yo oppar

Another reason why SJ's bond is better than yo oppars

(After getting caught up) and let me just start by saying how happy I am that Kibum is finally independent ! Anyways, the first thing that I noticed SJ did right after he officially left, they we’re proud of him. Wook tweeted about it and how proud he was and hyuk/hee followed him on Instagram (which is when EXO members and Jess left - did not happen, everyone basically unfollowed each other - in other words- cancelled their relationship to the public) This ‘type’ of farewell does not exist in SM sadly (maybe other than F(x) but they still handled it poorly) as you can see with the whole EXO - gg shit, SJ handled this pretty smooth. Now - when Jessica left or when kris/luhan/tao left - where were the other members ? Were they that supportive ? Were they even supportive at all ? Sadly the soshi bond turned out to be fake (which hurts me so much bec I really like them) but why I’m saying is, even if you don’t stan SJ/hate the fuck out of them, you cannot ignore their bond and brotherhood. And their brotherhood should never be compared by anyone else.