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Hi! I'm new to your blog and I wanted to try propagating. I've already started with some succulents, but I was wondering if you have any specific methods for propagating cacti? I assume the process is similar, but it'd still rather not mess it up! Thank you for any response!

Yo! This is a super g question! Sorry for taking a while to respond, I was trying to think of the best way to demonstrate what the heck I am talking about. I’ve settled for a gif and hopefully it works lol

So I don’t keep many cacti, they are fiddly little pricks and we get way too much water to keep them in an exposed area outside.

Cacti cannot be propagated like succulents. While succulents you can leaf-propagate, cacti (obvs) cannot be leaf-propagated bc they don’t have leaves. 

Sooooo you have to wait for them to ‘pup’. 

Some cacti do this by forming new pups next to the plant: 

These are super easy to propagate, you can use tongs (so that u don’t prick ur fingers) to twist each pup off the mother plant and they should just pop off.

But some other cacti propagate super weirdly, and form pups around the crown of the plant (like they just form all over the cactus)

These are a little trickier to propagate, I cut into the mother plant and remove the baby like a weird little tumour: 

And then you are left w/ a new cactus baby yay!

Now honest 2 god chuck that sucker on top of some DRY sandy (river sand, not beach-sand) soil and he will form roots in about 3-4 months. Try not to water at all for the first month bc otherwise he will rot. 

G luck w ur new baby. 

PS: dw if your cactus hasn’t formed pups yet. They are super slow growing and sometimes take years to form new pups. You can try ‘coring’ to speed up propagation which involves cutting holes in ur cactus, but I haven’t been game to try it out. Try googling and give it a go if u want? I personally prefer to wait for them to form naturally :)

PPS: The white stuff is cactus milk. It is basically like us bleeding to form scabs which protect the skin, so don’t wipe it off! It will help to seal the cactus. You can also put cinnamon in the wound of the mother plant to protect it from rotting! 

yo sorry about the queue running out so much lately, i’ve been trying to work on it but i’ve had so much dysphoria it’s been making me lay in bed all day, and i still haven’t fully explained it to mod seven. hopefully i’ll feel better soon and work on it more. side note, does anyone know any good jeans i can get as ftm because literally all of them are to big for me

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So conflicted bc I love Ward and understand that he was abused and used by Garrett, but also bc there are some horrible things that he definitely didn't have to do. I'm hoping for a redemption arc but they don't just have an apology-acceptance, I want him to warn trust and work from the bottom to get back on the team.

dude his redemption is going to be incredibly hard and painful and its going to take a long time hopefully. I don’t think anyone wants him to just show up and be all like “yo my bad sorry about all that crap I did” and then everyone else be like “aw thats cool no biggie” and then everything be like it was before. No I think Ward is going to get to his lowest point and he is going to realize all the abuse and manipulation he has constantly gone through his whole life and he is going to face that and work on it and want to be better. Because I think Ward without Garrett’s influence would have been a great man and I think he can still be a great man. It’s going to take the team a long time to forgive him and I think its going to take Ward an even longer time to forgive himself, but I think Ward is going to constantly work hard to earn their trust back and even after he has finally earned it he will continue to work just as hard because he might never think he has done enough.