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For the 5 ficlet, how about percabeth and the five times one of them tries getting a pet?


Percy was six years old when his mother took him to the aquarium for the first time. Sally and Gabe had gotten married a few months ago and things at home hadn’t gone the way she planned, but she finally managed to save enough money to take Percy out to a nice place.

Percy was more than happy to visit the aquarium, even though he wasn’t sure why he was hearing voices calling him “Lord”. When he told Sally, she just laughed and told him to find his favorite exhibit, Percy didn’t see the worry on his mother’s face.

Percy loved the aquarium, he couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this happy—well, a time when his mother’s cooking wasn’t involved. They stayed there from opening time until closing, enjoying each other’s company and feeling happy to be together, away from Gabe.

“Can we buy a fish?” Percy said when they were walking back home.

“I don’t think right now is the best time to get a pet,” Sally said, holding his hand a little bit tighter.

“I can take care of it, mom!” Percy replied. “Please! I can buy the food with my allowance!”

“Gabe won’t allow it sweetie, but I promise you, one day I’ll get you a pet,” Sally said.

“But mom!”

“I’m really sorry baby, I truly am.” Sally couldn’t look  Percy in the eyes; she didn’t want to see the sadness in them. “But maybe I can bake you some cookies?”

“Can I help?”  

Sally laughed. “Of course you can! You’re my little assistant after all!”

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