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Before this, I guess

I can only hope the heterosexuals never corrupt these children

Dream dressed up as a POKEMON~!
Guess which pokemon it is and you get to choose which character
imma do next~ :D

i expect no one to participate lol

BE MORE CHILL school musical

is Phantom of the Opera bc after the whole school play ecstasy incident theatre is interesting now n mr reyes finally has enough kids to sing masquerade so

Michael sings all the time duh so he’s got a super good voice n ropes Jeremy into auditioning too (for “funsies”, he says, but secretly he wants to get in really bad)

and they’re both really great tenors so Michael is despairingly convinced that they’re neck n neck for Raoul but Jeremy has an advantage bc he was in the play so Michael resigns himself to either the ensemble or the audience

n then the cast list goes up and Michael GETS RAOUL but Jeremy gets THE PHANTOM and Michael is absolutely over the moon bc they get to be leads together!!!! (Jeremy is surprisingly suave and terrifying, slaying both Christine and Michael)

(the sexual tension between the boys is real)

Christine, well, she probably gets Christine, but hc that Jenna has a good voice too, so she gives Christine a run for her money as Carlotta. Jake and Rich are Andre and Firman, fight me, Chloe and Brooke can be the Girys?

I don’t know I kinda just wanna see Jeremy in a phantom mask being really tall and intimidating to Christine and MICHAEL getting all flustered

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People go into depth though with chapters... jesus fucking christ. it's like "SO I THINK THEY ARE BOTH SUFFERING FROM _____ DISORDER... SANGWOO HAS NO TASTE BUDS.... THE LAUNDRY POWDER SANGWOO USES MUST BE _____ BECAUSE -" like for fucks sake just ENJOY IT

I find it particularly funny because last Q&A, majority of Koogi’s answers could be summed up with a nonchalant “It’s not that deep” and I feel like any writer (or artists in general) can relate to that.

I drew myself as a superhero/Overwatch character! I think it’d be fun to swing around a giant yo-yo and be able to jump really high, so that’s what my hero self would be able to do!

yo honestly woozi’s control in his voice while he’s dancing is pretty fucking amazing. i haven’t seen all their stages but from each era i haven’t heard him crack or anything. like no shade towards the other guys because they all sing and dance extremely well but man!!!!! i want that kind of control so bad lol

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Yo! im in love with your writing and I was just wondering within the last few chapters would we be getting more jungkook opening up and spending time with his brothers and parents. Im a big softy for cute brotherly moments especially after everything jungkook and yoongi went through. Take your time though and I hope everything is well! Mental health should always come first :)

Yes! The whole point of this fic is to fully integrate Jungkook back into the fam again, so it’s over the period of a few months where he like… learns to open up and be buddies with everyone. This upcoming chapter has a lot of drama with Hoseok and Jimin, so it’ll mostly be about Jungkook and Namjoon bonding because they needed that (and a little of Jungkook and Yoongi). 

But thank you for the ask, and for the well wishes, and for being so nice!

My four year old sister usually asks for bedtime stories about “Jason and his brothers” so today we were talking about how Bruce faked Dick’s death, even though that made his family very sad.

And Helen sat up in her bed, crossed her arms, and said

“Well that’s a stupid plan.”

Imagine your otp at a party playing truth or dare with a bunch of other homies
  • Person A's #1 homie: Yo person B truth or dare
  • Person B: ummmm. . .dare i guess
  • Person A's #1 homie: I dare you to kiss person A
  • Person A: *looks up from calmly examining nails*
  • Person A: *turns pink*
  • Person B: *blinks a couple times*
  • Person B: *also turns pink*
  • Person A: *starts acting real smooth all of a sudden*
  • Person A: *seductively applies chapstick* Well. . . You heard the man.
  • Person B: *sighs a little bit*
  • Persons A & B: *lean in for the kiss*
  • Person B: *goes all into it and poof suddenly they are snogging*
  • Persons A & B: *stop kissing all breathless and red-faced*
  • Persons A & B: *tries to pretend like none of this happened*
  • Person A's #1 homie: *giggles*
  • Person A's #1 homie: *definitely gets beat up later*