yo mumma

“Just because he came, don’t mean you made him come” - Chris Rock !
“If someone doesn’t like you, remember that it’s mind over matter, you don’t mind and they don’t matter” - Unknown
“Life is like a road, if those bumpy roads and steep edges don’t stop you from driving, why let bad days and tough times stop you from living?” - Niiyell
“VON SHALLY, MA LIL BREE… WHAT’S YO NAME DELICATE?” - That funny guy/girl from YouTube ..
Funny .. Auto correct told me my name was wrong, so i went to see what the “correct” way of spelling it was and it said .. “yellowish” .. ? Niiyell & Yellowish? .. Looked like i just auto corrected yo ass auto correct! ,, The dictionary got ma back (; .. This aint a quote btw. lols