yo soy no care

stop hate start love bitchez.

To all the Lovatics out there sending Jillian Jensen hate because she stated her opinion, let me share something with you.

First of all, I don’t know how you get “Jill’s dissing Lovatics and hates Demi” out of “fans flip out when a song gets leaked an they listen to it even if they say they don’t” . Half of you don’t even know what happened you’re just going off of what everyone else says. Just stop. How dare you call yourself a lovatic when you’re ganging up on a girl for having an opinion. Jill’s a lovatic herself, and she obviously loves demi. Stop twisting her words.

Second, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jillian twice, and she’s probably the most down to earth person I’ve ever talked to. So for you to sit here and say she’s a rude bitch, it doesn’t even make sense. She’s so far from that it’s not even funny. I can’t ever fathom how you could come to that conclusion base off of her opinion. For all that Jillian has been through, the last thing she needs is people jumping down her throat for having an opinion.

On Xfactor when demi said “The bullies that bullied us are at home watching us on tv” you’re being the bullies she’s talking about. If you know anything about Jill, you’d know that when she was younger kids did tell her her music was shit and she wasn’t going to make it. Now you’re saying noone cares about boys suck? Leave her music out of it. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE EXCITED FOR IT. So while you’re at home, sitting on your ass talking shit about Jill behind a computer screen, she’s doing something with her life. Remember babes, success will be your greatest revenge.

I love you Jill.
Love, Nia/ @niagreyxxo