimes he has to refuse because “Ladybug would not be happy if I came home with a seventh crib.”)

(This leads to the rumours that Ladybug and Chat Noir are having sextuplets, which Marinette finds hilarious.)

(Adrien is just relieved that these rumours aren’t true because one baby is stressful enough and it hasn’t even come yet.)

It’s around five months when Chat Noir almost dies in an akuma attack.  Marinette watches on TV and begs Tikki to let her transform to help, but it would be too dangerous for the baby, so all she can do is watch and cry.  Chat stumbles in the window a while later, barely conscious and bleeding all over the floor.  Ladybug cleanses the akuma and it heals Chat, and they both release their transformations as Marinette throws herself at him, crying.

“I almost lost you.  You have to be more careful, Chat.  I can’t lose you.”

Neither of them notice, at first, that she kisses him.  It seems natural.  He almost died.  She was upset.  So of course she’d kiss him.

Of course, they do notice, and both make things awkward for a few hours before they decide that maybe they should try this for real.

The baby comes a few days early, and Adrien was at a shoot on the other side of Paris when he got the call from Nino.  It would take hours to get there, hours he doesn’t have because Marinette is in labour and he isn’t there and he is seriously stressing out.

So he ducks into an alley and transforms and races across the rooftops.

When he reaches the hospital, the nurses and patients in the waiting give him weird looks but he ignores them because he has to find Marinette.

He barges into Marinette’s room with a “Marinette!  I’m here!” and doesn’t know why everyone turns to stare.

Mr. and Mrs. Dupain-Cheng glance between their daughter and the man who barged in, squinting and trying to put the pieces together.

The nurse who had been checking on a machine drops her clipboard.

Nino narrows his eyes and closes the book he had been trying to distract himself with, rising in a defensive stance.

Alya takes a picture.

And Marinette?  Marinette bursts into hysterical laughter.

“You’re an idiot.”

“What?  I got here as fast as I could.  The shoot was on the other side of town.  I–”

“Adrien.  You’re in costume.”

He looks down at himself and groans because he knew he forgot something when he jumped off the roof.  He releases the transformation and goes to the bed, deciding to pretend like it never happened and asking Marinette how she’s doing.

“That means you’re Ladybug,” Alya says, not going along with Adrien’s plan to ignore his mistake.  “Right?  Because Chat Noir hasn’t said that Ladybug’s baby is his, but he also hasn’t been subtle about the baby being his.”

“Can we talk about this later?” Marinette groans out as a contraction hits.  “Preferably when I don’t have a baby trying to rip its way out of me.”

“Fine,” Alya agrees.  “As long as I get an exclusive about Chat Noir and Ladybug’s baby.”

Hugo Michel Dupain-Cheng-Agreste came into the world a few hours later, by which point all of Paris knew Ladybug and Chat Noir’s identities (becuase Chat Noir running through a hospital screaming for Marinette Dupain-Cheng was not very subtle, and it was common knowledge that Marinette was having a baby with supermodel Adrien Agreste, so Chat Noir’s own identity wasn’t a stretch) and the section of the hospital has to be cornered off to keep out the cameras and the fans.

Gabriel Agreste comes to see them later in the day, to visit his grandson.  He takes his son aside before he leaves, apologizing for being such a horrible father.

“I’ll be better to him, if you’ll let me be in his life.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

But Gabriel doesn’t answer, instead handing a small brown box to his son.

“I am so sorry.  I can’t do this anymore, not when it means hurting my family.  I hope you can forgive me, and that you’ll listen to my explanation one day, but I understand if you won’t.  You don’t have to worry about this anymore.”

And with that, Gabriel was gone, leaving Adrien alone and confused in the hallway of the hospital.  He looked down at the box again, it was so familiar but he couldn’t figure out why.  Slowly, he opened it.  Inside sat a purple butterfly broach.

It’s a few months later before Ladybug and Chat Noir make an appearance again, chasing each other across the rooftops and laughing, stopping in alcoves to kiss.

The papers the next morning feature this:  Ladybug with her arms around Chat’s neck, beaming as he kisses her cheek.  A green sling around Chat’s body, one of his arms holding it to his chest, the other around Ladybug’s waist.  And a baby, tucked in the sling, a little head with cat ears sticking out.

All of Paris turned up a year later to the long awaited wedding between Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng.




This was originally a series of equally great videos across many accounts, but somebody stitched them all together in one convenient place. This man completely made up a persona (K-Strass, a Yo Yo master) and had his manager submit him for local news stories on his “incredible yo-yo stunt show” all over the place. Proving that none of these channels do any kind of homework or background research at all, he made it on to every station. He had nothing to show and bombed every single appearance. People started to post the clips on YouTube across different cities and territories, and it wasn’t long before people realized the truth- this guy played everybody. In the years since, this actor’s been on The Office and other shows in the comedy community, but I think it’s gonna be tough to top the power of K-Strass.