yo otsai

A very happy birthday to the awesome Yo! May you always have the energy and motivation to do your projects!

Why a pocket!Martin? Everyone wants one, that’s why Well, you wrote that on your fb: 

“If anyone asks what I want for my birthday, I’ll tell them in secret: take-away British actors” (Jakby ktoś pytał co chcę na urodziny, to mogę zdradzić w sekrecie, że brytyjskich aktorów na wynos) So there’s your personal pocket!Martin :)

As it happens, it’s also Sherlock’s birthday, so…

Advice: Getting a Story to the Finish Line

 asked: Hi, I’ve been keeping writing journals for over 10 years and I have a lot of ideas on fanfics or original fiction, but I never seem to be able to stay with one project. None of my stories ever seen the finish line and at this point I figured I’ll only write short summaries, the general feel of what I want to write, and I leave them as that. Now I want to write at least one whole thing, but I have no idea how to make myself accomplish that. Any tips on this subject?

It sounds like you might benefit from doing a loose timeline or an outline (here’s a great post about outlines via WriteWorld) before you start writing. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate, just something to keep you on track while you’re writing.

Next, make sure you have a strong idea (more here) and that your story has a purpose, create a nice writing space for yourself and rid yourself of distractions, then set aside a reasonable amount of time–twenty or thirty minutes to start out–and just sit down to write. Keep moving forward. Don’t stop to re-read what you’ve written or to consider things that have already happened. Focus on the future of the story and set mini-goals to write toward each session. This could be a word count, a page or chapter you want to get to, a scene you want to get to, etc. Always finish your story before you go back to read what you’ve written. If your stories keep stalling, you’ll need to figure out why.