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someone asked me about if Amy was kinda like.. the female version of Warfstache, and y’know what ?? ?

I’m super in love with that idea tbh

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i found a text post around tumblr where this guy's roommate came home really drunk and designed an airplane (with all the drawings and calculations and shit) while intoxicated and didn't remember it the next day could u imagine that with cf victor and yuuri tho lmfao

“Okay, okay, look,” Yuuri slurs, lying on Victor’s chest with a notepad held above his head and a pen resting between his fingers. “Look,” he repeats, as though Victor isn’t looking. “See?

“See what?” Victor asks, brushing Yuuri’s hair back out of his eyes. It’s not particularly comfortable, lying like this, but he’s not about to complain. Yuuri is adorable when he’s drunk.

He had been playing some game with Phichit for a few hours, and then he’d come back to their dorm room like this. Immediately, he’d collapsed on top of Victor and started babbling incessantly about a genius breakthrough he’d had. Now, he’s designing an airplane, and is very adamant that Victor pay attention to whatever it is he’s doing. “Look! Look!” he’s insisting.

“I’m looking,” Victor promises.

“See the, um, what’s that part called? The wing! See how the wing is shaped? Like that? That helps,” he informs him, but his serious tone is betrayed by his occasional hiccup. “Listen,” he repeats.

Victor can’t help but laugh, now. “I am listening, Yuuri. I’m listening and looking. I promise.”

“Now if we just… The air resistance…” He starts scribbling formulas.

In an attempt to get him to forget about his airplane, Victor runs his foot up the bottom of Yuuri’s sweatpants, drifts it across his ankle. Yuuri doesn’t even seem to notice. “So you’re designing an airplane?” he asks, because if you can’t beat them, join them.

Yuuri shifts on top of him–it’s incredibly distracting. “Mmm,” he agrees. A second later, he thrusts his drawing in front of him, admiring it. “Done.”


As if an afterthought, he adds a few more numbers with little arrows pointing to pieces of the plane. Then, he puts the paper down on the bed and turns onto his side, his entire weight still resting on Victor. Victor wraps his arms around him, keeps their legs tangled together. “Goodnight, Yuuri.”

“You’re so nice, Vitya,” he mumbles against Victor’s chest. “So nice. Love you.”

“Love you too.”


“Who wrote this?” Yuuri asks the following morning, holding up his airplane design. Then, he pauses, and slowly but surely brings the paper closer to his eyes. “This design is actually intuitive.”

“You made it last night,” Victor reminds him. “You don’t remember?”

“I made this?”

“You’re even smarter than me when you’re drunk,” he teases, gripping Yuuri’s hips with his hands and looking at the paper over his shoulder. “Except, there is a drool stain on my shirt.”

Yuuri turns in his arms and then cringes when he sees the prominent stain on Victor’s chest. Then, though, he seems to identify his mischievous smile and nudges his shoulder instead of being embarrassed. “Well, you’re a good pillow.”

“I like being your pillow. Can I major in that? Yuuri Katsuki’s pillow. Whenever you want to design airplanes while drunk again, just let me know. Or if you want to do something else while lying on top of me…” He pauses, lets the meaning behind his words settle in. “Let me know.”

“I’m up for doing something else while lying on top of you.”

Victor perks up. “You are?”

“Like playing games on my phone, reading a book, talking to Makkachin…”


“I’m kidding.” He takes his hand and squeezes it, then leads him to the bed. “Really though, that design wasn’t bad. Remind me to show it to Phichit later.”

I don’t know where all this stuff about Lamen with babies came from but I’m all for it so here

  • The Kings are busy as shit yo so the bab probably gets so excited and squeals whenever Papi and/or Papa are finally off duty.
  • They more than likely don’t bring the kid into meetings, come on, but there was one time when the door suddenly opened and the kid walked in and ran over to hug Laurent.
    • “I’M SO SORRY, YOUR MAJESTY, THEY JUST RAN IN-” “I missed you, Papa! :D”
    • Update: Laurent’s heart melted and he had to step out for a moment so baby can have his full, undivided attention.
  • Damen is scary as fuck when with other nobles and soldiers (I mean come on are you really gonna argue with a 9 foot tall piece of beef with a voice deeper than the fucking void???), but shifts into softy mode whenever the kid and/or Laurent are around.
    • Take this moment to imagine said 9 foot tall beef with a happy baby in his arm and a look that will kill in his eyes.
  • The baby LOVES Nik and Jord and LOVES the tired looks on their faces whenever they mess with em.
  • Laurent introducing baby to the horses and letting their little baby hand pet them.
  • Laurent teaches the bab to speak and read in Veretian as well as riding and chess when they’re old enough.
  • Damen teaches the bab Akielon and fighting when they’re old enough.
    • “*senseless babbling*” “You’re already better than Papa, I’m so proud.”
  • Family trips to the Summer Palace where they teach the kid to swim and kinds of plants.
  • Damen and Laurent work hard during the week so they can spend maybe two days with more time to play with baby (thus the invention of weekends).
    • Morning cuddle sessions and tickle fights can I get an amen.
    • Baby loves playing with Papi and Papa, often pretending they’re a court themselves and of course baby is The Best King/Queen ever.
    • Sometimes they all play a game called Go Bother Nik and Jord. Its a tradition now.

Random Loser’s Club Head Canons

~Mike actually really loves going record shopping with Beverly and Richie. They hit up all the cool thrift places in Richie’s cruddy little car.

~Mike treasures his albums and he and Beverly really like Fleetwood Mac.

~Ben is a lover of Star Wars. He is always trying to get the losers to watch all the movies in order with him.

~Eddie agrees to watch them if they can watch the Prequels. (This is because he has a major™ crush on Ewan McGregor).

~Stan is constantly pointing out that Richie and Eddie are just like C-3PO and R2-D2, always bickering but always next to each other.

~Mike and Ben like to go around town explore antique places and the such to find cool vintage pieces of any kind. They can be found having playful fights over items all the time.

~They bought Richie this cool Jean jacket with vintage patches (Coca-Cola logos, car logos, band names etc.) All over it and Richie was touched beyond belief.

~Bill, Eddie and Stan like to go to cool car shows, not because they know too much about cars but they love to look at all the 50s-60s cars. (Eddie loves the pastel 50s cars so much).

~As we know, Beverly is super talented at the yo-yo. She has a few collected, some wooden ones, plastic and shiny Duncan yo-yos. She is so excited Everytime she masters a trick, immediately trying to teach it to Richie too.

~Richie calls Mike, Micholas

~Eddie and Bills first kiss was each other and they are super embarrassed about it. Richie still gets a little intimated by Bill, even though Eddie tells him it’s ridiculous.

~Stan and Richie can’t help but watch all those cheesy movies together. Like poorly executed romance, anything with talking dogs, Disney movies.

~Mike is the best gift giver in the entire world.

~Richie is in fickin love with those 90s cool colored, weird patterned wind breaker jackets. Eddie has a few that are just plain colored baby blues.

~Mike and Ben always search for cool vintage pop machines cause Mike has always wanted one. So the Losers all pitch in on this old Coca-Cola machine and buy it for him.

~Stan carries around a little stress ball with him everywhere cause it calms him and the losers know never to steal it or mess with it.

~Richie bought a stress ball shaped like a blue bird for Stan once. Stan got misty eyed but will tell no one.

~Eddie and Stan have a plethora of cool tie dyed, colored records. Some of them have pictures on the vinyl and are literally to die for.

~They have heart shaped records, Glitter records, Tie Dyed records and They bought an E.T soundtrack album with a picture of the bike crossing the moon on it for Bill.

~Staniel and Edward are proud of their collection, Richie and Bev are so jealous of the aesthetic.